Like many of you, talking about myself is not fun or easy. That aside by the fact that I’ve led a very interesting life loaded with exceptional experiences, lived in several countries (not born in the USA), met amazing characters (a few world known) and made my living for many years as a writer for TV, Print and radio. I’ve fully reinvented myself a few times, changed careers a few times, I am incredibly curious about everything, love to read all (not so big on modern fiction) and live life with passion as much as I can afford. I enjoy many hobbies? And one of them (my oldest, since 10 yo to be precise) I turned it into my means to live for the last 30 years: – photography.

I love humanity, our history and what makes us tick through history. In a few words, I tend to be a .25 cents philosopher. I hope my views are of interest to all of you and you share with me about yours.

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  1. I’m sure you hear this all the time but what words of advice–with all your experience in TV, Print and radio–would you give to someone say like me, who is a recent graduate interested in this path? Thanks : )

    • There are so many types of journalism and writing. The basics of all are: Network, network, network, find your niche in terms of field and approach and be yourself at all times and make sure you master your point. Although there are so many journalist to feel as an example to dedication, quality and writing skills, what matters most is to be your own. Develop your style! Otherwise is like inventing “warm water”. Ah! And never give up. The one fact at all times, is that research can become infinite and offering unlimited possibilities. Go as deep as you can and deliver your work on time and when expected.
      Good luck in your quest and career!

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