By Isis Win

Early this year, shortly after China announcing the multiple mysterious pulmonary deaths in Wuhan, China, I wrote a couple of blogs about the potential changes of a world epidemic spread of a fatal disease. At the time, little was known about this Sars disease named Covid-19. What was known is that it is exceptionally contagious, asymptomatic, and fatal in many cases. Knowing this immediately sent me to recall historical pandemics that killed thousands of people, changing the affected regions’ makeup. Life in those locations never returned to their prior status or what could be considered “normal.” I realized that will be the fortune of any affected nation.

It took weeks for the US to get momentum with the spread of C-19. Other countries set a precedent that all nations should follow. The only potential to stop this spread is by preventing it from going to places.  A forced lockdown was needed, followed by tracing. The US proved incapable of achieving that needed goal, so the next measure became clear: A mandatory proper face mask should be worn outside the home and observe social distance. We know the history and story of all that, so we reckon leadership failed to prevent massive losses of lives and stop the disease’s spread. Normal, which was no longer alive, now received the final shot, so life will change for almost everyone, and we would need to adapt to a “New Normal.” That was my topic a few times in my blogs. It was mostly ignored because by May still was believed, C-19 will no longer be a threat, and life would return as it was before. This is the middle of October, and we still are experiencing a wave of new cases and more deaths. Nevertheless, tracing is not available, and the usual way of attacking this potential threat, testing, actually has not appropriately happened or as needed. The stats of today are sad but much more that we are far, far from reaching a plateau we can call “normal.”

Normal stopped since the late 1980s when scientists discovered the massive hole in the ozone layer. Science stated that the reduction of this layer will create what we know as global warming. Global warming will change everything we know from our past and create a new reality that would be hard to cope with if we do not disappear first. Initial signs showed up but were lightly acknowledge if not altogether ignored. My favorite example of that, but not the only one, was the discovery in a region of Israel. The Jewish government hired a team of scientists to figure out why an area capable of producing large amounts of produce produced nothing.

At last, a scientist discovered that such region was bathed by a higher amount of Ultraviolet light that can be destructive to life forms. The discovery did not go anywhere. However, a coincidence joined that scientist’s work to a Ph. D. graduate’s dissertation claiming the same scenario. More massive amounts of UV light are hitting the US. The two scientists talked about it and figured that UV light is causing severe damage in several world regions. The reaction was not to set panic among the population—the end of the deal. However, “normal” could not be called that way anymore. Then the warning of Global heating came out, and so far, we have done too little to slow it down, much more to stop it.

Covid is suspected to be partly a result of global warming. No details to bore you will be noted here, but you can find plenty of info on the internet.

The vital issue in my blog is that we are not returning anywhere and continually are moving towards unknown lands. This resulted from both scenarios and others that no public talks about—air, water, ground, and food, presenting an apocalyptic scenario.

We are already in the 1st face of the new normal. What is it then? Some noticeable changes, such as the economic order, will be different, and it comes with its own series of new normal. Socially, for as long as C-19 is not entirely vanished, which may take years, social distancing and PPE may become mandatory. As well, the tracing and testing protocols will have to be renewed from time to time. The social distancing item will change almost everything we know. Large congregations of people: houses of worship, schools, factories, entertainment events, mass transportation, and just all gatherings in places not entirely free of C-19 will have to be observant of these precautionary measures. Traveling domestically and internationally will be affected too. Health facilities will suffer from changes, also as the practice of services. Most likely, food production facilities, starting from farms, to factories will have to be heavily regulated to avoid making them super-spreaders. That is just the beginning, and we will learn more as we go.

Perhaps the most essential new normal will be people’s attitudes. Many countries, including the US, had substantial numbers of people who would have to comply with the new protocols that will most likely require legal applications to enforce their compliance regardless of their reason to avoid the needed protocols. That has been the US #1 problem that did not help control the crisis but had increased the spread, numbers of deaths, and lengthening the time to maintain the spread.

These obvious measures will change several other “normals.” The use of powered vehicles most likely will be reduced, not because mass transportation becomes safe, but because of the financial impact on the working class. Employment has already been heavily affected. Although we will likely see increasing numbers of available positions, those will have to be carefully planned to secure their workers’ minimal travel. Clearly, millions of us will have to take the available job we can do, but we likely will not have many choices for that. The critical aspect is to entirely eliminate the disease.

So what about vaccines?  Cures? Both will be available at some point, but there will not be a silver bullet, but a lengthy improvement of both will require lots of time. Although cases are in the millions, asymptomatic people may be spreading the disease, and the numbers can escalate to a billion or more. We just don’t know, and we cannot disqualify anything until we know for sure. However, that is on the disease side. Suppose we do not curve global warming effects. In that case, we will be under a severe threat. not just by what we already know, extremely higher temps – lower temps, rising waters, increased and more massive natural disasters, etc. but other effects such as an increasing number of other infectious diseases. All resulted from our changing environment. More Sars diseases are prone to show up.

Clearly, the most dramatic new normal is that we have to assess our lifestyle, likes, preferences, etc. We have to adapt accordingly. Not doing it will increase the severity and frequency of all threats, and many may sum-up together wiping entire regions and numbers of lives. What is essential now is to abandon the idea of returning to the normal we knew before.


By Isis Win

For about a year and a half, I started to be concerned about the US going up in an unsustainable crisis that would change what we consider normal. I was not aware of the Covid pandemic, but I intuited a world tragedy that would change the entire world, and we would need to be ready and act promptly to diffuse the threat. My main concern trigger comes from – how the administration manages everything – contrary to the constitution – and the order of law. Four years ago, my concern started growing. I predicted the win of candidate Trump and I saw the potential of a civil war triggered by him, as I envisioned since the early 70s if several issues were not changed in the following 30 to 40  years. Mostly, socio-economic issues that detriment the life from the top middle class to the bottom. Some changes took place but not significant to straighten our future path. The winning of Trump was the sign of the proximity of a social turmoil that could affect the country for a long time to come. Including the potential of an armed battle between the far right and the left. Likely as well, requiring the intervention of the reserves or the armed forces.

Through these past four years, which had been an emotional agony for me, all signs forecasting the destruction of the fabric of America sprouted and seemed unchallenged. The efforts of the democrats starting an investigation about the election meddling failed. There are no explainable reasons for that but a severe abuse of power that is only seeing, in underdeveloped countries. But we are not even remotely close to that, so what happened?

Trump cued white Americans to come out of their rock and represent their anger against the establishment, as we saw in Charlottesville, VA. The start of white supremacists attacking everything that Trump is against, and they have never left the picture, but they have increased it.

Then Covid became the worst threat the country had faced ever, and we know why. The administration not only failed to curve the danger, but it increased the risks by providing false and irresponsible information manipulating everything that could help us to avoid the extensive spread and several thousand deaths. As it is presumable, the effects do not stop right there. Massive unemployment, a stop of the economy by literally halting the needed level of consumption, has created a situation comparable to the great depression. The results of this are too large and complicated to be mentioned in a single blog.

The critical issue that places us at stake is Trump and the people that support his actions and policies. I feel justified to call Trump evil and accuse him of infecting millions of Americans with his evil streak. Literally, the country is not just divided now, but both ends have become the enemy of the other one, and people are becoming jaded, apathetic, and passed the fence of losing hope and turning into direct anger instead.

All that is in the past now, A past that threatens everything we had before four years ago. Checks and balances have been literally trashed, and the regime commits crime after crime, and the left seems paralyzed, unable to do anything about it. Yes, but the reason they have not neutralized this domestic threat is that democrats require legal grounds to act, and Trump has covered any angle for retaliation, such as having full control over DOJ. As well, Democrats have been avoiding retaliation from the large numbers of white supports of Trump. Trump’s insanity has not stopped, but it is providing us the needed mechanisms to charge Trump and to ensure a legal popular presidential election. Same that he openly threatened with because he is not going to lose the white house, as he has stated a number of times.

The situation is: the lives of millions of Americans are a stake from several fronts. 30 million people will lose health insurance next year if he stays. The safety of all minorities will vanish. The chance of controlling the effects of Covid is not even considered. Our relationship with several tough nations is at stake. The potential of a civil war is growing. Trump threatening to withhold the white house at any price represents the lowering of our values and what the US stands for. There are several other important issues, but these are the tragic threats I feared more than four years ago.

Whatever results from creating the “Democracy Act,” invoked by Nancy Pelosi, aims to make accountable everyone consenting, this precarious situation which perhaps will not save our country. The destruction cannot be stopped, but a reconstruction of our democracy can be started. Still, the next administration will face an unprecedented crisis that will require perhaps more than one generation to fix – from the infrastructure of our social order, economic, to the legal, even constitutional realms that have been severely damaged by this administration. We all will have to face the results and compromise with a new “normal.” A new normal that will require the dedication from all the Americans, it will require sacrifice and work. This is the reality created by President Trump, and no one wanted, except disloyal supremacists.

If Trump is not jailed in the company of all his crooks, the end of this threat can only be the destruction of the fabric of America. The fabric that millions of Americans weaved through two-plus centuries. All destroyed by a single man!

If Trump gets away with murder, it is estimated trillions of dollars will be the gain of his and the people behind him.

Sadly, although not too late to act, it is actually late to avoid the worse damage the nation will face for a long time to come. Once Trump let the genie out, we will not be able to put it back in. That is our new normal, and we all will have to pay the same price.


This shot is one of the several I will be sharing with you. All created with high magnification, bellows, reproduction lens, etc. I estimate that several of these shots are magnified 20x their original size. All are flowers from my garden in VA, USA. The next shot is the equipment used for these photos.

By Isis Win

More than half of the voting population hopes the next four months are the end of Trump’s regime. They hope the results of this coming election are devastating to Trump, so we have a new start, and we rectify the direction the country should take. However, independent analysts are revising the dynamics this coming election may present.

Resulted from the spread of Covid, the number of Absentee Ballots will grow to figures that the electoral process is not ready to deal with in a timely fashion. Add to that the statements that Trump has been delivering during his campaign’s rallies. Trump already is accusing democrats of tweaking the election results, rendering him as the loser. His rhetoric is based on his idea of being unlawfully attacked by the press, and the ultra-liberal forces attempting to remove the best US president the country has seen. Analysts’ concern is not an exaggeration. All aspects of this coming election have been considered, and they see the final result might be the decision provided by the Electoral College.

The machine does not have the resources, nor the experience of dealing with a massive count of one by one vote. Therefore, having the number of votes favoring the Democrat runner will not arrive on time. Hence, the counted votes will define their decision. It is clear Trump’s voters, who do not believe in the suggested protocols to avoid infection, nor to stop spreading it, will attend the voting booth to cast their vote in support of Trump.

The elements considered by the analysts are many and valid. Such as the ballots cannot be printed before the final selection of both parties is declared. Once they are, it will require the printing of those ballots, mail them, the voter receives them, fill them, and send them back. Do all translate into: is the electoral machine is resourced to deliver that goal? And how long will it take to process those votes? Simple math responds to these questions.

Our situation is so dire that we cannot afford four more years of Trump’s administration. Therefore the issue is not about left, right, blue or red. It is about getting Trump out of the White House. Although it may be seen simpler than a normal electoral process, this issue next to Trump’s accusations make the whole issue as a fuse to ignite a war among the American voters. The turf has been prepped since a long while ago, and extremist conservatives are prepared to act violently, armed, and determined to give their lives to continue the current path to maintain discrimination and total control over the future of the nation. Perhaps, this election will determine the future status of the USA, domestically and abroad.

I’m not too fond of the idea of presenting a problem without suggesting a solution. However, at this juncture, solutions seem far fetch considering the status of our nation. Proactive, liberal, moderate, independent voters do not need any persuasive measure to realize this election may represent the most important one in the history of the country. On the opposite side, right-wing voters believe in Donald Trump, believe the US is going in the right direction, and Trump will return the country to the greatness that, according to them, and Trump, we lost some time ago. The mighty question here is: when was that time? He never addressed that point, and in his view, we lost it who knows when and how.

The solution? The solution seems far from reach because no one is going to seduce right-wingers to vote blue, and left-wingers will not go to the voting booth. However, whether the answer is one or the other one, it is clear, the winner should win by a massive landslide, so the Electoral College follows the will of the American voters.

One move, perhaps no the direct solution to this conflict, might be everyone to use all cyber means to promote Trump’s removal and support the Democrat’s ticket. However, I fear something like that – since we already are narcissistically divided, which could trigger further division making the optics look like a left or right issue. In this particular process, there is ONLY one denominator: The country itself, the USA that counts with more than three hundred million citizens and has a clear predominance before the world. Well informed people already know that this US crisis is providing the proper terrain and scenario to China and Russia to demote our currency as the leader of all international transactions. If such becomes a reality, we are doomed because we will not be able to recover from such place, and that can create a trigger to either start a war or allow the winner to do whatever they want and is impugnable.

Ignorance is not bliss, and our ruler is more ignorant than a high school student. Most likely, he has been ill-advised by greedy people that do not care about the risk we incur in exchange for massive revenue that this administration made possible for them.

It is not too late to rectify some of those disasters created by DT. It will require massive dedication and investment to push forward, and that will never be possible if the majority of the conscious and patriotic Americans do not get involved. Do not forget, the right side is to be accounted for, so they will do what they have to do to determine our future direction.

Sadly I confess, often, I feel like I am beating a dead horse. I know many people are experiencing the same concerns as mine, and possibly will get involved. However, this particular scenario requires a massive intervention of all American citizenship. So, please spread the word, comment here on what you think, want, etc., and bring to the widespread attention this critical topic before it is too late. Thank you!


This flower is called “Dama de Noche”. “Night’s lady”. It opens only one night of the year and the next day it gave in. It contains another flower inside of it.

Although supporters of Donald Trump believe the country is heading in the right direction, the undeniable facts prove we are in the worst scenario the US has been. Trump supporters tend to believe Trump’s words stating he is under a witch hunt and all resulted from fake news. If that would be the case, how come several GOP members are showing their backs to Trump? Why executives from his administration are either hiding from the public eye or quitting their position? The answer is simple and reliable. Trump’s actions have demerit the country domestically and abroad. The outcome is a falling of the American people, international relationships that are seeking on their own new alliances with countries like China, etc. countries like Israel are enacting their own actions due to the lack of leadership from the US, such as the attacks to weapon creation facilities from Iran. Enrichment of nuclear material that would allow them to build their first atomic bomb. Therefore, any smart person stays away from supporting Trump because of our dire status.

Trump has been using everything in his power to derail thinking from the real issues we are facing. Disregard that, but take into account the result of Covid today.

Although I much prefer to ignore the failed policies from Trump about Covid, there are a few items to be said that make the case. Extensive testing will indeed result in massive positive results, and we will surpass the numbers seeing in other countries. We are a country with 330 million people. Therefore the numbers are proportional compared to other countries. However, testing serves one purpose: To know where the infection is spreading, and if tracing is enacted, to know in what direction is going. Basic math can prevent the dispersion of the virus. Trump claims the situation with the virus is not as bad as presented not just by the press, which relies on professional, scientific organizations, and those who claim the crisis in the US is far, far from reaching an end. The advent of an effective vaccine cannot be released in a short time. The reason is the required extensive testing to ensure it is safe to all, and it delivers its intent. So far, scientists have said that such a vaccine will not be safe for the elderly because the aging process already compromises their system. Therefore our solution is to stop the spread for good. We already have too many losses of lives, and contagion will continue for as long as the proper protective measures are not enacted.

America first has been the greatest fallacy the US heard. I compare this lie to George’s Bush Jr. When he announced the preemptive attack to Iraq would be successful, short, and our troops would be back right away. You know the facts if you are well informed.

Trump’s protocols created to continue imputatively in power and pretend he is acting in favor of the US, and the American people, is causing a divide so sharp that it does not allow the country to assess what is getting damaged and what is fixed. An old formula used throughout history, and in all cases showing devastating results. Then, he has been able to break the law protected under our constitution, creating new paths that are destructive, but money-making success stories, such as deregulating laws protecting lands threatened by energy materials extracted in those lands. What we will see – no so long after – is one of the most massive increases in our deficit resulted from the cost of dealing with those consequences.

Right now, thinking about the political process, left or right, is ludicrous. Not that there is something to laugh about it, but what Trump says, what his supporters believe, and the proven results are two different scenarios with several different outcomes. Consequences that could be halted if someone was able to determine that Trump is a cheater to the US by examining his tax returns. I want to know about that, not just because his smarts are a clear sign of perverted criminal acts, but he, his family, and pose have been becoming many folds richer than they were before four years ago.

Whether our situation is extremely dire or not, we ought to fix all that. It will take time, and very likely taxes for everyone would go up to keep the nation afloat. However, the number one issue for the next few months is to make sure that a landslide elects Biden, so Trump does not start ranting and whining about a crooked election. He has been setting the path to building such claim, and right-wingers believe it.

Although our domestic crisis demands prompt and stern action, there is an impending issue that requires to be the #1 issue to be dealt with. Our position in the financial, political, diplomatic and trade fronts, is a top priority if we care about losing supremacy in the world, or we do not mind China or Russia take our place leading the world. They are not our enemies because if they were, having a war with them will result in an III WW that no one can afford. Both countries have been moving in that direction steadily, and both are set to trigger an armed conflict that we have nothing to win. We see the threats in the sea south of china and Hong Kong. Russia is keeping a sort of muted profile to avoid conflict with China, the US, Israel, and the European Union. Our placement in those regards is to respond militarily, and that will be it. Such will become an end to the US, and the rest of the world will suffer as much because the currency trading all economic matters is the dollar. It will need to go – to allow any other country to take control of the monetary realm, hence the world’s power.

It is sad, irritating, and heavily concerning that a sector of the population is not looking in the right direction. A direction that is the only path to bettering America and that one is to deliver what is needed to the entire population. Divided as is, there is no destination to reach that place. The bottom line, not even the people believing in Trump can be the recipients of that benefit because a fragmented country cannot give to one or another sector. Instead, smart people like Trump, there are many at-home, can funnel of what is for the American people to have. Do not forget, the United States of America is = where we are today, in the future as in the past, because we, the working people. The people that support <$$$> the nation with our blood, sweat, and tears and we suppose to get something in return. A check for 1200.00 when you are missing your entire wages for four months (and more to come)?

Do not be naïve and think not for yourself, but the mother country that supports everything we depend on and a small piece of that country will only give a few crumbles to feed to anyone. Thank Donald Trump and his administration for that. Maybe, just maybe, after the next administration is in place, many of the people behind Trump will rest in prison. If not dead, because a single one talking to save his skin, will not survive as a particular predator of young people died no long ago.


View from my door’s step in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Although we are passing through some crisis that needs attention, such as abuse of the police force to blacks, Latinos, LGBT, etc. or the disaster created by Covid, the resurgence of white supremacy, a fast-growing debt rate, a presidency that fails to protect the population, etc. etc. all issues that either fall under the political spectrum or are manipulated to make it look like that. We have more impending threats that will affect the majority of the US population. Regardless of our lenience in the political realm, our #1 concern should be the USA and our people. Politics have been tainting our focus of attention because that favors special interests to continue creating the environment they need to grab higher revenue than ever before—part of Trump’s plan since his political campaign.

Whether left or right, what is at stake is the solvency of the country. Mega money will continue benefiting financially as the result of the lack of leadership to bring what America needs, left or right. The facts show that we are not any better than we were in 2016, and our government lies in the hands of dubious people that only care about their access to power, therefore money-making.

Although millions of Americans still believing Trump was the answer to their “prayers,” the question about placing at the top chair, a man that was known not being a devoted US citizen, but a “smart” man capable of cheating his tributary obligations, a racist, misogynistic, deceitful, and a plain con man, the facts prove that he increased the level of non-American policies. We are where we are facing an internal and international demise of our role as the leading nation of the world.

What we have seen in the almost last four years, have nothing to do with left or right. It appears to be extreme right because Trump has used his power to entice the right-wing voters to jump out of their comfort chair and cheer him as if his actions make America better. The left, reckoning the immense power of the WH sloppily tried to do something about it but failed.

I wish I could focus exclusively on discrimination. An issue that prevails in the nation since long ago, and represents the poor status we are in today because the solution to either side of the spectrum is not what has been done. Our constitution and the law should be the parameters to address the issues; apparently, Trump has addressed. Clearly, there are issues for Trump to gain support, and ours are not even near to be addressed. I wonder what Trump has been doing during these years because reliable answers to our issues are not present. In fact, the USA is facing the worse lack of stability since the conception of the republic and fixing that will require authentic leadership and the following of the citizenship.

To fix what is broken, we only have one alternative: to decide the future of the USA this coming November. However, there are a few threats that can derail our democratic choice. On the one hand, the manipulative response from Trump already accusing the country of heading towards an electoral fraud and the international cyber terrorism threatening to do the exact same. Whether this terrorist act favors Trump or his opponent, is irrelevant. What is essential is that the American people decide the fate of the American people.

We only have one choice if we want to deter the falling off 99% of the citizenship. Joe Biden, who has credible and sustainable credentials. Perhaps not the most charming candidate to the WH, but a man that has dedicated his life in the political realm and believes in the continuation of the path the US has created and preserved until four years ago.

Before Trump, we were not in the best place we should be at this point in the 21st century. Nothing to do with what Trump’s beliefs should be. The missing part in our progress in all regards is the people, the American people. Being the #1 nation financially and militarily, we are supposed to be the #1 nation providing the US population everything that makes the entire country better. But we lack more than we have. All because politics have been aimed to entertain other issues that lack the domestic needs of several millions of Americans, such as decent, affordable health care, affordable prescriptions, affordable housing, affordable education, the cleaning of a decaying environment, etc. I can think of several dozens of issues needing a leader that takes the country in the right direction. Right now, our place before the world has opened a wide door to other nations to take the place we have filled through more than 75 years. Losing it will not do anything for us, the country, the people, or the world. So, the answer is to remove Trump from the WH and to ensure Biden takes the right path.

What would that require? A different of thinking. To leave behind left or right ideology. Also, the restrictive policies that come with each one, and to focus exclusively in the country. That involves including everyone that is American, whether we like it or not. The exact place of the thinking offers a potential exit to the downfall. To get there, we must stop what we are doing now did not work. Think about it and join the effort to bring America back to what we have been since the II WW. We do not need to wait for another world war. Join a better America for everyone now.


One of the waterfalls that feed the lake. The boulder at the center is the size of a car. At the top of the water, you’ll see a red dot, that is a person looking down.

Whether we like it or not, Trump is the US president, and we have a few more months to go for a change if it happens. The White House seats the most powerful political figure on earth, and this administration has shown it. We have many other problems that detract the attention of Trump in the upcoming election. Will he be elected again? Although the signs are clear, they were the same four years ago, and look where we are today.

What the US is facing (grand part of the world too) is the virus killing thousands of people, spreading like thin air, the financial syndrome caused by the lockdown, a decaying environment, natural disasters called the 1000 year disaster, policies established by the previous administration removed or stalled, a divided population by several factors, an impoverishing nation, an erosion of the legal order and constitution, the most massive deficit in history, two political parties unable to manage to avoid the collision between the people and the parties,  the loudest reaction of the black community against abuse towards them, and more, much more.

Each of those problems requires a fix before the damage becomes larger. However, the potential of finding proper and fast solutions seem too far to reach this point. Another but crucial aspect of this situation is, we, the people, are reacting as we have our hands tied, and we just let them happen. We probably would not know much about our status if the press does not report it, but they as well, are not acting as the 4th power to realign how our country is shaping itself.

I am not even close to a figure that can present solutions to our problems, but I have a take. Regarding Corona, the answer to stopping the spread is known but is not federally enacted. People going outdoors wearing the proper PPE and conserving social distance, testing, and tracking may reduce the impact and longevity of the virus. It will come with a price, but the expense pays off compared to what is going on now. In the political arena, the media and social justice machines could stop the broad distribution of false news, produce checks and balances that are not colored, therefore dividing information is shut down and the media balances their act by allowing and enticing the voters to develop an educated guess about the direction we are taking, and the course we want to take.

Regarding the BLM, it is true having monuments to honor the confederates is a no-no. Still, they should be moved to particular areas where people can access them, far from prominent sites that created more division. Regarding the past policies presented by previous administrations – the option – is to demand a full stop of their implementation and wait for the next administration to revise them. As well, something should be done about political Pacs and contributions to political runners.

We cannot change what Trump does and says, except that we can decide that fate in November. However, final strokes through the campaign will be dirtier and smellier than anything the country has seen before. Trump will aim to destroy, not to win Biden, based on a socialist agenda, faulty brain power, and by enhancing the divide he created. Although the frustration of white America has been imploded, creating more support and numbers of supremacists, the numbers in most of the country are favorable for the democratic candidate. However, having another opponent to the left can provide the missing votes to favor Trump, by eliminating votes in favor of Biden. That is a severe threat to the future electoral process. About the environment situation, all we can do is wait for the next administration to act. The next four years require a massive investment and labor to reduce the level of poverty and lack of essential services for the suffering sector of Americans. Internationally we will face a gross challenge not just because of the resulted status cause by this administration, which is grim. Still, there is a battle for supremacy in the world between China and Russia. Hopefully, the incoming administration has the strength to pull all allies to join an effort to balance, and we lead the world’s ticket. As you see, there are many other issues unfulfilled, but our economy in the next twenty or so years will have to recover from the money issues we already face.

Thinking positive means in the next several years, the American population will have to make several sacrifices from top to bottom. The 1% will not be able to continue the rate of revenue they had during the last forty or so years. The middle class will have lesser opportunities to go upwards, the lower class will have to become very creative to meet ends, and the government will have to pitch in.

Yes, our world, our reality changed, and we are in need to adjust accordingly. Otherwise, what we will face will be a disaster in many folds and areas. The truth of today is whether we like or not Trump, he still is our president and the damage already incurred into, will proliferate in the next months and leave an inheritance which we all are going to be the recipients. There is nothing good in it, but a need to deliver our contribution, but not just in the form we are used to, but directly have an involvement in our next, and next administration. We choose a leader, but choosing a leader does not mean we do nothing, just watch and kick them when we are not satisfied. We only have the option of showing up in any fashion we can to check and demand our government to follow the right path. The right path is clear, transparency, to have the tools to make top figures accountable for their acts. To streamline any expenditure, our government support, to stop deceive and manipulation among our legislators, to stop the divide that only benefits the crop of our entrepreneurs, and to support our press – only when their role is informative – not formative.

We own, we are the USA. Seating, whining, and ranting about the wrong status or character only serves the crooked and greedy. It is enough of being the slugs of the country because a man, or two or three, decides based on our short memory, and level of alienation we just sight and wait for a miracle. Left or right, our country must take the leadership about justice, fairness, and proper policies that do not only benefit a few, and the rest are awed by our lack of capacity to change it. After all, figure the value of a democratic process, and who knows, you may find that we are the two wolves, and the greedy is a big, fat sheep. Its dinner time!


Bird’s eye view of Chapultepec trees, MX. ISO 100, Canon 5D 1/100s, F3.5, 80mm

The situation in the US points: there is a sector of the population unable to do simple math. 2+2=4, 2-2=0. But that sector seems to miss that calculation. Example: President Trump declared Covid is not a threat to the US; all was under control =2. In the following weeks and months, the situation crept to the point that more than 100K lives perished, and the number of confirmed infections exceed more than .5M. That equals another 2. Both numbers either result on zero if subtracting – or 4 if adding. That = the assessment shared by Trump is not reliable. Therefore, trust is put under a cloud of doubt. Either we accept that fact, or we analyze our brain’s results.

It is annoying to repeat and repeat the facts that tell us something is creating a stalemate in moments that the country requires to be progressive. Progressive not towards the right or the left, that results irrelevant considering what is a stake. Therefore, thinking linearly does not serve any purpose. The necessary element right there is consciousness. The ability to clearly see the connected components, do the math, and proceed accordingly. Well, in a divided environment, possibly while one considers the situation one way, the other one sees it the opposite. Again, consciousness may resolve this issue.

What we are facing is much more than what an alive person can recall. Corona, for instance. For the benefit of the doubt, I am throwing some nonrealistic elements, the same that could be the consideration of some people in that group. E.g., Covid is an attack from Chinese or China. The conscious thinking process can go in that direction and stay focused on that and miss the results of that attack, which is the critical matter in this case. Another one, Covid, is not as dangerous or life-threatening as said by scientists. Numbers around the world state thousands and thousands of deaths and forecast a multiplication of those numbers. Following a + train of thought and common sense: whatever it is, the spread keeps moving forwards, more people are infected = more deaths. If you do not want to die from it, then your options are: not going out at all or, if so, wear full PPE and keep proper social distance and the rest of the protocols. Doing so may save your life, a bad experience of getting very ill and suffer the results, or not getting ill = the spread have one less chance to contaminate others. That as well = the economy or my return to “normal” life will happen sooner than later—simple math and thinking, not just linearly thinking, presents the right answers.

Racism: the information that triggered this massive campaign to protest police abuse against blacks has been, for a long time, evident. Whether it is justified or not, demonstrating against the police abuse requires doing in a civilized and conscientious matter, or it is throwing gas to the fire. Dr. Luther King or Gandhi showed to the world that avoiding a spread of the fire pacific demonstrating works. However, among the demonstrators, many blacks were allowed to break that pattern. Looting, screaming foul language, braking things is not reasonable. Even supporters of the cause get very annoyed by knowing those facts. Stupid things such as painting a street with a consistent message that triggers the anger from people who disagree with reckoning racism prevail in the country or those who believe it, maybe perceived as gas, have been thrown to the fire. What gain could be there? A white person clearly annoyed, paints black that sign—a no good nor resolved anything. The fire is growing out of proportion.

Facing the Covid threat, the China threat, the Russian threat, the Iran threat, the N. Korea threat, the Jihadist threat, and the list goes on and on = we Americans should stay together and demand from our government to procure all safety actions. Hence, we remain robust and resilient or… Adding a divisive element created by politicians or pseudo politicians, all it does is to break any possible pattern that could ensure safety for all Americans. Simple math is applied.

Anyone with a decent knowledge of history, such as the Briton history, will find that the rulers manipulated the masses to gain the best control of them, therefore exploit whatever is necessary to achieve their goals. In all historical chapters, to provide what is just – to the people they rule – was not true. That example should suffice to understand that if we think linearly and based on the rhetoric of our rulers, the promised gain is never gained. The ruler must be honest, and we must keep the checks and balances rolling, so there is a gain.

There are three parts to the division of what could affect in both directions our future. #1 our analytical process lacks or has the needed investment to do the right math. # 2 what triggers our analytical process lacks or has a proper foundation to arrive at an educated guess. #3 we are or not genuinely invested in fixing numbers one and two, so we arrive at a place in which questions are answered, and the results are visible and reliable or the exact opposite end.

On that note, nationalists wish America would only be whites that pass their approval. That isn’t going to work! Hitler and his people tried to exclusively preserve what they considered the pure human quality human race with their Aryan approach. Did they succeed? What were the results?

Blacks, Latinos, Jews, LGBT, etc. on the opposite side want to exercise their freedom as the USA conceived it. Will that arrive at a solution?

We are facing massive damage, not just to our country and people. Our standing before the world is sinking and sinking, and while some throw temper tantrums, ambitious nations, and people take the place, we temporarily abandoned. Once we want it back, we will find that as history points, a decaying empire decays, and there is no return. An addition of poor leadership and poor followers = 2-2= 0, and we are moving in that direction.

Continuing this pattern financially, we are in doom land if Covid is not over right away. Socially we are in the worse dystopian status a leading nation could be. Therefore, our leadership role stops being such so others can take over that role. Who do we choose to take our role? Historically in the past, not just one nation destroys the leading role of another country. First, the people of that moving upward nation gets involved, then other nations and their people push them all upwards, following suit.

Meanwhile, our leadership and us – are pushing downward. That equals = we lack the right IQ power to protect and defend our nation simply because someone is telling us, we are alright, better than ever, and we have everything under control. Is that so? If you disagree, check with Watson because its response is precisely the opposite.


4th of July D.C. 2008

I wish not being capable of thinking, seeing, hearing because the result has been lately, I get overly concerned over recent events in the US. Bad news reporting makes me think bad news too.

What I see right now is a warning about the potential attacks against anybody that represents the opposite of what some section of America is expressing, the white supremacy. The battle against blacks, foreign migrants, LGBT people, Jews, and anything that supremacists want to remove from the country has started.

Right now, my sentiment has been triggered by the speech from DT at Rushmore on the 4th of July celebration. He claims he and the country are threatened by the far-left fascism, He makes it look like a direct threat to all right-wing Americans. Such is a deceit to get a granted a favor from the white population that sides with his policies. Aside from been dividing speech, it is another cueing for the white supremacists against the mentioned groups (lots of religious groups among them), and such is a direct trigger to unrest white Americans nationwide. On the other side, intelligence had reported groups of supremacists are moving to key areas to do what we know they do. Nothing pacific nor coming along with what America is about. Next to that, frequent attacks by supremacists have been reported across the nation, such as the throw of a vehicle against a group of demonstrators in Seattle. Also, a transwoman was killed a few days ago. Last night shootings in several cities took place, killing two minors.

Many of the actions taken by white supremacists do not get enough attention from the media. It will always require a courageous witness videoing the event and put in online so, the evidence is right there. Although cell taping happens, it is a rare case most of the time. A few days ago, I saw a video online of a black kid resisting arrest. Although there were two big strong officers involved and one police woman, the kid managed to make them struggle, and as a result, a plastic bag was placed in his head. In another incident, a couple threatened a black woman with their guns, and more. That speaks about the resurgence of supremacy taking action in the country and it is triggered by Trump.

In the international arena, Iran is enriching fuel for an atomic weapon. China is moving its marines to exercise in the south of the region; the US is following suit sending carriers to the area. Perhaps that is not a threat, but because DT is feuding with everyone, it is apt to consider that we are looking at a potential reaction that can trigger an international conflict.

We are in a place that most administrations have avoiding since II WW. But the concern of mine now is domestic. I suspect the actions of supremacists are just a tad of what gradually is becoming the political status of the US and that threats everyone not aligned by white nationalists. So, my advice to everyone is to keep safe and a much larger distance than social distance. This situation is seen in almost all countries, it is just a warning.

According to polls, Trump lost his chances for reelection. That can be the trigger for that sector of America to start revolting in demonstration of their opposition for not having him again at the WH. Clearly, DT will accuse the electoral process of being a fraud, so distress stars right there. Unless we are willing to allow DT to take a second term, the potential of a serious threat is impending.

Now, the core of the issue. There are no official numbers about how many citizens are part of the nationalist “movement.” However, what it makes clear is that losing the civil war by federalists did not stop the movement to oppose to ethnic minorities, LGBT, Jews, and all the groups they aim to destroy since those war days. A phenomenon that even academics fail to understand because it simply does not make any sense. However, minorities will prevail, and discontent from those people will remain. The result is clear. The US has been dimming all traces of what made us – what we were – up to the time Trump took over the WH. Human and civic rights have been threatened through the period. Since Trump has been in power. Initiatives to secure the wellbeing of people in the world and the planet have been shut down one way or another one. The UN, NATO, WHO, EPA, and most organizations that watch what threatens our future have been belittled and diminish by this administration. Ridiculously, in detriment of nationalists as well, but their frustration against the direction the country has taken since II WW has made them passive terrorists of their own land. The presence of a democrat first black president, his eight years in office, and the advent of a republican representing the exact opposite of him and his presidency, have triggered what we can see is the slow destruction of the fabric that made the USA.

I have refused to land on one side of the fence or the other one, but the circumstances present now, force me to side with one of the two sections that divide our country. I have chosen the liberal side because mistaken or not, they pursue to follow what the framers wanted as the core of what this new nation should be. The same aim and goal that have created our place before the world and history. All my thinking and feeling draws me to become part of the many Americans that can avoid the demise of our country. Exactly what nationalist claim, but in reverse order. The extreme right is doing precisely that, so we have no choice but to react equally and more robust. After all, the majority of Americans are on this side that has nothing to do with left, center, or right. It is about an entire nation that cares and protects its citizens against all threats.

Nationalists are under the belief that DT is a man that cares about an America as it should be, not as is. But the facts prove that such is not the case. He wants reelection and not for the sake of the country but to achieve his goals that are nothing less than personal and economic. Nationalists are deceived by their anguish, same that DT uses for his purposes, but once Trump is out, they will figure that their efforts were exclusively for the enriching of the Trump family and his pose. Nothing new, but this time it has become as evident as the transparency of water. I wish the US awakens and learns the truth of what is happening, and they realize that we must straighten our path, now that it is possible. Possible for as long as we are a robust and solid nation. We are one!


Sunsets are like a magical moment, announcing the end of the day. Then, we start another day, a dark one. We chose celebrating that day or resting as the body deserves. Both, make life’s journey as a fairytale with two sides to the story.

By Isis Win

I will never forget when having a conversation with my father in law. He stood from his chair and yelled, “We are savages!” That was his reaction to a comment by the New York Times that presented evidence about the failed invasion of Iraq. Plan B from the US government never existed, and post the military intervention, the region, and our troops were in the blank. No reliable plan was placed to save the country from anarchy, a terrible lack of balance between the enemy ethnic groups, etc.

This reaction caused me a huge impression because this man was a highly intelligent man, exceptionally educated, with experiences that only a handful of people in the world had and a clear heart for justice and fairness. He was a mining engineer working for the #1 steel mining business in the US many moons ago. His capacity was so overwhelming that he was in charge of doing everything thoroughly to make sure that was a perfect entrepreneurial investment, the creation of such would not negatively alter the lives of the locals, the buildup of an entire town. The rail system to carry the ore, hospital, school, dwellings for the workers, even the church they professed. His operation was a total success, and he lived there several years in Gabon, Africa, in the company of his family, my spouse, among them. His views matter to me.

He no longer is with us, but the memory of his experience is living in me, and often I find myself revisiting many of the conversations with him. Lately, the savage part has been in my head and the computer I use to write everything.

I can say I have examined the behavioral history of humanity through my entire life. My interest in human life has taken me to educate myself in anthropology, and from there, everything that may find answers, perhaps explanations about why our negative behavior is recurrent, century after century. Huh! If I had a solution to that, a book, my book, would be tested in the market and perhaps offer a benefit to improve our world and societies. Nuh! I do not have a book, nor will I.

I only have things to be said, always in the hope that someone, even if that is only one human, consider the content and perhaps, find a clue as to how to better his persona and add another grain of salt to better our world. Yes, I am a romantic gullible person that profoundly and to the surface believes, we can be better and stop bullying others and life.

It does not take to pull an encyclopedia about human history to reckon that we are savages. The world has been changing, many vital aspects of our sad past have been improved, and we can say we are moving forward. Not forward enough, when we see that people are killed for no reason, criminals do not always even get impugned; they just walk away.

The hostility of this type might be considered the result of rooted anger. Which most likely is. The perpetrator possibly faced a similar life that never offered the chance to develop an appreciation of their internal feelings and from others—perhaps offering an opportunity to open their mind and figure if what they feel justifies the actions that take place without thinking and end up exploding like a walking bomb. So, are anger and frustration the culprits?. Well, not just that. A profound disregard for life is the thickness of the iceberg. How can that be? When our same person – is a life too?

Sacrifice of human life is the ultimate gift of humans (soldiers of war or peace) have given to their country, to their cause. That whether conscripted or volunteered and without questioning the potential loss of life, that is a sacrifice.

Soldiers – since the early days of humanity – had sacrificed themselves as if they had a voucher to renew their life when needed. It is not justifiable, but it makes sense considering that others may lose their lives if they do not take action and as well, they might be dead too. That is war, but large numbers of homicides are beyond reason. Especially when the cause of death is uninvited, enticed, provoked, and happened because something in that person is something that is not appreciated. Supporting the 2nd amendment is so powerful, that still, in the 21st century, the 2nd amendment, is not revised, and legislated. That could be the reduction of those deaths, and being safe becomes a reality. Not an idea.

There is a myriad of reasons a human may kill a human. In fact, now, without any weapons involved, the spread of Covid can kill 3x the number of each carrier, and some people disregard that potential. Do I need to mention those people in the outer world are risking their own lives too? How about the multiple deaths of people consuming high dosages of opioids and other drugs? Or the suicides that take place every year here at home?

I do not know about you, but most people I know, including myself, appreciate life and the journey we take before arriving to our last day in life.

It is irreconcilable to assess if there are genuinely good reasons to disregard our own life. Nevertheless, when looking at the past and present, this disregard for life may seem bad enough to desire to finish our own life. If an extraterrestrial visited us, without a doubt, it would think that we are so derailed, so nuts, that their trip is a waste of time. This issue does not make sense.

Sci-fi movies and literature have depicted the end of life on earth, but we thrive by resourcing to whatever may sustain our lives. We do not give up and stop the possibility that human life still populates the planet. But we are not overall doing that for a long time. The earth, societies, beliefs, material things, and plain frustration are in the game about – if we save humanity or we destroy it. So far, destruction is winning because it suffices that one or two people do what they believe must be done to start the elimination of one, two, and as many possible lives. A situation that as well, may trigger the continuation of destruction. The least we could possibly do to save us from mass destruction is to appreciate our own life and everything that comes with that territory.

Humanity will not evolve until the moment no soul suffers from the hand of men.


Rays breaking through a thick cloud cover. Another power outage.

By Isis Win

The reality we see today in the country prompts a mighty important question. Is what Donald Trump facing witch hunting? He accuses the idiotic press of producing “Fake News” always criticizing his every move and distorting the truth. As well, the do-nothing House of Representatives is against him and the country because, for the first time in history, the country has an effective president that solves all US problems. America First! He says.

Since the inaugural, Trump attempted to create credit in his favor for having an enormous mass in the inaugural. Photos and videos show the exact opposite, especially compared to Obama’s inaugural. There are more than twenty thousand moments in which what he said the facts prove the contrary. Either lies or exaggerations deceiving the audience. As well, he has taken credit for positive results that he is not responsible for and capitalize on them. Perhaps the most significant is that the economy and employment are booming because of him. The economy was pretty bad at the end of the George W. Bush regime as the result of the mortgage bubble burst, and it was leading to a second grand depression. Bush’s administration did what was already known to save our economy. To bail out as many relevant businesses to continue profiting and producing positive results. Such as banks, car manufacturers, etc. Obama continued the same principle, and gradually the economy stopped from falling and slowly improved. As a logical result, employment started to climb. When Obama left the White House eight years later, progress was in March, and it was clear, it will continue climbing unless something in that regard was changed. Trump’s people did what they have to do, and we shined as never before. Trump was not the catalyst to one of the most important moves the US engaged, to recover and improve our economy and employment.  But pointing lies and deceits is something that people already know, some believe them, and the Democrats have not been able to do much about them.

The last mega lie is devastating for his plans for reelection. Actually, I will reserve to mention two that everyone knows and can not deny them, unless, well, they are totally alienated.

Covid is more than a lie, deceit, and whatever name we can call it because the result of his action is killing Americans by the thousands, and the economy is drastically threatened. We have not had the threat under control, period. To make it worst, the actions taken by his administration have been accused of irresponsible and out of touch. Scientists from all over the world as in the US have openly declared the measures are taken up to this very moment, do not reflect their recommendations, nor aiming to control the crisis. The recent calculations state that we may have 100,000 new cases daily soon, and since the death rate is between 4% to 5% as is, you will figure what is coming. As well, the spread will not be contained. The reason the EU had closed their borders to US travelers attempting to go there. The EU is an essential area in the planet that serves international transactions that could reduce the impact of a failing economy. Yet, we are too far from having control over Covid. It seems to change that, the only possibility would be to produce a Coup d’etat and take over the threat. So, that has been a lie and deceit to the American people, supporters, or opponents.

My second lie here is about Russia offering a financial reward to Taliban members to attack and kill American soldiers in the region. Regardless of the testimony of intelligence officers that claim they provided this information since February this year, he claims he never was brief about it. So, if so, how come being the president of the USA he is not aware of that? Whether someone missed to debrief him, he supposed to ask, gather all intelligence, and act immediately. Not working in such an important matter says: he is thoroughly unfit to run the country. Instead, he washes his hands, stating ignorance.

I do not care if he is right, left, conservative, or whatever he considers himself. Alignment of any kind, in reality, does not save him from being an irresponsible officer of our country that is taking us further from a great America again. Whatever, anything he says, there are evident facts that prove him a crook.

The question now is, what did he not challenged Russia about this intelligence find? Call it gossip if you wish, but several people in his circles are talking about his bragging about serious businesses with the Russian oligarchs that up to now, should be kept in secret. Many of them claim that is the mighty reason he is opposed to producing his tax returns. Some of them ever dare to say that some of his crooked business – previous to the election – will not be found because he has done everything to ensure he gets away with murder and has not been able to prove him guilty of anything. If so, why so callously keep his returns secret? If there is nothing wrong, there is nothing to hide. Well, my theory differs drastically. His declared fortune before the election was XXXXXX any digits you wish, but at the end of his presidency, his wealth will be XXXXXXXXXXXX more digits to brag about.

All this would not be possible if the checks and balances, the constitutional machine would be working. I concur with former national security adviser Bolton. Democrats acted to fast, too sloppy when investigating possible crimes that would impeach him. Now, we have a much higher price to pay, the US has been dramatically embarrassed before the world, and for the first time in US history, there is a tale without a question that we are not such a clean and decent nation. We The People are the responsible party of this situation because how can we demand the Checks and Balances policy to act when the country is as divided as we are. We still have a chance to fix it, but that only could happen when the entire nation follows suit from a true leader.