By Isis Win

Early this year, shortly after China announcing the multiple mysterious pulmonary deaths in Wuhan, China, I wrote a couple of blogs about the potential changes of a world epidemic spread of a fatal disease. At the time, little was known about this Sars disease named Covid-19. What was known is that it is exceptionally contagious, asymptomatic, and fatal in many cases. Knowing this immediately sent me to recall historical pandemics that killed thousands of people, changing the affected regions’ makeup. Life in those locations never returned to their prior status or what could be considered “normal.” I realized that will be the fortune of any affected nation.

It took weeks for the US to get momentum with the spread of C-19. Other countries set a precedent that all nations should follow. The only potential to stop this spread is by preventing it from going to places.  A forced lockdown was needed, followed by tracing. The US proved incapable of achieving that needed goal, so the next measure became clear: A mandatory proper face mask should be worn outside the home and observe social distance. We know the history and story of all that, so we reckon leadership failed to prevent massive losses of lives and stop the disease’s spread. Normal, which was no longer alive, now received the final shot, so life will change for almost everyone, and we would need to adapt to a “New Normal.” That was my topic a few times in my blogs. It was mostly ignored because by May still was believed, C-19 will no longer be a threat, and life would return as it was before. This is the middle of October, and we still are experiencing a wave of new cases and more deaths. Nevertheless, tracing is not available, and the usual way of attacking this potential threat, testing, actually has not appropriately happened or as needed. The stats of today are sad but much more that we are far, far from reaching a plateau we can call “normal.”

Normal stopped since the late 1980s when scientists discovered the massive hole in the ozone layer. Science stated that the reduction of this layer will create what we know as global warming. Global warming will change everything we know from our past and create a new reality that would be hard to cope with if we do not disappear first. Initial signs showed up but were lightly acknowledge if not altogether ignored. My favorite example of that, but not the only one, was the discovery in a region of Israel. The Jewish government hired a team of scientists to figure out why an area capable of producing large amounts of produce produced nothing.

At last, a scientist discovered that such region was bathed by a higher amount of Ultraviolet light that can be destructive to life forms. The discovery did not go anywhere. However, a coincidence joined that scientist’s work to a Ph. D. graduate’s dissertation claiming the same scenario. More massive amounts of UV light are hitting the US. The two scientists talked about it and figured that UV light is causing severe damage in several world regions. The reaction was not to set panic among the population—the end of the deal. However, “normal” could not be called that way anymore. Then the warning of Global heating came out, and so far, we have done too little to slow it down, much more to stop it.

Covid is suspected to be partly a result of global warming. No details to bore you will be noted here, but you can find plenty of info on the internet.

The vital issue in my blog is that we are not returning anywhere and continually are moving towards unknown lands. This resulted from both scenarios and others that no public talks about—air, water, ground, and food, presenting an apocalyptic scenario.

We are already in the 1st face of the new normal. What is it then? Some noticeable changes, such as the economic order, will be different, and it comes with its own series of new normal. Socially, for as long as C-19 is not entirely vanished, which may take years, social distancing and PPE may become mandatory. As well, the tracing and testing protocols will have to be renewed from time to time. The social distancing item will change almost everything we know. Large congregations of people: houses of worship, schools, factories, entertainment events, mass transportation, and just all gatherings in places not entirely free of C-19 will have to be observant of these precautionary measures. Traveling domestically and internationally will be affected too. Health facilities will suffer from changes, also as the practice of services. Most likely, food production facilities, starting from farms, to factories will have to be heavily regulated to avoid making them super-spreaders. That is just the beginning, and we will learn more as we go.

Perhaps the most essential new normal will be people’s attitudes. Many countries, including the US, had substantial numbers of people who would have to comply with the new protocols that will most likely require legal applications to enforce their compliance regardless of their reason to avoid the needed protocols. That has been the US #1 problem that did not help control the crisis but had increased the spread, numbers of deaths, and lengthening the time to maintain the spread.

These obvious measures will change several other “normals.” The use of powered vehicles most likely will be reduced, not because mass transportation becomes safe, but because of the financial impact on the working class. Employment has already been heavily affected. Although we will likely see increasing numbers of available positions, those will have to be carefully planned to secure their workers’ minimal travel. Clearly, millions of us will have to take the available job we can do, but we likely will not have many choices for that. The critical aspect is to entirely eliminate the disease.

So what about vaccines?  Cures? Both will be available at some point, but there will not be a silver bullet, but a lengthy improvement of both will require lots of time. Although cases are in the millions, asymptomatic people may be spreading the disease, and the numbers can escalate to a billion or more. We just don’t know, and we cannot disqualify anything until we know for sure. However, that is on the disease side. Suppose we do not curve global warming effects. In that case, we will be under a severe threat. not just by what we already know, extremely higher temps – lower temps, rising waters, increased and more massive natural disasters, etc. but other effects such as an increasing number of other infectious diseases. All resulted from our changing environment. More Sars diseases are prone to show up.

Clearly, the most dramatic new normal is that we have to assess our lifestyle, likes, preferences, etc. We have to adapt accordingly. Not doing it will increase the severity and frequency of all threats, and many may sum-up together wiping entire regions and numbers of lives. What is essential now is to abandon the idea of returning to the normal we knew before.


By Isis Win

To my recollection, vice presidential debates have never had the weight to dissuade voters from defining their choice. They seem mostly looking like showcasing the passive part of a regime. This past Pence – Harris debate appeared to be a different case.

The debate itself seemed to be a boring lame arguing of the two parties, but I believe both score points in their favor actually convincing their supporters. If there was a winner, Harris score a couple of points, lost another couple, and Pence remained zero points. In a few words, the score is 1- 0 favoring Harris. Will that affect anything? Probably no, but it reinforced the strength of the importance of removing Trump from the white house. 

Pence refused to answer several questions (most), some important ones, such as if a succession of power in case of disability of the president happens. Harris did not respond to the same question too. As well, when Pence asked: Does Biden has the intention of increasing the numbers of SCOTUS’ justices? An essential item considering the recent development of Trump acquiring Covid and been treated with potentially cognitive damage resulted from the use of steroids. But as well, the mental health of the president has been in question. Theoretically, Pence should be in place to succeed Trump in case of a disaster towards him because of the virus infection, and before disaster strikes. That protocol was not placed as the law requires.

Harris threw a few blows to pence regarding Trump’s failed policies and the lack of proper information to the public regarding covid and the lack of initiative the prevent arriving at the grand score of 212 million deaths and 7.5 million confirmed cases. But as well, Harris threw facts against Trump and Pence regarding the credits taken by Trump that are the result of Biden’s work before Trump took power. The recovery of the economy and today’s decaying situation in terms of high unemployment and growing debt.

Pence denied all accusations from Harris, defending against the facts presented by the press and several members (fired of course) of his own administration. Something that was expected, and clearly, Pence was not prepared to diffuse or deny it convincingly.

As in past presidential campaigns, the visual to define swinging votes is in the vice-presidential candidates does not change their choice. It is expectable that if the other two debates between Trump and Biden take place, we will witness a similar scenario as we saw it in #1. However, the potential of disaster against Trump is highly possible if he reacts driven by the steroids, which provide him lots of stamina, but with the possibility of an explosive and unrealistic attack to Biden.

Both scenarios, in my view, are irrelevant considering a couple of factors. #1 the situation we are facing through 4 years is the worst in US history. The administration has not scored in anything, mainly the US diplomacy arena, trade, and any vital negotiations to ensure the nation’s future well-being. However, there are many more failed administration actions, and we cannot ignore an important one—the divide of the American people. The administration has exerted dictatorial orders unconstitutional and rendered no benefits but triggered hate and division among the American people. All resulting in cueing white supremacists who have taken the streets with their guns and attacked and killed several Americans, including black, brown, and transgender people and supremacists, are prepared to defend Trump’s continuation in power if losing the election.

The situation is extremely toxic and dangerous. The critical and vital issue is the vitriolic divide among the population that can trigger a civil war and the US economy’s decay, therefore the entire world.  Although the GOP’s chances of winning the election are tiny, the administration’s eroded mail voting’s trust, sabotaging the electoral mail process. The threat of refusing to allow the presidential succession is the potential worse situation the US would face in history. Nearing the disaster resulted from the previous civil revolution.

Trump followers will not be dissuaded from changing their votes at this point. Liberals seem to be grasping swing states that place DNC in power for the next period, so it is expected to face a dangerous situation. The resolve is thoroughly unpredictable unless Trump is removed by force.

The chaos prevailing in the US is significant because although it should not be relevant to other nations, several, such as Germany, already face a Neo-Nazi increase of threat. Still, other countries have reacted dictatorially following the example of Trump.

The solution to our crisis will be hard to reach, even when Biden takes over the WH because the damage up to this point is enormous and overwhelming. However, faith in the team Biden-Harris remains strong, and it would be possible to return to the America we know, but at a high cost to the entire population. Part of this solution is what Trump will use against Biden, accusing him of leading America towards socialism. Something that only fits in the minds of anti-everything people who hate everything that does not fall under the acceptance of today’s White Supremacy. In other words, everything not been directly the result of the Anglo-Saxon descendants is at stake.

This particular moment of the US requires full solidarity of the citizenship to change the existing regime and start patching the done damage. I question the numbers of supporters to produce this change not because of the numbers, but the level of consciousness, patriotism, and knowledge of our tradition, history, and status before the world. Through the last weeks, Sadly, the lack of all that in social media is highly visible. I found a lack of appreciation for our administration and our actual status—all that in every area.

I insist our #1 move now is to vote regardless of any obstacles to proceed and wait for the results. Once the election is determined, history can swing in many directions unless Trump peacefully turns the White House to the legal and democratic winner. Let’s wait and see, vote now!


By Isis Win

I have written many times about the decadent situation of trust in the US. Mainly referring to what Trump says, and becomes evident is a straight fallacy or some level of deceit, but there is much more about that. In recent weeks or months, I have been delving at twitter, reading lots of tweets, responding to many, and sharing some hot topics. The majority are about our president, his actions, and some of the results of the same activities.  He has not stopped lying; in fact, he elevated the notch several tics, and today his lies are beyond belief.  E.g., his neglect to inform the public and lack of action to address the pandemic threat. Now, he is blatantly blaming China entirely for the spread of the virus and condemning them and the WHO for the misinformation he received. If you are up to the news of the day, you may remember an intelligence briefing about the pandemic threat early in the year.

I concur with thinkers that he is to be blamed for several toxic issues disregarding the integrity of the country, people, and laws. He is not alone in that department. I am not exclusively thinking of his people, like Barr. I am thinking about so many bloggers, twitterers, news outlets, tabloids, etc. I read many tweets/articles getting out of context, content extracted from reliable sources. Therefore enticing Trump supporters to attack his opponents. Their attacks usually, if not all the time, misinformed by Trump’s lies and portraying the president as a victim of the entire world. Most of these attacks are quite hostile and missing the point. I have had my assortment of bad experiences from people opposing my tweets due to their ignorance. As an example, one of my tweets made reference to a tradition of waiting past the election to nominate a potential SCOTUS replacement, in this case, Ruth B. Ginsburg. At some point, I made reference to what Nancy Pelosi said, stating that the US constitution present grounds to impeach a president’s nominating a justice during his last year in power and before the election. A responder accused me of being part of what sounds like a conspiracy against Trump since his first 100 days in power. OK, no harm was done, but this person blasted my previous comment about the importance to the country for RBG’s contributions to women and minorities. That is irrelevant work, he says, to the point that “in 50 years, she would not be more than a footnote.” I take offense on that negative comment that is unnecessary and deprecating. It is very frustrating to be challenged by a person that is convinced of thinking correctly and intelligently but disregards the facts attached to it. Daily I see many tweets going in that direction.

The divide created by DT is strong, radical, and hostile. What used to be an almost invisible part of the US fabric now is out, white supremacists –  not only demonstrating in support for DT – but killing people and, in some cases, brutally, as the black man found still burning days ago on the side of the road in Iowa. Several trans women have been killed too, mostly black transwomen, and I am sure you know the attacks and homicides against demonstrators at the BLM demonstrations. Now white supremacists parade cities in many pickup trucks wearing their assault weapons and displaying MAGA stuff. Also, they have block access to election booths and threaten people everywhere. Violent acts captured on cell phones had been broadcasted. Then Trump makes a comment in defense of the perpetrators. The question here is who believes who, and what are the lies and deceits from either side? Even info coming from government agencies are contrary versions to the facts and create confusion and anger, such as crucial Covid info from the government and other sources which differ one from the other one.

Recent whistleblowers have exposed the lies and manipulations of the government regarding Covid as the case of Smithfield (meat processing plant) considered as a premeditated homicide because their workers were forced to return to work on the advice of CDC and Trump. According to press releases, thousands of workers were infected, and several hundred died. Most of those workers are Hispanic and black. Smithfield is owned by a Chinese group based in China. The whole makes me wonder.

Covid’s management in the US has been catastrophic since the beginning. The number of infections and deaths could be severely reduced if the country followed the lead of a knowledgeable leader. Still, Trump directed us in the wrong direction, and he is washing his hands of any wrongdoing. However, DT still counts on millions of supporters, and reports state those numbers are growing. Do we believe that? Or do we think that his chances of losing the election are very high? How about challenging the results of the election if they are not favorable to him? The fact here is that every move he makes demerits the trust and confidence of his opponents, even his followers. Perhaps it is better not to believe anything at all.

I saw this situation coming long ago. The only missing element in my gloomy forecast to trigger the destruction of the American fabric, was having as our leader an evil person aiming to recreate the entire country into his version of the confederates during the civil war by creating a deep divide among the citizenship. To what purpose? Because vast amounts of money and to enact his racist temperament that trails the old Nazi movement in which whites descendants of Anglo-Saxon ancestry (Aryans then) are the only valid citizens of the US for him. Will he succeed? He already did because millions of white people still support him and will not retrieve if Trump is ousted. He stated that a peaceful succession may not happen because the electoral process is a scam. Is that a promise of forcing his continuation in power as he has threatened before?

A potential solution emerged <?>: Nancy Pelosi announced to the American people the “Democracy Act” is set in motion. It will bring justice to all perpetrators against it and/or against the law. Those siding and supporting the guilty will as well be accountable for their crimes. The Checks and Balances process will be enforced and nurtured during this election process. Do I believe that? Ask me after the election.

The damage perpetrated by DT to the country is unprecedented, and it makes very hard to predict the near future, except that most likely if  Joe Biden becomes the 46th elected US president, a battle between DNC, GOP, the voters, and DT’s supporters can go in any direction. And that is a maybe too.

Maybe Biden and Harris will restore our trust and confidence in the leadership of our country. Then our resilience may cure the illnesses that plague our country. The question is, at what price and how long will it take?  I hope to witness it in my own time, but I settle for my children’s and grandchildren’s’ to be able to enjoy a real free America to all, as I have known it and history books narrate. I believe you hope that too.


By Isis Win

For about a year and a half, I started to be concerned about the US going up in an unsustainable crisis that would change what we consider normal. I was not aware of the Covid pandemic, but I intuited a world tragedy that would change the entire world, and we would need to be ready and act promptly to diffuse the threat. My main concern trigger comes from – how the administration manages everything – contrary to the constitution – and the order of law. Four years ago, my concern started growing. I predicted the win of candidate Trump and I saw the potential of a civil war triggered by him, as I envisioned since the early 70s if several issues were not changed in the following 30 to 40  years. Mostly, socio-economic issues that detriment the life from the top middle class to the bottom. Some changes took place but not significant to straighten our future path. The winning of Trump was the sign of the proximity of a social turmoil that could affect the country for a long time to come. Including the potential of an armed battle between the far right and the left. Likely as well, requiring the intervention of the reserves or the armed forces.

Through these past four years, which had been an emotional agony for me, all signs forecasting the destruction of the fabric of America sprouted and seemed unchallenged. The efforts of the democrats starting an investigation about the election meddling failed. There are no explainable reasons for that but a severe abuse of power that is only seeing, in underdeveloped countries. But we are not even remotely close to that, so what happened?

Trump cued white Americans to come out of their rock and represent their anger against the establishment, as we saw in Charlottesville, VA. The start of white supremacists attacking everything that Trump is against, and they have never left the picture, but they have increased it.

Then Covid became the worst threat the country had faced ever, and we know why. The administration not only failed to curve the danger, but it increased the risks by providing false and irresponsible information manipulating everything that could help us to avoid the extensive spread and several thousand deaths. As it is presumable, the effects do not stop right there. Massive unemployment, a stop of the economy by literally halting the needed level of consumption, has created a situation comparable to the great depression. The results of this are too large and complicated to be mentioned in a single blog.

The critical issue that places us at stake is Trump and the people that support his actions and policies. I feel justified to call Trump evil and accuse him of infecting millions of Americans with his evil streak. Literally, the country is not just divided now, but both ends have become the enemy of the other one, and people are becoming jaded, apathetic, and passed the fence of losing hope and turning into direct anger instead.

All that is in the past now, A past that threatens everything we had before four years ago. Checks and balances have been literally trashed, and the regime commits crime after crime, and the left seems paralyzed, unable to do anything about it. Yes, but the reason they have not neutralized this domestic threat is that democrats require legal grounds to act, and Trump has covered any angle for retaliation, such as having full control over DOJ. As well, Democrats have been avoiding retaliation from the large numbers of white supports of Trump. Trump’s insanity has not stopped, but it is providing us the needed mechanisms to charge Trump and to ensure a legal popular presidential election. Same that he openly threatened with because he is not going to lose the white house, as he has stated a number of times.

The situation is: the lives of millions of Americans are a stake from several fronts. 30 million people will lose health insurance next year if he stays. The safety of all minorities will vanish. The chance of controlling the effects of Covid is not even considered. Our relationship with several tough nations is at stake. The potential of a civil war is growing. Trump threatening to withhold the white house at any price represents the lowering of our values and what the US stands for. There are several other important issues, but these are the tragic threats I feared more than four years ago.

Whatever results from creating the “Democracy Act,” invoked by Nancy Pelosi, aims to make accountable everyone consenting, this precarious situation which perhaps will not save our country. The destruction cannot be stopped, but a reconstruction of our democracy can be started. Still, the next administration will face an unprecedented crisis that will require perhaps more than one generation to fix – from the infrastructure of our social order, economic, to the legal, even constitutional realms that have been severely damaged by this administration. We all will have to face the results and compromise with a new “normal.” A new normal that will require the dedication from all the Americans, it will require sacrifice and work. This is the reality created by President Trump, and no one wanted, except disloyal supremacists.

If Trump is not jailed in the company of all his crooks, the end of this threat can only be the destruction of the fabric of America. The fabric that millions of Americans weaved through two-plus centuries. All destroyed by a single man!

If Trump gets away with murder, it is estimated trillions of dollars will be the gain of his and the people behind him.

Sadly, although not too late to act, it is actually late to avoid the worse damage the nation will face for a long time to come. Once Trump let the genie out, we will not be able to put it back in. That is our new normal, and we all will have to pay the same price.


Jefferson standing in front of the threatened USA and can’t do anything about it. Ektachrome 100, 280MM F2.8

By Isis Win

Everything in politics or public opinion has been a matter of debate, controversy, and arguing way before my ancestors were born. However, in the past, no so old, the only means of public information were large organs that redundantly checked the information to be released to make it bulletproof reliable. Even during my early days working for TV and written press, my editor expected me to triple check the facts I was about to inform. Otherwise, the work would be tossed in the garbage can. In the recent decade or two, that seems to be changing.

The 21st century was expected to be a drastic improvement to everything known or a tragic end to everything—the half-full or empty cup story. However, we started the century on the wrong foot. After G. Bush Jr took over the White House, we were shocked by the callous attack of Al Qaeda in NY city, destroying the twin towers and killing close to 3k people + the people affected by the toxic debris when clearing the fallen buildings. Then, investigations from the UK and our own intelligence opened the door to accusations against Saddam Hussein about being involved in some category with Al Qaeda’s leader, Bin o laden. The UN got involved, and according to the media reports, Hussein was developing WMDs, including a potential atomic bomb. Saddam was challenged over and over, and no find would justify any military action from the US and allies. However, both countries claimed to have reliable intelligence proving Saddam was a threat to the world because his arsenal and facilities to build chemical weapons were “real.” Bush somehow persuaded our legislators and the American people that we should preemptively attack Iraq to dispose of those weapons. Bush claimed before national television we will destroy the evil, and the attack will be successful, short, and our troops will return shortly after. You know the rest, here is the critical point.

The US attacked without justification Iraq which was the balancing force in the Middle East, destroyed literally everything in a fantastic bomb attack the seemed coming from a Sci-Fi movie. We still are there, with thousands of soldiers even exposed to be killed and the country, well, regardless of the promise a reconstruction effort, it still is in shams. Electrical power, water supply, bad roads, lacking enough health installations, and a constant battle between ethnic groups are their calamity.

That was the beginning of the 21st century, but it did not improve since that beginning. We had a disastrous presidential reaction to the destruction of hurricane Katrine in Louisiana, and we faced the second potential worst depression after the Grand Depression. The following president (Obama) inherited such a bad situation that he should better become seriously ill and quit winning the presidency. However, he did not resign. He faced everything. He found an opposition that would not change their mode, and negotiating anything was a real pain in the ass. However, he produced essential changes and saved the country from falling into pieces that resulted from the mortgage bubble burst. Eight years later, he brought to the US to what other presidents failed to deliver and left the economy rolling upwards. Trump inherited that situation.

After almost four years after Trump as our leader, looking in every direction, we find no results the leader claims to be his contribution to a better America. In fact, those years seem to be a remembrance of much older days in which all the defended civil rights provided by our constitution have been stepped on or did not exist because his position is, and has been to declare war against everything he hates. Mainly everything coming from the Obama administration. He’s got a lot to hate but not only recently. Since his early years, Trump appeared “wearing a mask.” People near him did not see it, and he ripped off hundreds of small businesses, the IRS, people involved in his activities, became known as a misogynistic man surrounded by the most beautiful women of the world, etc. He showed to be proud of all of them.

Most of his hates are everything that is not Anglo Saxon derivate, hates poor people, people that know more than him, and more. Clearly, anyone with essential intelligence would notice; this man hates everything and deeply loves himself. Question: How on earth did he become the 45th US president? The jury still in on the table, but likely, we will have to move forward to fix all the broken pieces after the coming election, and he walks away as he had done many times before.

Through the years of Bush and Trump, we have heard reports claiming the US is in the best place in history, and we are moving forward. Do not give me credit when I ask: where are the proofs? Just look around and double-check the accuracy of their words, compare them to the words from the press, or the legitimate organizations that check and double-check the facts, and they become the official. There is no sector in which Trump’s words check with any side or the heart of reality. To make matters worse, his lies and deceits are so unrealistic and blunt, that he lies in front of the actual data and accuses absolutely everyone if he is caught in a lie. Very few Americans <?> have stood his lies and remain in power, but many others either were fired or removed themselves from that “influential” position coveted with treason.

He claims the press, unbiased organizations, and members of his government are against him, and all that is a witch hunt. Who are we going to believe? That depends on who is asking. The truth, checked not once, not twice, not even three times but more, a large sector of the population (44%) believe him and are convinced he is threatened by deceitful socialists and communists that will destroy the country if he does not have what it takes to get rid of them. Such requires a second term in which he claims; the falling economy can be fixed as he fixed it post Obama. Who do you believe? Therefore where do you think we are at this particular moment?

My closing remark is simple and to the point. If Trump reacted positively – as needed – after the Covid threat was confirmed, the level of infections and deaths would be drastically reduced. Likely, we still be threatened by it and would take time to end it <shorter time though>, but the numbers would be sharply lower. The economy, on the other hand, would show a whole different scenario. Now, the government should bail out at least 70% of the population that owes large amounts of money on loans, houses, cars, you name it, and are not collecting income for, how long?

 The people that do not have income or a much smaller than accustomed need desperately help. In case you have not noticed, all-important goods have increased their price, creating a higher number in the inflation sector. What does that do to you and others?

To save the country in totality requires that businesses remain in business, people receive their income as pre-Covid, the cost of living does not go up and can meet their bills accordingly. Well, that is not happening. The Great Depression taught us, the #1 front to attack is to avoid the fall of the consumer, which created people’s losses of property, work, savings, etc. and became homeless and dependent on welfare. Well, welfare is dying along with the unemployed people. Meanwhile, Trump is selling a second term will fix it. A flat lie that even Biden would reckon if asked: will you return us to our status as it was in 2019, and we return to normal life – and – continue been alienated as most Americans lived pre Covid?

We are not returning to what we call normal in a long, long time. It is too late to gear in that direction. But thinking about the future or the past will not help or resolve anything. I suspect you believe the following statement and consider it reliable: Another four years of this administration as it was since 2016 up to now, will destroy what is left to us. Us, 70% of the working-class, and our lives would turn as the older days before the Great Depression if . . .

We have to be extremely careful about what we believe or not because what is at stake at this precise moment is undeniable: danger!


A little nostalgia from NY City and the World Trade Center. This shot was created on ektachrome 100 aged 17 years. I used to buy bricks of film and age a few rolls to see how it changes. One I discovered is E100. It change the colors as in this pic. I started to save many on the fridge and use them for specific items that would benefit from this coloration. Here, the blue cast is part of the result, but it does not change the reds. As you see in the sky and the reflection on the WTC.

By Isis Win

Famous words of Jack Nicholson when the homicide trial of gay FTC William Santiago in the movie “A Few Good Men.” You wanna know the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

His is not a movie review, but a recount of what is happening in our world now. Ranging from testimony I hear from people I know to social networks, I see too many people are acting up their anxiety because of the status we see today. In the US, as many countries of the world, people are chronically unhappy, and they are showing it publicly.

We are not passing the worst times in history, neither in the US or other countries nor the world. Yes, these are tough times, and at times it seems there is an option to pull out of them. The pandemic is not the trigger for such, but it is definitely the catalyzer. From my corner, I want to check three issues that together make this perception of “The world is ending” real for too many people. Before I enter into those three items, I need to emphasize that although everything may seem the end of something, the current issues are not creating the havoc we see. Mass media, from the press to the digital distribution of thoughts, ideas, and sentiments distort the factual news, creating the needed brain chemistry in a way that it seems we have to armor, get our weapon of choice and join the front.

#1 The status of our country is devastating. I give credit to this destructive element that furthers the distance between the American people. The abuse and dictatorial actions of this regime are a full departure of what more than two hundred years have been instituted in our country, diminishing important values as our constitution. As well, the imposed changes by the administration are a precise exposure of what a radical right-wing is capable of. Nothing to do with the Republican platform, but a recalcitrant move towards full control of our actual status, that feeds frustration of less .50 % of the population. A divide that is comparable to the times that triggered the Social Revolution.

#2 Coronavirus presents a scenario that we do not suppose to see in these advanced modern times. Sadly, the facts show a situation that lacks any potential to forecast the solution, while, millions of people have been locked down for months and are at the brink of losing everything they worked for, for so long. Apparently, the death potential lacks the exponent necessary to protect life, among those carrying themselves as if the disease is not a threat. Facts there are beginning to show and at this point because the novelty of this virus, are beginning to tell us that there is much more than dying from it. Too many survivors, whether light or severe, are showing signs of organs’ damage that may not only threaten their life but as well their quality of life while they are alive.

The third component in this crisis is one of personal value. Still, it can be shown in many other layers of our American reality and life, which shows the consequences of the increasing divide among us: The rampant attacks against transsexuals. In my opinion, this issue was to rise sometime because transsexuality is “considered” something new. It is not, but if we pair it next to homosexuality, gay people started to come out of their closer in massive numbers since the 1960s. Therefore, this issue has been in the minds of public opinion longer than fifty years, and advocacy had achieved many wins because of that. Transsexualism started to appear in the consciousness of people in the past one or two decades, and the number of transsexuals coming out of the closet seems to make this phenomenon like a spreading disease. Not at all, since reliable archeological and written finds present that these cases of transsexualism have existed since our early days of civilization.

My take:

Regarding the first issue, indeed, we have two significant aspects to attack. Number one, we have to change the direction we have taken in almost four years. Meaning, everyone in this administration should go for good. Left and center Americans are concerned that this monarchy could fight the results of the election, avoiding a change of administration, creating a more significant problem for the country. The only possibility to change that would be if the Republican Party steps up and persuades Trump to pass the administration to the newly elected person. Meaning, extreme right-wingers will have to let go of their issues and frustration and come along with the incoming administration. Why is that? We have to narrow our divide. Not that right-wingers should become other than what they are, but their approach, their tactics should change to a point they do not demerit, even destroy those they oppose to. At this juncture, it is evident to return to the status we know of, we must be together. We are facing several antagonistic forces against left or right. Reality is, we are not yet in a wrong, bad place. The US still is the most influential nation, economically and militarily. Nevertheless, we are losing terrain because of the administration and the radical divide. However, we still hold thousands of innovative licenses that grant us that place, and we can develop many more world’s dependent innovations to keep that place. Two items are of utmost importance here. #1 we must stop the theft of copyright ownership (mainly against China), and we must create more innovations before China, India, Russia, and others come up with life-changing innovations. That means higher levels of education should be created in all colleges, and higher education should be available to everyone seeking to achieve it.

Regarding the #2, it is true this is a controversial and seriously threatening virus. Our option right there is what has been suggested over and over, and some countries demonstrated it comes with positive results. It starts by, we open whatever under the strictest available protection. That is more than adequate PPE. Places are sanitized properly, social distance is fully enacted, regular screening exists, tracing becomes infallible, and more importantly, we all follow the required procedures. Meanwhile, the scientific community will continue healing the needed, will prevent secondary effects by proper treatment, and a reliable and trusty vaccine is created. It sounds simple, which is not unless we change the divide, so we all pitch in saving everyone in any regard.

#3 it is ridiculous what opponents to anything regarding transsexualism are doing. Their ignorance does not justify invalidating the perception and experience of TS people. It is absurd from any angle we can see it. For instance: why would a person pursue to change their gender everything? I think of MTF TSs when I think. However, maybe the cases of FTM are similar but different in some scenarios. It is undeniable a man is privileged in most areas of life, social, work, economic, etc. compared to women. Doing so makes it a stupid swap, a consideration we most, TS, take into account before deciding to proceed. The potential losses are more prominent than what anyone could afford. Family, friends, associations, work, achieved gains (schooling, awards), and more. Those are severe threats if pursuing gender congruence. The emotional turmoil we face is comparable to – or worse – than PTSD. It starts from the moment we realize something does not check, and it never stops. Coming out: dealing with what is required to address this nature’s mistake, to face a world that knows little to nothing about it and shuts the door in our face, entering to a corrected path in which either we accept the level of rejection, stigmatizing, ostracizing and violence associated with the reaction of judgmental people make the whole experience as a denial of life, or we quit. What we consider is a normal life may not become such if unlucky. True, there are so many people capable of handling that, but did you read well? Handling something that should not be necessary, and no one else deals with. The list is a long and painful process to the point that if the reason to transition is just desiring, having sex with a man and not feeling homosexual, or enjoying dressing up and looking like an attractive woman, makes the whole absolutely ridiculous and stupid. Denying transsexuality as a natural event result on what we go through, is a denial of the self, and that is something that should never happen because the result does not lead to anything positive and lasting. It is destruction towards TSs <people!>, and that will not change anything but make it worst for both parties. We TSs or judgmental people. Is it that opponents believe transsexuals just take the blue pill, and that is it?

In a country where freedom is one of the cornerstones of our fabric, freedom of expression, speech, etc. is vital. Not to be confused by destroying what is not understood, resulted from ignorance, based on that freedom. In fact, this ignorance deters the value of humanity at all levels. Therefore people expressing those toxic ideas should keep them to themselves. Not to use them publicly to invalidate and destroy people that have the very same rights as them. What we have seen through this administration is a clear example of the results of such an attitude. That has brought down so many of our values that, in its defense, caused the death of millions of Americans defending freedom, our freedom.

Those items are just the tip of the iceberg of the status we, the US, and the world, has been facing in recent years. All it takes to verify what I state here is to invest in an honorable and reliable amount of time to query, to find the visually clear facts, and check the results of all that. Well, that unless you are not able to handle the truth.


Supreme Court. Washington, D.C.

By Isis Win

The divide is not a new aspect of what rules and determine the path of the nation at any given time. Since the early days of independence’s conception from the Britons, divide existed between those seeking independence and those fearing the wrath of the English. The same divide was seeing through the first election, the creation of the US constitution, etc. Perhaps is a difference existed, that was the level of destruction the divide caused at one time or another one. The reason the US engaged in a domestic war between the north and the south. A war that ultimately brought emancipation for the large numbers of Africans brought by force and against their will. Finally, blacks had the potential to exercise their freedom of will, which is not quite up to today; African Americans still are fighting for their full freedom and respect.

Looking at it from the whites antagonizing blacks’ angle, we may think the situation could be manageable by providing constitutional rights to blacks. Still, those rights have been violated over and over, and today, when the civil rights machine has enough gas to fight against that, this administration cued whites mostly associated with a supremacist mind. Nothing new either, but the divide has grown in the recent three-plus years, that we can see an increase of crimes of hate but not just against blacks. Today, supremacists are fighting the rights of anyone that does not belong to the Anglo Saxon inheritance. That is a large number that questions the validity of being considered a minority.

It is effortless to figure the proportion of Civil rights supporters and those against it. We can say justifiably that the same numbers of people that oppose Donald Trump are the most substantial chunk of this divide. However, supremacists are acting up, and there is no week that a crime against those minorities is committed. However, for the sake of avoiding an increase in the divide/violent reactions, the police nor the press are reporting crimes of hate as they happen.

Being part of a despised minority group almost creates a divide in the mind, that focus exclusively on that particular and personal group. Not that we do not care for the violations committed against other groups, but the need to demand the rights of our specific group, do not leave much time and energy to focus on the other fronts.

My group is everyone belonging to the LGBT community. A significant increase in crimes committed against transsexual women has been taking place in the US. However, this is not exclusive to my country, but again, I can only focus on my own cause. Aside from supremacist aggression in the US, a campaign seems to be enacted against transsexuals everywhere on the board. Social networks have been showing frequent attacks against some TSs, and TSs are responding in their own terms. The level of vigilance in social networks is the new scenario today. Bigots ready to attack and prey, someone, they judge – because it does not fit their ideas of proper, allowable, not even human, and of course, do not recognize the constitutional rights of who they want to make their victim. A rhetorical case in most cases but situations that, at some point, may trigger a violent reaction against their persona, if they are located.

Trump and members of his administration have expressed at many levels disapproval of the transgender community. Mainly, from the apparent standpoint, denying our right to receive coverage of health services regarding the necessary resources for us. Such as medications aimed to address transition and any surgical procedures in the case. As well, the military has received a mandate forbidden transsexuals from joining the armed forces or stay in place.

Another catalyst against transgender people is the recent rhetoric expressed by the author of Harry Potter J.K. Rawling. She claims to have developed a therapy that would reverse transsexuality in young people, mainly kids. A past attempted procedure with terrible results because the method has nothing to do with enhancing self-identity but the opposite. The recipients of such “therapy” were massively abused by the therapist that forced them to admit they are just like anyone else and do not desire to address their gender identity. Parents of the recipients have sued those therapists, and the infamous treatment has been forbidden in many countries. The US has seen a drastic increase of opposition against transsexuals, Rowling, and opponents to this approach. Both currents, the US negation of validity in favor of transsexuality and the British, have influenced several nations to enact hostility against transsexuals.

In my view, part of what is happening in the US is divided into several sectors. #1 the words from DT. #2 the angst of supremacists. #3 the acute frustration and fear caused by Covid. #4. The lack of constitutional protection in favor of all LGBT people. A divide over the divide that ultimately results in the fragmentation of the fabric of the USA. A beneficial status for corruption, abuse, and control over everything from those at the top of the ladder.

It is reasonable to assume all that will change after the upcoming elections. Considering the level of abuse of power from the administration and the recent words from DT, we know that the outcome of the elections can only go in one direction. In favor of DT, otherwise, he is able and willing to fight a lost election because he does not see how the country could possibly be going in the opposite direction of the greatest president of the US. His own words, written and spoken. So we must act before that happens. How? is the million-dollar question. I might be wrong, I believe: voters oppose to another four years of Trumpism should express support for Joe Biden. That will show it is the democratic wish of most of the American taxpayers and voters to have Trump out. If we do not do that, DT will appeal the results and deny moving out of the White House, and this is a matter to be solved by the voters, not by the Electoral College, as it happened four years ago.

So, what’s going to be? The only chance we have to beat this crisis is by increasing the size of the chunk of America we belong to. And to show the opposite end that democracy is what determines the future of us and our country.


A telephoto view of two large Mexican mountains next to Mexico City. Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl, the second one is the volcano that became active recently.Kodachrome 25

By Isis Win

A zillion things have been said about Covid 19, most false, exaggerations, and conspiracy theories that sprouted like mushrooms in the rainy season. So far, the only consistent and valid statement about it is that there is little known. Although that brings concerns about the threat, reality points towards while improving that knowledge, and while all this is happening, scientists from all over the world are working 24/7 to find the answers to stop the spread and death rate of the disease. There are gains achieved so far, but the answers still have not developed the means to stop it.

I find it as toxic and detrimental the level of misinformation spreading faster than the disease itself. Those fallacies only increase the level of existing anxiety, and such creates a series of waves that make the situation more dangerous. We know quite well, humanity is not capable of managing the unknown, the new in real-time, much less, considering that the unknown factor is life-threatening. As we know, this threat comes in two flavors: the potential consequences of the disease and halting everything for months. The level of uncertainty resulted from this can be seen as the catalyst of many other crises arise from the virus.  

Among questions and answers, false or reliable, the main question can only be: what is the true potential of acquiring the disease, to avoid it, and how to adapt to this new reality. Although proper answers are available, it is not simple to discern from what one side says and the opposite one. Dr. Fauci now recommends the use of googles, which make sense, since the virus can penetrate via the eyes. Did I get it that way?

When it comes to questions beyond the scope of my knowledge, I only rely on the information provided by the authorities of the case. In this scenario, scientists are the only authority. Whether there are contrary opinions or not, I simply focus on the credited sci groups providing information. Not what everyone else does, because to do so, it requires finding the proper channels, understanding stuff that is as foreign as the entire universe. Still, at some point, it can be understood, somehow manageable.

I pop questions on my own that are not clearly responded by any source. Such as, is PPE a secure way to avoid contamination? I believed so until, regardless of all the protection I used, I was contaminated. Being one of the “lucky” people that suffered “mild” symptoms compared to those relying on the emergency room, I dare to say: I am glad I survived, I am so happy I wore protection, and I am more pleased I was not the conduct to infect others. However, there is a dichotomy between the info I rely on and my personal experience.

I push the idea in my head, “If I am OK, there is not much to be said about it.” Then, my mind immediately responds: You already know Covid is new and unknown, so be it! OK, I can do that, but that will not stop me from questioning and questioning until I arrive at sound answers. Answers that serve no one but my own head. The reason I am writing this – simply is- that we have to be very careful of the disease as the spread of thoughts that come out of the new reality of today, in our head, not from reliable sources.

Post-infection; I consulted with two institutions to provide me answers. First, I went to the hospital to get a check on “Do I have the disease?” and the second, a private clinic where a physician I know from before, would check if it were Covid what I experienced. The hospital test provided two answers: The first one, the attending physician told me in his view, I passed through Covid considering the symptoms I experienced. As well, the lab results claimed I was positive for the antivirus caused by the disease. The second physician as well concur with the assessment. Again, no one was contaminated by myself.

More questions popped out of my head, the 1st one: How many people have experienced the same case like mine? In this scenario, it is impossible (says my head) that such a person did not do what was necessary to avoid spreading the disease. For instance, my symptoms were: tremendous lack of energy, total lack of appetite, massive body aches, an acute level of dehydration I never experienced before, but, more importantly, the most potent headache I have ever experienced. It was so massive and painful that any move made me feel my head was exploiting. The terrible symptoms lasted just a couple of days; the others still linger and linger, but again, since I am alive, all checks OK. I did not have chest pain, and I was vigilant about that because I have asthma, I am a smoker, and I am in that age that is at high risk. However, once I suspected it could be Covid, I used my nebulizer more often than usual to make sure my lungs were as expanded as possible. As well, is started to do breathing exercises to keep under control of my lungs. So, all worked whether because I am O+ blood type, I am under an estrogen regime, some scientists suspect it helps to avoid significant symptoms, whatever the reason is, I am here writing this blog.

I know there are thousands and thousands of people that seem to disregard this threat. Breaking social distance protocols, do not wear any protection, and simply live their life as if Covid is a conspiracy theory. Everyone is entitled to live their life as chosen, but the question in my head always is: what about spreading the disease furthermore? Hundreds of reported cases around the world state that all sorts o these large gatherings resulted in dozens of new instances, always causing fatalities among them.

I get concerned about people exposing themselves to death but looking at the facts of their behavior. I became numb, that is their business, and I hope they are already immune or have mild symptoms like me, and they do not share their bug with others. There is another factor that takes precedent over that: how long will the diseases hang around with such a non-precautionary attitude? But a new question came to surface in the last couple of days, as a result of further scientific released information—the potential secondary effects of the brain swelling that provided me that massive headache. I visited my physician yesterday, and I asked that question. Her response was she is aware of several dozen people that passed through the same symptoms as mine, and they are reporting effects of the secondary symptoms. Such as: suddenly having a short delay in their thinking or speaking and struggling to find a common word of daily use. Signs that show some kind of impairment in brain functions. However, no scientist knows if they are temporary symptoms, everlasting, they increase in intensity? Nothing! Again and again, Covid is new, is unknown, and there is controversial information about everything related to it. Therefore, the fact that I am “immune” to the disease for who knows how long, does not have so much weight compared to the secondary effects and that pops another as an essential question: will a vaccine avoid that swelling of the brain on everyone? Or the risk of that swelling potentially exists with some people. Well, only time will respond to those and many other questions. So meanwhile, we wait while we continue the lockdown and hope and hope.


Sun shinning through everything!

By Isis Win

Looking at the trans threats on Twitter during a week or so, for about one hour a day, I have found some interesting topics. Rather questions, that prompts me to write about them. Questions that I was under the idea trans people already thought before transitioning. Questions that assess the balance about considering transitioning and the potential changes that doing so will produce in their new life.

One of those questions spanned my wheels a zillion RPMs because it is a mighty good question that does not have a mighty answer. How to relate to others in such a way that finding a potential lover or relationship is possible? In a perfect world, this would not be an issue. Still, we live a reality that clearly spells discrimination of all kinds, and we transwomen are on the surface, more predominantly since the early days of this administration. What once was debated about the validity of transwomen turned into a battle of wits, when discriminators make accusations against us. Accusations invalidating the legitimacy of a post-op transsexual woman being in their congruence gender. I have never seen anything related to transmen in this regard, but talking about a female case, the story gets a little bizarre at times.

Keep in mind that this question comes from a very tiny number of people on each side. Transphobic individuals claim a post-op MTF person does not become a woman based on the premise that such a person was born in a male body. Passing through the routine protocols of the transitional process in their heads does not make a male a woman. Therefore, associating with a transwoman is considered by them – associating with a male. Considering the high numbers of homophobic people in the US, this finding makes this statement very important. So, is a transwoman is in fantasy expecting a straight man becoming a potential lover of them? In the past, several trans women that engaged in sex with unknowing men have been killed and walked out of court as victims, not criminals. One of the points to pass federal legislation protecting us.

This is an old issue argued thousands of times on both ends. Early 2k, I wrote a blog about becoming stealth to roam in the mainstream world as a genetic woman. My point here is that either a stealth TS remains in secret or discloses her nature to that potential lover, the risks are high, but revealing it may present a safety factor than a no disclosure. However, relating to others, especially to men attracted to us, cannot be the same as when we were in our original role relating to either one, a man or a woman.

Another question that equals the same is if it is possible to find a female lover. Lesbians do not care for anything sexual with a transwoman. In fact, 9 out of 10 lesbians I have known, knowing I am a trans woman, have dared to tell me they despise transwomen. Especially women that represent themselves as a feminine cis woman wear lipstick, pantyhose, and high heels. I do not keep count of encounters like that, but I estimate the numbers are in the 50 lesbians more or less think that way.

I have not asked straight women about this particular scenario because obviously, they are not interested in women. However, among the several dozen transgender women I have known personally, only a handful disclosed their secret to their wife, and they remained related but not after GRS. In the same situation, they are not lesbians; therefore, they have zero interest in pussy.

In about 20 years I have been researching our realm and the mainstream world around us, I have known perhaps a dozen women that do not care either way if the person they are attracted to is trans, not even gay. However, they do not easily trust either one because their concern is that their lover may change gears at some point and left them if I have witnessed this situation a few times.

The straight answer to both questions is no, man and women are not precisely interested in transwomen. However, there is something that can change that. If that person is open to befriend a transwoman, a lasting friendship can turn into a love affair or a relationship. Also, there are many men interested, perhaps curious about having sex with non-op transsexuals, and they are willing to give it a try, but not for a relationship, just sex. Admirers are known to fit this category. It is expected that they are already involved in a formal relationship with another woman.

A question I would ask these questioners is: are you interested and willing to explore the waters in the transsexual venues? That offers some potential, but clearly, sex is the predominant aspect to most.

Although the level of information about discrimination against us in most countries suffices for me to make an educated guess, I do not know enough to suggest anything, but be careful when there is a potential whatever.

The life of MTF people will not be the equivalent of what was experienced before; unless transition happened when very young, there are no signs of GRS, and the result is a perfectly passable rendering. The older the person, the more male features are present.  However, in all cases, it is of utmost importance to live in a stealth mode to avoid needing to disclose the past. The risk is too significant to ignore this premise.

My take is based on my personal experiences, what I know, and my age. When I decided to transition, one of the top items I considered was precisely this scenario. As well, it started with a question like the one I mention. Will I be able to find a loving relationship with another person other than another transwoman? My assessment told me no. Then I followed with another question: Will I be able to live with that? My answer was simple. Although I would love to have a committed relationship with a woman or a man, I was not interested in living with someone again. However, having a consistent lover was welcomed. My option there was exclusive with men, which I know they are available in trans venues. Finding a quality person was another question, but my genuine need at that juncture was to have sex. After very few short-lived affairs, I learned that sex, although it was good, it was not worth the rest of the implications of having a lover. Therefore, I chose celibacy. Instead, not to seek for someone to have sex with, but to be open for a possibility. However, such requires an investment I have not endured yet. To expose me to that lucky find. So, celibacy is here, and I am well with it and without sex or someone to cuddle with. A sad reality, but it was considered much before I transitioned.

Through the times I went bar hopping with my friends, I was sent drinks, later chatted with the man, and after knowing for sure, they were interested in playing with me I disclosed my nature. Being a public place and the presence of my friends, those men politely vanished from my view. Something I celebrated because a couple of times, I wished – wished something would happen, but obviously, the risk could be too high to exchange it for my safety. That was a sad, but very welcomed result.


This shot is one of the several I will be sharing with you. All created with high magnification, bellows, reproduction lens, etc. I estimate that several of these shots are magnified 20x their original size. All are flowers from my garden in VA, USA. The next shot is the equipment used for these photos.

By Isis Win

More than half of the voting population hopes the next four months are the end of Trump’s regime. They hope the results of this coming election are devastating to Trump, so we have a new start, and we rectify the direction the country should take. However, independent analysts are revising the dynamics this coming election may present.

Resulted from the spread of Covid, the number of Absentee Ballots will grow to figures that the electoral process is not ready to deal with in a timely fashion. Add to that the statements that Trump has been delivering during his campaign’s rallies. Trump already is accusing democrats of tweaking the election results, rendering him as the loser. His rhetoric is based on his idea of being unlawfully attacked by the press, and the ultra-liberal forces attempting to remove the best US president the country has seen. Analysts’ concern is not an exaggeration. All aspects of this coming election have been considered, and they see the final result might be the decision provided by the Electoral College.

The machine does not have the resources, nor the experience of dealing with a massive count of one by one vote. Therefore, having the number of votes favoring the Democrat runner will not arrive on time. Hence, the counted votes will define their decision. It is clear Trump’s voters, who do not believe in the suggested protocols to avoid infection, nor to stop spreading it, will attend the voting booth to cast their vote in support of Trump.

The elements considered by the analysts are many and valid. Such as the ballots cannot be printed before the final selection of both parties is declared. Once they are, it will require the printing of those ballots, mail them, the voter receives them, fill them, and send them back. Do all translate into: is the electoral machine is resourced to deliver that goal? And how long will it take to process those votes? Simple math responds to these questions.

Our situation is so dire that we cannot afford four more years of Trump’s administration. Therefore the issue is not about left, right, blue or red. It is about getting Trump out of the White House. Although it may be seen simpler than a normal electoral process, this issue next to Trump’s accusations make the whole issue as a fuse to ignite a war among the American voters. The turf has been prepped since a long while ago, and extremist conservatives are prepared to act violently, armed, and determined to give their lives to continue the current path to maintain discrimination and total control over the future of the nation. Perhaps, this election will determine the future status of the USA, domestically and abroad.

I’m not too fond of the idea of presenting a problem without suggesting a solution. However, at this juncture, solutions seem far fetch considering the status of our nation. Proactive, liberal, moderate, independent voters do not need any persuasive measure to realize this election may represent the most important one in the history of the country. On the opposite side, right-wing voters believe in Donald Trump, believe the US is going in the right direction, and Trump will return the country to the greatness that, according to them, and Trump, we lost some time ago. The mighty question here is: when was that time? He never addressed that point, and in his view, we lost it who knows when and how.

The solution? The solution seems far from reach because no one is going to seduce right-wingers to vote blue, and left-wingers will not go to the voting booth. However, whether the answer is one or the other one, it is clear, the winner should win by a massive landslide, so the Electoral College follows the will of the American voters.

One move, perhaps no the direct solution to this conflict, might be everyone to use all cyber means to promote Trump’s removal and support the Democrat’s ticket. However, I fear something like that – since we already are narcissistically divided, which could trigger further division making the optics look like a left or right issue. In this particular process, there is ONLY one denominator: The country itself, the USA that counts with more than three hundred million citizens and has a clear predominance before the world. Well informed people already know that this US crisis is providing the proper terrain and scenario to China and Russia to demote our currency as the leader of all international transactions. If such becomes a reality, we are doomed because we will not be able to recover from such place, and that can create a trigger to either start a war or allow the winner to do whatever they want and is impugnable.

Ignorance is not bliss, and our ruler is more ignorant than a high school student. Most likely, he has been ill-advised by greedy people that do not care about the risk we incur in exchange for massive revenue that this administration made possible for them.

It is not too late to rectify some of those disasters created by DT. It will require massive dedication and investment to push forward, and that will never be possible if the majority of the conscious and patriotic Americans do not get involved. Do not forget, the right side is to be accounted for, so they will do what they have to do to determine our future direction.

Sadly I confess, often, I feel like I am beating a dead horse. I know many people are experiencing the same concerns as mine, and possibly will get involved. However, this particular scenario requires a massive intervention of all American citizenship. So, please spread the word, comment here on what you think, want, etc., and bring to the widespread attention this critical topic before it is too late. Thank you!