VOTING: Choosing issues that concern the nation or . . .

By Isis Win

Being at the starting point of a presidential electoral process prompts tons of questions. Perhaps the #1 and most important of all, is to figure what are the issues that will entice a voter to make their choice between the candidates. In theory, many, if not most voters, believe their criterion, based on their personal beliefs, is the winner; that is, the same that will result in their choice of candidates. It is pertinent to figure if such a process works for the well-being of the country and its people. After witnessing many, many elections, here and in other countries, I’ve learned the hard way that there is an image in front of each politician and that one is based on what their team believes will grant them the office they seek. But the issues that may elect them in reality are not what are in the interest of the country, but a mere projection of the minds of the voters. Politicians and their teams had known this quite well, and it has prevailed through many elections in all countries in the world. The final outcome of those elections ultimately is much different from what the voters expected. Partly because of the passing of bills, the changing of existing policies and the actual outcome of elections doesn’t strictly depend on the power of the highest office. But as well, we can’t close our eyes, and must realize that policies that were passed in previous administrations, in the long run, will be enacted in the following administrations. The political realm is such that the same political process inhibits enacting many laws and changes as they were presented to the legislative in real-time, to be pass and be enacted right after Congressional voting. As well, many of the results of those laws will show their final outcome years later, during the administration of another president that perhaps has nothing to do with that law. Take, for instance, deregulation laws that, in theory, will lead to progress and gains, but through the use of loops or overlooked issues, create havoc instead.  But the reality of the electoral process is that the main issues that define the possible regime of each of the contenders  – is based on issues that end up becoming irrelevant in real-time because other “emerging” issues or the laws and bills of previous administrations. Or an emerging issue that sets the government into serious/uninterrupted work because it is of national importance. Such as a national threat. A hard fact that may change a nation for the entirety of its future.

It is not unrealistic to say state that grand part of this electoral process and its platforms, is based on the personal ideology of many of the partisan voters. An ideology that although it may prove legitimate and important to a particular voter, it doesn’t really represent the important issues that will define that nation and its future. Ideologies such as abortion, lower taxes, gay rights and even the view of the illegal immigration don’t really address the true problems the country faces. Naturally, there are electors who are capable of discerning the important issues and platforms that a politician offers. But as well, we must keep in mind that in spite of many of those cases of competent voters, the issues in one category or another may, in the final outcome, can be decided by  lobbying for the sake of corporate and personal gains. Large corporations, one way or another one, manage to pass large amounts of campaign money to politicians for the sake of insuring that their interests will be protected, perhaps enhanced. That, even after what the possible consequences can present, and possibly eroding the well-being of the nation. Just for the sake of money, power and plain greed. I “want” to believe no one suspected the mortgage and banking burst represented a serious threat to our economy and the world’s. Even dumb people know that everything that goes up, at some point comes down. On that note, long before the financial burst, collegians, analysts and even government functionaries expressed their deep concern about a possible and damaging burst. However, it happened.

To make a choice in a presidential election, most people are aimed at and based on the party’s platform and base. The number of independent voters is rather small compared to party followers. However, in many elections their vote has proven to be the decisive blow. Even in elections that were a few independent runners and their fortunes allowed them to get their message across the nation, and party candidates lost a number of those independent votes because of that.

A truly wise vote lies in the level of interest and the information gathered independently by the voter and a close scrutiny of the candidate’s political career, experience, bill’s support or antagonism, the candidate’s character and more importantly, their offered goals. Those candidates that blame President Obama for the employment deficit and claim to have what it takes to fix it are simply lying, Unless they get approval from the legislative to invest humongous amounts of easy money for loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs. No chance for that!  And the only reason unemployment still is high is because of the lack of dollars to invest and create those jobs. Same is the situation with promising to extend low taxes. At some point, they will need to go up. Even if a republican wins the election. Otherwise, the deficit will continue growing even after a deep reduction of the spending budget. When Bush offered lower taxes it was possible because the previous administration didn’t leave a deficit. They left a surplus that insured the safety of the country at the time. Even if that candidate really qualifies to deliver his promises, he can fail because of the political wars, the lobbying efforts of national associations and corporations, and the issues of concern in view at the moment. But I need to add that how a political campaign is managed also will render a specific outcome. I am particularly referring to Obama’s campaign and his promises of producing a total change in the political arena. Republicans pissed at Obama, challenged his dreams and policies, engaging in one of the strongest campaigns against a president and his policies as well, taking any credit away from him. And they resorted to heavy propaganda of character and political assassination. But the public sector has done nothing about it. Such as demanding true timely action from the legislative body and a total cease-fire of the attacks on the President of the United States. Those actions not only are contrary to Obama and his policies, but as well to the country and everyone in it. And the world has been watching that dysfunctional scene and they’ve made severe “observations” about the failed political realm of Washington, DC. Something that at some point affects the outcome of international relations and the negotiation of policies pertinent to both nations.

If we dedicate some of our time to research about the running candidates, their party’s previous administrations and the campaigns that put them in power, we can easily see that their campaigns are nothing less – than a deceiving TV commercial – that promises that’s what we are looking for or need. In the long run, when we buy deceiving products, we waste our money and their owners become rich. No quite the same scenario when it comes to deceiving politics. It is much more worse. We expected something else, instead as it happens, in the political world.

Many countries have been revolting against their governments and leaders because they are fed up with the abuse, deceit and total control of their future for the exclusive benefit of their rulers and financial supporters. Why is it that in those countries, where the life of a citizen is at stake for attempting to remove that regime, they do so, and here . . . one of the most conscious, modern and educated countries in the world, <and #1>, that is not happening? Although Occupy is all about that, the irony of the case is that they received a very shallow support. Administrators of Occupy stated receiving close to half a million dollars in donations. Are you aware of how much money the presidential candidates get for their campaign? It wouldn’t be rare soon the total cost of a presidential race cost one billion dollars.

Perhaps what the country needs the most is to give absolute power the new Consumer Agency, That is, if their aim and performance is to guarantee that there is no product, no promise, whether political financial or else, based on deceitful promises and statements. As well, it would be ideal if such agency would pitch in the screening of political candidates credentials (fat chance!) that state one thing when the truth is another one. It is good that the press has been in charge of that for years, but we all know that depending on the specific medium, the support of presidential candidates will be biased. However, what would be the best is if the American voter realizes that casting their vote is one of the most important rights and a responsibility in a democratic society. That vote will determine the future and well-being of our entire nation for four long years, perhaps longer. But as well, undoing what has been wrongly done before, requires an amount of energy and resources that our president and legislative body simply cannot afford.

The USA is supposedly a progressive nation that seeks the well-being of all its citizens. Even if many of those citizens are not supportive of our ideas and goals. In theory, when we chose our rulers, we are choosing them for the entire country. And when we cast our vote, we do it in the belief that our vote is in the best interest of the country. Choosing a president should not based on how much we despise those that countervail our ideologies or lifestyle, such as in the case against LGBT people. Even if we don’t approve of their lifestyle and other characteristics, etc, they are citizens of the USA and contribute in the very same fashion you and I do. In fact, just like in the case of segregation times, African-American citizens contributed to the nation with many of the most important goods of their times, including many scientific and manufacturing innovations. In every single field, African-Americans contributed what no Caucasian man did. And they were discriminated and segregated? Many Latinos, even among the illegal ones, are excellent law-abiding members of our society and country. Furthermore, the LGBT and Latino communities and individuals have been loyal supporters and contributors to the well-being of our nation and each of us. Such as in the case of our gay, lesbian and Latino soldiers. In fact, now that the repeal of DADT passed, many other LGBT young people will join our forces. And in case you are not aware of it, we badly need many more thousands soldiers. But as well, be aware that many illegal immigrants had been accepted in the armed forces and after serving our nation were granted citizenship. Isn’t this a contradiction? Or looking at a reality from a different point of view that is uninvolved with the political rhetoric wars.

We must look into the issues that deeply concern our nation and citizens – and not – if abortion should be legal in our nation. It already is! And granted by the Constitution of The united States.  Nor if we are to pay less taxes, when the country is in desperate need of revenue. Of course I much prefer not to receive a smaller check, but if the country needs it, I am in. Are you? If LGBT people aspire to legal marriage, that is not my business, nor yours or our politicians, at all. More importantly, that will not define the future of our nation, but what it could do is: to reflect that our constitution truly is <or not> observed and enforced by everyone. Particularly by the legislative that is willing to compromise something they should not and all for the sake of staying in office.  And that is an important issue because being the #1 nation in the world, the world is watching us and we cannot afford to present a reality that differs from our commitment and base as the #1 nation. Specially considering the fact that, given our policies and interventions in countries and world issues, the US will ultimately affect the world, our place in it and our peace of mind. Choose and demand the real issues! Don’t let your politicians give you cat for a bunny.