Bad blogger wants to be good, will it happen?

By Isis Win

Something interesting happened after this past blog of mine. More than one person is following me. In fact, several signed in to read my writing. It makes me wonder and it makes me feel something new. I wonder what is it that I have those readers now. Is it that I asked for help? humility? I mentioning my upcoming adventure? LGBT or that I am a trans woman? Who knows and I doubt I will ever will get to know the answer.
The feeling? Well, I know well that knowing that some people have in interest in my blogs makes feel having purpose to continue doing it. How ironic because in the 90s and early 2K I was blogging in so many places, all different topics and stories and I knew having a pretty decent amount of readers but I didn’t feel what I do today. I continue blogging after a long “hiatus” because I have a mission about spreading the word, perhaps educating some, to understand, accept and embrace everyone under the LGBT umbrella. Something I understand should be happening at these times and particularly in this country where diversity has made the most interesting and prolific nation in history. However, it was not happening and only a few of us knew why. As well, the opponents reasons do not seem reasonable or reliable. Such as some of biblical extracts that in their eyes meant only certain people deserve the love and support of God, consideration, compassion, etc. I prefer not going into because it is a lost war. Now I know. However, yesterday I was visiting an old friend who is very christian and has been a devoted Bible student most of his life. We covered this topic only to end agreeing that the Christian message (Jesus) and al religions are exactly about embracing everyone. He as well, fails to understand this archaic attitude of some LGBT opponents and agreed that such interpretations used against us are out of context and poor.

I do no know about other bloggers but besides my intent to pitch in this LGBT movement, I write because that is my first love, I enjoy it and I am a communicator. As well, I know we need to address many things to better them off. Therefore, knowing being read does the trick, the contrary simply is a bad rap with a bad feeling. Isn’t it?

If I tell your how much I have invested in this battle for inclusion of LGBT in everything, whether sending letters (hand written), e-mails and calls to legislators, and corporations, you will think I am plain nuts. Sometimes I think that way myself. However, in the last couple of years things have been changing for better, regardless of how much we have to go. There is deep level of satisfaction in myself from knowing being part of this movement of change. That makes the effort of communicating – non stop about the same issues – worthy the effort. But there is so much more to life! We should occupy part of our time and effort to invest as much as we can afford – to address many other extremely important topics and make sure they change. Such as child and women abuse. The environment. We must pitch into providing resources to poor families, so their children can acquire an education and pursue college. Many states are incredibly successful with programs that provide musical, acting, even technical “shops” to keep the children busy with something worth it and enticing them to pursue a better lifestyle through their own effort. Without the participation of generous Americans, this would not happen. These schools present stats of heavily reduced numbers of student’s quitting before getting their high school diploma. That is an excellent result that on the long run makes the US a better nation. But higher education is another matter that requires a stronger and more massive investment from most Americans. It can be done in this nation where the impossible happens and history shows it every century.
Well, this blog is about my gratitude to those readers that signed in and as well, the peace of mind of knowing something I didn’t just a couple of days ago.

By the way about blogging, since the days I blogged last with these past 2 blogs, I noticed many changes in the navigation panel (Dashboard) to blog and have control about the blogger’s pages. Navigating already was not as “friendly” as needed by someone who are not well-educated about code, internet intricacies, etc. So now I find I need to relearn this process and simply said, it takes time away from other activities. I guess this is something to be expected in this ever and fast changing world of digital technology. However, give me a break!
I want to be a good blogger by posting more often and sharing with others things that trigger their interest. However, this only can happen when interaction between the readers and the blogger take place. I deeply believe this is the way to join the efforts to produce the needed changes that otherwise, ankylose everything else. So lets see if my timing – this time – is better because I know well, this is the right place for me and I just hope, for a long time to come. Thanks for reading me!

PS: One or two of my subscribers seem to be business >people<, not readers. Is that so? The Spam engine have removed about 1500 of them already!


Bad blogger is out of limbo now


Almost right after I published my lasts blog I received news from my “disappeared” friend. I received a short note letting me know she is fine and later she will write more since she is constrained of time at the time. Needless to say, I am relief knowing about her well being. I hope one day to know what happened to her during all this time. Of course, I will leave the mystery to you since who cares about very personal things. Although at times, I believe actually blogging, at least in terms of numbers, are about personal things. But that is very personal. As well, my friend wants me to continue blogging. I’ll see what the future departs for me in the next few months.
Now I will get a bit personal. Much more than ever before and I envisioned to do, ever before. However, the only reason for doing so, with what I am about to share, is because I am adventuring soon, into a totally unknown world for me and I am clueless as what I can expect. Further more, I lack the necessary judgment and knowledge to do so, but isn’t life about adventure as well? This adventure is more typical of what very young people indulge with. Older people – although – they do this type of traveling a lot, they do have known most of what is involved very setup before and they know what to expect. Am I too old for doing so? Time will speak for me. However, I can do it now and I know, waiting much more for something like this, will be a no-no in the no so distant time. It is not a big deal though. Thousands of people had done it for who knows how long but they know something that I do not know. Regardless, I will plunge into it.

A few years ago I moved from SFO Ca. I came to beautiful lushly VA to start a business while spending time with my little brother who was experiencing serious health problems (diabetes B). I never started the business due to a few reasons, being #1 that it was a no so good year to do so. 2008 when we were looking at a serious financial crisis – world wide, a potential second great depression, slow moving investments and massive unemployment. So, I have been improvising all these years and like so many people, facing something I never experienced before as this. A terrible problem due to poor cash flow. Humility (and gratitude for what I have) settled in place to manage. However, I spend time with my little bother although basically we were troubled getting along. My little brother passed away a few months ago. Therefore he is no longer the reason for my staying here. So, I am heading to warm Ca to start life again. I wonder how much of a good idea this is, since Ca still is deep in the unemployment department but they still have the nice weather, except fires and of course earthquakes. More importantly, Ca is a little more friendlier to LGBT people and I’ll shade myself under that umbrella. If lucky, I find me a job working in an advocacy organization in favor of the denied rights to us. But that is not the core of my blog.
I am preparing myself to purchase a large RV that allows me to live in it full time. However, I know nothing about them. In the last few weeks, I’ve been learning so much about the entire thing. Whether is easy to believe it or not, it takes loads of knowledge. Starting by what to buy with a limited budget as mine. Now I see RVs as a rolling on wheels boat. Rving in reality is a luxury that only people with dough can indulge with. Well, unless the case is  – that occasional holiday and either rent one or have a small one that requires much less maintenance and can be parked in the driveway or backyard. Not my case as I mentioned. I’ll be doing this journey along., My aim is to travel from the east to the west coast in it and start traveling Ca from the south to the north until I find my next place to settle. I am traveling with very limited resources so luck (and loads of common sense) must be on my side. If you tell me to be doing this, I will call it adventurous but nuts. Well, for an old lady like myself.
I do not see this journey like one of those adventures in which an old lady is about to explore unknown lands and the time of the Wild West. Today, doing something like this is much easier and accessible than it was a century ago. Not to mention, with the comfort of an RV? However, it comes with its risks. And as I said, ignorance can come with a price. Today I feel more prepared than a month ago, when I was concocting my plan. Now I am familiar with he laws in all states I will pass through. What to avoid when purchasing a used RV. That a 5h wheel will be better and easier to haul. Many of the known problems with RVs such as “hidden” water inside and more. However, I’ve never pulled one before so this will be a first. Since my truck (2000 F250, Super Duty – Super crew cab) is capable of hauling 12,500 lb max., I am limited to a smaller RV. Perhaps 29’ to 30’, unless I find an affordable super light weight with 2 slides. If you do not what that is, it is no more than an extension that you slide when parked,  giving you some extra room. One slide usually is in the living room/dinette and the other one can be the bedroom. I will need badly this second one to have a decent closet space where I could store more than my summer shorts and a tank top, if you know what I mean.  Although it is amazing how much space they have for a “home on wheels”, only the fancy ones have enough room for a “home like experience”. Not what is in my budget. A max of 10k out of the door. That barely covers an old one, such as 1990s and no fancy at all. It is so ironic that I could buy larger and newer for the same money and that is because there are many more large RVs and heavier than what my track can manage. So, I’ll get me what I can and hopefully I make a decent choice and not a hole in my pocket because otherwise, my journey will end before who knows.
Perhaps the only promising thing is that I’ll be documenting my trip as much as I can and as I go. However, I will be incommunicado. My laptop drive does not boot up and I doubt I will be able to reach WI-Fi from the road and inside of the RV with my desktop. I tried a new drive but Dell truly stinks. After I loaded the OS, I’ve not being able to access the net because I must find the needed drivers by hand and I am clueless as which ones – in the extra CD belong to what the communications devices need to connect to the net. A consultation to Dell to do so since I am out of warranty, will cost me more than I wish to pay for. Perhaps a new lap top will be best but since I am buying this RV, that is not permitted at the moment. So who knows if I’ll figure how to deal with this before my trip. If lucky, then I can post as I go and share my photos. Maybe some stories but doubt it since I am driving alone, therefore, just the driving will squeeze out of me most of my energy. Well,I am thinking about a slow driving – pulling so much weight – that probably will take me more than the previous 5 day trip to the west coast coast I’ve done 5 times before – by car. Maybe if I do not get so tired, I make a few stops to enjoy some of the places on my way. However, I will not go by the Colorado canyon in order to avoid the steep climb to Albuquerque, later entering Ca. I will travel south of them, passing near the Mexican border. A new route for me.
As you can see, I am excited (and scared!!) to do this crazy trip and I hope to make a fantastic experience out of this opportunity. I just wish to be better prepared but I am already set to leave no later than the end of June, when I have to return my place of living.
Frankly, I was not considering to share any of this because I am not sure I can come up with some goods for you to enjoy. But I’ll give it my best try and I hope not to disappoint anyone expecting something really good. Wish me good luck and if you have a similar experience or know about RVing, please share it with me. Thanks for reading me!

Twelve Questions day.

Is China really communist or capitalist?

Are liberal minds and plattforms really only about change, moving forward?

Are conservative minds and plattforms really only about tradition and keeping the country as known?

Is marriage about the institutional principles more than what one may think, believe and prefer?

Should non threatening drugs be legislated, approved and taxed?

Should all illiegal emigrants be kicked out of the country or penalized and legalized?

Should our country be a one country instead of many different ones?

Shall we kick out of government those that don’t comply with EVERYONES wishes?

Should the big corporations remain tax free and invest their earnings abroad?

Do we still are in the middle of a recession and we never pulled out of it?

Should the opinion of others matters to everyone?

Is the country where we want it to be and the Fathers of the Nation envisioned?

Questions that are worth a respone but better, if they are addressed.

When isn’t a choice? . . .

By Isis Win

We all watched the Presidential address before Congress. Well, I mean . . . grown-up, responsible, concerned, contributors to the well-being of the US did. No pun intended.  We all learned the President has a plan called “The Employment Act”, a plan that he will be presenting to the House.  In his speech, Obama urged the Congress to pass it with no delay. He said, it is enough of political circus and it’s time to address the problem that America faces: a stagnant economy.

Analysts, economists, journalists, and politicians had expressed in the recent weeks that we are sinking into a double-digit recession. The numbers don’t lie and the question remains; How to stop the downfall?  But many other questions grow because of the financial crisis started during the second part of 2007: What happened all this time? Why has the crisis not been halted cold?  Why have the numbers that create growth not started to move steadily forward, giving us at least signs of recuperation? Most people blame the White House. Among those, a little more than half, directly point to Obama. The rest, express some confidence in the president. But speculating will neither stop nor fix the problem.  It is not foreign to anyone to acknowledge that when financial doom hits at home, there is no other choice but to address it with drastic measures and repair it as promptly as is possible, doing all that can be done. But fixing a financial downturn for an entire nation is another matter compare to a personal financial crisis.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, thousands and thousands of people lost every single penny they had. Most banks folded, taking their users with them. Industries failed because no money in the hands of the buyers meant no sales. No sales meant no production, and no production meant factories closing their doors. Factories closed, meant no jobs. No jobs meant no income to be taxed, and no income taxes meant no government revenue. A vicious domino effect that seemed endless. However, although it took a long of time of no revenue, we recovered, regardless of other tougher issues that showed up not so long after, such as the Second World War. About a decade post war, the U.S. was flourishing, making it a “model nation” that was to be followed and respected, and as if that did not suffice, clearly we had become the most powerful nation in the world. So what’s happening this time? Why is the crisis so persistent? Well, for starters, we can’t compare the Great Depression to our actual crisis. Similar yes, but a different breed, a different animal.

Our current financial melt down wasn’t exclusive. The rest of the world has rolled down the hill with us. Perhaps they were able to manage somehow “better”, but no nation is out of the fire yet. In fact, the entire world is balancing on a thin wire and hoping something comes up and helps them to keep in balance.

Is that possible? How can that be done? Is there anything else that needs to be done besides of what the White House can do? Oh yes, and in fact, the President spoke, to appeal to everyone for that purpose. Not just those that already lost their jobs, their houses and a large portion of their monies earned through years. The President was clear asking those that still have more than the rest of the population to bite the bullet and contribute their part. This is something that the Republicans hate and will fight until the end, according to several Senators and Congressmen and women. Is is something that, in time, will become a political battle of all sorts. Undoubtedly, the Tea Party has risen from the very same place as the Republicans: They represent the interests of the rich and powerful people of the nation, who refuse to take further loses. This, even after all those that had substantial investments in the housing and mortgage industries made billions and billions of dollars, previously to the burst of the bubble, the very reason for this failure.

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of this crisis is the sound fact that it was self-created. It was created by the hands of unscrupulous people who negotiated mortgages. Even when many should not take place. I remember well, during 2006 I was offered by a mortgage specialist, the purchase of a home, in the SFO bay area. That purchase was far from my possibilities. I was promised my application would pass and I’d get at least three-quarters of a million dollars. And it required almost no money down. This proposal sounded like a dream come true. But reality set in right away even though the loaner insisted, I was way wrong. I was unemployed, recently moved to the area, I had a modest amount of money in savings and I had a business prospect that I needed to get started before I would commit into a mortgage. Still, my friend insisted I will qualify. I turned down the offer, based on my consciousness and common sense. A year later, my business never took off, I moved out of the bay area, was unemployed and all my money, including retirement were gone. And I didn’t purchase that house! Nevertheless, many of those buyers not only lost all their money, but as well now are homeless. I am not, thank goodness!

I knew, since the days real state prices ballooned out of proportion, that the bubble would at some will burst. But I admit, I never envisioned another depression. Now, like the rest of the people in the nation, I am paying for the mistake from people’s greed that caused to the entire world to shake as never before. I am not complaining, I don’t blame anyone directly, I don’t expect anyone to come to my rescue. Although I was laid off from my employment in 2007 and have the right to Unemployment Insurance, I never collected it. My conscience tells me there are many families that need those monies more than I do and at some point, those monies can fade out. It is happening and that is the reason Obama urged the Congress to pass his proposed Employment Act with no delay.  Besides balancing the nation’s financial sheet, we need to update and repair our infrastructures, and none of this can occur without revenue.The country has no revenue simply because the only revenue the government can get comes from tax payers. In order to pay taxes, the people must become employed, have income and people must start spending their money. There is no choice there.

Most people I know are from low middle class to upper middle class. A few of them are liberals or democrats. Most, are not only conservative republicans, they are radical, extremist republicans. I can call them “fundamentalist”. I’ve been watching them. They still own their homes, and though their businesses are not making as much revenue as prior to the crisis, they are surviving well. But they refuse to contribute their part to move the country forward.
Let me share one particular example. A couple I’ve known for several years. Both used to bring home an average of $350,000 yearly. They worked really hard from scratch to get there. Their business was doing fine although still was much more room for growth. In fact, he invested $250K previous to the crisis in new, high-tech equipment. Everyone who knows them consider them a “perfect couple”. They enjoy several common things together all the time. Such as golf, dancing, eating out, drinking, socializing. They have a nice family. Kids and grand kids and although not as perfect as they are, they don’t differ much. My friends’ lifestyle has changed very little. They claim that they are helping the country to move forward by showing confidence and supporting several business. Perhaps they are right.
When the health bill was at the table of negotiation, they both not only showed their antagonism, but they’ve lobbied among their multiple friends about it. I asked him why? He simply stated that he can’t afford it. I told him healthy, secured and happy employees produce much better than average. We both know his employees are not as productive as they are supposed to.  He said: rubbish! What about their employers? What about me? Do I have the same right? I responded yes! But you can take it as an investment. I’ve never seeing him as pissed ever before. End of the conversation.
A year later, we were chatting about trivial things but somehow he expressed his interest in some of my political views. BTW, he’s a politician in office, so I gave the inquiry a green light. After covering assorted political businesses, it was clear his invitation was to lecture me in conservative/republican ideas. All against Obama’s. I wanted to pull out of the conversation but he didn’t allow me to. Then, he brought up Obama’s tax hike for earners of $250K and up. I said I agree with that. He became almost as outraged as the first time we exchanged views a few months before. Both remained calm, but he said will do whatever is necessary to get Obama out of the White House. At that point I asked him if he disliked Obama. He responded  YES. In It was clear without any explanation not only because Obama’s policies, or being a democrat. Go figure! I knew that much beforehand, although he’d managed before to avoid expressing his real sentiment post-elections.  He has been politically correct letting others know that Obama in the White House is an opportunity that the people of the US deserved and wanted. I know, that he never felt that way. As well, today I know, that his level of patriotism is almost none. He wouldn’t join or let his children join the arm forces in ANY situation, even if we were invaded, for instance. Well, his children are the same. Perhaps more self-centered than them.

For Obama’s personal career, his timing in office couldn’t be any worse. But undoubtedly, I am happier and more confident seeing him at the White House, instead of McCain and Palin. I have no doubts that they wouldn’t be able to pull off the nation forward. After their campaign, I was left with a sense of two empty shells. I believe likely they would create more problems than Obama. Obama became a politician because his beliefs and not as consequence of his ambition. Although we can say the rest of the politicians are equally patriotic, all it takes is to see it is their record, so we know the truth. McCain has not supported any of the White House proposals to get the country out this jam. He, like the rest of the republicans, has opposed Obama on just about everything that has come out of the White House. However, McCain and Palin, never clearly and decisively opposed Bush’s policies and initiatives. Bush was their “leader of the gang” regardless of any possible mistake that was in sight. Why not Obama? He is the actual president!  

The US was victimized not by Obama. In fact, not even Bush, the president that moved all strings that one way or another one, are responsible of the actual status of the US. What’s going on in the country is the result of years of neglect during which time PAC’s and lobbying “engines” pushed an agenda that, indeed, help them to become richer. However, their fortunes stayed among them and did not enrich or help the country. Yes, this is a capitalist country, and all is about commerce and revenue, but when the goose that lays the golden eggs dies, there are no more golden eggs, period.

Obama’s initiatives are far from perfect. However, considering that the negotiating process with republicans has been tough, if not impossible, he had done as much as the vitriolic political world of the US permitted him. Some people tend to believe: since his the president, he can enforce his policies and the country would move forward. But politics in a democratic nation and formed by a Congress and a House of Representatives, simply doesn’t work like that. There is very little compromise and there is more party struggle and for the sake of seeking power and control – and take the proper credit for it. So, Obama has been mostly dispossessed of having any kind of credit. Like if that is one of the tickets the nation needs badly. Instead, everyone is concerned, unhappy and heavily divided. Those are not items that can possibly help the country.

On the other hand, we have an upcoming election and republicans are doing as much as their power permits, to be the winner of the next election, a sad and pathetic reality because no republican candidate has shown a clear vision and experience to tack the problems we are facing. Like Palin, all they do is put words in the mouths of their followers and the press. The press as well, simply is resonating all is being said and without consideration of the damage that such may do to the political process and the nation. It is the equivalent of spreading poison between republicans, the White House and the voters, which is NOT what the country needs, by any means. Therefore, President Obama has come to the voters and nation, stating “he has a plan that can deliver and it can be carried out, even considering the times and situation. There were no specifics but it was clear, the republican end of the House did not support his speech. I don’t know enough about legislative law to know if the President possibly has “a card up his sleeve” that will enable him to implement his Employment Act and prove to the nation that he knows how to run the country. Perhaps he can win the upcoming election. But it takes no science to figure out that having a new face in the White House will delay any possible solution, if simply because the winner will need to receive all the necessary briefings about the true situation and what is legally possible and not. Then, they will know what is needed to implement any policy that can bring the country and world back. Read = a bad timing we can’t afford now. However, having a second term president at the White House, during this crisis, points as the best possible scenario, regardless of whether we are conservative or democrats.
After all, this situation of ours, is not about our individual situation or political belief, although we may feel like it. This situation is about the nation and the rest of the world. If we fail, many other nations will, as well. If that happens, a situation without any precedent in our history clearly will overburden even an experienced president. And timing today, is vital to insure we don’t step the wrong way. If we do, the result will be much more than the financial collapsed world’s economies. It will become the same vitriolic status we see among our politicians but between countries. And have no doubt, it may represent as well, wars between countries. Real wars to insure the survival of each nation. Therefore, today, we are out of choices. Keeping Obama in power offers the only possibility. Enforcing agendas that are disliked by a sector of the population, offers better possibilities, such as tax increases and the removal of corporate loop holes. Large corporations must bite the bullet and contribute in any possible fashion for the well-being of the country. That offers possibilities. In other words, we have no other choice than leaving things as they are  setting aside our differences, and keeping Obama in the Presidency, supporting his policies. If the nation fails, we all go down with it.

We have no other choice. Perhaps if there is one, the only one is, to watch the NFL battle. lol