To blog or not to blog, that is the question:

My nephew who is 100% himself. Really!

By Isis Win

This is a valid question for most of us here at WordPress (and else) but possibly more important is to know why do I like blogging? it takes no effort to find my reason: I feel it is the only possible way to change things. Thinking thoroughly tends to help that.  I must address my concerns first,   to create a response from those on the same page. And last, to do something about it (blogging as the first) and get hands on with where I can help.

This is not the first time I blog. In the least six plus years I’ve blogged at Yahoo, MSN, Blogger and a few other websites. My blogging was specifically aimed to issues about gay and transgendered issues. Being a transgender MTF sucked me by default into participating in a few sites, public and private alike. My main focus was to demystify many of the fallacies going on in many places. Particularly in reference to health. Mental and physical health that at times, becomes a high risk when people with wishful thinking indulge into stuff they don’t know about nor thought it well. Such as self-medicated HRT. But at some point, blogging can become a burden. People I targeted to entice their “thinking”, are the people that desire the least to know the truth or the consequences of their actions. Ah! Denial is so prevalent among so many! Something I judged interesting because for the most part, my content dealt with sort of “the math” needed to figure the possible outcome. Preaching or ranting wasn’t part of my work. But many of my readers, mostly quite vocal people, used my contributions to distill their anguish, anger, frustration and strengthen their ignorance . . .  and irresponsibility. Who needs to deal with that, right?

Blogging can be a gratifying experience as totally the opposite. Who doesn’t care about not being read or not having comments? I don’t know about you, but I have no ego investment in my blogging. My purpose of doing it, is to entice others to discuss in a friendly way, matters that we both care about and wish will improve. Such as the vitriolic attitude that it is so rampant nowadays everywhere and political candidates and supporters make their case by throwing dirt to each other. Who needs that too, right? And . .  does it do any good?

On the other side, I find tremendous satisfaction in writing. And that is not so easy! The writing part, although I can be quite articulate in a conversation – person to person, when it comes to expressing myself in a written form, a different type of process takes place. It is easy to understand it. I am not american born and although I’ve lived in this country much more than in my own, it is not the same to learn a language, than growing immersed in it. But I try my best. The other part about writing is that expressing one’s thoughts is not as simple as thinking them. But certainly giving it my best try is something I can endure, Even if all I get is flack! But once again, how comfortable can someone be talking to a wall? When we think, or have a conversation in our head, if it feels like talking to someone else.  We don’t expect an answer and if we do, we simply respond. But that cannot be done with a blog, right?

Blogging and ranting is not the same by any means. Although at times my topic seems to be a rant, the difference between one and the other, is that ranting does not offer the chance to discussion. It simply is the manifestation of something that bothers the writer and wants to get it out of his/her system. I much prefer to discuss it. Even if such may prove me wrong. In fact, when someone presents – good enough – arguments about mine, although it may sound incredible, I enjoy it because the least I gain, is to learn about how wrong I am and what I need to learn. I love learning but as well, I enjoy sharing what I know or my views about what I perceive. Blogging is not exercising journalism. Journalism is by protocol of ethics defined by the confirmation of information gathered in two reliable sources. Therefore, it is investigative, research, a study. But one can investigate but having those reliable sources may be an issue to be argued by itself. Those sources need to have the proper credentials to be considered reliable. But it can’t be ranting neither.

Lately, I’ve been reading many blogs and as many rants here. Some I’ve enjoyed. A few left me thinking and perhaps most of them, I’ve wondered: what’s up with the blogger? But still enjoy leaving a comment and I don’t do to others what I don’t want to be done to myself. Therefore, blog, blog, blog! Rant, rant, rant! Meanwhile I’ll try to stick to blogging and hopefully I earn the attention of a few of you and we indulge into mutual learning but more importantly: We’ll be doing something about it and for the sake of making our little worlds (yours and mine) much better and hopefully, in time, we makes things better.  Well, at least I hope so!


3 responses to “To blog or not to blog, that is the question:

  1. Hello, Isis!
    Having read and appreciated one of your blogs at another website, I am very glad that you are writing again.
    The beauty of blogging, as opposed to passive media, such as radio and television, is that it is indeed potentially interactive. Because it uses the internet, it truly allows a world of interaction, with people of many experiences and insights. Blogging does offer a wonderful means of dialoguing and exchanging ideas, hopefully, allowing everyone in the exchange to learn and grow.
    Like all forms of media, there are those who really have no interest in that process, and simply wish to use it as a soapbox from which to espouse their beliefs, or worse, attack those who do not share those same beliefs. Such people, sadly, merely turn it into a platform for their propaganda, whether as authors of blogs, or as respondents/commentators.
    Seeing the interchange of ideas between the stream of people that engage in a comment thread is very informative – not just about the content, but about how people’s understanding and insights grow through interchange. Of course, sometimes (or, more often than not?), such participants simply becomes a “cheering section”, or worse, are fractured into argumentative factions, that simply cannot open their minds.
    Here’s to hoping this blog will invite others to participate and grow!

  2. Hello, again, Isis! What a beautiful photograph! Just had to say that it clearly conveys a wonderful sense of gentle spirit, in the colors, the pose, setting, timing (how did you get that butterfly moment!!!?!), your nephew’s smile and countenance! A picture truly worth much more than a thousand words!

  3. Isis Win, esto es nuevo para mi. Pierdo en la traduccion un poco de significado, pero me encanta conocer otros puntos de vista y enriquecernos mutuamente. Creo que esto es convertirse como en la voz de un grupo que necesita ser escuchado, para cambiar ciertas situaciones de orden legal, emocional, de crecimiento…
    la foto me encanta! la expresión de picardía es tan contagiosa!!
    cariños, La Nessa

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