Supreme Court. Washington, D.C.

By Isis Win

The divide is not a new aspect of what rules and determine the path of the nation at any given time. Since the early days of independence’s conception from the Britons, divide existed between those seeking independence and those fearing the wrath of the English. The same divide was seeing through the first election, the creation of the US constitution, etc. Perhaps is a difference existed, that was the level of destruction the divide caused at one time or another one. The reason the US engaged in a domestic war between the north and the south. A war that ultimately brought emancipation for the large numbers of Africans brought by force and against their will. Finally, blacks had the potential to exercise their freedom of will, which is not quite up to today; African Americans still are fighting for their full freedom and respect.

Looking at it from the whites antagonizing blacks’ angle, we may think the situation could be manageable by providing constitutional rights to blacks. Still, those rights have been violated over and over, and today, when the civil rights machine has enough gas to fight against that, this administration cued whites mostly associated with a supremacist mind. Nothing new either, but the divide has grown in the recent three-plus years, that we can see an increase of crimes of hate but not just against blacks. Today, supremacists are fighting the rights of anyone that does not belong to the Anglo Saxon inheritance. That is a large number that questions the validity of being considered a minority.

It is effortless to figure the proportion of Civil rights supporters and those against it. We can say justifiably that the same numbers of people that oppose Donald Trump are the most substantial chunk of this divide. However, supremacists are acting up, and there is no week that a crime against those minorities is committed. However, for the sake of avoiding an increase in the divide/violent reactions, the police nor the press are reporting crimes of hate as they happen.

Being part of a despised minority group almost creates a divide in the mind, that focus exclusively on that particular and personal group. Not that we do not care for the violations committed against other groups, but the need to demand the rights of our specific group, do not leave much time and energy to focus on the other fronts.

My group is everyone belonging to the LGBT community. A significant increase in crimes committed against transsexual women has been taking place in the US. However, this is not exclusive to my country, but again, I can only focus on my own cause. Aside from supremacist aggression in the US, a campaign seems to be enacted against transsexuals everywhere on the board. Social networks have been showing frequent attacks against some TSs, and TSs are responding in their own terms. The level of vigilance in social networks is the new scenario today. Bigots ready to attack and prey, someone, they judge – because it does not fit their ideas of proper, allowable, not even human, and of course, do not recognize the constitutional rights of who they want to make their victim. A rhetorical case in most cases but situations that, at some point, may trigger a violent reaction against their persona, if they are located.

Trump and members of his administration have expressed at many levels disapproval of the transgender community. Mainly, from the apparent standpoint, denying our right to receive coverage of health services regarding the necessary resources for us. Such as medications aimed to address transition and any surgical procedures in the case. As well, the military has received a mandate forbidden transsexuals from joining the armed forces or stay in place.

Another catalyst against transgender people is the recent rhetoric expressed by the author of Harry Potter J.K. Rawling. She claims to have developed a therapy that would reverse transsexuality in young people, mainly kids. A past attempted procedure with terrible results because the method has nothing to do with enhancing self-identity but the opposite. The recipients of such “therapy” were massively abused by the therapist that forced them to admit they are just like anyone else and do not desire to address their gender identity. Parents of the recipients have sued those therapists, and the infamous treatment has been forbidden in many countries. The US has seen a drastic increase of opposition against transsexuals, Rowling, and opponents to this approach. Both currents, the US negation of validity in favor of transsexuality and the British, have influenced several nations to enact hostility against transsexuals.

In my view, part of what is happening in the US is divided into several sectors. #1 the words from DT. #2 the angst of supremacists. #3 the acute frustration and fear caused by Covid. #4. The lack of constitutional protection in favor of all LGBT people. A divide over the divide that ultimately results in the fragmentation of the fabric of the USA. A beneficial status for corruption, abuse, and control over everything from those at the top of the ladder.

It is reasonable to assume all that will change after the upcoming elections. Considering the level of abuse of power from the administration and the recent words from DT, we know that the outcome of the elections can only go in one direction. In favor of DT, otherwise, he is able and willing to fight a lost election because he does not see how the country could possibly be going in the opposite direction of the greatest president of the US. His own words, written and spoken. So we must act before that happens. How? is the million-dollar question. I might be wrong, I believe: voters oppose to another four years of Trumpism should express support for Joe Biden. That will show it is the democratic wish of most of the American taxpayers and voters to have Trump out. If we do not do that, DT will appeal the results and deny moving out of the White House, and this is a matter to be solved by the voters, not by the Electoral College, as it happened four years ago.

So, what’s going to be? The only chance we have to beat this crisis is by increasing the size of the chunk of America we belong to. And to show the opposite end that democracy is what determines the future of us and our country.


Valle de Bravo before the lock-down. Gorgeous tress every where!

By Isis Win

Through the frequent chats I have with people, locally and through the internet, I hear people throwing a statement about the world being upside down and then wonder the reason for that. I reckon the world is not as most believe it was, but I differ with this idea.

Since the inception of the industrial revolution, the world changed, not gradually, but fast and massive changes took place. Considering what it was before and it turned into, in less than a century, it is expected that the world could go in the wrong direction, and the time available to fix it was too short and shallow. Just the advent of the car and electricity changed everything the world was. Millions and millions of people of the world accepted and digested the comfort provided by the advance of technology. For instance, people in the US through generations did not travel more than twenty miles away from their homes, then they started to explore their neighbor states, and the next one, and their life became a different life. Electricity had a similar effect. Before it existed, it was “normal” to end daily activities after sundown and start after the sunrise. Not that people were not busy laboring or entertaining before and after those hours, but electricity extended to 24 hours the activity time and whatever can happen. The list grows as those two inceptions integrated newer technology.

As technology improved, just about everything in our personal and general world changed, and we went along with it. Population spread like rabbits; we accepted the enlargement of living areas, a buildup of larger homes spread, etc. (now shrinking). We consumed more of all types of resources. How much of that expansion was prepared for the negative impact? Just electricity shows a perfect example.

Electricity consumed vast amounts of coal. Coal created a considerable amount of contamination, then power plants came, and a war between suppliers of energy sources started. Solutions were designed and placed, but problems continue growing and growing. We people reacted in the very same way technology changed and changed us. Issues were “fixed,” but the number of problems increased as well the population and spread of people, the more problems appeared. The result, we have enough to worry about the consequences of that and that. A few things were addressed, but most were not and all based on the cost and revenue of whatever was in sight.

Everything started to fragment here in the US. Divisions multiplied among all sorts of differences among us, but we manage to keep our act together. Then, we have to count government actions. Among the different administrations, there were good and bad ones. Every admiration focused on one, two, or more issues, but many were untouched. Politics aimed (a promise!) to fix them, but every person representing a location wanted to be favored. With so many states wanting a piece of the cake, the cake is to be divided. Their representatives are getting a piece as well. However, some satisfaction was achieved, by any means- all problematic issues were not addressed—that increased level of the crisis, which sooner or later affected everyone.

Among the many not dealt issues of the past is racial discrimination. Slaves, blacks were liberated and theoretically were able to seek a better life on their own – whatever opportunity they could find and meld with the rest of the population. Meld with the original people that once slaved them. Injustice against blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc. continued happening. Apparently, not much focus was placed on those issues because they were considered political, and the supporters of the politicians and politics were not in agreement on how to fix that. The problem was not fixed, and it created the Civil Rights movement that as well, was fought to death, killing the leaders of that movement. Although there is a gain through the desegregation process, ethnic groups still have been victimized by those not willing or able to support the civil rights act.

That is one problem, a large one, but as I mentioned above, the spread of everything came with additional issues that needed to be addressed in a timely fashion. We were on the right track until recently, but this administration conceived an idea that many of those improvements were not at all such. Such as our intent to move towards fixing or aiding the world’s environment- that has been causing massive deaths and material losses. Expect to face more and worse natural disasters because we are behind the needed action, to at least reduce its impact.

We are, where we are because of the simple fact of cause and effect. Nothing critical we have faced since the last century is an accident. We are looking at the impact, but it seems that we are going to leave any possible action to the next administration. We were already late, we have lost four years, and it will take more time to undo, the wrong by this administration. Include into that package, the racism problem that is causing more effects to be paid in the future.

Racism, right now and ever, is wrong. However, ignoring the roots of that problem will not serve a real purpose to what is needed. Although it is undeniable that different ethnic groups are not treated as our constitution mandates, we cannot turn a blind eye to see why so many people feel antagonistic against a minority group. Not many people are willing or able to voice many of the elements that are part of this issue. Because said statements, against any of these minorities, will be seen as another form of racism. There is so much to be said about this growing problem! Although I do not support the way racism has been dealt with in the last four years, I dare to say; there is some valid basis to feel wrong about some of the people in those minority groups. Whatever can be said, requires an in-depth examination based on real, reliable facts that the other end would oppose to it. Such as members in those minorities do not behave like the rest of the population does, which is part of our protocols, and they believe their anger entitles them to act wrong – to act violently. I see this prevailing situation among Latinos, blacks, Asians, recently Arabs, etc. If you are invited to my house, you have to behave accordingly; otherwise, you are not invited. People filled with anger because injustice exists have nothing to win by acting up their sentiment. The same way our government needs to look into the parts that increase this situation, not to find an ending all solution. Those minorities must examine how they can stop what a few of their members do: pour barrels of gas to an already ignited fire – for far too long.

This is one of the too many reasons it seems the world is upside down. We are facing a lesson that we cannot ignore, and if we do, as we have done in the past, the crisis will increase, creating more damage and cynicism around all of us and the world.

The real important issue now is we must start addressing what we can – in the proper order – because the view about a screwed up world – may become a full reality – when we reach the point of no return. We have loads of issues that require immediate action, so we can have a certain future, not like the future we have now.


Rays breaking through a thick cloud cover. Another power outage.

By Isis Win

The reality we see today in the country prompts a mighty important question. Is what Donald Trump facing witch hunting? He accuses the idiotic press of producing “Fake News” always criticizing his every move and distorting the truth. As well, the do-nothing House of Representatives is against him and the country because, for the first time in history, the country has an effective president that solves all US problems. America First! He says.

Since the inaugural, Trump attempted to create credit in his favor for having an enormous mass in the inaugural. Photos and videos show the exact opposite, especially compared to Obama’s inaugural. There are more than twenty thousand moments in which what he said the facts prove the contrary. Either lies or exaggerations deceiving the audience. As well, he has taken credit for positive results that he is not responsible for and capitalize on them. Perhaps the most significant is that the economy and employment are booming because of him. The economy was pretty bad at the end of the George W. Bush regime as the result of the mortgage bubble burst, and it was leading to a second grand depression. Bush’s administration did what was already known to save our economy. To bail out as many relevant businesses to continue profiting and producing positive results. Such as banks, car manufacturers, etc. Obama continued the same principle, and gradually the economy stopped from falling and slowly improved. As a logical result, employment started to climb. When Obama left the White House eight years later, progress was in March, and it was clear, it will continue climbing unless something in that regard was changed. Trump’s people did what they have to do, and we shined as never before. Trump was not the catalyst to one of the most important moves the US engaged, to recover and improve our economy and employment.  But pointing lies and deceits is something that people already know, some believe them, and the Democrats have not been able to do much about them.

The last mega lie is devastating for his plans for reelection. Actually, I will reserve to mention two that everyone knows and can not deny them, unless, well, they are totally alienated.

Covid is more than a lie, deceit, and whatever name we can call it because the result of his action is killing Americans by the thousands, and the economy is drastically threatened. We have not had the threat under control, period. To make it worst, the actions taken by his administration have been accused of irresponsible and out of touch. Scientists from all over the world as in the US have openly declared the measures are taken up to this very moment, do not reflect their recommendations, nor aiming to control the crisis. The recent calculations state that we may have 100,000 new cases daily soon, and since the death rate is between 4% to 5% as is, you will figure what is coming. As well, the spread will not be contained. The reason the EU had closed their borders to US travelers attempting to go there. The EU is an essential area in the planet that serves international transactions that could reduce the impact of a failing economy. Yet, we are too far from having control over Covid. It seems to change that, the only possibility would be to produce a Coup d’etat and take over the threat. So, that has been a lie and deceit to the American people, supporters, or opponents.

My second lie here is about Russia offering a financial reward to Taliban members to attack and kill American soldiers in the region. Regardless of the testimony of intelligence officers that claim they provided this information since February this year, he claims he never was brief about it. So, if so, how come being the president of the USA he is not aware of that? Whether someone missed to debrief him, he supposed to ask, gather all intelligence, and act immediately. Not working in such an important matter says: he is thoroughly unfit to run the country. Instead, he washes his hands, stating ignorance.

I do not care if he is right, left, conservative, or whatever he considers himself. Alignment of any kind, in reality, does not save him from being an irresponsible officer of our country that is taking us further from a great America again. Whatever, anything he says, there are evident facts that prove him a crook.

The question now is, what did he not challenged Russia about this intelligence find? Call it gossip if you wish, but several people in his circles are talking about his bragging about serious businesses with the Russian oligarchs that up to now, should be kept in secret. Many of them claim that is the mighty reason he is opposed to producing his tax returns. Some of them ever dare to say that some of his crooked business – previous to the election – will not be found because he has done everything to ensure he gets away with murder and has not been able to prove him guilty of anything. If so, why so callously keep his returns secret? If there is nothing wrong, there is nothing to hide. Well, my theory differs drastically. His declared fortune before the election was XXXXXX any digits you wish, but at the end of his presidency, his wealth will be XXXXXXXXXXXX more digits to brag about.

All this would not be possible if the checks and balances, the constitutional machine would be working. I concur with former national security adviser Bolton. Democrats acted to fast, too sloppy when investigating possible crimes that would impeach him. Now, we have a much higher price to pay, the US has been dramatically embarrassed before the world, and for the first time in US history, there is a tale without a question that we are not such a clean and decent nation. We The People are the responsible party of this situation because how can we demand the Checks and Balances policy to act when the country is as divided as we are. We still have a chance to fix it, but that only could happen when the entire nation follows suit from a true leader.


Where I am, Valle de Bravo Mexico, we face constant power outages. This is one of too many, right before the sun lies down. Interesting view, isn’t it?

By Isis Win

Division in the USA is palpable anywhere in the country. Conservatives and liberals lead this front that repercussions in several layers of the country. The position of one side compared to the other one, make the entire country look like a black and white nation. The bottom line is that there are no winners in this battle.  How could possibly be a winner when the cake is split in two?

At the moment, the largest B&W issue is the battle for racial justice and the end of brutality of law enforcement against blacks, browns, and LGBT people. In recent weeks The number of homicides against these groups has escalated. They are showing alarming signs about a damaging increase in the violence in the country. 

One of the fronts in this battle is the removal of statues of federalists and racial figures. Some with historical importance because they were members of the struggle that perished more Americans than all the wars fought together. What is the aim to remove statues that were created and placed in public sites where everyone could see them, perhaps admire them? Although those figures are a thing of the past, it makes sense they are removed, possibly placed in other locations but removal is mandatory, why?

Imagine that there are statues with figures of historical people such as Hitler, Mengele, Joseph Goebbels,Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess, Adolf Eichmann. Hermann Göring, etc. and anyone involved in the invasion of Europe that killed millions of innocent people because the perpetrators believe in cleansing humanity. Would you support that? Although there are different issues, different situations, the fact is that federalists wanted to split the country and were racist to the point of creating campaigns to hang, beat, burn and hurt black people in the country. I fail to see what this angst against blacks is to the point that supremacists are killing them as they did decades and a hundred years ago.

Making humanity a black and white issue does not resolve anything but hate, bigotry, lack of compassion, and plain discrimination against another human being. How little those haters know that their DNA has markers of black ancestors that were the first humans on earth. Do they hate themselves too?

What we are looking at and fighting is nothing short than plain stupidity because supremacists will never remove all the people they despise. This issue could get so ugly that browns, yellows, blacks, and anyone in the sight of supremacists get together and wipe out the supremacists. That is what war against others do!

Although this racist issue is one that has never been cleared since the days of abolition, what we see today is the result of the demagogue statements of our racist president. Perhaps his tone before was about been #1 in the public eye and benefited from that free exposure. Still, today, it is evident, he is as racist as any federalist or supremacist. This is the gift to a democratic nation that ended up placing this shady character in the number one dominant position in the world.

We are receiving the consequences of permitting the US to land where we are not by the majority’s choice. Our diplomatic status with many relevant nations of the world is at the lowest point ever. Feuding with the banana republic is one thing, but feuding with China, for instance, comes with a very high price. The cost? We are alone in the world, and any nation suffering from this cold war with China is better off by siding with China and shut the door to the US. That has been happening in these three past years. For instance, if you could hear other leaders of the world, you will hear laughter and belittling of Trump and the US because the world they know, is not even remotely close to Trump’s world. That neither helps or negatively affects all nations that have business with us. We may be the mighty economically and the greatest military power of the world, but anything that is started will have an end too. It does not take a science degree to see that domestically and abroad we are far from a great America. We had lost many steps to tackle as they were needed in 2016. Steps that before placed us as the leaders of the world. To achieve that place in history, the US needed the support and consent of our allies. Today, the allies we can count on are the ones that count their currency and check how many US dollars they have, perhaps getting rid of them before they face massive losses. OK, this is a blatant exaggeration, and in November, we will have the chance to change the path. But nothing is going to give back what we already lost throughout these past four years, while we do not remove the black and white issue that is tarnishing us and destroying what we supposed to be about. Are we ready to give up our place in the world? If so, who do you chose to take over?

Alienation is the culprit of what we are looking for now. For as long as we are so removed from the truths that are present, facts that can be certified legitimate, we will remain doomed and suffer the consequences.

We are on time to gradually start fixing what is broken. But for as long the supremacists keep doing their thing, the situation will continue to creep the living lights of us. How could we possibly get rid of them? We do not need to. They are as US citizens as we are, and they are entitled to be who they chose, and no one is entitled to try to change them as they are not entitled to try to change us. The way to deal with that is the same principle that allows them to be hateful and discriminatory. But we do not have to act like them. What we have at our disposal is to show the strength of the opposition against them is. We are more, we are more conscious, and by simply pushing them to stay in their chosen side, they will reckon that this battle of them, is a no winning battle. Then, they may become quiet. But as well, we have to remove every single trace of what represents them, so no one will be remembered that we are not a black and white issue. But we are a multicolor nation that brought the country to what no so long ago was, and we need to reach, again and again. Participate if you are on the side of freedom, compassion, and integration of every single US citizen. So we do what we need and do not have to think about bringing America to what already is. A great nation, even as is now. Instead, we aim to make America a stable nation, because we are a robust nation and have plentiful to grant to all that they deserve. A chance to live in freedom, opportunity, harmony and peace.


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Although I’ve had a tweeter account since a while ago, I have not used it much. My reason for having it and not using it – crash each other. So I was not thinking about it. Today, Covid is giving me loads of money I never envisioned I could have. Well, time is money, right?. Therefore I am becoming rich! That richness made me think about returning to blog and tweet stuff.

When I joined tweeter, I barely read tweets from the unbelievable amount of people at the site, daily, hourly, and makes me think tweeter makes people wealthier! So much time into it and who knows what the pay is for most of them. The tweets I read often then turned me off because there was so much anguish in them. All that stuff of socio-economic order that politicians use to what? We all have a different interpretation of that stuff, so I keep mine here, and you apply yours there.

During this recent incursion into tweeter, I read many tweets that are within my interest. Tweets by trans women that either attempt to advocate in our favor, throw tomatoes and bananas to those that despise and hate us, and express the sentiment of their experience as transwomen. All good, it is of utmost importance to reveal what goes inside of each of us, right? But I realize something that hmmm, makes me wonder if they are aware of, and it may come to them with sourness and rejection. Yeah, no one wants any of that. But some of them seem to become a magnet for that trash, and that makes me warn them. You are getting into the jaw of the wolf!

Young trans women in the process of full gender congruency are so fortunate! In a little while, they will find themselves not just living their life as they wanted and needed, but their transformation will be almost perfect. The younger that process is started, the more afar the traces of their born body become. That replaced by the natural effects of estrogen and androgens. A risky treatment, but it is worth 100%. So, they look great, they act great, they feel great, they think great, and what is wrong with that? NOTHING!

The difference between young and old do not observe genders. It notes experience that leads to how we see and manage things. Aging comes with lots of stuff; some of that no so kind, but a single one makes the whole trip entirely worth it: Maturity. Yeah, if I would know what I know now when I was pretty young, wow! I would be in heaven right now! Not that I am in hell, but I have had my moments of that. Well, one of the things I know well now, which I did not know then, is that being who I was and what I am now is nobody business. Well, I make it their business by exposing myself in the wide-open field by being what I am, without any second thoughts about that. That is good, but! Others, many others, do not feel the same way, and that is not so safe. Of course, I am proud of who I am!!! Anyone suspecting the amount of courage and risk I took to allow myself to be who I am -> knows how that goes, right? But the way things are in our country at this particular stage, brings a warning to people like us, among many other different people that as well, are at stake, like black and Latino.

One way to put it is People minding your business, which is private and personal, do so because they are unable to mind their own business, the business that makes them mind yours, mine, and everyone else. That is like racism, and racist people act that way, we have a long history that shows us how that works. Therefore, when they mind our business, do not mind theirs. That is as gasoline into the fire. 

Exercise your Pride, the incredible lift that being gender congruent gives you. Share what you feel is making you a better person each and every day. Stay positive and happy, and do not let the wolf tempt you so you can become their prey. Like the Coronavirus, if you do not expose yourself to it, it will not find you. So you do not fall into their lack of compassion and sympathy. Take this from an old TS that has been around and have seen a lot.

June is the 50 anniversary of Pride Day for all of us, and celebrating it is the recognition of the freedom some courageous brothers and sisters brought us then. That battle is over. We have others to sort out. Those require of each of us Pride. That battlefield now is in the turf of our leaders. Our president, the legislators, the judicial, the jurists, and everyone that have a potential grain of salt to grant us – what we deserve and have gained through decades of injustice. That is the front for you, for me, and everyone that knows what battle is right. So, join us by representing what you have and what you can give. Not what others want to take away from you.


Be well, be safe, and be loving!


By Isis Win

For many people, if not most, the advent of the 21st century was a trigger of hope. The needed hope resulted in the antithesis to realities the US, and the entire world has been witnessing with no promise in sight about improvement. In 2019 the facts presented a different scenario. A scenario that lacked the proper hope and faith, and today, we are looking at some of the early consequences of that lack of hope.

E.g., Our administration “declared war” against our ally China. A deserving challenge considering that China for a long time, since they opened their doors to global commercial trade, has acted unethically. They have done everything in their power to come out as the glorious winners of international trade. Our governments and experts have seen all sorts of manipulations to fix it. They responded with changes in their currency, deceiving diplomatic negotiations, stealing intellectual property, and more deceiving practices. The bottom line is that they have not complied with fair practices, and our actual administration chose to bully them. The result: not only China has become our enemy in trade, but our allies are not with us because if China would react as we have done by now, the threat will impact the entire world’s economy. The failure is not challenging China, but the method used to negotiate realistic and ethical practices. We are right in the middle of that storm, and neither Trump (if reelected) nor Biden, will have an easy pass to bring balance between both countries.

China is to be blamed for the most significant chunk of that failure. It is doubtful that they are there accidentally. However, the US being the world’s leader and the currency owners used to all sorts of monetary transactions, has much more to lose than China or the world. Our loss is nothing less than the place we hold before the world.

Today China is presenting a face that looks like the USA in the past in relation to the USSR. Territorial fights in the south of China can challenge the world at any minute. The battle in Hong Kong to fully control that Chinese piece of territory, a significant one for China, is getting out of control and creates a “war” between Hong Kong and Beijing. War forces of the world could become involved at some point. The US, as the leader of the world, should be the first one to step in; the allies will follow suit if appropriately set. If we have lost our partnership with China, our allies are doomed regarding what their next action could be. The grand question that does not have an answer is: who will take our role?

We are reaching the weakest link in the chain. Trump attempting a second term, which is looking less likely to happen (thank God for that!) and Biden, who will be massacred by Trump’s campaign before the election. Our toxic domestic divide is spreading around the world because of our lack of leadership. As if that is not a dramatic problem, Corona is making everything more challenging and impossible to predict.

I tend to be a positive thinker, and regularly I see lights at the end of the tunnel. The problem I experience now is that if we are so divided domestically, predicting a positive answer seems a fantasy chosen to manage concern and its derivations. Usually, if I reach a place like that, as I have a few times these past three years, I tend to bounce into that place that speaks with images and tells me, “remember, all is the result of cause and effect,” and whatever results from effect, it is the karmic price to be paid. Not an acceptable result, but it can be if we look at our reality today, which shows we are in a hole, an impasse whatever I chose to call it, but the light at the end of the tunnel is too dimmed to see it right now.

I was excited yesterday because the response from SCOTUS about title VII actually protecting the LGBT minority, we have the first leg to achieve full protection. Unless our government and the conservatives derail the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we fail to understand that the divide we have today, in reality, is doing severe damage to right – left and the entire country. The effect can only be bad, very bad.

I believe, supported by data I collect all the time, and through many years, what is happening to us is not the responsibility of our leaders. Sadly, the family environment is eroded in many places in the country, and what happens there happens everywhere. We, the people, and the country, are looking like a dysfunctional family that our only option is to split one from the other. The sense of community to preserve every bit of our identity fades really fast when cohesiveness is not present, and we lose the ruder to direct our destiny. Maybe I am the only one having this perception, but I doubt it because more than half of our nation is facing something dramatic, see no end to it, and that uncertainty somehow places us in limbo. The limbo that is adding to that divide, which is making us weak little by little.

What we are facing right now is much more than deciding who will govern us for the next four years. However, whoever we chose will determine our possible direction and possible solutions to our issues. A course that can only work if we strengthen the weak link that we are allowing now because our ideas do not arrive at the consensus that can spare all of us from disaster. An agreement of ALL the people about becoming a robust nation, because – we ALL are Americans, and if we are not, because that divide, there is not much to fight for. That is the karmic message. We need to act consciously for our flag, constitution, laws, and civil/human rights that have made our country. Same that we are letting go today because we fail to agree and support that common-sense principle of “A nation is composed of ALL citizens, not those who believe in owning it.”


By Isis Win

51 years ago, the police broke in again into the gay club Stonewall. This time, the patrons of the club refused to be arrested, abused, and the bigotry of the law and order members displayed. This reaction exploded in both ends. Soon after, the first of three riots started, and the police, for the first time, felt their hands were tied, instead of the gay, lesbian, and transgender previous victims. There was blood; there were broken bones; there was chaos as a large multitude joined the victims, and the police could not do anything to repress the members of what later became the LGBTQ minority group.

On the second day, the club owners decided to open their doors again. The managers got a few bottles of alcohol, another jukebox, and slowly small groups walked to Greenwich village and entered the club. This time there were many more policemen. Many wearing heavy protection, others carrying weapons to release tear gas, etc. this time, they could not lose the battle, they thought, and the penny wagon waited for massive arrests. Again, they resisted, tear gas was released, a large commercial trash can was set on fire, the police started to beat some of the people, and another huge number of strangers joined to support the courageous warriors. Police tactics prove inefficient and weak. Yes, there was some arrest. Greenwich Village has never seen anything like that. Even neighbors to the club joined the resistance. The major of the city and the police department knew they could not mess so easily with LGBT people again.

Someone in the group yelled after the riots were over: We need to demonstrate to keep the momentum. They requested the perming, it was granted, and a date for LGBT members was set. Demonstration day: many demonstrators were fearful of finding the police force having an excuse to attack them. That did not stop them, and again, small groups, two or three people, walked to the meeting site and started walking towards central park very fast, too fast. They reached the end of the journey. All were surprised that the small number of gays, lesbians, and trans people turned into an enormous crow composed by gay, lesbian and transgender people coming from everywhere, close and far. All of them learned that they were on the right path. That march became Gay Pride day, and it is celebrated every year in many countries around the world.

There were riots in LA, CA, San Francisco, Chicago, and more because of the same reason. Police brutality trying to set fear on LGBT people. Then, advocacy in favor of human and civil rights in support of us was born.

There are so many advocacy organizations working to change the law and the perception of the people in general. They work hard and non-stop to improve the law and the understanding of millions of Americans. There are gains, mainly in favor of gays and lesbians. The most significant and fundamental change: the right to marry a member of the same sex. Yet, this one is perhaps as large. Today, Monday 15 of 2020, The Supreme Court decided 6 to 3 that the original civil rights of 1964 under article VII protects gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals from discrimination at the place of work. I consider this win the set in stone of the movement, a few days before the anniversary of Stonewall Inn Gay Pride Day.

This decision, opposed to Trump’s actions and words, is the first, perhaps final leg of achieving full protection from discriminatory acts in all sectors that deny the consistency of citizenship of our minority that has suffered since the early days of the republic. Gay, lesbian and transgender people remained closeted until the time that the NY police aimed to beat, arrest, even kill anyone in those ranks because plain discrimination against us was not forbidden.

Some states provided further protection to us, but sadly, their law is not adequately enforced. Therefore, discrimination against us still happens even in those states.

Now, we have to make sure protection to have health, legal and housing protection for us is protected as well. Maybe by then, the perception of close to 50% of the population changes, so we do not need to fear and suffer because a handful of ignorant people still despise us.

It is expected some reactions may come out and soon, particularly from religious groups that have been advocating against us for years and spending millions of dollars—perhaps using silly but discriminatory acts. Such as forbidding the use of the correct bathrooms to transgender people. Regardless of what they do, we are moving forward not just in favor of our cause but in favor of having and understanding and united nation.

I present my deepest gratitude to the members of the Supreme Court that made this decision possible and I thank as much to every single American that has been on our side and supported us in their form of choice.

This historic even is another mark written in stone about the greatness of America!

CORRECTION: It is the 50th anniversary of Gay Pride Day, not 51.


by Isis Win

When listening to some people, I get their message regarding their belief that life is threatened, and it might be a sign of the end of it. Some dare to say only human life while others speak about the extinction of forms of life on earth. Often, when reading the headlines of several mass mediums, I read about an impending threat to life. Asteroids coming our way and with a size large enough to impair all sorts of life by darkening our skies. Or super volcanos activity that may do the exact same. Raising oceans that in their heads may cover most of the grounds where we live. I feel appalled when I hear things like that, but I concur with something that does not deliver the idea to them.

Sensing the end of life does not represent the end of life. That is a choice we all can make in our heads. It refers to the end of what we are in that particular moment, and we are about to enter a new way of being. Spiritual disciplines speak about this phenomenon as the death of the spiritual being transitioning into the new one—something hard to grasp to some people.

Fearing death is rational among us humans. It is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but removing that fear represents moving towards experiencing life in a new way. A better way that enjoys more things and creates a higher state of being. It is said that fear of death is fear to life itself. A potential subjective topic that most likely does not reach an end until the experience is digested. Meaning that we die and are reborn so we can appreciate that state of mind and soul accordingly to our new way of being or perception.

Indeed, we cannot take for granted the existence of physical life, which is closely tied to living on planet earth. Threats that can destroy life, not just humans, are all over the place. Wars, in my view, are the most definite potential to eliminate life as is. However, a nuclear war, for instance, although it can be possible, it is the extreme of how we humans can destroy human life. I see it more like a threat than a potential risk that brings such an outcome. Then we may ask ourselves and the people that make sure we and many others have nuclear weapons. Why do we have them? To entice fear to the potential enemy, so it does not mess with us. As in the case of Japan – that – preemptively attacked us and refused to give in.

Corona brought us a bit of that concern about life. Another Covid virus, according to specialists, can arise and wipe us from living for good. However, the message is not that we are going to die, but we must do what we can to make sure we live. Not just survive but to do what it takes to live our life fully. There are many detractors to get there. Such as our needs that demand heavy working, earning money so we can support our life with those goods but not truly – to live fully. There are several ways to live fully. To land in the right spiritual path, which requires sacrificing things that belong to the survival realm or simple comfort. Facts show that we create a need to improve our life – and to improve it – requires to make it more comfortable. Consumption becomes the sugar pill to live well.

The times we live in today speak about needed changes in many realms. Although those changes may reflect that we must change people, our government, the disparity among people, the power that controls us, etc., all true and valid, but the real changes do not start right there. They begin within, and the results gradually fine-tune the string of our soul. Therefore we take action to change the other things we need to. It is a curve in a process that goes up and down, so things change in another direction. However, for the most part, the course we take is more the result of gravity than our choice and dedication. Take, for instance, Russia converting into the USSR to address the need to remove the power and clout of the abusive monarchical regime, of the time before the revolution. The operation succeeded by removing them and giving a better chance to the neglected, but the reality is that such change made millions of people suffer as much or more than what they wanted to move away. Perhaps the French revolution succeeded better, but still, the will of the majority is waiting for their turn to be addressed.

In this physical order of us, perfection is nothing more than a lame excuse not to arrive at the end of the aspired goal. We are flawed. Therefore we will find more and more items to fix. But that can produce a good sense of living! For as long as we are part of it, meaning we are involved.

If we genuinely evolve spiritually and resume life as fulfilling, it will require not much to fix the angst that history shows is everywhere in the world. The spirit lives in the mind and body. Therefore we need to educate both to live with the real essential things of life, to share them, and to make sure that we no longer we invent excuses to survive but to live. Money does not grant that, but it makes things a little sweller. So that is the answer here? Like in everything else, moderation is the “secret.”

No one knows what happens after we die. However, I can tell you for sure: We do not go to hell or heaven. Those are images created in our heads, so we remain inside the loop and conform to the established protocols. Since we are to stay as societies, we follow suit, but it is not a matter of breaking what already exists to start a different way to approach living. What we need to change, to begin with the right foot, is that we must feel from the core to the covering layer of who we are, that we cannot disfranchise others because they are not like what we are. The secret of living life is to grasp every bit of life, and every bit is you, I, and everyone that still is on the surface of this planet. While doing so, we protect everything there is, and if by any chance we are to die, we do not die alone. Wherever we end up going, we go together and start of a new leg of another life. Not in hell, not in heaven, but wherever we end up. So, maybe we all need to die spiritually, so we are reborn as the people that we are NOW and can enjoy better what we become, we are really alive and enjoy it fully. There is nothing to despise, hate, and dislike, to judge, etc. any human parts of life. I am referring about bringing rebirth in a way that we do the walk of what we do the talk. Got it?


Photo Janis Chakars

By Isis Win

The US is a vast and mighty nation. We will never be exempt from a grand crisis that seems to speak about the status of the country. Those speak about a particular time and issues that, in some measure, have improved, and some others still are pending. Ethnic racism still is an issue that seems not to have a solution, regardless of the improvements achieved. There is no question about the validity of the discontent by African American citizens. Unjustified brutality has been visually evident, the masses recognize the results, and the majority expect justice to be served. However, police brutality is not exclusive to African Americans suffering. Cases of that exist in almost every state, and most do not respond adequately because the law and order system supposed to be in charge in the social order, and they are allowed to enact force if the rule is broken. Some cases become the focus of the press, and the result is a nationwide spread of demands for that justice. For the most part, demonstrations are pacific, and their aim is to be heard and find the proper response from the local government as the federal authorities.

I find two critical elements in this situation. The number one is the lack of adequate response by our leader in chief. He should address the demonstrations in a public forum to ensure the movement does not trigger violence and destruction, and the second one, the demonstrators themselves, should stop the looters and violent people from their actions. Like the old saying: It takes two to tango.

There is a much larger issue under this crisis. The fact that the American people at large are fed up with the negative messages of the supposed leader, the constant lies that make others responsible for the mishaps of his government, and his seeking for the glorification of what he considers he should be credited for. Actions that have nothing to do with leading that large and powerful nation but the contrary. What we see today is the evidence of this lack of touch with The People, favoring the people hired by the leader, the lack of certainty of a positive future, and the threat of four more years of the same. History points this issue as the precedent presents: A leader that does not present sound results is ousted in the coming election. However, between his actions and words and the press reports, it seems that he is going to perpetuate his government. The core of this disease is that he lacks what it takes to bring the nation into a status in which the country is altogether. Something that is not going to favor him because he was elected by the Electoral College, not by The People.

What supposed to be A Great America Again is the farthest the nation has been. I spare you from the redundant reminder of what our situation is today. Still, none of his actions have fixed anything but the contrary, and it is clear he is an elitist and with dubious trust by the majority, including many of his partisan members. Add to that, the Nationalists have been triggered by him, and the Anglo Saxon reaction by the extremist is making the situation more divided, hence complicated all, and it is hard to fix it.

Academics state this regime passed to history as the worse ever. Whether that is true or not, the critical fact is that we are already into a destructive crisis (corona), and we cannot afford to add fuel to the fire. By the end of this regime, we will see a report about deep waters we are in, in many regards, and no one is to fix it but us, the taxpayers and voters.

The next elected president is going to face an ill system as Obama did. At the end of Obama’s administration, although the issues of the country were not perfect, they shined a great future. The future that the 45th administration inherited. The next regime will not only have to fix the chaos we are in, such as the humongous deficit, faulty diplomatic and trade relations with China and other countries, and the neglected issues such as affordable health and education, migratory reform, and the sharp divide we live in since 2016.

Maybe what we are to face, the historical part, the unfinished issues, the divide, the virus results, etc. are of no importance to most. Most are seeking solutions that were not served and will continue delivering their obligations <$$$> to our government, hoping that harmony and peace allow us to do so. But the significant pending aspect is that for as long as we are divided, we are serving the greedy interests of the forces that created the situation we are in. There is no other solution that the masses should demand what is right, and those should respond with actions that are transparent and visually clear. The world got enough of the abuses of monarchies, today we got plenty of the abuses of the oligarchy that does not leave room to the supporters of the nation. I wish this happens in a peaceful setting, but the farther we go, the steeper it looks.

A country belongs to the people that make the country. The rulers are just the result of the wishes of the people, and when the rulers fail to deliver what is needed and wanted, the people should act immediately. Not just to demand justice against the criminals that do not serve their oath but anyone, in front or behind of what affects the lives of everyone. Not the favored by those who imagine they are the rightful owners of the nation. That requires involvement, and for as long as such does not exist, our present and future are doomed. Who wants that? If you are against it, voice yourself by been present when needed and to represent yourself at the booth. Time is coming, and it is time to start voicing your wish.


By Isis Win

Photo by Randy Colas – Belgium

By Isis Win

A division of the country started the 1861 to 1865 US civil revolution. Different goals, different aims divided the country to the point of beginning an armed battle that later became a full revolution killing more Americans than all the wars the US has been involved in history. Through its path, the revolution messed everything the US was up to that moment, and although the country recovered, the US was not the same ever again. Today, the US is not fully recovered from that revolution. Division among Americans prevail, and is notorious, and is creating severe damage for the country. Perhaps it is “interesting” that only a minority of the US population are unhappy about the actual US’s state. They want to change that existing order. They are weaponized enough to arm another social revolution. They are ready and prepared to take action. Their sentiment is as strong as the sentiment of the drivers of that past revolution. However, that seems not to have an effect in the direction that the US has sustained since those days.

The aim and wishes of the potential revolutionaries do not belong to what the US legally stands, and the established contemporary civil rights. The objective of these anguished minority seems to belong to hundreds of years of the past. It is triggered by their opposition to the minorities that populate the US. African Americans, Latinos from all regions of the south border, LGBTQ people, Jews, Asian, Middle East people, Muslims, etc. The people that called themselves “Nationalists” oppose and want to erase from the country all those groups. Their name “nationalist” has nothing to do with the protection and improvement of the nation. It is just a name that otherwise is called White Nationalists that differs nothing from old groups like the KKK.

For years this group was somehow silent. Although they have been actively acting perpetrating acts of domestic violence. Neither the press or the government nor law and order have been broadcasting the impact of their actions except in cases such as the mass killings in synagogues, Mosques, etc. Nationalists do not hide their responsibility. Have they been taken to justice? Check your memory records to see what kind of legal actions they have faced. Maybe just a few isolated cases, but not the entire scope of their activities.

The issue of unjustified violence against African Americans perpetrated by the police has been blunt, and massive if we count that there is no year with cases making it to the headlines. It is clear that among the law and order officers, many can be considered nationalists, and abuse their power committing crimes of hate. Sometimes they get away with them, and the masses respond violently too. Responses had been significant across the country, mostly repressed, and after a little while, they seem to be forgotten. However, the reactions have been increasing in activity and violence after every case.

The reaction of the demonstrators, although they can be considered justified in reality, is solving nothing, but the contrary. It seems that African American demonstrators do not know or have forgotten the peaceful aim of Dr. Luther King to achieve civil rights in favor of the black community. Nonviolence does not harm a country, does not further the split of the population, and offers better chances of finding a resolution. However, for as long as violence keeps happening, the issue will continue and grow.

Our actual president has triggered part of the level of the toxic actions of civil servants, citizens, and anyone that is frustrated by their xenophobic sentiment. His messages have been divisive, and incite the White Nationalists to act as if they are in their right, and they are right to oppose minorities through violence. The result of the demonstrations in Charlottesville VA ending in the loss of one life, and several severely dismembered, is not the first message by Trump to White Nationalists, but one of the clearest ones. There have been plenty more messages with the same result. Attempting to analyze the reason for the US president to act and speak that way is irrelevant at this point. Creating a deep level of fear, uncertainty, and division among a population is a way to undermine all values that might undermine the control from people cueing fear and concern. Clearly, Trump’s aim to rule in a monarchical way, invalidating anything and anyone that may possibly question is an abuse of authority. The US president is the most powerful position in the world, and Trump clearly has shown how powerful he is. If this is not changed soon, most likely, we will see another civil revolution.

The US stands for, and advocates across the planet social justice and rights, human rights, and the bettering of all human conditions that ruled the world in the – no so old past. Conditions inherited from the times of the European monarchies that exploited people, resources, etc. while living as divine creatures. Nothing different than what we see today among the billionaires, top millionaires, and the oligarchs of the US and the world compared to the working class. Clearly, the battle is still far from over, but this administration took a few steps back to the old days, and they are getting away with murder.

Changing the order of the 21st century is possible, but it will be challenging. However, democracy will not be a viable solution. The reason being that for as long as the beneficiaries of the democratic process are not educated well enough about their history, laws, and to discern the information provided by the mass media does not serve the needed benefit. They become lambs in a nation of wolves. And that is what we have been seen in the US throughout the last century and before that. There is no better example than when we see Donald Trump: a man with a doubtful reputation, zero experience in public administration, is not even is a well-educated person. Then he promises to bring our nation to a better place than where we were during his campaigning, now his presidency. That is not the right place, a good promise nor a god start to create a better America. The White Nationalists only saw that promise, but not by the majority. The majority most have been frustrated about many old issues of national importance that have not been changed. Such as available, affordable health to all, a decent migratory reform, a higher tax rate to the top 30% of the population while the rest of the population is supporting the entire country. Also, an extreme buildup of the armed forces that does nothing, but competing with other nations driving the budget of all those nations to the sky. There are many more issues that are unresolved, and the majority of the voters want to change.

Senator Warren sounded like a communist during her campaign. It is time to end corruption in the US and bring those needed resources to the working-class she said. She is right; what we see now is nothing different than what the Russian Czars or the French Monarchy did long ago, and caused those bloody revolutions. However, Warren promised to work all that from within the government by having a steady fist on the laws that entitle Big Wigs and corporate America to do what we know they do. Where the real power is, it is doable, and we do not have to become communists or socialists to do so. All it takes is to be socially responsible and stop the abuse of big money. Perhaps with some consequences, but any as major as facing a revolution as it is looking now.

We have a pending presidential election, and we are clueless as to how the Trump campaign will manage their position. I bet they will make the nation more divided. And it is possible Trump would scream “Fraud” when losing the election. However, it is clear the majority of the American voters got enough of him, and the world stands behind any opponent – to the worst crook – Americans have seen seating at the White House. Just check the facts, go beyond the propaganda. You may learn that a better America is possible, but not in the hands of the government, but in the hands of the American people – when learning what we need – and we act when we are required.

Ending the massive demonstrations because the homicide of George Floyd can only happen if everyone stops feeding the divide that makes this situation much larger. The president should have to keep his mouth shut, but he didn’t. The press should stop broadcasting comments, reactions, etc. that further divide the people. Not that the issue should end right there. Perhaps the next administration will do something about the divide and lack of inclusivity of several minorities. Still, Trump’s administration will do nothing about it, but to incite the masses for their own purpose. That is the prevalent issue of the year, almost making Covid look almost irrelevant. The poor management and lack of touch of the administration can use focusing on other problems instead, such as potential fraud during the election.

The reason to end the demonstrations, and is to start making sure that ethical and honest legal teams bring this issue to the proper table, so this sad homicide stops for good in the future by not letting the police ever to act – ever again – in this illegal and inhuman way. One step at the time, and we will get there. Focusing on what matters is an important issue. Erasing Covid from been a potential threat now is. To make sure we have fair presidential elections is next. The economy will heal slowly, but surely.