Humanity reader patent for sale. Cheap!

By Isis Win

I bet that most of the people have someone that they like very much. A few less, one that they admire and respect. Lesser, people that are grateful to others without any expectations. Further more, people that simply don’t care for people. But being that there are about 6 million people, how can one figure out how many are in each category, if they are for real, and who fakes their passion for people. Therefore, a humanity, meaning, someone that is truly human, a humanity reader is on call. Should that be an instrument? Another person? A test? I have to think about that one for a minute. But before getting to that, I am concerned about finding out that the numbers might not be as I assumed, but rather, the contrary. An important factor to consider in order to achieve this task of developing this meter. So, I’ll delve into it and I hope you are human enough to indulge me some of your time while i do so. I think you human opinion matters in this issue.

If I feel a reader or meter is needed, I suppose means that I am not quite able to do that by myself, right? Well, I admit that although I’ve considered myself a good judge of character, I’ve failed many, many times. Particularly when it comes to judge many of those people that aim to take office and who’s performance can affect my lifestyle, big time. No, I am not talking about movie stars. They are called politicians.
Lets see . . . I may like them, I may admire them and respect them. Perhaps I become grateful because they say that they will work for me and look out for my well being. But lately, I am not really caring for many of them. So, my judging skills are telling me: I am not that human! Or are we humans suppose to be like that? I am beginning to suspect that might be what I missed, to begin with! One more reason for having this gadget! But finding this is telling me that I am not the right engineer to develop it. However,  I need to keep trying. Bear with me for a minute.

After a second thought, I am not buying the idea that I am not as human as I believed to be just a second ago. But there must be some truth to that! Let me explain.
We’ve been going through a rough patch since 2007. Well, most of us have been, and the few that haven’t, what do they care? We have a president in power that tells us that he’s been working hard in taking care of this ugly business, but I don’t really see the change! I am not able to find a job. Every time I walk out of the supermarket, I only have a tiny and light bag of stuff that will not last at all, nor make a complete meal. I can barely cope with the newer utility’s bills. Gas for my economy car seems a luxury! Gosh, a Doctor’s visit for the purchase of medication seems an investment! Did I mentioned a dentist visit? I can’t even afford setting up the appointment! Those guys are so expensive!
And all I hear is that the Republicans not only can change this, but it is Obama’s fault! So, I must be very, very grateful to what’s her name? That cute lady, mother of a dozen foster children that is so nicely human? She is putting her life at our service so she can get Obama out of the White House! I like her!!!! She is so human! But as well, there is other Texan guy, he looks like a bull rider! Strong with mean looks  and he dared to tell Obama the truth that no one dares to say! Obama doesn’t love his country. Oh! Wait up, but isn’t true that he wasn’t born in the US? So, how can he love the US if he’s not even from here?

Now, let me get to Obama. After all these statements from these very human people, I know that Obama is not a nice guy. Yep! I’ve seeing him on TV saying that we are in trouble and it will take a while to get out of it! That is not nice Mr President! Even worse! you are saying that you are not responsible for this problem! Then who is?

Now I am more confused than I was before. One more reason to develop that gadget and I hope when I have it ready, it can work from the distance. Like a laser gun and I can point to every single person I wish and figure if that person is human. Wait a minute! Aren’t we people animals as well? Civilized animals that suppose to have the ability to discern between good and bad? Animals that can eat each other or care as well? Now I am getting really pissed and I am beginning to suspect that I must develop a humanity reader that as well, can measure anger as well.
Oh! maybe that is not as easy to read because, how can those presidential candidates afford to say what they’ve said and expect confused people like myself to vote for them?

Bingo! I developed my reader! And it works! Now I know that these guys are not worth my trust and consideration because all I’ve heard them is saying that the other guy . . .  Yes! the president, Mr. Obama, is bad news for the country. But isn’t, at least in theory, that the least any human could do is to support him? Perhaps help him to deliver what they claim to be capable of doing better? To make matters worse, they are saying all that stuff without being in the White House.  I wonder what they could say IF they end up there?

That gives me another idea: to invent a reader that will allow me to know who says the truth and who doesn’t and all BEFORE I engage into giving them this little piece of their chance: my vote.


2 responses to “Humanity reader patent for sale. Cheap!

  1. Humanity seems in such short supply. Or maybe, I just have the wrong filters in place, so that I am screening out the good stuff, and only seeing the bad. Screening for false positives makes it less likely that others will hurt me, but screening for false negatives means I miss out on a world of . . . humanity!!!

    Sigh, to have a Humanity reader that I knew worked. Sometimes, I guess we just have to go on blind faith and intuition.

    Meanwhile, any progress on that BS meter? Put me down for one! LOL!!!

  2. ooops, speaking of filters, Wow, what an incredible photo! it took me a while to realize that that was a old manual typewriter, turned into an other-worldly creation of magic through your eyes, and camera!!!!! And of all things, in this day of computers, and blogging, and tweets, the power of a humble typewriter (or camera, for that matter) to create and convey experiences of power, images of beauty, to evoke feelings of love, and pain, and joy, to convey the many meanings of being human, is undiminished!!!
    ummmmm, hey, wait, is there a lesson about reading humanity in there???

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