By Isis Win

Early this year, shortly after China announcing the multiple mysterious pulmonary deaths in Wuhan, China, I wrote a couple of blogs about the potential changes of a world epidemic spread of a fatal disease. At the time, little was known about this Sars disease named Covid-19. What was known is that it is exceptionally contagious, asymptomatic, and fatal in many cases. Knowing this immediately sent me to recall historical pandemics that killed thousands of people, changing the affected regions’ makeup. Life in those locations never returned to their prior status or what could be considered “normal.” I realized that will be the fortune of any affected nation.

It took weeks for the US to get momentum with the spread of C-19. Other countries set a precedent that all nations should follow. The only potential to stop this spread is by preventing it from going to places.  A forced lockdown was needed, followed by tracing. The US proved incapable of achieving that needed goal, so the next measure became clear: A mandatory proper face mask should be worn outside the home and observe social distance. We know the history and story of all that, so we reckon leadership failed to prevent massive losses of lives and stop the disease’s spread. Normal, which was no longer alive, now received the final shot, so life will change for almost everyone, and we would need to adapt to a “New Normal.” That was my topic a few times in my blogs. It was mostly ignored because by May still was believed, C-19 will no longer be a threat, and life would return as it was before. This is the middle of October, and we still are experiencing a wave of new cases and more deaths. Nevertheless, tracing is not available, and the usual way of attacking this potential threat, testing, actually has not appropriately happened or as needed. The stats of today are sad but much more that we are far, far from reaching a plateau we can call “normal.”

Normal stopped since the late 1980s when scientists discovered the massive hole in the ozone layer. Science stated that the reduction of this layer will create what we know as global warming. Global warming will change everything we know from our past and create a new reality that would be hard to cope with if we do not disappear first. Initial signs showed up but were lightly acknowledge if not altogether ignored. My favorite example of that, but not the only one, was the discovery in a region of Israel. The Jewish government hired a team of scientists to figure out why an area capable of producing large amounts of produce produced nothing.

At last, a scientist discovered that such region was bathed by a higher amount of Ultraviolet light that can be destructive to life forms. The discovery did not go anywhere. However, a coincidence joined that scientist’s work to a Ph. D. graduate’s dissertation claiming the same scenario. More massive amounts of UV light are hitting the US. The two scientists talked about it and figured that UV light is causing severe damage in several world regions. The reaction was not to set panic among the population—the end of the deal. However, “normal” could not be called that way anymore. Then the warning of Global heating came out, and so far, we have done too little to slow it down, much more to stop it.

Covid is suspected to be partly a result of global warming. No details to bore you will be noted here, but you can find plenty of info on the internet.

The vital issue in my blog is that we are not returning anywhere and continually are moving towards unknown lands. This resulted from both scenarios and others that no public talks about—air, water, ground, and food, presenting an apocalyptic scenario.

We are already in the 1st face of the new normal. What is it then? Some noticeable changes, such as the economic order, will be different, and it comes with its own series of new normal. Socially, for as long as C-19 is not entirely vanished, which may take years, social distancing and PPE may become mandatory. As well, the tracing and testing protocols will have to be renewed from time to time. The social distancing item will change almost everything we know. Large congregations of people: houses of worship, schools, factories, entertainment events, mass transportation, and just all gatherings in places not entirely free of C-19 will have to be observant of these precautionary measures. Traveling domestically and internationally will be affected too. Health facilities will suffer from changes, also as the practice of services. Most likely, food production facilities, starting from farms, to factories will have to be heavily regulated to avoid making them super-spreaders. That is just the beginning, and we will learn more as we go.

Perhaps the most essential new normal will be people’s attitudes. Many countries, including the US, had substantial numbers of people who would have to comply with the new protocols that will most likely require legal applications to enforce their compliance regardless of their reason to avoid the needed protocols. That has been the US #1 problem that did not help control the crisis but had increased the spread, numbers of deaths, and lengthening the time to maintain the spread.

These obvious measures will change several other “normals.” The use of powered vehicles most likely will be reduced, not because mass transportation becomes safe, but because of the financial impact on the working class. Employment has already been heavily affected. Although we will likely see increasing numbers of available positions, those will have to be carefully planned to secure their workers’ minimal travel. Clearly, millions of us will have to take the available job we can do, but we likely will not have many choices for that. The critical aspect is to entirely eliminate the disease.

So what about vaccines?  Cures? Both will be available at some point, but there will not be a silver bullet, but a lengthy improvement of both will require lots of time. Although cases are in the millions, asymptomatic people may be spreading the disease, and the numbers can escalate to a billion or more. We just don’t know, and we cannot disqualify anything until we know for sure. However, that is on the disease side. Suppose we do not curve global warming effects. In that case, we will be under a severe threat. not just by what we already know, extremely higher temps – lower temps, rising waters, increased and more massive natural disasters, etc. but other effects such as an increasing number of other infectious diseases. All resulted from our changing environment. More Sars diseases are prone to show up.

Clearly, the most dramatic new normal is that we have to assess our lifestyle, likes, preferences, etc. We have to adapt accordingly. Not doing it will increase the severity and frequency of all threats, and many may sum-up together wiping entire regions and numbers of lives. What is essential now is to abandon the idea of returning to the normal we knew before.


One of the waterfalls that feed the lake. The boulder at the center is the size of a car. At the top of the water, you’ll see a red dot, that is a person looking down.

Whether we like it or not, Trump is the US president, and we have a few more months to go for a change if it happens. The White House seats the most powerful political figure on earth, and this administration has shown it. We have many other problems that detract the attention of Trump in the upcoming election. Will he be elected again? Although the signs are clear, they were the same four years ago, and look where we are today.

What the US is facing (grand part of the world too) is the virus killing thousands of people, spreading like thin air, the financial syndrome caused by the lockdown, a decaying environment, natural disasters called the 1000 year disaster, policies established by the previous administration removed or stalled, a divided population by several factors, an impoverishing nation, an erosion of the legal order and constitution, the most massive deficit in history, two political parties unable to manage to avoid the collision between the people and the parties,  the loudest reaction of the black community against abuse towards them, and more, much more.

Each of those problems requires a fix before the damage becomes larger. However, the potential of finding proper and fast solutions seem too far to reach this point. Another but crucial aspect of this situation is, we, the people, are reacting as we have our hands tied, and we just let them happen. We probably would not know much about our status if the press does not report it, but they as well, are not acting as the 4th power to realign how our country is shaping itself.

I am not even close to a figure that can present solutions to our problems, but I have a take. Regarding Corona, the answer to stopping the spread is known but is not federally enacted. People going outdoors wearing the proper PPE and conserving social distance, testing, and tracking may reduce the impact and longevity of the virus. It will come with a price, but the expense pays off compared to what is going on now. In the political arena, the media and social justice machines could stop the broad distribution of false news, produce checks and balances that are not colored, therefore dividing information is shut down and the media balances their act by allowing and enticing the voters to develop an educated guess about the direction we are taking, and the course we want to take.

Regarding the BLM, it is true having monuments to honor the confederates is a no-no. Still, they should be moved to particular areas where people can access them, far from prominent sites that created more division. Regarding the past policies presented by previous administrations – the option – is to demand a full stop of their implementation and wait for the next administration to revise them. As well, something should be done about political Pacs and contributions to political runners.

We cannot change what Trump does and says, except that we can decide that fate in November. However, final strokes through the campaign will be dirtier and smellier than anything the country has seen before. Trump will aim to destroy, not to win Biden, based on a socialist agenda, faulty brain power, and by enhancing the divide he created. Although the frustration of white America has been imploded, creating more support and numbers of supremacists, the numbers in most of the country are favorable for the democratic candidate. However, having another opponent to the left can provide the missing votes to favor Trump, by eliminating votes in favor of Biden. That is a severe threat to the future electoral process. About the environment situation, all we can do is wait for the next administration to act. The next four years require a massive investment and labor to reduce the level of poverty and lack of essential services for the suffering sector of Americans. Internationally we will face a gross challenge not just because of the resulted status cause by this administration, which is grim. Still, there is a battle for supremacy in the world between China and Russia. Hopefully, the incoming administration has the strength to pull all allies to join an effort to balance, and we lead the world’s ticket. As you see, there are many other issues unfulfilled, but our economy in the next twenty or so years will have to recover from the money issues we already face.

Thinking positive means in the next several years, the American population will have to make several sacrifices from top to bottom. The 1% will not be able to continue the rate of revenue they had during the last forty or so years. The middle class will have lesser opportunities to go upwards, the lower class will have to become very creative to meet ends, and the government will have to pitch in.

Yes, our world, our reality changed, and we are in need to adjust accordingly. Otherwise, what we will face will be a disaster in many folds and areas. The truth of today is whether we like or not Trump, he still is our president and the damage already incurred into, will proliferate in the next months and leave an inheritance which we all are going to be the recipients. There is nothing good in it, but a need to deliver our contribution, but not just in the form we are used to, but directly have an involvement in our next, and next administration. We choose a leader, but choosing a leader does not mean we do nothing, just watch and kick them when we are not satisfied. We only have the option of showing up in any fashion we can to check and demand our government to follow the right path. The right path is clear, transparency, to have the tools to make top figures accountable for their acts. To streamline any expenditure, our government support, to stop deceive and manipulation among our legislators, to stop the divide that only benefits the crop of our entrepreneurs, and to support our press – only when their role is informative – not formative.

We own, we are the USA. Seating, whining, and ranting about the wrong status or character only serves the crooked and greedy. It is enough of being the slugs of the country because a man, or two or three, decides based on our short memory, and level of alienation we just sight and wait for a miracle. Left or right, our country must take the leadership about justice, fairness, and proper policies that do not only benefit a few, and the rest are awed by our lack of capacity to change it. After all, figure the value of a democratic process, and who knows, you may find that we are the two wolves, and the greedy is a big, fat sheep. Its dinner time!


NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has trained its razor-sharp eye on one of the universe’s most stately and photogenic galaxies, the Sombrero galaxy, Messier 104 (M104). The galaxy’s hallmark is a brilliant white, bulbous core encircled by the thick dust lanes comprising the spiral structure of the galaxy. As seen from Earth, the galaxy is tilted nearly edge-on. We view it from just six degrees north of its equatorial plane. This brilliant galaxy was named the Sombrero because of its resemblance to the broad rim and high-topped Mexican hat. At a relatively bright magnitude of +8, M104 is just beyond the limit of naked-eye visibility and is easily seen through small telescopes. The Sombrero lies at the southern edge of the rich Virgo cluster of galaxies and is one of the most massive objects in that group, equivalent to 800 billion suns. The galaxy is 50,000 light-years across and is located 30 million light-years from Earth.

By Isis Win

History books, from the legislative annals to the academic recordings, explain how the USA has moved forward by creating and enforcing laws that comply with our constitution, international laws, and civic and humans rights. The USA has created a model that many countries want to follow. Such as the creation of a democratic system that seeks for everyone in that nation. We have that system, we exercise it, and through time it has improved. The USA has gradually bettering many of the aspects that enhance the quality of life, defends the rights of everyone, and develops the mechanisms to have a level of equality that makes the country more productive and harmonious. We still are behind reaching a better state that transparently shows we are the example that others wish to conquer.

We have moved back and forth in the direction that our framers envisioned. However, this is the first time in US history that a regime blatantly erodes many of those gains achieved or in progress. The “justification’ to that is simple and clear. This president is aware of the discontent of a large number of Americans that want to reverse many issues in that direction. Perhaps the #1 is in a relation of the migratory situation of ours that has not been resolved through many decades. Probably the chunkiest “fix” before was when Republican Donald Reagan passed an amnesty gift towards illegal foreigners living for long in the US and abide by our laws.

Today we have a contrary scenario. Although there is reason to feel angst because of the millions of illegal immigrants in the US (not just Latinos), the US, the only option is to sit at the table of negotiations, to arrive at a compromise in both ends, and pass the needed legislation. Politics have not allowed that, and mostly because on one side, observing our constitution should be the denominator. At the same time, on the other hand, to hell with it and simply get rid of non-Anglo Saxon descendants. Such will never work and attempts by Trump showcasing his abuse of power, the Supreme Court invalidated no one, not two but a few unconstitutional mandates of his. This is just a speck of the many issues that detriment our constitution and create a bizarre view, A wish of some Americans, A small number of ultra-conservative Americans.

Trump has been banking on creating a momentum that secures him a second term. All built on that premise of challenging immigration, China, North Korea, Afghanistan, and any country that is bargaining millions of dollars from us, so they comply with our demands, but they not. The effect has been such a clear and strong divide that the US is looking like a Neo-Nazi nation, ready to enact that sentiment I mentioned. However, the constitution weights much more than Trump’s mandates, even if such decision comes from a nominated judge by him. There is no way around, but if an SC judge support and passes any of Trump’s acts, a new order will be kicked in, and such would be much more toxic than Trump’s actions.

As is, the way all is looking from the WH and some cabinets seem that we are under attack, but such an attack cannot come from one of us. It will have to be from an extraterrestrial being that destroys us first and takes over later.

Coronavirus has shown us how fragmented we are as a nation and as people. All looks and sounds like anarchy that theoretically may favor Trump. However, as I said before, the group of people that follows Trump is rather small, but other people are acting on their own regarding Corona. It seems to add more significant numbers to Trump’s following.

The country in the last four years is turned inside – out. The sad there is that such should exteriorize a sense of patriotic attitude in which we either join our administration or oppose it. Not just by thought, but following with actions to let our government know what we do not support or approve. If we do not arrive at common sense, or consensus, democracy is defeated, and we lose sight of what direction we are taking, therefore where we may land in the wrong place.

These past years have been as if a foreign alien is running our country, and we remain silent about it, and only exercise our right to choose who is going to be in office. Once the person is elected, we do not care anymore about what he delivers or not. Something other nations such as China exploit to their benefit, increasing the potential of engaging in dramatic episodes that disrupt the order and the desired goal.

The appalling element for me is to witness that regardless of the constant lies and manipulations from Trump, he still counts on supporters, making him assume he got a chance to a second term. This turns my suspicion on, and I fear that he got a hidden card on his sleeve and that one is that he will jinx the election. I discard that he is so ignorant, dumb, and out of touch that his mega ego makes him believe he got everything under control. Big money America may fail for the first time in so long, and hopefully, they lose the strings that allow them to keep us in the cage, so we have no chance to react and take care of the needed changes. Changes that address our constitution, civil and human rights that will better our country exponentially, at the cost of the big money-losing the grip in our present and future. They, very well, maybe the extraterrestrial beings that are exploiting our planet, and all human beings, not just greedy Americans.


by Isis Win

When listening to some people, I get their message regarding their belief that life is threatened, and it might be a sign of the end of it. Some dare to say only human life while others speak about the extinction of forms of life on earth. Often, when reading the headlines of several mass mediums, I read about an impending threat to life. Asteroids coming our way and with a size large enough to impair all sorts of life by darkening our skies. Or super volcanos activity that may do the exact same. Raising oceans that in their heads may cover most of the grounds where we live. I feel appalled when I hear things like that, but I concur with something that does not deliver the idea to them.

Sensing the end of life does not represent the end of life. That is a choice we all can make in our heads. It refers to the end of what we are in that particular moment, and we are about to enter a new way of being. Spiritual disciplines speak about this phenomenon as the death of the spiritual being transitioning into the new one—something hard to grasp to some people.

Fearing death is rational among us humans. It is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but removing that fear represents moving towards experiencing life in a new way. A better way that enjoys more things and creates a higher state of being. It is said that fear of death is fear to life itself. A potential subjective topic that most likely does not reach an end until the experience is digested. Meaning that we die and are reborn so we can appreciate that state of mind and soul accordingly to our new way of being or perception.

Indeed, we cannot take for granted the existence of physical life, which is closely tied to living on planet earth. Threats that can destroy life, not just humans, are all over the place. Wars, in my view, are the most definite potential to eliminate life as is. However, a nuclear war, for instance, although it can be possible, it is the extreme of how we humans can destroy human life. I see it more like a threat than a potential risk that brings such an outcome. Then we may ask ourselves and the people that make sure we and many others have nuclear weapons. Why do we have them? To entice fear to the potential enemy, so it does not mess with us. As in the case of Japan – that – preemptively attacked us and refused to give in.

Corona brought us a bit of that concern about life. Another Covid virus, according to specialists, can arise and wipe us from living for good. However, the message is not that we are going to die, but we must do what we can to make sure we live. Not just survive but to do what it takes to live our life fully. There are many detractors to get there. Such as our needs that demand heavy working, earning money so we can support our life with those goods but not truly – to live fully. There are several ways to live fully. To land in the right spiritual path, which requires sacrificing things that belong to the survival realm or simple comfort. Facts show that we create a need to improve our life – and to improve it – requires to make it more comfortable. Consumption becomes the sugar pill to live well.

The times we live in today speak about needed changes in many realms. Although those changes may reflect that we must change people, our government, the disparity among people, the power that controls us, etc., all true and valid, but the real changes do not start right there. They begin within, and the results gradually fine-tune the string of our soul. Therefore we take action to change the other things we need to. It is a curve in a process that goes up and down, so things change in another direction. However, for the most part, the course we take is more the result of gravity than our choice and dedication. Take, for instance, Russia converting into the USSR to address the need to remove the power and clout of the abusive monarchical regime, of the time before the revolution. The operation succeeded by removing them and giving a better chance to the neglected, but the reality is that such change made millions of people suffer as much or more than what they wanted to move away. Perhaps the French revolution succeeded better, but still, the will of the majority is waiting for their turn to be addressed.

In this physical order of us, perfection is nothing more than a lame excuse not to arrive at the end of the aspired goal. We are flawed. Therefore we will find more and more items to fix. But that can produce a good sense of living! For as long as we are part of it, meaning we are involved.

If we genuinely evolve spiritually and resume life as fulfilling, it will require not much to fix the angst that history shows is everywhere in the world. The spirit lives in the mind and body. Therefore we need to educate both to live with the real essential things of life, to share them, and to make sure that we no longer we invent excuses to survive but to live. Money does not grant that, but it makes things a little sweller. So that is the answer here? Like in everything else, moderation is the “secret.”

No one knows what happens after we die. However, I can tell you for sure: We do not go to hell or heaven. Those are images created in our heads, so we remain inside the loop and conform to the established protocols. Since we are to stay as societies, we follow suit, but it is not a matter of breaking what already exists to start a different way to approach living. What we need to change, to begin with the right foot, is that we must feel from the core to the covering layer of who we are, that we cannot disfranchise others because they are not like what we are. The secret of living life is to grasp every bit of life, and every bit is you, I, and everyone that still is on the surface of this planet. While doing so, we protect everything there is, and if by any chance we are to die, we do not die alone. Wherever we end up going, we go together and start of a new leg of another life. Not in hell, not in heaven, but wherever we end up. So, maybe we all need to die spiritually, so we are reborn as the people that we are NOW and can enjoy better what we become, we are really alive and enjoy it fully. There is nothing to despise, hate, and dislike, to judge, etc. any human parts of life. I am referring about bringing rebirth in a way that we do the walk of what we do the talk. Got it?


By Isis Win 1221 words

The Big Plunge. The instrument shows thermals are positive, then you jump for an exiting experience in the air.

This reality awakening is for the entire planet. Every single person that is challenged by the crisis resulted from Covid 19. Everyone is part of it. Some more than others, but if there is any reasonable counting, it is not about who is more or less, but the totality of the numbers. We are in grave danger!

Here in the US, there are too many items that check with that sad statement. The awakening started with a health threat that locked down millions of people against their will. Covid is a danger that seems people either ignore or did not believe it. However, when it comes to the wage’s check, no one can turn their head and blow it away.

As well, another critical check, one that has worried me a lot for more than three years, is the angry attitude of many of the people unhappy with whatever. Such as the people that push, beat, spit, etc. to those that remind them of the safety measures of social distancing and wearing a face mask. There are too many cases similar to this one that represents the anger of some citizens.

We are about to accomplish four years of a devastating divide among the American people. Another item that has kept me worried since the days of the 2016 election.

Whether the mentality of those from the right, middle or left or any other direction, caused this crisis, the critical fact here is that a nation that is so fragmented, cannot be a whole nation. It started with the advent of 2k. We had a president that wanted all good for the country, but whether he was severely influenced or not, he remained immobile for too long. The situations collapsed, creating the worse days of too many Americans. 9/11: he ignored it until the threat became real. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan that killed thousands of our young soldiers <$$$$$> and has been a total flop. Katrina: killed hundreds of Americans, mostly poor because lack of support to save them. The mortgage bubble burst: that almost brought down entire nations.

An interesting fact that many hate – therefore disregard – is that the Obama administration inherited the worse situation our country has faced. What Bush left us as his inheritance to the country. Then Trump, a man with an evident dubious reputation at all levels, who laughed at the system and the political realm, becomes elected. That is how divided we are, but as suspected by most, his actions further divide the country, he did not resolve anything, and the level of anger and dissatisfaction of more than half of the voters is at its highest. Between Covid and his lack of integrity to protect all Americans, Trump placed us in a precarious situation that ends in anger and a need to act aggressively against anyone, not in the same place. What Obama left us at the end of his eight years were recovery, faith, and hope. Where is all that now? Does not count because it came from our first African-American and democrat president

Anyone interested in US history, not just about past history, but as we go, knows that just about everything that speaks about America is in decay. What are we going to do then? Receive the message – that is a clear and eloquent answer!

What we are facing since 2016 is clear, although covered by a thick smokescreen created by Trump himself. Transparency has been erased from our country, and it goes well beyond what others can do to fix it. There is a fix, though, we are America, and we are resilient. Thank goodness we still have resources to pull it off. However, the funds are as low as they were during some of our worse times. Something that Trump has created throughout his entire life even way before running for president.

Who is going to be the savior? Indeed, we need a leader to restore our faith in us, our country, and our system. A robust fixer because some citizens want this while others want that. Bringing the country together will take almost a miracle. A miracle that can happen to start at the moment we act. The election is a regular routine for that purpose, but who ends at the white house will define how far we can go in either direction. Then our legislators have to tune in and move the strings rapidly. Without us, the taxpayers that will not run so efficiently. The easy part is complicated and painful, but we must endure whatever it faces us. We can only do that by being behind our president and legislative and taking prompt action when we see we are not moving in the needed direction. Left and right will have to hold their judgment and react based on sound results. First, to fix our economy reasonably. That means that inclusivity cannot be any longer a battle. It can only be a reality. The only way to bring America to its best is to have a joined America. Health and education should be resolved at once, giving a chance to every American to prove their worth. Immigration is urgently in need of reform. Not in favor nor against the issues we already know about. Just a fair and sensitive reform.

Taxation for the top, middle, and bottom should be parsed in a way that everyone contributes their fair share. Our political and electoral system should be changed into a system that big money cannot buy our future. Same with lobbying, it should disappear, and favors to corporations should only be granted based on merit. Greed abusing greed should be accountable, so we no longer engage in dubious business that, at some point, may burst and deplete their investors and our country. Consumers should be protected 100% from power rulers, such as insurance companies, banks, drug makers, and any organization that only cares for their benefit at the cost of the country. Religious organizations should be put in their place. Separation of the church not only means having the freedom of choice and practice but the right to handle their own businesses and not politics or how others should live their lives.

There are too many other items that need that urgent fix if we want to save most of what our country stands for. Can someone do it? Not in four years, not in eight, this is something that will take a long time to evolve.

We were there before Trump. During Trump, our nation moved from being a democratic nation to become a totalitarian monarchy. This administration has diminished everything that meant America, and we see the effects now.

It is hard to swallow profound truths, and we have one in front of our eyes. If we miss the opportunity, it merely means we are going to perish, not by Covid, not by a financial meltdown, but a perishing planet and the anger and hostilities from extreme people. Everything will come to an end if we do not act now and together, and there will be no chance for anyone. Is this where we are at now? You’ll be the judge, and if so, let’s change it before it is too late.


By Isis Win                                                                                                                        1216 words


I have been in a beautiful town in Mexico called Valle de Bravo. the lake you see in some of my recent photos is filled by the series of mountains that surround the town. There is a dam that releases daily large amounts of the daily collection of water. This photo is from the #1 run of water called Bride’s Veil. it is huge and powerful. the boulder you see in front is the size of a car and this section is only one third of the waterfall.

We have a pandemic threat that threatens life by the millions, and no one, absolutely no one is safe – if contaminated. No country in the world will be spare at this point. There is a belief that wealthy people will be safe if resourcing to their wealthy toys such as their yacht, mountain retreat, private island, even the shelter they built in case of a threat of this caliber. No one – read; no one will be spared. The wealthy will have to deal with the loss, massive loss of their wealth, and see how they can manage a new order that never was planned.

This issue is like an onion. Layer after layer to get to the core of the issue. There is no way to jump into the center and tackle the issue for good. A simple way to look at it is = this is a global issue that deeply depends on the reaction not just from others but everyone. Another layer is how we can achieve our desired goals considering that this threat is changing since the starting point, our world as we remember. Nothing can remain as it was while the crisis still exists. Just a tad of knowledge reveals that this will not be a short-lived crisis, and upcoming layers will provide us the possible landscape in our future.

Another layer is what is going on inside of each of us and how we process the discoveries we make, if we are prone to process our inner thoughts, feelings and arrive at the habits we have developed over the years and check what works and not, we found a great start. This change undeniably forces us to go along the changes, whether we want to or not. How do we adjust is the grand question.

Like most today, I talk to a lot of people daily and learn about their views.  Like how do they get informed? How are they coping with the lockdown? How are they feeling about not knowing for sure if their job will still be there because their employer may not survive the financial impact of the lockdown? How are they going to deal with money to support themselves – perhaps others? In general, I talk to them about what is and what to expect.

Frankly, I am surprised that so many are clueless about what is happening and how they can integrate their life to this unexpected order. I know many will be caught by the surprising results when we end this crisis. Maybe time will hook them into getting into the loop, but time matters a lot. As time mattered about how fast and deliberate we reacted to this threat. I can say we flunk in the USA. And still, we are not moving in the necessary direction. Such as having extensive testing, bringing the needed resources in case the release of the confinement people creates another spike (more beds, equipment, health workers, etc.) so can deal with the new issue. Another layer of the onion that we should be prepared before we open anything.

The inner part is a tricky one. With more than 40 years of experience and knowledge about the psychological well-being of men or lack of thereof, I am worried about this layer. Furthermore, by looking at some of the public response about the situation. There are so many layers in this case. Such as disregarding the needed measures to avoid contagion and further spread, the focusing on idiotic theories about where, when, how, etc. this disease comes and a direct culprit of it. On that, so many people, including Trump’s blame of China. The responsibility started by the fact that their authorities aimed to halt a possible panic that most likely would push people to run everywhere and further spread the disease. As well that they were caught by surprise as the rest of the world, and they believed having the situation under control. Later, they attempted to stop the spread of any information that could trigger the mentioned effects. The scientific world report clearly states that the Chinese dealt with the problem properly. There could be better, but they were not because they did not care or were irresponsible, the severity and complications of the issue brought the Chinese mistakes. Same with the World Health Organization (WHO). Their place in the matter involved perhaps hundreds of layers, and they were imperfect. Again, possible a thing or two could be added, but the severity of the issue mostly only allowed them to focus on specifics that were at the time more important.

Now, us, you and I, and the rest. Considering once this is over, we are going to feel, think, and live as we remember, but that is simply unrealistic. The external factors are of extreme importance; at this level, they are irrelevant because the true solutions to the impending effects can only be managed internally in a predictable way. Adjusting is the trick. I do not know how others can process information, but I know that inside of me, I read a message that describes a radical change of lifestyle. Not because my lifestyle is wrong, but my lifestyle will not meld with the upcoming reality. However, I reckon that for a long time now, I have seeing cues about elements of my lifestyle that were not proper/good considering what has been going on with the planet, our country, and large numbers of our people. But do not take me very seriously because maybe I am too much of an introvert, and I always rely on the dialectics of the method to make sure what I am thinking results in an accurate and realistic outcome.

My inner side: On the other hand, I experience sadness by looking at what is right in front of my nose. But on the other one, I feel grateful that this painful experience is forcing me to look into what in the past; I simply glanced and did not do much about it. However, there is one part that changed in myself since I started to discover this. The way I felt and reciprocated to what truly matters not just in my life but this entire physical presence of mine. My feelings of love and gratitude grew tremendously, and the concept of being loved or not – vanished – to loving everything I see, think, perceive, and I am deeply grateful for all of it. In other words, I learned the key to focus entirely in within, make the needed changes there, and I find true and credible harmony in all. Including in this crisis that somehow I knew it was possible to happen anytime, and I feared it could during my lifetime.

OK, we are at the beginning of it, and I am coping with it properly, and believe me, it produces deep sadness in myself, but the result is I am learning the lesson enclosed, and I am acting to the best of my ability. I hope everyone is in that place, keeping themselves safe and finding the teachings of this crisis by dealing with their inner parts and contributing to the well-being of others that are in a much more difficult place. It is the perfect time for that.


By Isis Win                                                                                                                        1171 words


Taking the pictures behind the flyer, way high up. This is the town where I am passing the Corona threat. Quarantined of course!

When I see denial, I recognize it right away; I am an expert on that. Rather, I was an expert after living in denial for so long, but that is another story—a story no relevant before the threat we are facing.

The denial is about the coronavirus and consequences. A threat that a little thinking reveals that the order we are familiar with, no longer will be. A good question about that would be, are the new elements raised by this crisis good? You have your own answer. Mine is that most likely, people at large will reconsider the vanishing order and the changes it proposes. Starting with: taking life and its threats so lightly is plainly unconscious and idiotic.

Except during war times or massive famine, we pass through life as if life will go on as the precise moment we were living before that. I can say, we take life and what sustains it for granted. The best example is how our planet has been changing, and the little we are doing to bring it as it was, even to keep it as it is now. Heavy denial is the culprit. We can assume that recycling more, selecting our trash, and perhaps owning a better energy-efficient vehicle is enough, but the truth reveals that such is not enough. Denial shines highly in that realm.

When we watch the news, if we do, and talk to others, we find that believing in this threat revolves and revolves in tones of conspiracy theories, manipulated information, and a loss of personal character and that is true, that is real. Really? I am convinced most are reacting as if the destructive pattern of the threat requires honoring social distancing, wearing proper protection, and many, helping those whose life is more affected such as the poor and the elder, is the only threat, a threat that nobody wants. However, among the news and what we learn from others – as well – we figure some do not believe it or take it as seriously, what the threat is. It is not surprising seeing this reaction considering this during this crisis, we are almost powerless, and the effects can change everything we know and remember. We do not want to be changed; do we,  do we? NO! Even if remaining as we know it can take our life.

When I lived through the civil unrest in Central America that resulted in war in Nicaragua, the soldiers were killing and disappearing lots of people like nothing. The guerrilleros almost did the same, but I saw too many people disregarding the issue that threatened everything they knew. They acted as if nothing is going to change. Just watch that no one with a gun if looking in that direction. Now we know, Nicaragua is a socialist country and shows no future but more poverty and distress. That is a major change that most people seemed to ignore.

We are not in war, becoming socialist, nor changing anything regarding our country as it was conceived more than 200 years ago. We are changing priorities and how they can affect us, but we are forced to do that now with this threat and crisis. However, we clearly are not in agreement as to what is best to do to eradicate the threat and stop it, so we can start a “normal” life again. The day we all join exactly the same effort to minimize its effect, will be the day we get close to our goal. However, we are far from getting there.

What can we possibly do more? More than we are doing? I repeat myself; we have to do it together, not just some or a few. It is great most of us are acting properly, but the other minorities can affect negatively the efforts of most. I saw a note at Tweeter that says: When we are more concerned about saving our economy FIRST than savings lives, our country already is sick. Opening cities, states, businesses, etc. requires extensive and effective testing before getting there. We are not doing that – even to protect the less affected places, much less to open our economy. Testing is to minimize potential extra contaminations before opening our economy. That means, to keep the ill quarantined and the healthy to return to “normal” life. Still observing social distancing in case an infected person is out on the street and, of course, counting with the proper protection.

Not observing these precautions as testing and full social distancing is a denial. Those in denial are risking their lives and the lives of others too. But that is not the seriousness of the case. What is, is extending the crisis.

Scientists and smart people like German Prime Minister Markel have spoken. They insist the threat is real and requires utmost thinking and reaction. But many other rulers accompanied by their citizens, believe there is no need for any of the suggested precautions. What that shows us is that denial needs extensive work to become part of the true and proven effort to curtail the crisis. Well, that is part of the internal work to ground the feet and act responsibly, morally, and ethically.

Denial, I’ll say, is part of human nature. Nature that in “idea” reduces the stigma of the threat, so we can go on without being wrapped by anxiety and concern. However, that is not a fix to that worry, much less to the problem. It is just a delay. Every single person, threatened by this or that should reflect on the threat and adjust accordingly. That can shorten the crisis many folds, but as well, if we are truly together in a fix, harmony among us can prevent the impending chaos coming from other threats in check.

The main problem here is a little deeper than ignoring the problem. I’ll leave consciousness out of this equation. It deals with the level of education necessary to discern properly what is and not. I am not talking about academic knowledge, I am talking about street education that helps to survive in hostile environments. Sadly, that will require massive changes because, more often than not, what we know has been passed to us through others and accounted as reliable. We really on what others say, not our common sense or our smarts say. Racism is a perfect example. Globality does not leave room to despise others because we consider them different, unprovable, unlikeable, negative, toxic, etc. We all are part of this global order, and we all can be either aided or opposed by those we believe are not worthy of our respect. Law-abiding people should be respected regardless of our ideas. In fact, ideas are just that, ideas, and we will do great to delve into the validity of those ideas to change what is best to ourselves and others, likable or not. That requires information that leads to education. Education offers options that can be effective unless proven, bad, or defective. But proper information, meaning proven and reliable, have almost no chances to be wrong. Again, educating ourselves may provide what we need to evolve in a civilized and harmonious world. Denial is the antithesis of getting there.


By Isis Win


Perhaps the majority of people around the world are aware of the destructive path of this new virus. Scientists, although they already know a lot about it, still are puzzled by some of their findings that find no answers to find a fix. However, they inform us as they learn, and we cope with it as we can. This last phrase is a total fallacy on my part. It is a fact that only a handful of countries are coping with the best possible way with the threat. Us, the USA, are lousy and regardless of the efforts of scientists to warn us about the threat of broad propagation that can extend the quarantine period possibly to several months, and thousands of more casualties seem not believing the threat. I refer to the people still gathering in groups disregarding the mandates and suggestions and absolutely everything that common sense dictates. However, some are getting in the loop. To make it work, we all need to act accordingly to what is happening NOW!

I see beyond the virus’s threat. I see numerous other consequences by having a highly contagious asymptomatic disease. Beyond the danger to life and painful suffering when severely infected, the result will leave threatening marks of heavy pneumonia or organ damage.

The impact of global spread at the speed of a jet put us into a lengthy quarantine that we are not used to dealing with it. A long quarantine affects our emotional state because being in close quarters and unable to continue having a normal life is not natural. Missing going to work/school every day and maybe gathering with friends after work hours not only affects our body but our mental state as well. Our pocket, regardless of any help from the government, will be severely hurt even if we count with substantial savings. After the offered relief from the federal government, that most likely to grow much higher than 3.2 trillion dollars, the expense will have to be paid for it. We can “afford” it now through the massive printing of those mega dollars to bail us out from falling into the largest financial depression in the history of the world and the US. Who is going to pay for that, and how? Millions and millions of businesses will struggle, perhaps shut down because of their loss of revenue. Airlines, hotels, land transportation, restaurants, stores of all kinds, large retailers, just about every service known to people and thousands more, are getting too close to the abysm now. The longer it takes to pull out of it increases this crisis exponentially. Mass media is also challenged. Most people, after a month and more, do not want to know the bad news, and almost every single outlet there is will have to clean their act fully and stop the diffusion of unreliable information. They may have to fold-out not just because they are losing the audience but because people are fed up by their lack of awareness and consciousness about their audience. The health industry is receiving a huge blow too. Not just because of the demands of this threat but the thousands of losses of people in the industry. People will reconsider being part of an industry that was ignored by our top officer in our country and allowed the entire crisis to become a double threat. Politicians, the whole political realm will have to fix itself drastically. Politicians will have to renounce to their preferences and focus on what is needed now and less targeting on the taxpayers and voters. Businesses will have to learn new ways to sell their goods and stop the mentality of use and discard because there is a new and improved version. Energy producers and consumers will have to reconsider all means of energy dependency and use and curtail it to the very minimum.

Socializing will have to change drastically, even when it is announced that the threat no longer exists. The danger will not go away for a long time, and the possibility of a new outbreak will exist for a long time after that last case is pronounced. Who wants to expose their selves and others? As in the case of HIV and venereal diseases, spreaders of the illnesses can be charged with a punishable crime when knowingly they passed it to others. Even the internet and every means of communication will have to change one way or another one. The threat of becoming incommunicado is potentially large if we consider that we heavily depend on satellite technology that can possibly be destroyed at any moment. Consumption will be greatly affected and not for good.  I wonder about service workers not been able to get hired.

Another an accounted result or effect: Once the virus is not a threat, everything, absolutely everything, will have to be thoroughly disinfected. Can you imagine a supermarket cleaning everything in their store to ensure it is perfectly safe? Now imagine thousands of stores, supermarkets, etc. having to do that. That is the only way we can count in a not possible resurgence of the threat.

Everything we know will be affected deeply, and that will change everything we remember before Covid 19. We will prevail and move forward, but doing it exactly as it was before C-19 is a no-no that we must respect. Why? Because our emotional and financial state and common sense will dictate that we look for our known past instead of looking at our present and possible future. We must prepare for a forced change or . . .

Although we can say life before was awesome, it does not take brain science to reckon that a lot was wrong, way wrong. That is the element that caught us by surprise. We were not ready to deal with something like this, and although the majority of the people in the world acted properly, too many did not. That number that acted as if this was a government hoax or their saint will save them instead of I can die also, or I can pass it to someone I care about, that number is a secondary threat. Our only choice is to act according to the size of the threat.

I have heard tons of people saying this threat is karma, and we are paying the price of our lack of consciousness. Well, we are destroying our planet. We are allowing entire species to vanish. We are killing each other because some ideas that in the 21st century are proven false and are the result of manipulation by some kind of greed—the law of cause and effect they claim. My perception tells me that we behave one way or another one, consciously or not. That means we are not prepared to deal with issues like this disease, a major natural disaster, financial meltdown, etc. etc. we are unprepared to deal with global issues like those. If we are as “unlucky” as we have been for almost four years, we will not count on someone that truly can bail us out by leading us in the right direction. We now know what the wrong direction is, right? America First and a Great America Again are just catchy slogans if they do not deliver the good to those that believe in that. What really matters and is us does not necessarily mean you and I. It can mean the benefit is for those that preach what they cannot deliver but not even have the intention to provide it. That prompts for a huge change, but that change only happens if it starts in our own selves. I do not get tired saying the same thing: A broken team will never beat the opposing one, especially if the opponent team is one solid piece with no holes in it. Solidarity will take us in the right direction!

Stay safe and well!


By Isis Win


My previous message speaks about being alone and no place to go. That’s true, but it is not. I have several rooms where to go. Some dark ones some white ones and I visit them as I wish or need. Those rooms are the places within that I can visit and enlighten myself. All are dealing with my inner parts that either I exercise sometimes or I neglect for some no so logical reason, except avoiding.

The ones I exercise are the places that take me to some level of consciousness or to improve it. The other ones are the ones that required attention, but the circumstances did not allow me to delve into it. It is hard for me during those moments or those times to attend them if they are very important elements required to improve something in within. Such as issues in my relationships. Sometimes I discover they are no relevant, but some others I find that they need time to acquire some results. I have found a couple of those during this reclusion. My time in those rooms rendered a precious encounter. Something that will help me with my relating to others in my near future. Starting with relating to myself.

Between the two rooms I mention, I see several things that require my full attention to deal with the times I suspect will result from this crisis, at the end. I mean, changes that will be reflected entirely in my lifestyle, therefore who I relate to if . . .

I have known by previous visits to those rooms that I need to change my lifestyle drastically. Or to make a drastic adjustment about it. That adjustment literally reflects a sort of dropping out of the societal protocols I have followed for a long time. An extreme way of sharing about it is: such as – going a little the hippie way. For instance, my eating habits have to drop out, consuming all food purchased at the stores. I am not just talking about avoiding processed food, which I reckon, it pretty bad for my health. But even produce that is coming from the large producers. It is literally impossible to know how much of that food contains GMO or harsh chemicals. I do not doubt that GMO food is worse than smoking and drinking heavily daily except that those vices at least give some pleasure – lol. GMO food maybe provides me a little joy because I enjoy vegetables and fruits a lot. For instance, I love corn and potato. For years I have eaten them daily, sometimes twice in a day. American corn is GMO loaded, and there is doubt about potato, but I see no justification to believe it is not. However, even the labeled organic food is a grand risk I do not want to get into anymore. Between GMO veggies, food loaded with hormones, antibiotics, and other claimed no dangerous chemicals, I see enough reason to assess that the only healthy way to consume them is by producing them myself. Or to make sure that whoever does it, follows the ancient tradition of growing them without pesticides and any additives to ensure their profitability. Just the way they came from the ground as they did centuries ago. I know it is possible because I have done it for years, but living in the D.C. area only permits doing it during the warm seasons.

There are too many other things that sincerely, I do not know how I could live without as I have today. Like living in a place where I do not need a car. Where a bicycle is supposed to suffice. No TV, cell, internet lines, where whether aerial or ground exist where magnetic fields exist. Well, a place where no magnetic fields can move a needle or any measuring instrument. A place where the news are not so relevant. A place with a sense of community, mostly self-suffices.

As you can see, I am talking about a place where to be with my own self and not feeling I am quarantine for any reason. A hippie place as it was known in the 1970s, but no, I am not visualizing a place where people wear the same clothes for several days, get high in groups, and consider the sun and clouds divine. Well, they are, but I do not practice communion with them.

A place where to enjoy people that are on the same wavelength and simply I appreciate them badly. Talking about that, that place must have a clear blue sky and perfect white clouds. No more acid rain around me. Perhaps that place can be lightened by candles or similar. Activities are going to be a little later than sunset, and getting up with the sun rising to start the day sounds acceptable. No noise of any kind but the wind, the animals, etc. Get it?

Do not take me wrong, I lived in Mexico City for almost 25 years, quite a while in Manhattan, a couple of years in LA and as well beautiful San Francisco and through more than 30 years in the D.C. area after living six glorious years in Guatemala City.  But having the joy and pleasure of those experiences have taught me that life that way is a remote way of true living. Yeah, they are fun and enticing, lots of money can be made in those, but they are a true detraction of what life is supposed to be if wanting to be healthy. In the body, the mind and the soul. I know I know, that was a grand detour to learn from that – so it is time to go on with the real thing.

Well, I have known that for a >long time<, but somehow something distracts me from getting there. I dare to say that a Valle-amanecer-2020reason is pleasure. Yes, the big, modern, and complicated cities where I have lived present opportunities to encounter pleasure. No one can deny that the pleasure of those congested, toxic, and not truly realistic places can be immense pleasure. Actually, places like those have many types of available pleasure. Otherwise, why millions of people choose to live in those? I found tons of pleasure in those cities!

I wonder how much of those pleasures will remain past this crisis. I tend to assume that either they become multiplied several folds, so they stay there, or those pleasures simply vanish. As is at this moment, social distancing is presenting a mighty good question. A question derived from all those cities that, after the suggestion or ordinance to reclusion, refused to comply with it. How are they going to end up? We people tend to ignore tons of important things and have a very short memory. This virus is different because it is so unpredictable but kills a lot of its victims, but it is the same with yearly flu. This past one killed more than 30 million people, is that true? Are we idiots or what? How did we allow that? Why didn’t we stop it in its tracks before so many people died? After this pandemic, we may be going to start to think about “silly” things like that one. Or maybe not, and we forget about Covid 19 in a short time, and we go on. That is enough reason for me to delve into the realization that this type of lifestyle is not me.

The number of thoughts about this – at this time – are so numerous! Health at all levels, dependency about so many things is another one. Money and the desire and need to create a profitable career or way of making a living is another one. How poor is the potential to find true love among all those I believe alienated people in the big cities? Yeah, as much alienated as I have been all this time. Between politeness, political correctness, and the great idea of not burning any bridges, we go around meeting people at a party, a bar, concert even a museum, and we believe there is potential there. Potential about what and how? Frankly, someone finding me to be a potential would be dead wrong because I know about something healthy, and I have no idea how to honor it. Such as getting the hell out of here! Maybe that potential candidate I run into in the big city realizes the same thing, and we move on together? Yeah right!

Maybe I have not explored enough rooms in within, so I find better paths for my future in this changing world and life, right? I do not really know if my intuition is speaking correctly this time, but it is telling really loud the upcoming world will not be as you remember! It is time for a change!

Well, here it is, I am home alone, but I still have plenty of places to go to! I will try to keep you posted if I find a better room or answer.

Stay safe, and be well!

“Satellite picture” of planet earth

By Isis Win

Forgive me if you believed you would find a photo from any of the earth’s orbiting satellites. I meant to say, not a bird’s-eye view but farther than that. A quick glance of our planet and all in it. And for the sake of considering that we must commit to two things in life: First to enjoy to its fullest what we have and make the best out of it. Anyone older than 40-year-old can testify that regardless of how tough and complex life was for them before that age, when looking back, everything improved, for most part. Second, whether it is timely or not, we all must do everything within reach to aid our planet that is suffering from neglect and abuse for centuries, especially post the Industrial Era.

About the first one, I enjoy repeating what my dad told me when I was a young 20-year-old. “Reach for full happiness, fulfillment and nurturing because it takes as much effort than not to.” That day changed my entire life forever. Before that day, I had the notion that reaching for the stars was some form of “greed”. After that, although there might be very few possible dreams that cannot be achieved, most are possible. However, depending on what, the odds might be really large and bad. But it is possible to reach almost the impossible and for as long as we invest into that reaching our goal. Take for instance, people who were told that they will never walk, and not only did they, but as well many became achievers in sports. Hopefully, you’ve not been overwhelmed by cynicism resulted by the latest US and world issues, therefore stop reading me.
In regards of the second one, if we remove our selves from the self-centered ego, we may admit that we are a guest in this life and planet. Therefore, we must pay our utmost respect and gratitude towards it. Something that doesn’t happen in the large-scale.
Just take that orbital view for a second.

The actual status of our world, societies, cultures, etc, perhaps is not any different from our old past. It is a fact that although our current knowledge in some fields, sciences, technologies, etc, is uncanny, we are learning many folds more as we go and learn that what we once believed is not quite so. An irony, considering that our modern history presents an incredible growth, progress, etc, in just one millennia. But it is a fact that we almost are like the early men of the tribal times. People still kill people whether there is a reason or not. Consider the amount of people dying from the hand of men: although it is a little less than the previous century, we still kill millions of people every year.
Societies in many cultures as well are cluttered with serious men creating problems that negatively affect their people, society and future, such as some of the obsolete Middle East cultures that still are a century ago times with their obsolete customs. Customs that deny personal freedom, growth and choices in life. Not to mention the adverse treatment of women and children in so many societies. Many African countries are on this same boat. Even in Latin-America we can find governments that do a great job keeping their people fully repressed and contained, for the sake of political, military and corporate greed. I suppose you get that picture. One scary problem is the extensive abuse towards children and women across the world, including the US.  At this stage in our progress?
How about the lack of consideration towards our natural resources and land? This is another clear case of severe abuse and one day we may find out that the price is one that was totally unsuspected, such as the possible result of draining the water tables or the fossil oil deposits, deforesting humongous tracts of land and of course, polluting our planet with all sorts of waste.
Perhaps the worse of all problems among us people, is the fact that consciousness for the most part is not even close to what it should be. I don’t mean to blame anyone for anything, but if we look at the fact, for instance, that in 1973 we faced a petrol crisis that made evident: this is a matter of national security and our car makers and the largest number of buyers, still propagated gas guzzlers called SUV’s. Not to mention that an average of 80% of the private vehicles in the world circulate just with the driver. And let me mention that many of those rides are just a few blocks away and that errand could wait or be pooled with many errands in the same area. How about consumption of electric power? Most developed countries are simply coping with a borderline demand/supply. Here in the US, a very bad cold or hot season can very easily cripple our power supply and it can take weeks to repair it. In case you have not noticed, many summers and winters, the supply of electric power has been accomplished thanks to lowering the total output in the power stations and lines, otherwise, many users would have lost power. As important as not having the readiness to prevent serious trouble (Smart grid), our industries keep coming up with more and more electrical devices that become a “need” at most consumer homes.  
And did you say water? In many states, the water supply is dwindling really fast and badly. As well, lets take in consideration places like Phoenix that according to scientists, are sinking every year because their water table, right under the city, is becoming empty and leaving a cavity almost as large as the city. Los Angeles and San Diego are approaching a pretty bad situation too. The diversion of the Colorado river is becoming more complex, besides the fact that it has environmentally affected many realms and it is clear, southern California will need to resort to something else, really fast. They are considering desalinization of the Pacific waters, which is extremely expensive, and environmentally toxic since it consumes huge amounts of power. As well, look at our trees and the consumption of their byproducts. They are perhaps one of the most taken for granted gifts from nature and we are literally exterminating the greens from tropical and rainforest lands. Not to mention the shrinking farming land and for the sake of never-ending newer housing projects.
We must, as well, include the tremendous effects of several corporations that have no regard for anything but making capital: Mining, oil, energy, housing, even farms that abuse the capacity of the ground they use for their crops. The list can be very long.

Can we say part of those corporations is the organized crime in the world? Whatever we call it, it is a fact that those organizations are hundreds more folds damaging that the old mafia in the US and Europe. La Cosa Nostra simply looks like a joke compared to what exist today in every nation of the world. According to the reported numbers around the world, drug trafficking dollars are the largest money-maker in the world through history. And the production of firearms and its easy availability as well is a serious problem around the globe, primarily in the US.

Our presence in the planet has not improved accordingly to our growth. We are lacking and getting behind in social and natural issues and the ridiculous part of it is that only a few people take in consideration that every single person in the planet takes away some of those precious resources. Sadly, the majority settle for believing their presence is not affecting anything negatively.

Although scientist can’t concur about the reasons for what we’ve witnessing in our planet in the recent years, all of them agree on one item: Our planet is going through a very serious and complex change and the truth is that not even they can predict the outcome in the up coming decade. While some insist global warming is the result of human intervention, others say that what we are witnessing is another stage of our planet. But all agree with the fact that the emissions of air pollutants are rapidly increasing global warming. Regardless of what the reason might be, the imperative fact is that we don’t know for sure for how long we will survive on this planet at this rate. Several science fields support the idea that several natural factors may or will create famine across the world. Many of them insist that we are still in time to prevent making things much worse and but as well, that we need to act pro-actively NOW with measures that counteract many of those problems. The US, China, Russia among other countries simply consume as much as is supplied and their needs increase in alarming numbers. And what about our population growth? We grow like if we have places to go, food to produce and all resources are unlimited. But we fail to look into the big picture such as making sure all sorts of food can be supplied reliably, something that as well is fading because humongous extensions of land simply are drying and becoming sterile. As well, new diseases, suspected to be the result of global warming, are destroying the habitat of many species that in their turn sustain many others. And we can’t ignore the recent diseases such bird flu, among many others that at some point can get out of control and still we have no mechanisms to prevent it nor that will insure everyone surviving them.

I know this sounds like a science fiction negative review but we can’t ignore the facts that are right in front of our eyes. The point here is, that we all must actively get involved in making adjustments to decelerate this toxic process and believe it or not, all small measures add up to a point that it can make a drastic difference. A difference of life or death. Take for instance Brazil that moved from a 80% dependency from fossil fuels to less than 20%. If the Middle Eastern oil producers decide to sabotage the world, what can we do? But Brazil has taken measures to prevent this disaster. Brazil no long ago was a poor, underdeveloped country and today is moving along with the industrialized nations of the world. Today, it is one of the fastest growing economies.

Life is busy, loaded with tons of responsibilities and obligations, and at times it really is hard to cope with them. Then all we care is about resting or playing as hard, but allocating some of that time in our lifestyles to making sure at least every single individual takes care of her or his own, can make that difference that we desperately need, unless, we opt for ignoring the facts and assume that since we can only live around one hundred years, we are not going to suffer any of those cataclysms. In other words, we have the option to remain unconscious, irresponsible, self-centered and ignore that life is much more that our own selves. Not a very good option because at some point, we all will face our shortcomings and failures. It is much better doing it now than later.

As important as all of above, we must dedicate time to inventory our state of mind and happiness to adjust accordingly and always making sure we live well, happily and fulfilled.
I know it takes work and consistency to live well and achieve a state of mind in life that is fully harmonious, loving, satisfying and nurturing. For our selves and as well for others. That is something that most of us aim for anyway! At least during our first twenty or so years of life.

The demands in life are usually large, come in a lump sums and as will require the highest immediacy. Therefore it is not rare that we suffer, struggle and become frustrated. Forgetting that one of the most important elements in life is to find fulfillment while we accomplish our responsibilities and duties, is a luxury that no one can afford. However, it is not rare to see that people drift with those daily demands and forget about the search for fulfillment. This is a tendency that we must keep in check often. If we feel right and find enlightenment in life and through life, the world we live in will be enhanced the very same way. That is the most effective way to cope and deal with hard feelings, rejection, frustration, anxiety, etc. In fact, it is well-known that the contrary may lead  to illness of all kinds. Because that, we must do as much as we need to make sure we remain in that path of enlightenment as we deal with the rest of mundane life.

The reason for abuse of alcohol, drugs, sex, power, etc, is nothing else but lack of fulfillment in life. And abuse of all that leads to abuse towards people, world, situations, etc, creating a miserable world around us. That can easily become a vicious circle an it will be even more difficult to pull out of it. The other option, one that a few take, is to numb our self and keep going and going. However, if we numb our minds, hearts and soul, we lose perspective and aim. And that is a much more difficult path to endure.

At the end of the year many people tend to make resolutions that ultimately will lead to the state of mind I mention here, but it is to easy to lose track of it and as well, we can’t become obsessive about it because all we do is aim towards frustration. And in the very same way that we do that, we will do so much good taking care of our loaned planet. We will personally benefit from the same. I am sure no one can argue the fact that when we are surrounded by good and happy people, we are happy people too. So, before leaving home to work, school, find a job, etc, we must make sure we are in the highest of all spirits and we must make sure we come across that way.

Again, I hope life has not treated you so badly that you became a cynic, but even if so, you can change that. All it takes is to have the right disposition, to keep working at it and although it may take some time, you will see the results. Once there, it will be easy sailing through the waters of life and you will make room for others that seek for the very same. Just remember, we can lose everything we gained in life except who we are – as we are. That is the resource we need – when things get bad – and like a magic act, we realize that actually, although it was pretty bad, what we found is many folds much better. But keep in mind, that is not something that others or life owe to us. That is something that we earn with lots of work but it is always perfectly doable and reliable. And it takes de same amount of effort than not to!