A little nostalgia from NY City and the World Trade Center. This shot was created on ektachrome 100 aged 17 years. I used to buy bricks of film and age a few rolls to see how it changes. One I discovered is E100. It change the colors as in this pic. I started to save many on the fridge and use them for specific items that would benefit from this coloration. Here, the blue cast is part of the result, but it does not change the reds. As you see in the sky and the reflection on the WTC.

By Isis Win

Famous words of Jack Nicholson when the homicide trial of gay FTC William Santiago in the movie “A Few Good Men.” You wanna know the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

His is not a movie review, but a recount of what is happening in our world now. Ranging from testimony I hear from people I know to social networks, I see too many people are acting up their anxiety because of the status we see today. In the US, as many countries of the world, people are chronically unhappy, and they are showing it publicly.

We are not passing the worst times in history, neither in the US or other countries nor the world. Yes, these are tough times, and at times it seems there is an option to pull out of them. The pandemic is not the trigger for such, but it is definitely the catalyzer. From my corner, I want to check three issues that together make this perception of “The world is ending” real for too many people. Before I enter into those three items, I need to emphasize that although everything may seem the end of something, the current issues are not creating the havoc we see. Mass media, from the press to the digital distribution of thoughts, ideas, and sentiments distort the factual news, creating the needed brain chemistry in a way that it seems we have to armor, get our weapon of choice and join the front.

#1 The status of our country is devastating. I give credit to this destructive element that furthers the distance between the American people. The abuse and dictatorial actions of this regime are a full departure of what more than two hundred years have been instituted in our country, diminishing important values as our constitution. As well, the imposed changes by the administration are a precise exposure of what a radical right-wing is capable of. Nothing to do with the Republican platform, but a recalcitrant move towards full control of our actual status, that feeds frustration of less .50 % of the population. A divide that is comparable to the times that triggered the Social Revolution.

#2 Coronavirus presents a scenario that we do not suppose to see in these advanced modern times. Sadly, the facts show a situation that lacks any potential to forecast the solution, while, millions of people have been locked down for months and are at the brink of losing everything they worked for, for so long. Apparently, the death potential lacks the exponent necessary to protect life, among those carrying themselves as if the disease is not a threat. Facts there are beginning to show and at this point because the novelty of this virus, are beginning to tell us that there is much more than dying from it. Too many survivors, whether light or severe, are showing signs of organs’ damage that may not only threaten their life but as well their quality of life while they are alive.

The third component in this crisis is one of personal value. Still, it can be shown in many other layers of our American reality and life, which shows the consequences of the increasing divide among us: The rampant attacks against transsexuals. In my opinion, this issue was to rise sometime because transsexuality is “considered” something new. It is not, but if we pair it next to homosexuality, gay people started to come out of their closer in massive numbers since the 1960s. Therefore, this issue has been in the minds of public opinion longer than fifty years, and advocacy had achieved many wins because of that. Transsexualism started to appear in the consciousness of people in the past one or two decades, and the number of transsexuals coming out of the closet seems to make this phenomenon like a spreading disease. Not at all, since reliable archeological and written finds present that these cases of transsexualism have existed since our early days of civilization.

My take:

Regarding the first issue, indeed, we have two significant aspects to attack. Number one, we have to change the direction we have taken in almost four years. Meaning, everyone in this administration should go for good. Left and center Americans are concerned that this monarchy could fight the results of the election, avoiding a change of administration, creating a more significant problem for the country. The only possibility to change that would be if the Republican Party steps up and persuades Trump to pass the administration to the newly elected person. Meaning, extreme right-wingers will have to let go of their issues and frustration and come along with the incoming administration. Why is that? We have to narrow our divide. Not that right-wingers should become other than what they are, but their approach, their tactics should change to a point they do not demerit, even destroy those they oppose to. At this juncture, it is evident to return to the status we know of, we must be together. We are facing several antagonistic forces against left or right. Reality is, we are not yet in a wrong, bad place. The US still is the most influential nation, economically and militarily. Nevertheless, we are losing terrain because of the administration and the radical divide. However, we still hold thousands of innovative licenses that grant us that place, and we can develop many more world’s dependent innovations to keep that place. Two items are of utmost importance here. #1 we must stop the theft of copyright ownership (mainly against China), and we must create more innovations before China, India, Russia, and others come up with life-changing innovations. That means higher levels of education should be created in all colleges, and higher education should be available to everyone seeking to achieve it.

Regarding the #2, it is true this is a controversial and seriously threatening virus. Our option right there is what has been suggested over and over, and some countries demonstrated it comes with positive results. It starts by, we open whatever under the strictest available protection. That is more than adequate PPE. Places are sanitized properly, social distance is fully enacted, regular screening exists, tracing becomes infallible, and more importantly, we all follow the required procedures. Meanwhile, the scientific community will continue healing the needed, will prevent secondary effects by proper treatment, and a reliable and trusty vaccine is created. It sounds simple, which is not unless we change the divide, so we all pitch in saving everyone in any regard.

#3 it is ridiculous what opponents to anything regarding transsexualism are doing. Their ignorance does not justify invalidating the perception and experience of TS people. It is absurd from any angle we can see it. For instance: why would a person pursue to change their gender everything? I think of MTF TSs when I think. However, maybe the cases of FTM are similar but different in some scenarios. It is undeniable a man is privileged in most areas of life, social, work, economic, etc. compared to women. Doing so makes it a stupid swap, a consideration we most, TS, take into account before deciding to proceed. The potential losses are more prominent than what anyone could afford. Family, friends, associations, work, achieved gains (schooling, awards), and more. Those are severe threats if pursuing gender congruence. The emotional turmoil we face is comparable to – or worse – than PTSD. It starts from the moment we realize something does not check, and it never stops. Coming out: dealing with what is required to address this nature’s mistake, to face a world that knows little to nothing about it and shuts the door in our face, entering to a corrected path in which either we accept the level of rejection, stigmatizing, ostracizing and violence associated with the reaction of judgmental people make the whole experience as a denial of life, or we quit. What we consider is a normal life may not become such if unlucky. True, there are so many people capable of handling that, but did you read well? Handling something that should not be necessary, and no one else deals with. The list is a long and painful process to the point that if the reason to transition is just desiring, having sex with a man and not feeling homosexual, or enjoying dressing up and looking like an attractive woman, makes the whole absolutely ridiculous and stupid. Denying transsexuality as a natural event result on what we go through, is a denial of the self, and that is something that should never happen because the result does not lead to anything positive and lasting. It is destruction towards TSs <people!>, and that will not change anything but make it worst for both parties. We TSs or judgmental people. Is it that opponents believe transsexuals just take the blue pill, and that is it?

In a country where freedom is one of the cornerstones of our fabric, freedom of expression, speech, etc. is vital. Not to be confused by destroying what is not understood, resulted from ignorance, based on that freedom. In fact, this ignorance deters the value of humanity at all levels. Therefore people expressing those toxic ideas should keep them to themselves. Not to use them publicly to invalidate and destroy people that have the very same rights as them. What we have seen through this administration is a clear example of the results of such an attitude. That has brought down so many of our values that, in its defense, caused the death of millions of Americans defending freedom, our freedom.

Those items are just the tip of the iceberg of the status we, the US, and the world, has been facing in recent years. All it takes to verify what I state here is to invest in an honorable and reliable amount of time to query, to find the visually clear facts, and check the results of all that. Well, that unless you are not able to handle the truth.


Like an omen, two fronts colliding. Sun was out and then poured, just like with J.K.

By Isis Win

It is almost a scandal the declaration of J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter stating of having what it takes to reverse gender incongruence in the born body of children. There is so much raw material to be chewed about this issue and in all regards. It becomes clear, Mrs. Rowling is clueless as to what happens in these cases. Therefore, her words, in reality, created a reverse reaction on people that know as little about transsexualism as she does. Consequently, they oppose to that call from young children and point it as something to be fought and removed. The opposite of what has been happening in many countries that are adapting their laws and protocols to include this minority as any other ordinary citizen.

It is ridiculous that we are here again after several previous attempts from other people to create a wave of practice to resolve this issue as they believe it can be determined. Changing the perception of the children that claim not reaching congruence with their born body. All failed unsubstantiated theories that miss the core of the true nature of these cases. This type of “therapy” has gone so bad in the past, people forced to attend it, have shown signs of abuse and cruelty. Psychological and emotional abuse because they were not able to reach the plateau the therapist presumes should be available to them.

The first premise to be check here is: why do some people not only are unable to see and learn what these cases are, and recognize that they do not have the authority and knowledge to decide who is right and not when a crime is not committed. They tend to see transsexuality as an unnatural tantrum of some children that challenge the status that has prevailed through hundreds of years. This, disregarding that in the past, many cultures did not have an issue about it, and those cultures respected, honored non-binary people. A certain level of integration of those people that happened to be different from most of their population. That is recorded in history throughout thousands of years.

The second one is what credentials do they have to challenge a factual reality around the world, which preexisted in our modern times and fail to present any evidence to claim such is wrong, and it can be fixed. I have not found any argument or documentation on the part of J.K. that shows she knows something that I do not know, although I have lived with this issue throughout all my adult life, after rejecting my self-perception for so long. If I could reverse my inner perception (then), I would have done it. Because accepting being in a body that did not belong to me, was extremely bizarre and unacceptable because that is what it was dictated by society, and the consequences could be drastic. Do I know better than Dr. J.K.? or she knows something that could make my life less complicated and painful?

The third is a question with an assumption. Is Dr. J.K. worried about the pains and tribulations suffered by non-binary people or simply she is convinced that is wrong and unnatural? I am clueless as what prompts her to assume whatever, but what I know is that children should be raised in a loving and peaceful environment, so they become what their parents want them to be. Adjusted, clear thinking, reliable, well behaved, and caring person that is good in all corners of their lives. I assume that this author, not a therapist, most likely lacked through her growing years, what she denies to non-binary children. Read above again if it is not clear.   

During the last two decades, parents around the world have educated themselves to grasp what is involved and how to help children presenting this scenario. The result, they follow the proper protocols guided by a specialist and support their kid according to those protocols. When the child is approaching the appropriate age, and after a conscious observation of their psychological and emotional status, a green flag is waved, so the child may pursue their gender congruence. Contrary to what has been said, these young children are not prescribed hormones of their opposite born gender. They are prescribed inoffensive hormone blockers. Those for the sake of not allowing the standard gender features to develop until a judgment is reached. That presents the opportunity for transsexuals to continue their growth in the corresponding gender.

Sadly, this type of approach is available to educated parents that live in a free country that does not stigmatize people because of their differences. As well, it requires some level of solvency to consult with specialists. If the non-binary minority could use some help, that can only be support, understanding, and respect.

Dr. J.K. triggered a hell among older transsexual women, in particular. However, popular opinion as well reacted in favor and against this character that supposedly is about empowering children. I believe this polemic and controversy will be short-lived since J.K. will not be able to produce evidence of knowing something that the rest of the world unknown. However, simultaneously, she is incendiary propelling square and extremist religious thinkers that, in their view, the existence of men in this life, still is a design of creation by who they believe. Those views claim people can only be in shape or form their scriptures declare.  Forgetting the original message of the illuminated, such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, and all religious figures that propagated the message love yourself, and others, as you love the lord. I see the lost love in this controversy.

An essential part of this equation is the reaction of a few transsexual people that exercise their anger and anguish towards this woman. If you are there, offended and pissed by this “revelation,” instead of despising the “enemy” as you portrait them, speak about the findings through your experience that makes you a better person because you are reaching or reached your gender congruence. I am there as thousands and thousands of transsexuals, men, and women. People that once fixed their incongruence found a full self, and that enhance their lives many folds. On that note, congruence s not found through stimulating ideas. Not even the most potent drug can change self-perception, and if there should be a general goal by any and all people, that is to find congruence within their self-awareness and self-congruence. So, Mrs. Rowling, with all respect, you are mistaken, wrong, and out of place.


Orchids from my mother’s collection

By Isis Win

I have read so much convulsion about J.K. Rawling declaration that he has the answer to the conundrum of gender assignation. She claims to have the proper knowledge to stop a person from experiencing gender incongruence. Gosh! I hope she is true because I would love to try it!

You do not know me, so I may wonder why on earth would I like to go through that, right? Well, all started when I was a little boy. I do not recall precisely, but it could not be more than 8 YO, possibly 6. The reason I believe those numbers if because that is the age I was when I went to visit my cousins during summer vacation. Just three years. At that time, I played with my male cousin and his two sisters. We mostly played ball games, and sometimes the girls protested not wanting more ball games, so would play something else. One day, they wanted to play tea. We all agreed, and they suggested we dress in their clothes. My male cousin did not want to change his clothes, but I was more than drawn to do so. I have wanted to dress in girl’s clothes I do not remember since when, but I could not because I had no girl’s clothes to wear. My sister was too little for me to fit into hers.

We dressed, played, and when my aunt saw us, she gave me a hard time. She was gentle and sweet, so no harm was done, but she warned me that if I would do that again, she would have to tell my mother. I did not want any trouble with my mother. However, the following year we met again, and this time I asked them if I could wear their clothes. They consented, and I was dress as a girl, and I remember perfectly well how immensely happy I was. That changed because I was discovered again, and the warning this time was pretty scary. I stopped doing that, and we did not get together again, except when parties, celebrations, etc.

After the second experience, I learned boys are boys and girls are girls. So, anything girlie seeing in me would be pretty bad, and chances of facing mother, even dad, were too high. Throughout the rest of my life, I had thoughts about it, and from time to time during my teens, I wore my mother’s clothes, her lipstick, hair adorns, etc. it was great, and it was terrible. Fear, shame, and guilt wrapped me pretty badly afterward, so I promise to myself never to do it again.

I did it a few more times, but each time I swore not doing it again. The itch to do it never stopped, but the older I became, the more information I got about something I should not do ever! I pretty much turned off that light and remained shut down until I reached my fifties. All I knew is that such was wrong, bad, sinful, and deserving of a bad penalty. Punishment for being a man trying to be a woman. That became my secret that I kept for so long, but it never stopped bothering me. I tried counselors, but that did nothing for me because I was not able to open my mouth about it!

I was getting closer to my mid-fifties when I started to realize that what I experienced was not unique, bad, and sinful or anything that should produce me fear, guilt, and shame, so I started to open a tiny crack to see it. My mind always fought that inclination of mine. But the call was more substantial, much larger, so I avoided to dress again, while I struggled – not just because that call – but how on earth I felt being a woman while being a man is a much cooler gender. Men can do everything and anything and everyone celebrates that, instead women, well you know. Everything that came into my mind was opposed to considering that stupid thought. Frankly, the whole thing seemed to be a stupid idea. When I reached my mid-fifties, something was bothering so much that finally, I checked in with a therapist, opened my big, tiny mouth, and started to unveil what was inside of myself. One thing leads to another one, and at some point, I considered the possibility of attending a conference for people like myself. People that can find congruence in their born gender. I spent an entire week living as a woman. I attended several workshops, talk to dozens of people with a similar issue, had breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a woman, I even went clubbing as a woman! When I was returning home from that week, my thoughts were: I have never felt so great in my entire life. Everything felt normal, and for the first time in my life, I felt so complete! I never wanted to go back to my old self. Well, that is easy, simple, and pain-free to say. However, I took my time, continue working with a therapist, and finally, I arrived at a place that I knew, I am embracing myself as who and what I am and I have never done that before. I started my plans to transition after coming out to my family: mother, siblings, wife, daughters, and friends. I lost most of my friends, but the family stayed with me.

A little more than fifteen years ago, I was engaged in HRT (hormones) started to live like a normal woman, and I never went back to my old self, to whom I am incredibly grateful for keeping up with me and my issue. However, it was time to say bye to that dear friend of mine.

The following fifteen years after that move have been greater than anything I experienced before. Both ends, the black and white feelings, and experiences in life became many folds more intense, but as well, both are quire gratifying. I am glad to have the opportunity of having this unique chance in life, although it came so late but it is worth it.

What J.K Rawling is offering is nothing short but bullshit. It is impossible to reverse what is not. Denying one’s self is the worst of all the worst mistakes a human being could make. I learned that after fifty-some years of life and whatever I have left, I will treasure it as it has been my entire life. Because the reality found is: this is my whole life. Denying it was painful, harsh, numbing, humiliating, deprecating, and much more. So I can’t envision how someone thinks to be capable of creating a conversion that denies the self and life. That is how little she knows about gender incongruence. So how can she bring congruence? The lady, regardless of how talented, smart, and wealthy she is, is clueless not just about gender congruence but about life. Maybe she does not know what that is – because- if she would, instead of thinking something so demeaning, she would think something that builds character, self-confidence, and love, and she would sponsor young people that lack the means and support to find themselves in a society that is lost itself. Do I need to say more?


Sunsets are like a magical moment, announcing the end of the day. Then, we start another day, a dark one. We chose celebrating that day or resting as the body deserves. Both, make life’s journey as a fairytale with two sides to the story.

By Isis Win

I will never forget when having a conversation with my father in law. He stood from his chair and yelled, “We are savages!” That was his reaction to a comment by the New York Times that presented evidence about the failed invasion of Iraq. Plan B from the US government never existed, and post the military intervention, the region, and our troops were in the blank. No reliable plan was placed to save the country from anarchy, a terrible lack of balance between the enemy ethnic groups, etc.

This reaction caused me a huge impression because this man was a highly intelligent man, exceptionally educated, with experiences that only a handful of people in the world had and a clear heart for justice and fairness. He was a mining engineer working for the #1 steel mining business in the US many moons ago. His capacity was so overwhelming that he was in charge of doing everything thoroughly to make sure that was a perfect entrepreneurial investment, the creation of such would not negatively alter the lives of the locals, the buildup of an entire town. The rail system to carry the ore, hospital, school, dwellings for the workers, even the church they professed. His operation was a total success, and he lived there several years in Gabon, Africa, in the company of his family, my spouse, among them. His views matter to me.

He no longer is with us, but the memory of his experience is living in me, and often I find myself revisiting many of the conversations with him. Lately, the savage part has been in my head and the computer I use to write everything.

I can say I have examined the behavioral history of humanity through my entire life. My interest in human life has taken me to educate myself in anthropology, and from there, everything that may find answers, perhaps explanations about why our negative behavior is recurrent, century after century. Huh! If I had a solution to that, a book, my book, would be tested in the market and perhaps offer a benefit to improve our world and societies. Nuh! I do not have a book, nor will I.

I only have things to be said, always in the hope that someone, even if that is only one human, consider the content and perhaps, find a clue as to how to better his persona and add another grain of salt to better our world. Yes, I am a romantic gullible person that profoundly and to the surface believes, we can be better and stop bullying others and life.

It does not take to pull an encyclopedia about human history to reckon that we are savages. The world has been changing, many vital aspects of our sad past have been improved, and we can say we are moving forward. Not forward enough, when we see that people are killed for no reason, criminals do not always even get impugned; they just walk away.

The hostility of this type might be considered the result of rooted anger. Which most likely is. The perpetrator possibly faced a similar life that never offered the chance to develop an appreciation of their internal feelings and from others—perhaps offering an opportunity to open their mind and figure if what they feel justifies the actions that take place without thinking and end up exploding like a walking bomb. So, are anger and frustration the culprits?. Well, not just that. A profound disregard for life is the thickness of the iceberg. How can that be? When our same person – is a life too?

Sacrifice of human life is the ultimate gift of humans (soldiers of war or peace) have given to their country, to their cause. That whether conscripted or volunteered and without questioning the potential loss of life, that is a sacrifice.

Soldiers – since the early days of humanity – had sacrificed themselves as if they had a voucher to renew their life when needed. It is not justifiable, but it makes sense considering that others may lose their lives if they do not take action and as well, they might be dead too. That is war, but large numbers of homicides are beyond reason. Especially when the cause of death is uninvited, enticed, provoked, and happened because something in that person is something that is not appreciated. Supporting the 2nd amendment is so powerful, that still, in the 21st century, the 2nd amendment, is not revised, and legislated. That could be the reduction of those deaths, and being safe becomes a reality. Not an idea.

There is a myriad of reasons a human may kill a human. In fact, now, without any weapons involved, the spread of Covid can kill 3x the number of each carrier, and some people disregard that potential. Do I need to mention those people in the outer world are risking their own lives too? How about the multiple deaths of people consuming high dosages of opioids and other drugs? Or the suicides that take place every year here at home?

I do not know about you, but most people I know, including myself, appreciate life and the journey we take before arriving to our last day in life.

It is irreconcilable to assess if there are genuinely good reasons to disregard our own life. Nevertheless, when looking at the past and present, this disregard for life may seem bad enough to desire to finish our own life. If an extraterrestrial visited us, without a doubt, it would think that we are so derailed, so nuts, that their trip is a waste of time. This issue does not make sense.

Sci-fi movies and literature have depicted the end of life on earth, but we thrive by resourcing to whatever may sustain our lives. We do not give up and stop the possibility that human life still populates the planet. But we are not overall doing that for a long time. The earth, societies, beliefs, material things, and plain frustration are in the game about – if we save humanity or we destroy it. So far, destruction is winning because it suffices that one or two people do what they believe must be done to start the elimination of one, two, and as many possible lives. A situation that as well, may trigger the continuation of destruction. The least we could possibly do to save us from mass destruction is to appreciate our own life and everything that comes with that territory.

Humanity will not evolve until the moment no soul suffers from the hand of men.


By Isis Win


noun: eudemonism

    a system of ethics that bases moral value on the likelihood that good actions will produce happiness.

Happiness is not a destination but a journey. Contrary to what some believe, the possibility of being happy depends on what happens in that journey achieving compassion and satisfaction of the actions taken during that journey. A happy person may look like one side of the coin when an unhappy looks like the other side of the coin. A black and white issue we can say.

When happy, one remains positive, realistically positive, and regardless of the confronted tribulations, the attitude is a consistent drive towards self-satisfaction, fulfillment, and a state of mind that transcends the mind. Gratitude is a grand representative of that state of mind. The contrary is continuously seeking for negative elements that trigger almost obsessive thoughts about the moment, the past, even the future. Therefore when a person exhibits that state of mind, might not be a suitable person to surround others in harmony and have positive results—an added reason not to experience a lack of happiness.

I have written about this critical issue many times before. However, I have not published much about these my thoughts. Because I am aware that not many people are interested in something that <is taken for granted> or is perceived as something that is not—consequently, it becomes a denial to the possibility to achieve that thought and feeling. However, the press added a new survey and the results of this problem. The Universities of Chicago, Monmouth, and Gallup surveyed states asking the questions leading to the obtained results. Only a small percentage of Americans claim to be happy.

Lacking happiness leads to frustration and anger that are easily triggered. Like with Corona, an unhappy person surrounded by five other people, if they get involved, three of those people may get contaminated – if their unhappy button is pushed. Ending in more unhappiness, unpleasantness, and possibly a crisis.

The survey’s questions were regarding the state of our country. Are we moving in the right direction or the wrong one? Left and right responders are in a very similar place. In their view, we are moving in the wrong direction. Yet, we cannot disregard that today, we all are passing through the toughness of what Corona that triggers: a lot of concern in most people. However, unhappiness is one thing, Corona, another one, and they may add up one to the other one. That is the denial of finding that glorious time and place in which possibilities can be found. Therefore, it is clear that a lot of those respondents believe more = not been able to steer the boat in the correct direction, than a possible fix. Therefore they are unhappy because they cannot do anything (or care) about it and do not trust someone else could.

Unhappiness goes well beyond what the holder is perceiving. It wraps everyone and everything in similar tones that change the denominators, and look like – other things lack possibilities too. This increases the negative results in a toxic way, and finding the means for change, can trigger fear instead of hope.

An unhappy family is a startup of finding ourselves, right there. An intimate or emotional relationship tends to trigger this negative result when something goes wrong, and we do not have what it takes to fix it. Usually, when someone is trying to prove power, control, even dominance on the relationship or the person – regarding an unrelated issue that can become the trigger. Hence, unhappy people may be responsible for lack of it at home, work, society and anywhere they go.

Naturally, there are levels of either happiness or unhappiness. Regardless of how much one or the other one exists at that moment, happiness or the contrary, either act as a protecting bubble or an exploding bubble that can get everyone in their path. Nevertheless, an unhappy person can’t make the selection of who receives the impact of that unhappiness. It merely explodes, taking casualties.  It becomes a sort of finding allies (they are saved) to express that lack of happiness and justify the judgment against the people they do not feel compassion for, not even tolerance. That is the worst way of representing the negativity ingrained in an unhappy person. That person needs compassion, but unhappy people do not know how to take it in.

Corona has brought syndromes that entice unhappiness today, but as well, it opens the door to rearrange our home. Meaning everything we harvest from within. Therefore, we can make small and large changes that address the critical aspects of life, instead of just looking at issues that will not resolve without our direct intervention. As time goes by, while invested in this quest, it is possible to see functional changes in the present, and they build up in the near future, just like what some “happy” people see today concerning Corona messing up their life. People that saved money have money to solve some of the problems resulted from the lockdown—expenses, for instance. An unhappy person may focus on the depletion of their savings, instead of looking at a resolved issue—a denial of happiness. As well a happy person can start looking at what kind of excesses they are used to – that today – are not justified, which creates a more profound crisis such as having to pay the elevated cost of the fancy recent car or the lump sum owed to their credit line, etc. That, instead of looking for possible solutions to cope and comply with them. Got the idea?

The importance of looking into happiness or the lack of it matters utterly because that reflects the quality of life we live in. Having all the toys in life does not resolve anything but increases the level of dependency and issues we have to sort out. They are not the most significant issue to attend. When we are happy, aiming to get there, we can see the light always shining, so we know, all is ok and it is a matter of patience to we resume into a wholly fulfilling life. Being happy can be being realistic too, and when we are there, we got something that nobody can take away from us. We can have so much happiness, that we can share it with others, and that creates a full path in that journey of us. After all, we humans are the only species that cannot survive without having others in our life. Hence, everyone will want to join us, happy people, because everyone loves to be with happy people. That makes others happy too.


By Isis Win                                                                                                                          1169 words


I bet many readers feel like myself; I do not want more bad news! The situation already is bad news, so spare me from that. I feel twice the weight of that because what I have written recently carries bad news. I am aware anyone wanting to get the updates of the crisis of corona can look for them by themselves and most likely will try to find a reliable source. Not just the opinion of who knows who she is and have bad news to comment about.

I have a compelling reason to become the mailwoman with information that does not alleviate our concerns, angst, etc. My reason, the only reason is that regardless of the position we take regarding this bad moment, we have to chew reality – as is – as well. Almost no one is talking about it, and I hope that someone reading me grasp what they need to figure that our waiting is not to return to what it was before C-19.

I have heard several quite educated people in the field, and most throw one or two little threads to the potential consequence of this crisis. No one knows for sure, but the math is quite simple. Sadly the result shows that this threat can defeat even the wealthiest and most powerful nation of the world. Although our president insists on what some believe that he has done everything necessary to curve the effects of the threat, the stats show the contrary and not even counting the people in the scientific world say. But this is not about him. The important factor is that for as long as we do not get reliable and proven information, we are not preparing for the impending consequences. I wish everyone takes this ride to figure what goes inside, outside, and what is what they believe should happen. Yup! I wish that in four weeks, the entire world returns what I left before the virus. That is not possible, sadly.

I have insisted through my writing that the best possible solutions to everything rely on taking our deserved power and lead our life, country, and whatever comes next in the direction that is best to our entire community. That regardless of who we dislike or do not approve. Otherwise, we leave our future and the future of our children in the hands of someone that does not take a lot of looking; we find that is clueless about what we need as a person. No better example of that nowadays, so we must take that ball and move as we need it.

There are US presidents that carved themselves in history as the greatest ones. Such as the Roosevelts, Theodore, and franklin or Lincoln, well, there are more than a handful. However, not all of them were approved by everyone, and I bet some people despise even the most popular president. Then a sound question would be why? Take your answer, not mine, and respond to yourself this one. Is a team of players good when some of the players want to go this way and the other ones in the opposite? Place that question for the entire country and tell yourself if that is a viable path to bring America to its best and shining moment. Ironically during the toughest times in US history, most Americans join the exact same effort even many were opposed to it! The Grand Depression and the World Wars. That input of the entire country brought America to a standing applause that modeled the rest of the world and the incredible new world capable of achieving the greatest feast ever. We are still America, are we? Or did we change our name, flag, constitution, etc.? We still are great as before, but we have neglected more than a handful of things. Every candidate promises to fix them, but during their campaigning, the specifics were not mentioned, were they? As resilient as the American people are, our politicians should be, and without our pressure, that will not happen. The make of democracy, but the problem is that democracy and government are not truly in the hands of our elected officers. If you do not know who commands our policies, you are in dear trouble and likely will never be happy with everything.

We most top the divide created and ruled by those who direct our future to increase their power for the sake of their special interests. On both ends of the political spectrum, some unhappy taxpayers do not trust the government anymore. It is useless to think this is from the left, this is from the right, and we are going to win our opponents. Your opponents are not a sport’s team! They are members of our government that you or the others chose. Did they deliver what they promised? Not for as long as that does not comply with those special interests. What about our interests? We want migratory reform, not an expensive and useless wall to celebrate the man who did not deliver us that needed reform! But that reform cannot simply be as what the KKK did not so long ago: get rid of all those X%&#!!! From our land or I kill them! One of the major reasons we became the great nation of the 20th century cannot be denied. We are a nation of freedom, opportunity, justice, and more for as long as any of that does not threaten big money potential loss. Such as the pharma, health, insurance, energy sources, etc. that will fight to their teeth their money at the price of our suffering and anguish!

Some people are under the belief that Trump is managing this crisis right. The same people believe he is a generous guy. He is going to pass us money pitching in for our corona suffering. Anyone can believe what you want; again, this is a nation of freedom. But the evidence points clear that he is not in touch with everything but himself, and what about us? Well, we can relax and wait for him to act as our president, but for as long as we do not get our act together, nothing good can be expected! Well, maybe if you give him four more years, there is a chance? If you believe that, I laugh at your face because in his almost four years he has not delivered A Great America Again, does he? So what makes you think you can expect something from the person that said America First but never said who America is! Ad as is, not you nor me, just his chosen elite that put him there when he can barely speak, not much think and way lesser do but to con and the entire nation and spread billions of dollars among them and members of his family. The greatest challenge and winner clearly is the master of the apprentice! And the apprentice got shit! Oh well!


By Isis Win                                                                                                                        1216 words


I have been in a beautiful town in Mexico called Valle de Bravo. the lake you see in some of my recent photos is filled by the series of mountains that surround the town. There is a dam that releases daily large amounts of the daily collection of water. This photo is from the #1 run of water called Bride’s Veil. it is huge and powerful. the boulder you see in front is the size of a car and this section is only one third of the waterfall.

We have a pandemic threat that threatens life by the millions, and no one, absolutely no one is safe – if contaminated. No country in the world will be spare at this point. There is a belief that wealthy people will be safe if resourcing to their wealthy toys such as their yacht, mountain retreat, private island, even the shelter they built in case of a threat of this caliber. No one – read; no one will be spared. The wealthy will have to deal with the loss, massive loss of their wealth, and see how they can manage a new order that never was planned.

This issue is like an onion. Layer after layer to get to the core of the issue. There is no way to jump into the center and tackle the issue for good. A simple way to look at it is = this is a global issue that deeply depends on the reaction not just from others but everyone. Another layer is how we can achieve our desired goals considering that this threat is changing since the starting point, our world as we remember. Nothing can remain as it was while the crisis still exists. Just a tad of knowledge reveals that this will not be a short-lived crisis, and upcoming layers will provide us the possible landscape in our future.

Another layer is what is going on inside of each of us and how we process the discoveries we make, if we are prone to process our inner thoughts, feelings and arrive at the habits we have developed over the years and check what works and not, we found a great start. This change undeniably forces us to go along the changes, whether we want to or not. How do we adjust is the grand question.

Like most today, I talk to a lot of people daily and learn about their views.  Like how do they get informed? How are they coping with the lockdown? How are they feeling about not knowing for sure if their job will still be there because their employer may not survive the financial impact of the lockdown? How are they going to deal with money to support themselves – perhaps others? In general, I talk to them about what is and what to expect.

Frankly, I am surprised that so many are clueless about what is happening and how they can integrate their life to this unexpected order. I know many will be caught by the surprising results when we end this crisis. Maybe time will hook them into getting into the loop, but time matters a lot. As time mattered about how fast and deliberate we reacted to this threat. I can say we flunk in the USA. And still, we are not moving in the necessary direction. Such as having extensive testing, bringing the needed resources in case the release of the confinement people creates another spike (more beds, equipment, health workers, etc.) so can deal with the new issue. Another layer of the onion that we should be prepared before we open anything.

The inner part is a tricky one. With more than 40 years of experience and knowledge about the psychological well-being of men or lack of thereof, I am worried about this layer. Furthermore, by looking at some of the public response about the situation. There are so many layers in this case. Such as disregarding the needed measures to avoid contagion and further spread, the focusing on idiotic theories about where, when, how, etc. this disease comes and a direct culprit of it. On that, so many people, including Trump’s blame of China. The responsibility started by the fact that their authorities aimed to halt a possible panic that most likely would push people to run everywhere and further spread the disease. As well that they were caught by surprise as the rest of the world, and they believed having the situation under control. Later, they attempted to stop the spread of any information that could trigger the mentioned effects. The scientific world report clearly states that the Chinese dealt with the problem properly. There could be better, but they were not because they did not care or were irresponsible, the severity and complications of the issue brought the Chinese mistakes. Same with the World Health Organization (WHO). Their place in the matter involved perhaps hundreds of layers, and they were imperfect. Again, possible a thing or two could be added, but the severity of the issue mostly only allowed them to focus on specifics that were at the time more important.

Now, us, you and I, and the rest. Considering once this is over, we are going to feel, think, and live as we remember, but that is simply unrealistic. The external factors are of extreme importance; at this level, they are irrelevant because the true solutions to the impending effects can only be managed internally in a predictable way. Adjusting is the trick. I do not know how others can process information, but I know that inside of me, I read a message that describes a radical change of lifestyle. Not because my lifestyle is wrong, but my lifestyle will not meld with the upcoming reality. However, I reckon that for a long time now, I have seeing cues about elements of my lifestyle that were not proper/good considering what has been going on with the planet, our country, and large numbers of our people. But do not take me very seriously because maybe I am too much of an introvert, and I always rely on the dialectics of the method to make sure what I am thinking results in an accurate and realistic outcome.

My inner side: On the other hand, I experience sadness by looking at what is right in front of my nose. But on the other one, I feel grateful that this painful experience is forcing me to look into what in the past; I simply glanced and did not do much about it. However, there is one part that changed in myself since I started to discover this. The way I felt and reciprocated to what truly matters not just in my life but this entire physical presence of mine. My feelings of love and gratitude grew tremendously, and the concept of being loved or not – vanished – to loving everything I see, think, perceive, and I am deeply grateful for all of it. In other words, I learned the key to focus entirely in within, make the needed changes there, and I find true and credible harmony in all. Including in this crisis that somehow I knew it was possible to happen anytime, and I feared it could during my lifetime.

OK, we are at the beginning of it, and I am coping with it properly, and believe me, it produces deep sadness in myself, but the result is I am learning the lesson enclosed, and I am acting to the best of my ability. I hope everyone is in that place, keeping themselves safe and finding the teachings of this crisis by dealing with their inner parts and contributing to the well-being of others that are in a much more difficult place. It is the perfect time for that.


By Isis Win                                                                                                                        1171 words


Taking the pictures behind the flyer, way high up. This is the town where I am passing the Corona threat. Quarantined of course!

When I see denial, I recognize it right away; I am an expert on that. Rather, I was an expert after living in denial for so long, but that is another story—a story no relevant before the threat we are facing.

The denial is about the coronavirus and consequences. A threat that a little thinking reveals that the order we are familiar with, no longer will be. A good question about that would be, are the new elements raised by this crisis good? You have your own answer. Mine is that most likely, people at large will reconsider the vanishing order and the changes it proposes. Starting with: taking life and its threats so lightly is plainly unconscious and idiotic.

Except during war times or massive famine, we pass through life as if life will go on as the precise moment we were living before that. I can say, we take life and what sustains it for granted. The best example is how our planet has been changing, and the little we are doing to bring it as it was, even to keep it as it is now. Heavy denial is the culprit. We can assume that recycling more, selecting our trash, and perhaps owning a better energy-efficient vehicle is enough, but the truth reveals that such is not enough. Denial shines highly in that realm.

When we watch the news, if we do, and talk to others, we find that believing in this threat revolves and revolves in tones of conspiracy theories, manipulated information, and a loss of personal character and that is true, that is real. Really? I am convinced most are reacting as if the destructive pattern of the threat requires honoring social distancing, wearing proper protection, and many, helping those whose life is more affected such as the poor and the elder, is the only threat, a threat that nobody wants. However, among the news and what we learn from others – as well – we figure some do not believe it or take it as seriously, what the threat is. It is not surprising seeing this reaction considering this during this crisis, we are almost powerless, and the effects can change everything we know and remember. We do not want to be changed; do we,  do we? NO! Even if remaining as we know it can take our life.

When I lived through the civil unrest in Central America that resulted in war in Nicaragua, the soldiers were killing and disappearing lots of people like nothing. The guerrilleros almost did the same, but I saw too many people disregarding the issue that threatened everything they knew. They acted as if nothing is going to change. Just watch that no one with a gun if looking in that direction. Now we know, Nicaragua is a socialist country and shows no future but more poverty and distress. That is a major change that most people seemed to ignore.

We are not in war, becoming socialist, nor changing anything regarding our country as it was conceived more than 200 years ago. We are changing priorities and how they can affect us, but we are forced to do that now with this threat and crisis. However, we clearly are not in agreement as to what is best to do to eradicate the threat and stop it, so we can start a “normal” life again. The day we all join exactly the same effort to minimize its effect, will be the day we get close to our goal. However, we are far from getting there.

What can we possibly do more? More than we are doing? I repeat myself; we have to do it together, not just some or a few. It is great most of us are acting properly, but the other minorities can affect negatively the efforts of most. I saw a note at Tweeter that says: When we are more concerned about saving our economy FIRST than savings lives, our country already is sick. Opening cities, states, businesses, etc. requires extensive and effective testing before getting there. We are not doing that – even to protect the less affected places, much less to open our economy. Testing is to minimize potential extra contaminations before opening our economy. That means, to keep the ill quarantined and the healthy to return to “normal” life. Still observing social distancing in case an infected person is out on the street and, of course, counting with the proper protection.

Not observing these precautions as testing and full social distancing is a denial. Those in denial are risking their lives and the lives of others too. But that is not the seriousness of the case. What is, is extending the crisis.

Scientists and smart people like German Prime Minister Markel have spoken. They insist the threat is real and requires utmost thinking and reaction. But many other rulers accompanied by their citizens, believe there is no need for any of the suggested precautions. What that shows us is that denial needs extensive work to become part of the true and proven effort to curtail the crisis. Well, that is part of the internal work to ground the feet and act responsibly, morally, and ethically.

Denial, I’ll say, is part of human nature. Nature that in “idea” reduces the stigma of the threat, so we can go on without being wrapped by anxiety and concern. However, that is not a fix to that worry, much less to the problem. It is just a delay. Every single person, threatened by this or that should reflect on the threat and adjust accordingly. That can shorten the crisis many folds, but as well, if we are truly together in a fix, harmony among us can prevent the impending chaos coming from other threats in check.

The main problem here is a little deeper than ignoring the problem. I’ll leave consciousness out of this equation. It deals with the level of education necessary to discern properly what is and not. I am not talking about academic knowledge, I am talking about street education that helps to survive in hostile environments. Sadly, that will require massive changes because, more often than not, what we know has been passed to us through others and accounted as reliable. We really on what others say, not our common sense or our smarts say. Racism is a perfect example. Globality does not leave room to despise others because we consider them different, unprovable, unlikeable, negative, toxic, etc. We all are part of this global order, and we all can be either aided or opposed by those we believe are not worthy of our respect. Law-abiding people should be respected regardless of our ideas. In fact, ideas are just that, ideas, and we will do great to delve into the validity of those ideas to change what is best to ourselves and others, likable or not. That requires information that leads to education. Education offers options that can be effective unless proven, bad, or defective. But proper information, meaning proven and reliable, have almost no chances to be wrong. Again, educating ourselves may provide what we need to evolve in a civilized and harmonious world. Denial is the antithesis of getting there.


By Isis Win                                                                                                                     1636 words

We are passing through a major threat that not only can kill millions of people if it does not stop but as well it is changing the makeup of our recent order, globality. The threat is real, and sadly we know so little about it that it makes lots of room for speculation. That speculation is showing the true colors of loads of people that developed conspiracy theories and are broadcasting them as facts that mostly enhance the level of fear and concern of a fragile world that sees chaos and places a harsh pun in them. It is hard, very hard to accept the truths revealed by this situation. It is harder to focus on that reality and figure that we have to develop a tool of improvisation to adapt to the consequences of this crisis.

The emotional result of this tragedy is not exclusive to this threat. For decades and decades, regimes that have ruled our societies and placed their boot on our diminish consciousness about the real situation. The images provided and the narrative that we heard coming from all directions taking us away from reality. Reason so many unscrupulous minds are dispersing ideas full of holes about the crisis being the creation of the hand of man for some dark purposes. Recent theories that create fear and places Trump as the only possible savior of our country, this crisis is not political. Still, we can assume it is an action under that umbrella, distracting us from the real elements that we need to tackle now. We cannot wait much because from the little we know, every single contaminated person in the company of others, will multiply the spread by a factor of 3x.

It is hard to grasp that this crisis will not end even by the end of this year. Even after the last case is confirmed and confirmed, we are going to have to deal with the secondary damages, such as high unemployment, bad economy, lack of production of essential items, and the possibilities of surviving all those. I hate to be writing this because it really sounds alarmist, but I am not aiming nor wanting to do such; the contrary. I am simply presenting the reliable data that has been confirmed by qualified people and using my intuition guided by that data. Let us accept that this crisis will not be over before the end of the summer. Instead, let us prepare for the possible outcome, so it does not get us by surprise as this pandemic had done.

Social distancing and quarantine are or should be mandatory. The number one element to halt this crisis is to stop the spread. Later, if we all could be responsible, disciplined, and strong, we can follow the mechanisms to start safely rolling the wheel. I fear we are not even close to that. Judging by the reaction of millions of us that refuse the quarantine and social distancing, I believe that we are not ready to reduce the impact of the situation. Part of my thinking of what possibly may slow down the threat and start the return to move our people, economy, and hope is: Having true testing available can determine who can break the reclusion safely. Non-infected people receive official credentials to return to work while infected people remain quarantined. I doubt opening gyms, theaters, clubs, and most service outlets does work in this scenario. Vital businesses that provide the needed support to those in their homes should be open. Everyone, absolutely everyone going out, should have the proper protection in case there is a possibility of acquiring the disease while out. Those in the liberty to go out should become part of the support team to help those enclosed. So no one passes hunger or thirst. In the meanwhile, qualified scientific groups aiding the sick and researching the possible destruction of the virus and develop the treatment should receive Carte Blanch to avoid further life loss and develop a vaccine if possible. That will maintain the precarious order of today but will avoid continuing the escalation of the crisis. Huh! That requires having true humanistic leaders removed from their personal interests. Do we have any with the mind, heart, and knowledge to do that? I have no idea myself, but among the billions of people on our planet one, two, three, and more should exist! I cannot disregard that everyone will have material losses, either money or property. The wealthy should pitch in the most, allowing the middle class and lower to have a chance to return to a decent life.

I split the core of this crisis in two parts: The first one: the virus and the consequences that such creates. The number two is leadership. I place any feelings and thoughts I have about our political order in our government for this comment way apart. Yet, reality shows that we do not have a real leader, and that person – without a doubt – does not think of us, the people, but the gains that any situation presents. The same reality shows us that everyone without exception should bite the bullet to lighten the effect of our crisis. No winner will come out of this but being alive and having a new chance to straighten their act for good. Is that a gain? No one will be exempt from the tribulations to be faced as is and the ones resulted from the potential consequences. That is the place where my heart and mind get so convoluted. On one side, it is painful, stressful on the other one; there is a large sector of our population that is not willing to give anything to soften the problem. Ironically, it is believed to them to be a sort of political element. That will make the crisis larger, deeper, and longer.

THE UNDENIABLE FACTOR: So we need to stop the spread, we need to save more lives, we need to lighten the load from the financial result, and of course, we need to ensure most people survive. Compassion should prevail over any other choice we may have – even when it comes to money. It is a fact that the feared depression is not avoidable. It is already here. And the longer it takes to move swiftly, the deeper it will be. Everything may look like a dystopian futuristic movie. Well, we are already there, so what are we going to do?

So many Americans are worried about the supposedly coming election. It can happen if people and our government are safe. Yes, the old fashion electoral machine booth can take care of that! However, I believe the best would be to let Trump end his term and meanwhile create a provisional government. A group of former US leaders from both ends supported with proven smart and ethical people that examine the information, consult with the legislative bodies and enact what is necessary to save the US and the world. Aaaaah! That sounds impossible, unrealistic, and dumb! Right? It is not considering that if we do not react properly and ASAP, the consequences will be extremely dire, much worse. I know the extreme right most likely would fight this. Extremists, radical right, and haters of the new status of our nation would prefer to have Trump in power and allow the decay of our population. How little those may know to figure that such will represent their fall too. We may not forget that while we deal with this, greed will jump to the gun and try profit the best from it! I am not talking about the US greedy ultra-wealthy corporations and people. I am thinking of entire countries such as Russia, some Middle East countries, maybe China? It does not matter. A perfect scenario for other nations to take the lead over other nations, therefore, to lead the world as we have done it for so long is right there if we do not act together and congruently.

I am knocking my head because I am writing this. Something that so many people will say: Huh! Another conspiracy theorist, a bizarre and stupid woman, an ignorant, and everything you can throw to a person that is not in agreement with your ideas. Right! I doubt being in any of those places. I believe that I can see beyond the obvious, and I am concern that not everyone is ready for the upcoming reality of this case. Especially those people feeding their heads with stupid theories about this being deceit, manipulation even a lie! I am sorry someone falls for something so full of holes! The only real holes today are that our government is not acting accordingly, too many people disregard the threat and the crisis, and so many people are expecting that the crisis will be over in a matter of a few weeks. I will hate to say in the future: See? I told you so!

I apologize for presenting the basic possibility of creating a program to allow people to go to work, produce, and earn. There are too many intricacies that should be considered but that is a job for the people attempting to open the doors of the quarantined people that are certifiably healthy as the businesses they will return. The point here is that we can modify that safety protocol and avoid further financial damage that could last much longer than the Great Depression. I would like to the point that people involved in the political realm, corporations, and people in power should not be part of any possible solution to this crisis. They already proved not having what is needed to make our people better and do not even have an intention to help.


From my window where I am staying now.


By Isis Win


Perhaps the majority of people around the world are aware of the destructive path of this new virus. Scientists, although they already know a lot about it, still are puzzled by some of their findings that find no answers to find a fix. However, they inform us as they learn, and we cope with it as we can. This last phrase is a total fallacy on my part. It is a fact that only a handful of countries are coping with the best possible way with the threat. Us, the USA, are lousy and regardless of the efforts of scientists to warn us about the threat of broad propagation that can extend the quarantine period possibly to several months, and thousands of more casualties seem not believing the threat. I refer to the people still gathering in groups disregarding the mandates and suggestions and absolutely everything that common sense dictates. However, some are getting in the loop. To make it work, we all need to act accordingly to what is happening NOW!

I see beyond the virus’s threat. I see numerous other consequences by having a highly contagious asymptomatic disease. Beyond the danger to life and painful suffering when severely infected, the result will leave threatening marks of heavy pneumonia or organ damage.

The impact of global spread at the speed of a jet put us into a lengthy quarantine that we are not used to dealing with it. A long quarantine affects our emotional state because being in close quarters and unable to continue having a normal life is not natural. Missing going to work/school every day and maybe gathering with friends after work hours not only affects our body but our mental state as well. Our pocket, regardless of any help from the government, will be severely hurt even if we count with substantial savings. After the offered relief from the federal government, that most likely to grow much higher than 3.2 trillion dollars, the expense will have to be paid for it. We can “afford” it now through the massive printing of those mega dollars to bail us out from falling into the largest financial depression in the history of the world and the US. Who is going to pay for that, and how? Millions and millions of businesses will struggle, perhaps shut down because of their loss of revenue. Airlines, hotels, land transportation, restaurants, stores of all kinds, large retailers, just about every service known to people and thousands more, are getting too close to the abysm now. The longer it takes to pull out of it increases this crisis exponentially. Mass media is also challenged. Most people, after a month and more, do not want to know the bad news, and almost every single outlet there is will have to clean their act fully and stop the diffusion of unreliable information. They may have to fold-out not just because they are losing the audience but because people are fed up by their lack of awareness and consciousness about their audience. The health industry is receiving a huge blow too. Not just because of the demands of this threat but the thousands of losses of people in the industry. People will reconsider being part of an industry that was ignored by our top officer in our country and allowed the entire crisis to become a double threat. Politicians, the whole political realm will have to fix itself drastically. Politicians will have to renounce to their preferences and focus on what is needed now and less targeting on the taxpayers and voters. Businesses will have to learn new ways to sell their goods and stop the mentality of use and discard because there is a new and improved version. Energy producers and consumers will have to reconsider all means of energy dependency and use and curtail it to the very minimum.

Socializing will have to change drastically, even when it is announced that the threat no longer exists. The danger will not go away for a long time, and the possibility of a new outbreak will exist for a long time after that last case is pronounced. Who wants to expose their selves and others? As in the case of HIV and venereal diseases, spreaders of the illnesses can be charged with a punishable crime when knowingly they passed it to others. Even the internet and every means of communication will have to change one way or another one. The threat of becoming incommunicado is potentially large if we consider that we heavily depend on satellite technology that can possibly be destroyed at any moment. Consumption will be greatly affected and not for good.  I wonder about service workers not been able to get hired.

Another an accounted result or effect: Once the virus is not a threat, everything, absolutely everything, will have to be thoroughly disinfected. Can you imagine a supermarket cleaning everything in their store to ensure it is perfectly safe? Now imagine thousands of stores, supermarkets, etc. having to do that. That is the only way we can count in a not possible resurgence of the threat.

Everything we know will be affected deeply, and that will change everything we remember before Covid 19. We will prevail and move forward, but doing it exactly as it was before C-19 is a no-no that we must respect. Why? Because our emotional and financial state and common sense will dictate that we look for our known past instead of looking at our present and possible future. We must prepare for a forced change or . . .

Although we can say life before was awesome, it does not take brain science to reckon that a lot was wrong, way wrong. That is the element that caught us by surprise. We were not ready to deal with something like this, and although the majority of the people in the world acted properly, too many did not. That number that acted as if this was a government hoax or their saint will save them instead of I can die also, or I can pass it to someone I care about, that number is a secondary threat. Our only choice is to act according to the size of the threat.

I have heard tons of people saying this threat is karma, and we are paying the price of our lack of consciousness. Well, we are destroying our planet. We are allowing entire species to vanish. We are killing each other because some ideas that in the 21st century are proven false and are the result of manipulation by some kind of greed—the law of cause and effect they claim. My perception tells me that we behave one way or another one, consciously or not. That means we are not prepared to deal with issues like this disease, a major natural disaster, financial meltdown, etc. etc. we are unprepared to deal with global issues like those. If we are as “unlucky” as we have been for almost four years, we will not count on someone that truly can bail us out by leading us in the right direction. We now know what the wrong direction is, right? America First and a Great America Again are just catchy slogans if they do not deliver the good to those that believe in that. What really matters and is us does not necessarily mean you and I. It can mean the benefit is for those that preach what they cannot deliver but not even have the intention to provide it. That prompts for a huge change, but that change only happens if it starts in our own selves. I do not get tired saying the same thing: A broken team will never beat the opposing one, especially if the opponent team is one solid piece with no holes in it. Solidarity will take us in the right direction!

Stay safe and well!