The Failure of the Super Committee

By Isis Win

Here we are again facing another failed budget negotiation between the two parties. Another tremendous failure – even if a measure is passed. No party will claim a win, which seems that is the number one agenda. That instead of acting in favor of the country, the American people and the electors that put the Super Committee in power. The question the press has been pounding now, over and over is: should the members of the Super Committee be reelected? The logical, sensible and sensitive answer is a plain NO! But what party are we talking about? Right hands will answer get out the democrats! But on the opposite end, the answer will be, send the republicans back home.

Once again, I don’t care of believe what flag one party or the other one wears. Whether moderate, left or right, republican or democrat, all of them flip – flop with their claimed mentality or ideology and much more when it comes to vote for a bill. Issues and the answers that fix them is my train of thought. However, in this case, as many of the recent ones, I find that republicans are throwing a fit for the sake of insuring reelection. No taxes is their ticket, they think . . . but only an idiot will believe that such is what is needed to address all the complex issues we are facing. The irony of the case is that every single person against any increase in taxes, will state that such will counter work hiring. Hello? If I am a business owner (which I was and am not any longer and guess why?) All I will have to do to compensate for having higher taxes, is to make absolutely sure that my goods or services, will be competitive to the fierce market. A market that is eager, willing and capable of sacrificing something for the sake of staying in business. Even if my taxes are increased (nope, I don’t even make 250K), which I hate the idea, will be totally acceptable because I know well, we are in dire need of fixing many things, among them our deficit and debt. If I would be a million plus earner would be the same. After all, the worse it could do, is to slightly change my lifestyle but just for a time being. Once the country finds a balanced sheet, businesses will go as they were previous to the Bush administration when just about everything was booming quite well. So, yes to taxes! Unless people want to have the cake and eat it. In order to get all we need and want, we have no other choice but to pay for it’s cost. Frankly, I believe a strong and healthy nation offers much better possibilities, even if I am not having the greatest income I wish. The way our country is, there is no true winner. Perhaps only those that have hefty accounts overseas are winners regardless of higher taxes or not. They will remain as rich as they are today.

Cutting benefits to those who are retired and depend on those social services, services that they pay for and work their ass for them; simply is unacceptable. And cutting The Defense Department budget? On who’s mind can that be a positive move? Today when the political and social unrest in the world threatens all nations of the world? If you need a new prescription for your glasses today, don’t wait any longer because the known threats around the world are far worse than they were when the cold war. Perhaps the main difference is that there is no super power threatening us, but what about several nations together? Something that can happen at any moment since the Arab world is much more than unhappy with the US and such will not change while having a strong presence in the region. Soooo is the alternative to move out of the region for the sake of saving tons of dollars and allow the Arabs to become happy? No! Having arm forces that cost multi billion dollars every year is not my wish at all. But the US has taken a role that cannot be withdrawn just like that. Therefore we have no choice but to keep balance, as much as we can – around the world. Perhaps awaken the world to realize that for as long as we remain focused on the “well being” of other nations, instead of their own, we’ll remain screwed. Perhaps Aldous Huxley was much more than a visionary and what we need to do is to have a single country with a single government to rule the entire world. Forgive me for this fantasy but frankly I believe there are much more important issues and agendas on sight. Such as we must watch more closely what our planet is telling us before it is too late.

The worse of this failure is the fact that people’s confidence has been undermined once again and now for more than a decade! And if we don’t change this soon, who knows where we are going to land. No wonder crime has been growing across the planet in disproportional numbers and no country has a good hand to control it. Basically between the people’s division that we see in almost every country in the world for one reason or the other one and the political struggles, are destroying the order that almost every single person wishes to keep. But not many are doing something about it but to complain that they are suffering and also have needs. So is the rest of the world! But we, the US still are in a privileged place that at some point will no longer be and then, what are we going to do? Blame Obama? Or the Republican party or the Democrats?

Perhaps the only people worth any consideration today are our troops overseas and every single person that is Occupying a place to demand a the dialog that politicians are refusing to withhold. Even between their own selves. What a shame!


Where is the US in the world today?

By Isis Win

Arguing the political and social scenes in the US can not be done without taking a deep peek into the money matters. Politics and people affect the economy and the economy affects both too. But most people rather discuss the political aspects of the rhetorical debates between parties, like if that addresses what truly matter for the country, people and their personal preferences. Up to a grand extent, people prefer to indulge into the political talks from a place mostly loaded with ignorance. Mostly focusing on the issues that they judge are a defying measure of the well-being and future of the country. Such as abortion that should have nothing to do with politics. Abortion is a constitutional (Roe v. Wade -1973) and legal issue and the irony of the case is that, although there is a separation between government and church, people bring their religiously based ideas into the political world. Like if that will have anything to do with the country. But as well, advocating against the right to abortion will not deliver the believed intent: to halt the indiscriminately use of abortion and to protect the right to birth. I’ll tackle this fascinating topic in an upcoming blog. However, I want to deliver some facts about politics and social stats, directly related to the economy.

Ask people you don’t know, preferably an American about what triggers their love and respect for the their nation. You’ll find that the top answers fall one way or another one in the supremacy the US has exhibited in many fields, such as economy, military, research in science and technological fields. Most Americans love the fact that their nation is the #1 in the world. Something that is rather easy to understand.
The US had achieved its predominant place in the world thanks to several financial factors, starting by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ( GDP creates the PPP (Purchasing parity power) (, same the defines how a currency will pair to other currencies. We all know the Dollar, is the dominating world’s currency.

Early this year the reported GDP – PPP of the ten top richest nations presents this order

#1 USA        GDP – PPP = $14.66 trillion. Unemployment = 9.6 %
#2 China      GDP – PPP = $10.09 trillion. Unemployment = 4.3 %
#3 Japan      GDP – PPP = $4.31 trillion. Unemployment = 5 %
#4 India        GDP – PPP = $4.06 trillion. Unemployment = 10.8 %
#5 Germany GDP – PPP = $2.940 trillion. Unemployment = 7.1 %
#6 Russia     GDP – PPP = $2.223 trillion. Unemployment = 7.6 %
#7 UK           GDP – PPP = $2.173 trillion. Unemployment = 7.8 %
#8 Brazil       GDP – PPP = $2.172 trillion. Unemployment = 6.7 %
#9 France    GDP – PPP = $2.145 trillion. Unemployment = 9.3 %
#10 Italy       GDP – PPP = $1.774 trillion. Unemployment = 8.4 %

These are the reported numbers from CIA World FactBook

Next to these numbers there are other factors to be considered but the list would be to large for this blog. For example: Population, source of revenue, natural resources, industrial, scientific and manufacturing resources, etc. I suppose you get the point. But as well, there is one major consideration to be accounted for: The national debt.

The point I am trying to make is to entice your attention in all the elements that can put a nation in peril. And the reason, my only reason, is to point out that these are not times to engulf into rhetorical arguments, accusations, false promises, etc. And that is what has been fed to the American voters for far too long. I feel it is imperative to mention that I don’t lean in any direction when it comes to my political thought. But I am not a libertarian neither. My thoughts are based on what’s on the agenda, the issues that need attention, what our politicians offer and truly deliver and the realization of policies that will lead the country and the American people towards safety, stability, a sound sense of well-being, opportunities, all rights provided by the Constitution for every single individual, freedom of expression and will, among many others. When I see these aspects, although I consider my personal well-being, my thinking doesn’t go in that direction but in favor of the general population. The reason is quite obvious: The more people is well, the better chances everyone will have to enjoy all those goodies that make a nation a perfectly functional one and always devising towards progress. Everyone is contemplated in my thoughts and wishes. Primarily, the young generations, including my two daughters and my granddaughter.

As I’ve made clear here, the future of a nation and their people will always be based on the level of productivity that brings that wealth that can make possible such functional society. But sadly, we’ve been moving far and farther away from that place, because political platforms and bases are not tacking the true principles of what our representatives should working out. Politicians are focused on gaining votes at the cost of our future. If you look most campaigns from the actual politicians, you’ll see that although a few had delivered some of what they promised, the boldest promises of their campaign, not only they’ve never been delivered, but they had been flip – flopping with them for the sake of remaining in office. Why is that? I wonder. The life of a politician is such, that we can compare it to the top rock stars. Fame, power, admiration and lots of goodies. Even if many of those goodies are a counter value to what their political role suppose to be. It can even be illegal. Holes and loops manipulated the very same way they manipulate the voters. But this problem is not solely responsibility of the politicians. We, the people are perhaps more responsible for this, because after all, we elect those that lie, exaggerate and make empty promises.
When Sarah Palin became the republican candidate to the vice-presidency, I was quite excited about her. McCain didn’t do (or promise) anything in favor my aspirations for the bettering of the country. And not just because his political trajectory, through the many years I covered the Congress, Senate and White House, I was able to directly witness a few, perhaps no so important characteristics of his. I knew then, I can’t rely on this guy. But Palin? Wow! Such a fresh, bold. clear and outspoken woman! Huh! I admit; as well, I found her being soooo attractive! A plus in my view. But once I saw her trying to con her way out from the typical questions a candidate usually gets , questions that suppose to deliver an answer that will define her view and base. But instead, she tried to outsmart . . .  who, the interviewer or the voters? After a few of those major flops of her I realized: she is not politically mature, she’s as ignorant as an elementary student, she is willing to do whatever necessary to win those needed votes, but more importantly: She is so poisoned and cannibal! Big disappointment for me but what about all those people who still are behind her? More valid, what about McCain? What was he thinking? Thank goodness they lost the election.

Therefore, Obama became our 44th president. Hope raised all known bars in the midst of worse terrorist threat in history, two ongoing wars with thousands of lost lives and severely injured soldiers and the country being at the bring of a financial collapse. Not the presidential income, all the presidential goodies, fame and power can compensate for this to an against all odds position. But he came through and although right wingers had chosen to believe and broadcast, he’s not done anything to honor his role, the facts speak for themselves. In fact, he has been handling well issues that like most people, I have no true clue as what it involves. But I’ve been educating myself in those matters. And there is no better way to do so, than learning from the masters. I’ve watched unbiased interviews with former republican and democrat secretaries of state, sitting together and in both accounts, they’ve explain what is involved and admitted that president Obama has done the very best possible to avoid what looked as an impeding tragedy to the country and each of us in it. Poor, rich, left, right, educated, illiterate, you name it. But republicans, as they always do, take all credit away from him and as well blame him for anything that is happening. On top, every single step he takes, republicans accuse him of making a drastic mistake. On top of that list of accusers: M. Bachman, who like Palin, is an ignorant and lacks all preparation for the highest role in the country, but as well, she must believe that her enchanting fake smile, will gain the sympathy of the American voters. How scary that she’s gain quite a few followers that on the long run, will damage the future of the country since what they have in sight, has nothing to do with pulling the nation forward.

Last but no least, the vitriolic  attitude in the American people, particularly those that their number one agenda are the denial of civil rights that ridiculously had been denied for so long and these times, have no room for fundamentalist views, nor discrimination, segregation, hate, etc. Issues that have nothing to do with a negative future of the country, nor against the well-being of anyone, but their particular views were born under the shade of ignorance and fear. Two elements that as well, I am attempting to point out here. Their elements to select the best possible president of the USA are based on items such as: same-sex marriage, the freedom and entitlement for gay people  to serve in the arm forces, granting the same civil rights protected under the Constitution to LGBT people, the right to abortion, the eviction and imprisonment of undocumented workers that had served our country for many decades, etc.

Sadly I know, whatever I write about or say, is not going to change anything a bit. But I will not cease to advocate for the truth and what truly matters, for as long as I am alive. And all that only in the hope of finding others like myself and who knows? Perhaps if we make a larger chunk of conscious people, we may push the boundaries of fragmentation, to eradicate it at once. Here, you can see that the US has all it takes to continue being the number one nation in the world, but what no one knows is: for how long can that la as is?. We have many serious impeding threats, like world domination from the Chinese. massive genocide in our own territory in the hands of extremist, a fragile financial system that the Europeans are trying to their best to save (Hmm . . . think about the Euro union and the place it may put to the dollar which BTW, is the #1 GDP – PPP in the world). ignorant and unscrupulous candidates to office, second largest unemployment in the world, a fast growing number of families under the poverty level, homeless people, the large and growing number of severely injured troops – as well those suffering from post traumatic trauma, etc, etc but more importantly. the lack of faith and confidence of the American people. This one, being the true reason our economy is not moving forward as needed and wished. Oh! We can’t ignore the fact that we are seeing the largest and costliest natural disasters in history. Will they last?

We need to put aside our agendas or political views and instead, demand sound plans with facts and statistics from the office seekers. We must do whatever it takes to push every single individual in the US to seek for national prosperity and everyone to be entitled to enjoy the rights they deserve and they’ve consistently worked for them. It is time to remove from our lexicon the word “no” and instead to include “yes” to opportunity and fairness to all law-abiding citizens and residents. It is time to put our past in the past, seek for the future in the making of a positive present and do every single bit of what it takes to make educated decisions and contribute to the best of our capabilities. We need to make sure our GDP and PPP continues its growth and we at some point become a clear, transparent and ideal example of what a nation can be.
May God bless America!

Occupy, not deceased just getting ready to confront the establishment

By Isis Win


Not that you need to know, but this us the third time I attempt to express my views about Occupy. It is not a case of not being able to conciliate my thoughts, much less of not having enough to say about it. It is as simple as Occupy is about so many things, there is so much too be said about it and it will stay for a very long time, regardless of any attempts to repress it or control it. Occupy already delivered what it was intended. The best proof of this, is the prompt reaction it caused across the nation, as well in many countries around the world. Part of my previous writings about it, dealt with the sociological aspects that triggered this movement, but who cares about that? What matters, is the fact that, once again the American people became divided in a polarized fashion and such, is a clear representation of the fragmentation that has been occurring in the country since the early days of President Bush. In case you are not a buff of world’s history, when this type of fragmentation has been seeing in a country, the follow-up has always been such a chaos, that – the nation in case, shattered in many pieces and even after decades, they didn’t recover. Further more, in case you don’t keep up with the recent news, people in many countries are as well fed-up with the old same and had taken the leadership – to change things, to the extent of personal sacrifice. Perhaps you doubt such would happen here, but in the moment what is a pacific demonstration (up to date), can easily become violent and bloody. Remember the 70s? That’s all it will take to create the “waves’ that will trigger a revolutionary movement. All is depending on two factors: How the authorities will handle it and for how long the affected businesses will stand having massive demonstrations blocking their access or normal business operations.
Occupy no longer needs to settle in a park, avenue, etc. The main purpose of that, was to bring the necessary attention to the movement and to entice awakening among all the socially conscious people. This is not a political movement. This is not about power, demands, changing the country, etc. This is about dropping the BS at once and deliver what the country in theory stands for: Equal opportunity and rights to all!

Since the times of Regan, the government, Political Action Committees, beta corporations and law enforcement agencies had been flexing their muscle on the people of the US. A transparent way of presenting who has the power and who doesn’t. That has been a way of life since then and under the excuse of preserving the order, tradition and a conservative agenda for the country. We witnessed a lot of this phenomena while President Clinton was in power. The right-wing flexed their muscle during the 90s and then we went back to GOP. I know most republicans believe the base of their party is one that procures the best for the USA. But it takes no vision to simply examine that during the last republican regimes, the country has been reversing what once was a progressive development in almost all areas. As well, large corporations had taken over policies through their financial contributions to GOP runners and with their well paid (an euphemism!) PACs. The country has been focused on the benefit of those mega businesses and the irony of the case is that they barely pay taxes – if any, mostly are not challenged on their wrong doing and most had taken their operations overseas. More obvious and clear manifestation of how broken the system has been on the hands of the republicans, can’t simply exist. But as well, republicans had managed to run incredible political campaigns AND not in favor of their official candidates, but opposed to their opponents. Using manipulation and defamation. And the American people had bought it a number of times! The country needs one more “conservative” step forward to finally understand the manipulation that has been placed in the republican supporters. And that will happen if in this coming election. Yes! Go! Vote republican and you will see two signs. Republicans will not fix unemployment and the risk of a two digit recession (or else!), but they will incur into many more serious mistakes as Bush Jr did. I wonder if they will blame the democrats again and again for the creation of the crisis we will face if they end up in the White House. I wish, hope and advocate for all voters to TRULY delve into the delivered promises from the official Republican Party candidate, before casting your vote. At this point, the country can not afford any flops because the position the country is today, is not promising at all and having a Republican president will be the equivalent of preserving the failed policies of Bush and Cheney and their nefarious Secretary of Defense.
Occupy is about all these things that had been happening to the country and brought us to where we are today. Obama has nothing to do with this but ironically, GOP blames him even for what was triggered in the previous administration. Frankly I doubt Occupy will be able to do much about it. But whatever they do, will be much better than what we have today.
Occupy can bring the issues to the light, bring the conscious people to the streets and demonstrate the frustration of the socially conscious citizenship and all about the constant BS, empty promises and blaming others for what is happening. But Occupy will not change those that despise liberal, moderates or democrats because to them, all that is about abortion, gay rights, death penalty, the right to possess a weapon, a promise to low taxes and a bright future. A future that in their view, democrats will never deliver. Hello Clinton and the surplus you left us, after a trillion dollars deficit!
Moderates and liberals are about equality, rights for everyone to choose what they want and need, fiscal responsibility, opportunity to all, no threats in the hands of people who can easily chose wrong from right and more.
No wonder the US is passing through this amazing and unreasonable split when the number one agenda should be: to fix what is broken, to bring the country to where it was: a prosperous nation to EVERYONE, increasing opportunities to education and wealth, non discriminatory policies, etc. In a few words: UNITY not fragmentation.
Occupy is passing into a transition that gradually and very slowly will step into representing the desires and aspirations of those that participate in the movement. All vocal participants will be given the opportunity to express themselves and in all cases with a vision to the bettering of the country as much as the individuals. Occupy will reclaim the stolen rights that power from mega dollars grabbed during the 80s, 90s and the first decade of the 21st century. Occupy will entice us to think about what the true values of America are about. Occupy will defend and enforce the will and wishes of the Founding Fathers of the Nation. And if lucky, rather smart, will awaken citizens to remind themselves that what made this nation the number one in the world, is the unity of all it’s people and the consummation of what once was called patriotism. Every single citizen is obligated to follow suit and those that don’t, will simply demerit the sacrifices of our soldiers during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East and more. They gave their lives away for the sake of our freedom and world power and continuing the split we are living with today, will only erode that place they earned for us and we will lose our place in the order of this chaotic world. Just think for a second, who would you like to take the place of big brother? Scary, right? Then, take action and remember, this is not about who will stay in power or take the White House, but how WE’LL manage that our entire nation is well, sound, safe and prosperous to everyone. Voila!



Last minute note: An Occupier said to the BBC crew: “Here we are, advocating and promoting democracy in the Middle East and democracy is been silenced here at Wall Street”.

A call to all Latino voters

By Isis Win

We are about a year away from Presidential Elections and although it may seem too early to start getting involved, actually this is the right time. We’ve already seeing the republicans feuding among themselves to find their official candidacy. Frankly, after what I’ve seeing through the debates, not even putting the best of each of the possible runner, there is not a possible chance to find someone who offer what is needed to rule the country, as needed, for the next period. In fact, it is truly hard to believe that such characters are hopefuls to the highest office. Not only politically immature but as well, ridiculously uneducated, without a true national and world vision and clearly, all with many personal issues, flaws and shortcomings! Who doesn’t, right? Ok, I give you that one but in someone who for the next four years will determine the future of the American people and the placement of the USA in the world? Give me a break! Frankly, these candidates are as bad and ridiculous as what you can see in many third world countries!

On the other side, we have as a possible option: President Obama. What a? Do we have doubts about him? Geeez! I’ve heard a few Latino bothers and sisters, particularly their elders saying: He betrayed us. He never delivered what he promised us when elected. He said to lie down a migratory reform that would insure us confidence and legal status and address the border problem in a way that our Latino brothers would not have to risk their lives to make a living. What a? I’ve heard that over and over and I wonder when he said that because I never heard it. And I promise you: I didn’t because I didn’t pay any attention to his promises or all he’s done through his administration. Frankly, I have no reason to “defend him” as an African-American lady said a few years ago – because she was tired of doing so. First, he doesn’t need to be defended because he hasn’t done anything wrong nor he is neglecting his promises. President Obama has been facing one the worse situations an US president has faced in our history. And I am not exclusively talking about facing the mortgage and banking bubble, the largest unemployment in who knows how many decades, a lethargic financial growth, a pathetic situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, a delicate situation with the Arab nations revolting, the chronic lack of confidence among the American people, etc, etc, etc. We can’t simply overlook the fact that the republicans, namely the congress enticed by the Tea Partiers have literally opposed to anything he’s said, inquired and done. However, we still are on our feet, we are pushing the engine, with trouble and low in gas but we are not at the brink of what we where just a few months before he was elected. Maybe that is nothing to the republicans, perhaps that is nothing to the democrats but it is a lot to the American people at large. This doesn’t have anything to do with partisan politics and policies but every single note coming from him has been used against him. What has been thrown against him, has been against the American people. However, a lot of people seem to overlook that very important fact.

We need to get started to work on educating those that have the wrong idea of what Obama promised, “should” deliver and never did. It is time to teach the Latino brothers than he is not the least evil of the two. He is the only possibility at this stage. But as well, a second term will insure that some of the items he wanted to deliver for the American people will be delivered. As well, that the engine behind the republicans, the same engine that provoked the financial crisis, unbalance of health services and providers, the one behind the war in Iraq and Afghanistan , yep also the rich and affluent people. President Obama wants to change that order and not because he is a Socialist wanting to change our ruling system, as some people accuse him. He is not a socialist, he is a social conscious individual! Exactly what the country has been in need of for a few generations.

Today a year before elections, we must make sure the republicans will not take power this coming election! If they do, thousands of long-term residents but undocumented immigrants, will be jailed and/or deported. Even if they have children born in the US. Our south border will become a war zone against the poor people who are willing to risk their life in favor of supporting their poor families back home.
The denied rights of all LGBT people will become a fantasy for the unforeseeable future. Women will have to travel the south border to have an abortion. Our presence in the Middle East will be not about monitoring the balance in the region but total control of all the unstable countries seeking for democracy. Therefore, increasing more animosity among the Arab people if we increase our power in the region. And much more. In other words, we will get close to a totalitarian and dictatorial system in which the rich and moralists in the far side of the spectrum, will place their muscle on the rest of the population! Just look around and see the unbalance of wealth, power and opportunity between the poor and the rich! And in case you’ve not notices: those that side with the far right <Read: Tea Party>, are not rich but are totally capable of doing whatever it takes to become one of them!

Start campaigning now! Don’t wait until a few weeks before because a grand number of the voters need to learn the truth about what has been happening in the country and to the country! Although this message is for all that have a social consciousness and support open-minded policies, the Latino community is the one that will suffer the most if a Republican takes power at the White House. We’ve already seeing the results of losing leverage at the House of Representatives. Although it is hard to believe, a number of Latinos are Republican but invariably they are after finding opportunity and a future at any cost. Now, they seek for higher social and financial gains. What the Republican party offers in exchange for their support. And why is that? Most Republicans were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and everyone else wants the same spoon!

If you can think, speak and walk, then get involved now! Otherwise it will be too late and too bad. You vote will be good, but we most work towards making sure most of us vote for the positive future of our nation and the entire population. Not just the few that want to keep America as in the 1800s.

Answers to the 12 Questions of the Day?

By Isis Win


OIL: We are moving a little faster towards petrol energy independence and some dependencies (such a motor vehicles) will not need as much gas it in the no so far future. As well, scientists estimate predictions of oil reserves may not be as not accurate as previously predicted and it may take lesser time to know it. Although today there are more means to extract oil from places it was believed impossible before, such as deep – deep underwater, being new technology, we are just learning about the possibly accidental consequences. But the point in mention, perhaps no so clear to some readers, is that major petroleum producing countries depend on sales of their reserves and they lack of an infrastructure to support themselves otherwise. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and the rest of the Persian region. The Emirates had been heavily investing in developing the fanciest luxurious touristic infrastructure. Will that be their ticket? Considering that only a small percentage of the population can afford those amenities, I wonder if large profits vs demand will compensate. Last: considering the levels of production in low wage countries and Global Economy, how could those nations fit into the new economy?

Cold war: NASA closed their doors to Chinese people, particularly to scientists. As well, research and high technology organizations had been beefing up their security across the board and closing their doors to China. Analysts believe this is the starting point to a similar situation once we had in relationship to the Soviet Union. However, so far both countries seek peace and commercial balance. Isn’t lack of both the #1 reason to divorce? Lol

Oxygen: Scientist around the world had been gathering data and so far their findings are seriously concerning. Celebrating  7 billion habitants of planet earth, the massive growth and the depletion of the ozone layer certainly point towards a serious situation in the no so far future. Not to be alarmist, but the suggestions are to start looking into this depletion now, much closer and before we are in real trouble.

Global Warming: The signs are obvious regardless of what the cause might be. The seriousness of the case is: once we finally, individually and globally recognized it, we have no place to go and it will be too late. According to top scientist around the world, Global Warming and ozone depletion is happening much faster than anticipated. We can blame the governments for this if your chose, but if we consider the effect of the planet’s population in this regard and what we’ve done so far to reduce emissions, the panorama is quite grim. We consume more water, electricity, forest products every day, housing is growing almost as much and as fast as the population. Although less pollutant vehicles are in high production more than a year ago, most people drive even a few blocks away to buy something silly as beer, cigarettes or post stamps. It is in our hands to pro-actively slow down the curve and as well, we must actively demand action in this regard from the governments and the industrial machine.

Cures: According to most colleges involved in Bio – Medical research, most of the financial allocations, grants, etc,  had been made towards “mood modifying drugs”. Much more than to “simple” illnesses such as a common cold or fatal ones such as Cancer. The point here is about the proportion of investment in both areas. Financially mood modifying drugs promise a better return than cancer drugs. In fact, the latest reports in this arena show that there is a shortage in the production of many cancer drugs. Guess why? A low return compared to the rest of them. Depression and anxiety cases reported in the last few years claim there is an increase of a whooping 70% just in this country! This report is based on the tabulation of sales of this type of drugs. Aldous Huxley forecasted the creation of the perfect “Happy Pill” in his novel “A Brave New World” written in the 1940-s <Soma>. Many of his other revelations are happening as revealed.

Brazil: Since the oil crisis of 1973 government, investors and the farming machine had worked steadily to become crude products independent. They went from 80% oil dependency to 20%! It is amazing the most vehicles produced in Brazil are Flex energy, all gas stations sell ethanol. It is much cheaper than gasoline. Brazilians had gone all the way to support this change, There are compromises to ethanol use in cars such as, if the engine is cold, it will not start. Brazilians are coping with it.

Yachts: A report of sales after the Monaco yacht show, stated not only that sales increased in 2008 <even considering the financial crisis of ’08> but the average cost of a luxury yacht is around 40 million dollars! The largest country to buy them? the US! The sales had been increasing steadily after 2008. There are several yacht shows around the world most of the year that display and sell this luxury toys.

Health System: This question is a true challenge to the cynic regardless of how educated he/she can be. When a country is as rich as the USA (GDP 14 trillion dollars compared to almost 10 trillion of China) it makes sense not only we can have it but it should be a world’s class model. However, in order for that to happen, accessibility and afford ability to Higher Education is mandatory. That brings higher tax revenue to the country and as well, technological and scientific development will steadily grow. That will maintain this predominant financial place of the US. Education, a vital asset that through the last decades has been decaying and today presents a true threat towards our global dominance and as well the possibility of providing decent social services to those in need. This issue is specially important today, when several countries, mostly in Asia, had been making steady improvements in educational availability (including overseas education), make it affordable to most and their technological and scientific developments are growing faster than even before and compete with ours. As well. foreigners are no longer tempted to get hooked to the US financial offers than once kept them here.

European Rail System: An irony: The USA created our rail system, against all odds, at an incredible speed, it was the most efficient system in the world in the early 1900’s. So what happened? Airplanes took over. Which is a logical step up and there is nothing bad about it . . .  except that plains are the worse contributors to ozone depletion However, the high cost of a fast and a nationally wide rail infra structure, is not something that interest large investors. In fact, it is a miracle that AMTRAK still is in business! But it would be ideal, actually is needed and hopefully one day it happens. If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying traveling by train, you have no idea what you’ve missed. I am one of the lucky ones and I am totally amazed by the Super Trains of Europe and Japan. But even the slow train in many countries is a true joy to indulge.

CEO-s indicted: They should be brought by the Senate and Congress panels and be inquired about this bubble and it’s failure They should state where the flaws were and how they missed the revealing triggers. They should become co-responsible in the creation a legislation that doesn’t restrict them and the industry, but avoids ever again abuse and neglect on their part. Otherwise they must face steep penalties. The damaged they allowed to happen is not a joke or as simple as a ponzy scheme. This is a blatant abuse of control and power without exercising any caution. That is their crime and they should be accountable one way or another one.

American Education: The US achieved it predominant place in the world based on higher levels of education, improvement in personal income and the development of many new industries. All thanks to affordable and quality higher education. Today, most manufacturing is overseas and our factory workers never were trained to develop high tech skills, as promised by Reagan at the starting point of NAFTA. On top of that, we’ve been sliding down steadily and drastically in the quality of education starting from elementary schools to college level. And to make matters worse, this is an area that is improving fast in Russia and most Asia, but as well, we can include a few no so developed countries such as Brazil. And remember, some of those countries are aiming towards supremacy. In case you are not aware, Wikipedia reports that we fall among the 30th place in regards of higher IQs in the world. Guess what countries are above.

Bailing Out Greece: This job has been achieved right after publishing this blog. However, at the cost of 50% of losses in all Greece debts to these European nations. It was cheaper to go that avenue than not to but it is clear the frustration of those countries’ rulers.
It is a fact that those European nations, as much as the US, have been living beyond their means. Credit, an incredibly powerful force to propel gigantic financial gains and commercial development, when abused create a reversed effect. This effect is not exclusive of the growing debt and the interest resulted from larger loans, but as well, it is common that when creating a larger debt based on credit, usually comes along with minimum or no savings at all. In the case of Greece, part of their failure was increasing their national debt and the other part based, on the fact that the country’s revenue is not compatible with the debt . Their Olympic Games didn’t recover the investment as planned and their vaults were not loaded enough to compensate for that.
As well, although Greece defaulted their debt anyway, if they would resort to bankruptcy, all the European credit would be compromised, therefore, other nations (because their deficits and as well government cost) would fall under the domino effect. All countries would suffer as well. Including the US.

The reason I post this type of questions is because I wonder if people reflect on issues like these, therefore are able to figure that living is not just a matter of their immediate environment or personal satisfaction or conflicts. The same way that outer forces affect how our planet will behave, we are subject to influences that fall out of our interest. However, today, in the times of global economy, natural disasters and fast and readily available communications, our immediate world is not exclusively affected by our immediate surroundings and lifestyle. We people have several layers of responsibility. Being the most immediate to our nuclear family, followed by our chosen family, friends, peers, work, associations, place of living, hobbies, etc. We have responsibilities in all those arenas but as well we have many others to our city, state and country. And the chain continues. The countries we associate with, as much as the ones we don’t, require a certain type of involvement such as represent our thoughts and feelings about them. That is a responsibility too and one that mostly is heavily ignored. And last but as important as our nuclear family is the responsibility we have towards our planet. Our actions may have a strong and important effect on the future of our planet. Countries that are focused in consumerism, tend to affect negatively our planet. It is of utmost importance to become aware of this and if we are conscious enough to get involved in halting it. As well, to do as much as possible to reverse any damage already done. Such as minimizing the consumption of paper, wood products, water, electricity and crude products. One of the principles of the ancient Buddhist beliefs is to create the least, if any, waves with our presence in our planet and others. It is a fact that looking at the raw results,  we are presented as savages that act like if we are entitled to everything we wish, as we wish it and when wish it. If we all would have the consciousness of the importance of our presence in the world, society, family and apply common sense, we would easily arrive to the conclusion that we are doing more wrong than right. If that would end there, well, that wouldn’t be so bad, but the fact is that we are heavily taxing future generations, as much as compromising our lifestyles in the near future. I recommend you to watch the old science fiction “Soilent Green”. A scary, sad and very grim panorama, that although it is hard to believe we could reach that plateau, it is not only possible but we are moving in that direction really fast. Maybe not in our time but the children of our children will see some of those effects. Do we care about it? In fact, we’ve been living with one of those ugly results of neglect in many cities of the world: We are breathing more toxic air than a heavy smoker does during an entire life. We are ruining one of the fundamental blocks of life. If you don’t believe it, just visit Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, London even Tokio that has one of the most rigid legislation in regards of air pollution. China, India and Russia and already looking at a very serious damage in this arena. It is the responsibility of each citizen of the world to do something about it. Don’t you agree? If you don’t please present your arguments!

This world and our humanity are loaded with so many precious treasures that make this presence of ours a great journey. There is plenty still, but slowly we are facing facts that alter our possibilities and lifestyle. Just imagine what it will be 5 generations from now. For starters, let’s think about all those issues that we directly affect and hopefully we address them properly TOGETHER. The more we are, the merrier the old saying says. But that will not be the case in our near future if we don’t do anything to stop the damage. Thanks for reading!

12 Questions Day

What will the petroleum producer countries do once they are no longer in business?
Are we stepping into a “Cold War” with China?
Will we see signs of oxygen depletion because oxygen production is becoming depleted due to deforesting and carbon emissions?
What will our alternative be IF truly <for the skeptics> there is Global Warming and is happening faster than forecasted?
What cure will happen first: To cancer, depression or the common cold?
Is Brazil the first energy independent country in the world?
Have the sales of mega-million dollars yachts decreased in the last 2 decades?
Will we end up with a fair, efficient, affordable health system for all?
Is it a chance for a rail system, European style in our country?
Should the CEO-s of the mortgage and banking industries be indicted, perhaps penalized, although they never broke the law?
Is ok if the USA is the most powerful and the richest nation in the world, but the educational level doesn’t even make it among the top 10 in the world?
Shall Greece, Spain, Italy and France be saved from financial collapsing?

OCTOBER LGBT History month

While The State of California is sorting out the right of LGBT people to be included as part of the American History at schools, we the entire nation celebrate our history month.

Next to the battle against segregation, women’s right to vote, rights to disable people and war veterans, many of our bothers and sisters had contributed towards civil rights and earned a deserving place among the rest of the population at work, home, place of worship, institutions, public establishments and everything else that anyone else has been entitled to by default. Many had been victims of violence, including the loss of their own lives.

Having a place in the history books is not a gift to anyone but a right to rightly represent the struggles, gains and losses that we people under the LGBT umbrella had endeavored for dozens of decades. This month, October, is the time we celebrate our own heroes and victims.  

We don’t exclusively celebrate our known fallen heroes this month. As well, we celebrate any single individual that in a sound way had contributed towards our cause. But we don’t stop there, as well, we celebrate all the people who never had a chance to see their life flourish and nurtured because they couldn’t manage life with all the tribulations, abuse and repression – that was the highlight of their lives and self terminated their agony because they never were able to find a place to retreat. A place to be their selves and honor the gift of life that any living creature suppose to be entitle to.
But there is more, much more and if you care about it, want to learn about all those souls and lives: Every day of the month, a single individual will be honored. To see everyone log into:
As well, you’ll find additional information at:
and if want to see The Five documentaries to watch during LGBT History Month, log into:

In these three sites you’ll find many other links to more info about this month. As well, several advocacy agencies across the country will stage special events to commemorate this important month, particularly to every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person. Happy celebration!