A little about the writer

If you are reading this page is because two reasons: You want to know a little about this author and my stats show that most people who visit my pages, check my about page. Frankly, I don’t like to write about myself. First, I tend to self deprecate or present my best credentials. I don’t like either one. That followed by the fact that I am a constantly changing person and whatever I think of myself, likely it is a thing of the past. Last, judging from the comments from most people I’ve met, I realize I’ve enjoyed a very interesting life. Many experiences under my wings are not even close to what most people are exposed to. The result of my engrained curiosity about everything. Many of those experiences based on my experience as a journalist/writer and my relating to most people of all walks in life, in a way that they invite me to learn about their lives. But as well, I’ve been a dedicated student of most matters that belong to the human realm.
Please accept my apology for my poorly written English. Although I’ve lived in the US more than half of my life and learned English at school, I lack the necessary command to consider myself a good writer. But that is from the technical stand point because I only write about those things of human importance and for the most part, when I do, I have a decent command of the topic. But I am an ignorant as well and thanks to my writing, I develop better ways to learn and understand where I need further education.
I’ve reinvented my self and lifestyle a number of times. That includes a few different career choices that at the time grabbed my utmost attention and I tend to delve into them, as deeply as I can. Always aiming to get a decent grasp of what is in turn and make it my means to living.

As well, I’ve lived in a few other countries before moving for good to the US. The result of a long loving relationship that ended in marriage and two wonderful daughters and a hard to refuse job offer. Therefore I consider myself a “citizen of the world” and the US gained my deepest admiration, gratitude and love. I hope one day soon, I earn the possibility of moving to another country and learn about their culture, people and history and not as a visitor.
I decided to write blogs again because my views about many of the issues that affect people and their well-being and my aim always is and will be, to entice others to learn what is necessary to make educated choices. Something that I am aware is not as simple as said because the demands in life, speed of information and the varied radical views about almost everything do not leave much opportunity to delve deeply into the topic. My view on those matters usually is a broad and focused examination about all involved or most of its components and as well its history and possible consequences. On that note, I strongly believe that it takes to know both ends of the spectrum to arrive to a sound conclusion. Not to have a single/sided view that may result in a no so reliable view. This phrase represents clearly my point of view and philosophy: “Life is a journey, in order to get to the other side of the shore, one must paddle – one on the right – one on the left. Otherwise, we may end up going in circles.”
I hope and wish to learn that others find my writings entertaining, perhaps illustrative. I can deal well with criticism, different points of view and anything the reader feels from my writing. However, I despise hostility and venting because that is no more or less than an unnecessary waste of energy and time. And I believe we have a larger task in life – than – simply complying with the goodies, responsibilities and demands of life. We are who we are to represent and honor our role in life, in a way that respects and embraces life and everything that comes with it. Otherwise, we simply miss the journey.
Thanks you for reading this far and I hope to hear from you.


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