A little nostalgia from NY City and the World Trade Center. This shot was created on ektachrome 100 aged 17 years. I used to buy bricks of film and age a few rolls to see how it changes. One I discovered is E100. It change the colors as in this pic. I started to save many on the fridge and use them for specific items that would benefit from this coloration. Here, the blue cast is part of the result, but it does not change the reds. As you see in the sky and the reflection on the WTC.

By Isis Win

Famous words of Jack Nicholson when the homicide trial of gay FTC William Santiago in the movie “A Few Good Men.” You wanna know the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

His is not a movie review, but a recount of what is happening in our world now. Ranging from testimony I hear from people I know to social networks, I see too many people are acting up their anxiety because of the status we see today. In the US, as many countries of the world, people are chronically unhappy, and they are showing it publicly.

We are not passing the worst times in history, neither in the US or other countries nor the world. Yes, these are tough times, and at times it seems there is an option to pull out of them. The pandemic is not the trigger for such, but it is definitely the catalyzer. From my corner, I want to check three issues that together make this perception of “The world is ending” real for too many people. Before I enter into those three items, I need to emphasize that although everything may seem the end of something, the current issues are not creating the havoc we see. Mass media, from the press to the digital distribution of thoughts, ideas, and sentiments distort the factual news, creating the needed brain chemistry in a way that it seems we have to armor, get our weapon of choice and join the front.

#1 The status of our country is devastating. I give credit to this destructive element that furthers the distance between the American people. The abuse and dictatorial actions of this regime are a full departure of what more than two hundred years have been instituted in our country, diminishing important values as our constitution. As well, the imposed changes by the administration are a precise exposure of what a radical right-wing is capable of. Nothing to do with the Republican platform, but a recalcitrant move towards full control of our actual status, that feeds frustration of less .50 % of the population. A divide that is comparable to the times that triggered the Social Revolution.

#2 Coronavirus presents a scenario that we do not suppose to see in these advanced modern times. Sadly, the facts show a situation that lacks any potential to forecast the solution, while, millions of people have been locked down for months and are at the brink of losing everything they worked for, for so long. Apparently, the death potential lacks the exponent necessary to protect life, among those carrying themselves as if the disease is not a threat. Facts there are beginning to show and at this point because the novelty of this virus, are beginning to tell us that there is much more than dying from it. Too many survivors, whether light or severe, are showing signs of organs’ damage that may not only threaten their life but as well their quality of life while they are alive.

The third component in this crisis is one of personal value. Still, it can be shown in many other layers of our American reality and life, which shows the consequences of the increasing divide among us: The rampant attacks against transsexuals. In my opinion, this issue was to rise sometime because transsexuality is “considered” something new. It is not, but if we pair it next to homosexuality, gay people started to come out of their closer in massive numbers since the 1960s. Therefore, this issue has been in the minds of public opinion longer than fifty years, and advocacy had achieved many wins because of that. Transsexualism started to appear in the consciousness of people in the past one or two decades, and the number of transsexuals coming out of the closet seems to make this phenomenon like a spreading disease. Not at all, since reliable archeological and written finds present that these cases of transsexualism have existed since our early days of civilization.

My take:

Regarding the first issue, indeed, we have two significant aspects to attack. Number one, we have to change the direction we have taken in almost four years. Meaning, everyone in this administration should go for good. Left and center Americans are concerned that this monarchy could fight the results of the election, avoiding a change of administration, creating a more significant problem for the country. The only possibility to change that would be if the Republican Party steps up and persuades Trump to pass the administration to the newly elected person. Meaning, extreme right-wingers will have to let go of their issues and frustration and come along with the incoming administration. Why is that? We have to narrow our divide. Not that right-wingers should become other than what they are, but their approach, their tactics should change to a point they do not demerit, even destroy those they oppose to. At this juncture, it is evident to return to the status we know of, we must be together. We are facing several antagonistic forces against left or right. Reality is, we are not yet in a wrong, bad place. The US still is the most influential nation, economically and militarily. Nevertheless, we are losing terrain because of the administration and the radical divide. However, we still hold thousands of innovative licenses that grant us that place, and we can develop many more world’s dependent innovations to keep that place. Two items are of utmost importance here. #1 we must stop the theft of copyright ownership (mainly against China), and we must create more innovations before China, India, Russia, and others come up with life-changing innovations. That means higher levels of education should be created in all colleges, and higher education should be available to everyone seeking to achieve it.

Regarding the #2, it is true this is a controversial and seriously threatening virus. Our option right there is what has been suggested over and over, and some countries demonstrated it comes with positive results. It starts by, we open whatever under the strictest available protection. That is more than adequate PPE. Places are sanitized properly, social distance is fully enacted, regular screening exists, tracing becomes infallible, and more importantly, we all follow the required procedures. Meanwhile, the scientific community will continue healing the needed, will prevent secondary effects by proper treatment, and a reliable and trusty vaccine is created. It sounds simple, which is not unless we change the divide, so we all pitch in saving everyone in any regard.

#3 it is ridiculous what opponents to anything regarding transsexualism are doing. Their ignorance does not justify invalidating the perception and experience of TS people. It is absurd from any angle we can see it. For instance: why would a person pursue to change their gender everything? I think of MTF TSs when I think. However, maybe the cases of FTM are similar but different in some scenarios. It is undeniable a man is privileged in most areas of life, social, work, economic, etc. compared to women. Doing so makes it a stupid swap, a consideration we most, TS, take into account before deciding to proceed. The potential losses are more prominent than what anyone could afford. Family, friends, associations, work, achieved gains (schooling, awards), and more. Those are severe threats if pursuing gender congruence. The emotional turmoil we face is comparable to – or worse – than PTSD. It starts from the moment we realize something does not check, and it never stops. Coming out: dealing with what is required to address this nature’s mistake, to face a world that knows little to nothing about it and shuts the door in our face, entering to a corrected path in which either we accept the level of rejection, stigmatizing, ostracizing and violence associated with the reaction of judgmental people make the whole experience as a denial of life, or we quit. What we consider is a normal life may not become such if unlucky. True, there are so many people capable of handling that, but did you read well? Handling something that should not be necessary, and no one else deals with. The list is a long and painful process to the point that if the reason to transition is just desiring, having sex with a man and not feeling homosexual, or enjoying dressing up and looking like an attractive woman, makes the whole absolutely ridiculous and stupid. Denying transsexuality as a natural event result on what we go through, is a denial of the self, and that is something that should never happen because the result does not lead to anything positive and lasting. It is destruction towards TSs <people!>, and that will not change anything but make it worst for both parties. We TSs or judgmental people. Is it that opponents believe transsexuals just take the blue pill, and that is it?

In a country where freedom is one of the cornerstones of our fabric, freedom of expression, speech, etc. is vital. Not to be confused by destroying what is not understood, resulted from ignorance, based on that freedom. In fact, this ignorance deters the value of humanity at all levels. Therefore people expressing those toxic ideas should keep them to themselves. Not to use them publicly to invalidate and destroy people that have the very same rights as them. What we have seen through this administration is a clear example of the results of such an attitude. That has brought down so many of our values that, in its defense, caused the death of millions of Americans defending freedom, our freedom.

Those items are just the tip of the iceberg of the status we, the US, and the world, has been facing in recent years. All it takes to verify what I state here is to invest in an honorable and reliable amount of time to query, to find the visually clear facts, and check the results of all that. Well, that unless you are not able to handle the truth.


One of the waterfalls that feed the lake. The boulder at the center is the size of a car. At the top of the water, you’ll see a red dot, that is a person looking down.

Whether we like it or not, Trump is the US president, and we have a few more months to go for a change if it happens. The White House seats the most powerful political figure on earth, and this administration has shown it. We have many other problems that detract the attention of Trump in the upcoming election. Will he be elected again? Although the signs are clear, they were the same four years ago, and look where we are today.

What the US is facing (grand part of the world too) is the virus killing thousands of people, spreading like thin air, the financial syndrome caused by the lockdown, a decaying environment, natural disasters called the 1000 year disaster, policies established by the previous administration removed or stalled, a divided population by several factors, an impoverishing nation, an erosion of the legal order and constitution, the most massive deficit in history, two political parties unable to manage to avoid the collision between the people and the parties,  the loudest reaction of the black community against abuse towards them, and more, much more.

Each of those problems requires a fix before the damage becomes larger. However, the potential of finding proper and fast solutions seem too far to reach this point. Another but crucial aspect of this situation is, we, the people, are reacting as we have our hands tied, and we just let them happen. We probably would not know much about our status if the press does not report it, but they as well, are not acting as the 4th power to realign how our country is shaping itself.

I am not even close to a figure that can present solutions to our problems, but I have a take. Regarding Corona, the answer to stopping the spread is known but is not federally enacted. People going outdoors wearing the proper PPE and conserving social distance, testing, and tracking may reduce the impact and longevity of the virus. It will come with a price, but the expense pays off compared to what is going on now. In the political arena, the media and social justice machines could stop the broad distribution of false news, produce checks and balances that are not colored, therefore dividing information is shut down and the media balances their act by allowing and enticing the voters to develop an educated guess about the direction we are taking, and the course we want to take.

Regarding the BLM, it is true having monuments to honor the confederates is a no-no. Still, they should be moved to particular areas where people can access them, far from prominent sites that created more division. Regarding the past policies presented by previous administrations – the option – is to demand a full stop of their implementation and wait for the next administration to revise them. As well, something should be done about political Pacs and contributions to political runners.

We cannot change what Trump does and says, except that we can decide that fate in November. However, final strokes through the campaign will be dirtier and smellier than anything the country has seen before. Trump will aim to destroy, not to win Biden, based on a socialist agenda, faulty brain power, and by enhancing the divide he created. Although the frustration of white America has been imploded, creating more support and numbers of supremacists, the numbers in most of the country are favorable for the democratic candidate. However, having another opponent to the left can provide the missing votes to favor Trump, by eliminating votes in favor of Biden. That is a severe threat to the future electoral process. About the environment situation, all we can do is wait for the next administration to act. The next four years require a massive investment and labor to reduce the level of poverty and lack of essential services for the suffering sector of Americans. Internationally we will face a gross challenge not just because of the resulted status cause by this administration, which is grim. Still, there is a battle for supremacy in the world between China and Russia. Hopefully, the incoming administration has the strength to pull all allies to join an effort to balance, and we lead the world’s ticket. As you see, there are many other issues unfulfilled, but our economy in the next twenty or so years will have to recover from the money issues we already face.

Thinking positive means in the next several years, the American population will have to make several sacrifices from top to bottom. The 1% will not be able to continue the rate of revenue they had during the last forty or so years. The middle class will have lesser opportunities to go upwards, the lower class will have to become very creative to meet ends, and the government will have to pitch in.

Yes, our world, our reality changed, and we are in need to adjust accordingly. Otherwise, what we will face will be a disaster in many folds and areas. The truth of today is whether we like or not Trump, he still is our president and the damage already incurred into, will proliferate in the next months and leave an inheritance which we all are going to be the recipients. There is nothing good in it, but a need to deliver our contribution, but not just in the form we are used to, but directly have an involvement in our next, and next administration. We choose a leader, but choosing a leader does not mean we do nothing, just watch and kick them when we are not satisfied. We only have the option of showing up in any fashion we can to check and demand our government to follow the right path. The right path is clear, transparency, to have the tools to make top figures accountable for their acts. To streamline any expenditure, our government support, to stop deceive and manipulation among our legislators, to stop the divide that only benefits the crop of our entrepreneurs, and to support our press – only when their role is informative – not formative.

We own, we are the USA. Seating, whining, and ranting about the wrong status or character only serves the crooked and greedy. It is enough of being the slugs of the country because a man, or two or three, decides based on our short memory, and level of alienation we just sight and wait for a miracle. Left or right, our country must take the leadership about justice, fairness, and proper policies that do not only benefit a few, and the rest are awed by our lack of capacity to change it. After all, figure the value of a democratic process, and who knows, you may find that we are the two wolves, and the greedy is a big, fat sheep. Its dinner time!


My mother’s orchids

People talk, people say, and although many, if not most read reliable places to get the right information, so many variations of “reliable” info go around, discredit the truth, people act suspicious and perhaps believe some theories and on the long run, they fail to take care of themselves properly.

Reading reliable data from places such as CDC can be tricky. To fully grab the info, one must observe all the little intricacies of the site, so you have an educated guess. Following is one example of that info from the CDC.


Confirmed         Recovered         Deaths

   9.63M     <?>     4.86M               490K

     +167K                                        +5,336

This is the stats for today 6/26/20

What does the number under the total amount is? Today’s added numbers. The interesting part is the difference between confirmed cases and recovered. 9.63 million Confirmed against 4.86 recovered. The question is, where are the missing numbers between one C or the other one R? What does that mean? Got it? Those numbers belong to the hospitalized people plus the people that either had mild symptoms or are asymptomatic but were tested. That means that there is a potential of five million people around the planet that can contaminate others. OK, let’s subtract almost half a million dead people. That number still is very high to take this threat so lightly.  

Infectious disease specialists are begging the world to stop going out. OK, either you put food on the table, or you help to reduce the spread. We find a conundrum here, and who wants to attempt to respond?

Scientists have suggested that perhaps the best possible way to go out to wherever, is proper wear of PPE. Proper social distance, not touching the face, and washing the hands thoroughly. I see and hear just a few people around the world are doing precisely the proper part of the safety measure. So, against my inclination, I will be redundant.

Proper wear means, using a clean nose and mouth guard every day. Wearing an acetate face cover may protect the eyes from getting infected; otherwise, goggles are recommended. Proper social distance means no closer than six feet, where people are breathing normally. At the gym, running path, bicycle path, etc. where people breathe more intensely, the distance should be longer. Much longer. No touching the face means your hand will not reach the face area. And washing the hands means with an excellent disinfecting soap, no less than 20 seconds and covering every bit of the hand.

Places that have open some businesses are alarmed because the numbers of infected, hospitalized, and deaths are growing as bad as the initial wave of the spread. That means people, even if only a few, are not following these measures, we are doomed for a long time to come.

Face covers protect the person from getting a little bit of those fluids the body expels while breathing, talking, etc. but as well, protect others from being infected if you are an asymptomatic carrier. Social distance is a second barrier to avoid both cases. Washing the hands is as well another layer of protection. It is not precisely known how long the virus may survive on many types of surfaces. However, it is believed that most at least 3 hours. If you remember crazy people spitting on food shelves, produce, even to people’s faces, it is not a stupid guess that someone probably spits on the handle to open your car’s door. Or the handrail at the escalator, you name it.

The significant risk of this pandemic threat actually is not the virus itself, the painful death, or the suffered survival because it leaves organs damaged, not even the economic fallout that threatens everything else. The real threat is, how long is this going to last? One year? A year and a half? Whether a vaccine is developed or not, the risk of a vaccine as history shows is: vaccines may work on some people, but not everyone. In fact, to perfect a vaccine requires loads of research, and meanwhile, some people may die from the vaccine too.

On the other hand, pulmonary diseases leave a severe scar on the sufferer. Their life will not be as it used to be. Today, researchers still are investigating if survivors and asymptomatic people may suffer the effects of the virus later in life. The fact is we do not know enough, although we may adventure to use unrelated stats from other similar diseases. Covid 19 is a new virus, and we are not catching up with it fast enough to avoid several more millions of deaths. Therefore the least we can do is to cooperate – to make sure the virus does not have any place to go ever!


By Isis Win


noun: eudemonism

    a system of ethics that bases moral value on the likelihood that good actions will produce happiness.

Happiness is not a destination but a journey. Contrary to what some believe, the possibility of being happy depends on what happens in that journey achieving compassion and satisfaction of the actions taken during that journey. A happy person may look like one side of the coin when an unhappy looks like the other side of the coin. A black and white issue we can say.

When happy, one remains positive, realistically positive, and regardless of the confronted tribulations, the attitude is a consistent drive towards self-satisfaction, fulfillment, and a state of mind that transcends the mind. Gratitude is a grand representative of that state of mind. The contrary is continuously seeking for negative elements that trigger almost obsessive thoughts about the moment, the past, even the future. Therefore when a person exhibits that state of mind, might not be a suitable person to surround others in harmony and have positive results—an added reason not to experience a lack of happiness.

I have written about this critical issue many times before. However, I have not published much about these my thoughts. Because I am aware that not many people are interested in something that <is taken for granted> or is perceived as something that is not—consequently, it becomes a denial to the possibility to achieve that thought and feeling. However, the press added a new survey and the results of this problem. The Universities of Chicago, Monmouth, and Gallup surveyed states asking the questions leading to the obtained results. Only a small percentage of Americans claim to be happy.

Lacking happiness leads to frustration and anger that are easily triggered. Like with Corona, an unhappy person surrounded by five other people, if they get involved, three of those people may get contaminated – if their unhappy button is pushed. Ending in more unhappiness, unpleasantness, and possibly a crisis.

The survey’s questions were regarding the state of our country. Are we moving in the right direction or the wrong one? Left and right responders are in a very similar place. In their view, we are moving in the wrong direction. Yet, we cannot disregard that today, we all are passing through the toughness of what Corona that triggers: a lot of concern in most people. However, unhappiness is one thing, Corona, another one, and they may add up one to the other one. That is the denial of finding that glorious time and place in which possibilities can be found. Therefore, it is clear that a lot of those respondents believe more = not been able to steer the boat in the correct direction, than a possible fix. Therefore they are unhappy because they cannot do anything (or care) about it and do not trust someone else could.

Unhappiness goes well beyond what the holder is perceiving. It wraps everyone and everything in similar tones that change the denominators, and look like – other things lack possibilities too. This increases the negative results in a toxic way, and finding the means for change, can trigger fear instead of hope.

An unhappy family is a startup of finding ourselves, right there. An intimate or emotional relationship tends to trigger this negative result when something goes wrong, and we do not have what it takes to fix it. Usually, when someone is trying to prove power, control, even dominance on the relationship or the person – regarding an unrelated issue that can become the trigger. Hence, unhappy people may be responsible for lack of it at home, work, society and anywhere they go.

Naturally, there are levels of either happiness or unhappiness. Regardless of how much one or the other one exists at that moment, happiness or the contrary, either act as a protecting bubble or an exploding bubble that can get everyone in their path. Nevertheless, an unhappy person can’t make the selection of who receives the impact of that unhappiness. It merely explodes, taking casualties.  It becomes a sort of finding allies (they are saved) to express that lack of happiness and justify the judgment against the people they do not feel compassion for, not even tolerance. That is the worst way of representing the negativity ingrained in an unhappy person. That person needs compassion, but unhappy people do not know how to take it in.

Corona has brought syndromes that entice unhappiness today, but as well, it opens the door to rearrange our home. Meaning everything we harvest from within. Therefore, we can make small and large changes that address the critical aspects of life, instead of just looking at issues that will not resolve without our direct intervention. As time goes by, while invested in this quest, it is possible to see functional changes in the present, and they build up in the near future, just like what some “happy” people see today concerning Corona messing up their life. People that saved money have money to solve some of the problems resulted from the lockdown—expenses, for instance. An unhappy person may focus on the depletion of their savings, instead of looking at a resolved issue—a denial of happiness. As well a happy person can start looking at what kind of excesses they are used to – that today – are not justified, which creates a more profound crisis such as having to pay the elevated cost of the fancy recent car or the lump sum owed to their credit line, etc. That, instead of looking for possible solutions to cope and comply with them. Got the idea?

The importance of looking into happiness or the lack of it matters utterly because that reflects the quality of life we live in. Having all the toys in life does not resolve anything but increases the level of dependency and issues we have to sort out. They are not the most significant issue to attend. When we are happy, aiming to get there, we can see the light always shining, so we know, all is ok and it is a matter of patience to we resume into a wholly fulfilling life. Being happy can be being realistic too, and when we are there, we got something that nobody can take away from us. We can have so much happiness, that we can share it with others, and that creates a full path in that journey of us. After all, we humans are the only species that cannot survive without having others in our life. Hence, everyone will want to join us, happy people, because everyone loves to be with happy people. That makes others happy too.


By Isis Win

For many people, if not most, the advent of the 21st century was a trigger of hope. The needed hope resulted in the antithesis to realities the US, and the entire world has been witnessing with no promise in sight about improvement. In 2019 the facts presented a different scenario. A scenario that lacked the proper hope and faith, and today, we are looking at some of the early consequences of that lack of hope.

E.g., Our administration “declared war” against our ally China. A deserving challenge considering that China for a long time, since they opened their doors to global commercial trade, has acted unethically. They have done everything in their power to come out as the glorious winners of international trade. Our governments and experts have seen all sorts of manipulations to fix it. They responded with changes in their currency, deceiving diplomatic negotiations, stealing intellectual property, and more deceiving practices. The bottom line is that they have not complied with fair practices, and our actual administration chose to bully them. The result: not only China has become our enemy in trade, but our allies are not with us because if China would react as we have done by now, the threat will impact the entire world’s economy. The failure is not challenging China, but the method used to negotiate realistic and ethical practices. We are right in the middle of that storm, and neither Trump (if reelected) nor Biden, will have an easy pass to bring balance between both countries.

China is to be blamed for the most significant chunk of that failure. It is doubtful that they are there accidentally. However, the US being the world’s leader and the currency owners used to all sorts of monetary transactions, has much more to lose than China or the world. Our loss is nothing less than the place we hold before the world.

Today China is presenting a face that looks like the USA in the past in relation to the USSR. Territorial fights in the south of China can challenge the world at any minute. The battle in Hong Kong to fully control that Chinese piece of territory, a significant one for China, is getting out of control and creates a “war” between Hong Kong and Beijing. War forces of the world could become involved at some point. The US, as the leader of the world, should be the first one to step in; the allies will follow suit if appropriately set. If we have lost our partnership with China, our allies are doomed regarding what their next action could be. The grand question that does not have an answer is: who will take our role?

We are reaching the weakest link in the chain. Trump attempting a second term, which is looking less likely to happen (thank God for that!) and Biden, who will be massacred by Trump’s campaign before the election. Our toxic domestic divide is spreading around the world because of our lack of leadership. As if that is not a dramatic problem, Corona is making everything more challenging and impossible to predict.

I tend to be a positive thinker, and regularly I see lights at the end of the tunnel. The problem I experience now is that if we are so divided domestically, predicting a positive answer seems a fantasy chosen to manage concern and its derivations. Usually, if I reach a place like that, as I have a few times these past three years, I tend to bounce into that place that speaks with images and tells me, “remember, all is the result of cause and effect,” and whatever results from effect, it is the karmic price to be paid. Not an acceptable result, but it can be if we look at our reality today, which shows we are in a hole, an impasse whatever I chose to call it, but the light at the end of the tunnel is too dimmed to see it right now.

I was excited yesterday because the response from SCOTUS about title VII actually protecting the LGBT minority, we have the first leg to achieve full protection. Unless our government and the conservatives derail the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we fail to understand that the divide we have today, in reality, is doing severe damage to right – left and the entire country. The effect can only be bad, very bad.

I believe, supported by data I collect all the time, and through many years, what is happening to us is not the responsibility of our leaders. Sadly, the family environment is eroded in many places in the country, and what happens there happens everywhere. We, the people, and the country, are looking like a dysfunctional family that our only option is to split one from the other. The sense of community to preserve every bit of our identity fades really fast when cohesiveness is not present, and we lose the ruder to direct our destiny. Maybe I am the only one having this perception, but I doubt it because more than half of our nation is facing something dramatic, see no end to it, and that uncertainty somehow places us in limbo. The limbo that is adding to that divide, which is making us weak little by little.

What we are facing right now is much more than deciding who will govern us for the next four years. However, whoever we chose will determine our possible direction and possible solutions to our issues. A course that can only work if we strengthen the weak link that we are allowing now because our ideas do not arrive at the consensus that can spare all of us from disaster. An agreement of ALL the people about becoming a robust nation, because – we ALL are Americans, and if we are not, because that divide, there is not much to fight for. That is the karmic message. We need to act consciously for our flag, constitution, laws, and civil/human rights that have made our country. Same that we are letting go today because we fail to agree and support that common-sense principle of “A nation is composed of ALL citizens, not those who believe in owning it.”


by Isis Win

When listening to some people, I get their message regarding their belief that life is threatened, and it might be a sign of the end of it. Some dare to say only human life while others speak about the extinction of forms of life on earth. Often, when reading the headlines of several mass mediums, I read about an impending threat to life. Asteroids coming our way and with a size large enough to impair all sorts of life by darkening our skies. Or super volcanos activity that may do the exact same. Raising oceans that in their heads may cover most of the grounds where we live. I feel appalled when I hear things like that, but I concur with something that does not deliver the idea to them.

Sensing the end of life does not represent the end of life. That is a choice we all can make in our heads. It refers to the end of what we are in that particular moment, and we are about to enter a new way of being. Spiritual disciplines speak about this phenomenon as the death of the spiritual being transitioning into the new one—something hard to grasp to some people.

Fearing death is rational among us humans. It is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but removing that fear represents moving towards experiencing life in a new way. A better way that enjoys more things and creates a higher state of being. It is said that fear of death is fear to life itself. A potential subjective topic that most likely does not reach an end until the experience is digested. Meaning that we die and are reborn so we can appreciate that state of mind and soul accordingly to our new way of being or perception.

Indeed, we cannot take for granted the existence of physical life, which is closely tied to living on planet earth. Threats that can destroy life, not just humans, are all over the place. Wars, in my view, are the most definite potential to eliminate life as is. However, a nuclear war, for instance, although it can be possible, it is the extreme of how we humans can destroy human life. I see it more like a threat than a potential risk that brings such an outcome. Then we may ask ourselves and the people that make sure we and many others have nuclear weapons. Why do we have them? To entice fear to the potential enemy, so it does not mess with us. As in the case of Japan – that – preemptively attacked us and refused to give in.

Corona brought us a bit of that concern about life. Another Covid virus, according to specialists, can arise and wipe us from living for good. However, the message is not that we are going to die, but we must do what we can to make sure we live. Not just survive but to do what it takes to live our life fully. There are many detractors to get there. Such as our needs that demand heavy working, earning money so we can support our life with those goods but not truly – to live fully. There are several ways to live fully. To land in the right spiritual path, which requires sacrificing things that belong to the survival realm or simple comfort. Facts show that we create a need to improve our life – and to improve it – requires to make it more comfortable. Consumption becomes the sugar pill to live well.

The times we live in today speak about needed changes in many realms. Although those changes may reflect that we must change people, our government, the disparity among people, the power that controls us, etc., all true and valid, but the real changes do not start right there. They begin within, and the results gradually fine-tune the string of our soul. Therefore we take action to change the other things we need to. It is a curve in a process that goes up and down, so things change in another direction. However, for the most part, the course we take is more the result of gravity than our choice and dedication. Take, for instance, Russia converting into the USSR to address the need to remove the power and clout of the abusive monarchical regime, of the time before the revolution. The operation succeeded by removing them and giving a better chance to the neglected, but the reality is that such change made millions of people suffer as much or more than what they wanted to move away. Perhaps the French revolution succeeded better, but still, the will of the majority is waiting for their turn to be addressed.

In this physical order of us, perfection is nothing more than a lame excuse not to arrive at the end of the aspired goal. We are flawed. Therefore we will find more and more items to fix. But that can produce a good sense of living! For as long as we are part of it, meaning we are involved.

If we genuinely evolve spiritually and resume life as fulfilling, it will require not much to fix the angst that history shows is everywhere in the world. The spirit lives in the mind and body. Therefore we need to educate both to live with the real essential things of life, to share them, and to make sure that we no longer we invent excuses to survive but to live. Money does not grant that, but it makes things a little sweller. So that is the answer here? Like in everything else, moderation is the “secret.”

No one knows what happens after we die. However, I can tell you for sure: We do not go to hell or heaven. Those are images created in our heads, so we remain inside the loop and conform to the established protocols. Since we are to stay as societies, we follow suit, but it is not a matter of breaking what already exists to start a different way to approach living. What we need to change, to begin with the right foot, is that we must feel from the core to the covering layer of who we are, that we cannot disfranchise others because they are not like what we are. The secret of living life is to grasp every bit of life, and every bit is you, I, and everyone that still is on the surface of this planet. While doing so, we protect everything there is, and if by any chance we are to die, we do not die alone. Wherever we end up going, we go together and start of a new leg of another life. Not in hell, not in heaven, but wherever we end up. So, maybe we all need to die spiritually, so we are reborn as the people that we are NOW and can enjoy better what we become, we are really alive and enjoy it fully. There is nothing to despise, hate, and dislike, to judge, etc. any human parts of life. I am referring about bringing rebirth in a way that we do the walk of what we do the talk. Got it?


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By Isis Win

The US is a vast and mighty nation. We will never be exempt from a grand crisis that seems to speak about the status of the country. Those speak about a particular time and issues that, in some measure, have improved, and some others still are pending. Ethnic racism still is an issue that seems not to have a solution, regardless of the improvements achieved. There is no question about the validity of the discontent by African American citizens. Unjustified brutality has been visually evident, the masses recognize the results, and the majority expect justice to be served. However, police brutality is not exclusive to African Americans suffering. Cases of that exist in almost every state, and most do not respond adequately because the law and order system supposed to be in charge in the social order, and they are allowed to enact force if the rule is broken. Some cases become the focus of the press, and the result is a nationwide spread of demands for that justice. For the most part, demonstrations are pacific, and their aim is to be heard and find the proper response from the local government as the federal authorities.

I find two critical elements in this situation. The number one is the lack of adequate response by our leader in chief. He should address the demonstrations in a public forum to ensure the movement does not trigger violence and destruction, and the second one, the demonstrators themselves, should stop the looters and violent people from their actions. Like the old saying: It takes two to tango.

There is a much larger issue under this crisis. The fact that the American people at large are fed up with the negative messages of the supposed leader, the constant lies that make others responsible for the mishaps of his government, and his seeking for the glorification of what he considers he should be credited for. Actions that have nothing to do with leading that large and powerful nation but the contrary. What we see today is the evidence of this lack of touch with The People, favoring the people hired by the leader, the lack of certainty of a positive future, and the threat of four more years of the same. History points this issue as the precedent presents: A leader that does not present sound results is ousted in the coming election. However, between his actions and words and the press reports, it seems that he is going to perpetuate his government. The core of this disease is that he lacks what it takes to bring the nation into a status in which the country is altogether. Something that is not going to favor him because he was elected by the Electoral College, not by The People.

What supposed to be A Great America Again is the farthest the nation has been. I spare you from the redundant reminder of what our situation is today. Still, none of his actions have fixed anything but the contrary, and it is clear he is an elitist and with dubious trust by the majority, including many of his partisan members. Add to that, the Nationalists have been triggered by him, and the Anglo Saxon reaction by the extremist is making the situation more divided, hence complicated all, and it is hard to fix it.

Academics state this regime passed to history as the worse ever. Whether that is true or not, the critical fact is that we are already into a destructive crisis (corona), and we cannot afford to add fuel to the fire. By the end of this regime, we will see a report about deep waters we are in, in many regards, and no one is to fix it but us, the taxpayers and voters.

The next elected president is going to face an ill system as Obama did. At the end of Obama’s administration, although the issues of the country were not perfect, they shined a great future. The future that the 45th administration inherited. The next regime will not only have to fix the chaos we are in, such as the humongous deficit, faulty diplomatic and trade relations with China and other countries, and the neglected issues such as affordable health and education, migratory reform, and the sharp divide we live in since 2016.

Maybe what we are to face, the historical part, the unfinished issues, the divide, the virus results, etc. are of no importance to most. Most are seeking solutions that were not served and will continue delivering their obligations <$$$> to our government, hoping that harmony and peace allow us to do so. But the significant pending aspect is that for as long as we are divided, we are serving the greedy interests of the forces that created the situation we are in. There is no other solution that the masses should demand what is right, and those should respond with actions that are transparent and visually clear. The world got enough of the abuses of monarchies, today we got plenty of the abuses of the oligarchy that does not leave room to the supporters of the nation. I wish this happens in a peaceful setting, but the farther we go, the steeper it looks.

A country belongs to the people that make the country. The rulers are just the result of the wishes of the people, and when the rulers fail to deliver what is needed and wanted, the people should act immediately. Not just to demand justice against the criminals that do not serve their oath but anyone, in front or behind of what affects the lives of everyone. Not the favored by those who imagine they are the rightful owners of the nation. That requires involvement, and for as long as such does not exist, our present and future are doomed. Who wants that? If you are against it, voice yourself by been present when needed and to represent yourself at the booth. Time is coming, and it is time to start voicing your wish.


By Isis Win

Photo by Randy Colas – Belgium

By Isis Win

A division of the country started the 1861 to 1865 US civil revolution. Different goals, different aims divided the country to the point of beginning an armed battle that later became a full revolution killing more Americans than all the wars the US has been involved in history. Through its path, the revolution messed everything the US was up to that moment, and although the country recovered, the US was not the same ever again. Today, the US is not fully recovered from that revolution. Division among Americans prevail, and is notorious, and is creating severe damage for the country. Perhaps it is “interesting” that only a minority of the US population are unhappy about the actual US’s state. They want to change that existing order. They are weaponized enough to arm another social revolution. They are ready and prepared to take action. Their sentiment is as strong as the sentiment of the drivers of that past revolution. However, that seems not to have an effect in the direction that the US has sustained since those days.

The aim and wishes of the potential revolutionaries do not belong to what the US legally stands, and the established contemporary civil rights. The objective of these anguished minority seems to belong to hundreds of years of the past. It is triggered by their opposition to the minorities that populate the US. African Americans, Latinos from all regions of the south border, LGBTQ people, Jews, Asian, Middle East people, Muslims, etc. The people that called themselves “Nationalists” oppose and want to erase from the country all those groups. Their name “nationalist” has nothing to do with the protection and improvement of the nation. It is just a name that otherwise is called White Nationalists that differs nothing from old groups like the KKK.

For years this group was somehow silent. Although they have been actively acting perpetrating acts of domestic violence. Neither the press or the government nor law and order have been broadcasting the impact of their actions except in cases such as the mass killings in synagogues, Mosques, etc. Nationalists do not hide their responsibility. Have they been taken to justice? Check your memory records to see what kind of legal actions they have faced. Maybe just a few isolated cases, but not the entire scope of their activities.

The issue of unjustified violence against African Americans perpetrated by the police has been blunt, and massive if we count that there is no year with cases making it to the headlines. It is clear that among the law and order officers, many can be considered nationalists, and abuse their power committing crimes of hate. Sometimes they get away with them, and the masses respond violently too. Responses had been significant across the country, mostly repressed, and after a little while, they seem to be forgotten. However, the reactions have been increasing in activity and violence after every case.

The reaction of the demonstrators, although they can be considered justified in reality, is solving nothing, but the contrary. It seems that African American demonstrators do not know or have forgotten the peaceful aim of Dr. Luther King to achieve civil rights in favor of the black community. Nonviolence does not harm a country, does not further the split of the population, and offers better chances of finding a resolution. However, for as long as violence keeps happening, the issue will continue and grow.

Our actual president has triggered part of the level of the toxic actions of civil servants, citizens, and anyone that is frustrated by their xenophobic sentiment. His messages have been divisive, and incite the White Nationalists to act as if they are in their right, and they are right to oppose minorities through violence. The result of the demonstrations in Charlottesville VA ending in the loss of one life, and several severely dismembered, is not the first message by Trump to White Nationalists, but one of the clearest ones. There have been plenty more messages with the same result. Attempting to analyze the reason for the US president to act and speak that way is irrelevant at this point. Creating a deep level of fear, uncertainty, and division among a population is a way to undermine all values that might undermine the control from people cueing fear and concern. Clearly, Trump’s aim to rule in a monarchical way, invalidating anything and anyone that may possibly question is an abuse of authority. The US president is the most powerful position in the world, and Trump clearly has shown how powerful he is. If this is not changed soon, most likely, we will see another civil revolution.

The US stands for, and advocates across the planet social justice and rights, human rights, and the bettering of all human conditions that ruled the world in the – no so old past. Conditions inherited from the times of the European monarchies that exploited people, resources, etc. while living as divine creatures. Nothing different than what we see today among the billionaires, top millionaires, and the oligarchs of the US and the world compared to the working class. Clearly, the battle is still far from over, but this administration took a few steps back to the old days, and they are getting away with murder.

Changing the order of the 21st century is possible, but it will be challenging. However, democracy will not be a viable solution. The reason being that for as long as the beneficiaries of the democratic process are not educated well enough about their history, laws, and to discern the information provided by the mass media does not serve the needed benefit. They become lambs in a nation of wolves. And that is what we have been seen in the US throughout the last century and before that. There is no better example than when we see Donald Trump: a man with a doubtful reputation, zero experience in public administration, is not even is a well-educated person. Then he promises to bring our nation to a better place than where we were during his campaigning, now his presidency. That is not the right place, a good promise nor a god start to create a better America. The White Nationalists only saw that promise, but not by the majority. The majority most have been frustrated about many old issues of national importance that have not been changed. Such as available, affordable health to all, a decent migratory reform, a higher tax rate to the top 30% of the population while the rest of the population is supporting the entire country. Also, an extreme buildup of the armed forces that does nothing, but competing with other nations driving the budget of all those nations to the sky. There are many more issues that are unresolved, and the majority of the voters want to change.

Senator Warren sounded like a communist during her campaign. It is time to end corruption in the US and bring those needed resources to the working-class she said. She is right; what we see now is nothing different than what the Russian Czars or the French Monarchy did long ago, and caused those bloody revolutions. However, Warren promised to work all that from within the government by having a steady fist on the laws that entitle Big Wigs and corporate America to do what we know they do. Where the real power is, it is doable, and we do not have to become communists or socialists to do so. All it takes is to be socially responsible and stop the abuse of big money. Perhaps with some consequences, but any as major as facing a revolution as it is looking now.

We have a pending presidential election, and we are clueless as to how the Trump campaign will manage their position. I bet they will make the nation more divided. And it is possible Trump would scream “Fraud” when losing the election. However, it is clear the majority of the American voters got enough of him, and the world stands behind any opponent – to the worst crook – Americans have seen seating at the White House. Just check the facts, go beyond the propaganda. You may learn that a better America is possible, but not in the hands of the government, but in the hands of the American people – when learning what we need – and we act when we are required.

Ending the massive demonstrations because the homicide of George Floyd can only happen if everyone stops feeding the divide that makes this situation much larger. The president should have to keep his mouth shut, but he didn’t. The press should stop broadcasting comments, reactions, etc. that further divide the people. Not that the issue should end right there. Perhaps the next administration will do something about the divide and lack of inclusivity of several minorities. Still, Trump’s administration will do nothing about it, but to incite the masses for their own purpose. That is the prevalent issue of the year, almost making Covid look almost irrelevant. The poor management and lack of touch of the administration can use focusing on other problems instead, such as potential fraud during the election.

The reason to end the demonstrations, and is to start making sure that ethical and honest legal teams bring this issue to the proper table, so this sad homicide stops for good in the future by not letting the police ever to act – ever again – in this illegal and inhuman way. One step at the time, and we will get there. Focusing on what matters is an important issue. Erasing Covid from been a potential threat now is. To make sure we have fair presidential elections is next. The economy will heal slowly, but surely.


By Isis Win 1221 words

The Big Plunge. The instrument shows thermals are positive, then you jump for an exiting experience in the air.

This reality awakening is for the entire planet. Every single person that is challenged by the crisis resulted from Covid 19. Everyone is part of it. Some more than others, but if there is any reasonable counting, it is not about who is more or less, but the totality of the numbers. We are in grave danger!

Here in the US, there are too many items that check with that sad statement. The awakening started with a health threat that locked down millions of people against their will. Covid is a danger that seems people either ignore or did not believe it. However, when it comes to the wage’s check, no one can turn their head and blow it away.

As well, another critical check, one that has worried me a lot for more than three years, is the angry attitude of many of the people unhappy with whatever. Such as the people that push, beat, spit, etc. to those that remind them of the safety measures of social distancing and wearing a face mask. There are too many cases similar to this one that represents the anger of some citizens.

We are about to accomplish four years of a devastating divide among the American people. Another item that has kept me worried since the days of the 2016 election.

Whether the mentality of those from the right, middle or left or any other direction, caused this crisis, the critical fact here is that a nation that is so fragmented, cannot be a whole nation. It started with the advent of 2k. We had a president that wanted all good for the country, but whether he was severely influenced or not, he remained immobile for too long. The situations collapsed, creating the worse days of too many Americans. 9/11: he ignored it until the threat became real. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan that killed thousands of our young soldiers <$$$$$> and has been a total flop. Katrina: killed hundreds of Americans, mostly poor because lack of support to save them. The mortgage bubble burst: that almost brought down entire nations.

An interesting fact that many hate – therefore disregard – is that the Obama administration inherited the worse situation our country has faced. What Bush left us as his inheritance to the country. Then Trump, a man with an evident dubious reputation at all levels, who laughed at the system and the political realm, becomes elected. That is how divided we are, but as suspected by most, his actions further divide the country, he did not resolve anything, and the level of anger and dissatisfaction of more than half of the voters is at its highest. Between Covid and his lack of integrity to protect all Americans, Trump placed us in a precarious situation that ends in anger and a need to act aggressively against anyone, not in the same place. What Obama left us at the end of his eight years were recovery, faith, and hope. Where is all that now? Does not count because it came from our first African-American and democrat president

Anyone interested in US history, not just about past history, but as we go, knows that just about everything that speaks about America is in decay. What are we going to do then? Receive the message – that is a clear and eloquent answer!

What we are facing since 2016 is clear, although covered by a thick smokescreen created by Trump himself. Transparency has been erased from our country, and it goes well beyond what others can do to fix it. There is a fix, though, we are America, and we are resilient. Thank goodness we still have resources to pull it off. However, the funds are as low as they were during some of our worse times. Something that Trump has created throughout his entire life even way before running for president.

Who is going to be the savior? Indeed, we need a leader to restore our faith in us, our country, and our system. A robust fixer because some citizens want this while others want that. Bringing the country together will take almost a miracle. A miracle that can happen to start at the moment we act. The election is a regular routine for that purpose, but who ends at the white house will define how far we can go in either direction. Then our legislators have to tune in and move the strings rapidly. Without us, the taxpayers that will not run so efficiently. The easy part is complicated and painful, but we must endure whatever it faces us. We can only do that by being behind our president and legislative and taking prompt action when we see we are not moving in the needed direction. Left and right will have to hold their judgment and react based on sound results. First, to fix our economy reasonably. That means that inclusivity cannot be any longer a battle. It can only be a reality. The only way to bring America to its best is to have a joined America. Health and education should be resolved at once, giving a chance to every American to prove their worth. Immigration is urgently in need of reform. Not in favor nor against the issues we already know about. Just a fair and sensitive reform.

Taxation for the top, middle, and bottom should be parsed in a way that everyone contributes their fair share. Our political and electoral system should be changed into a system that big money cannot buy our future. Same with lobbying, it should disappear, and favors to corporations should only be granted based on merit. Greed abusing greed should be accountable, so we no longer engage in dubious business that, at some point, may burst and deplete their investors and our country. Consumers should be protected 100% from power rulers, such as insurance companies, banks, drug makers, and any organization that only cares for their benefit at the cost of the country. Religious organizations should be put in their place. Separation of the church not only means having the freedom of choice and practice but the right to handle their own businesses and not politics or how others should live their lives.

There are too many other items that need that urgent fix if we want to save most of what our country stands for. Can someone do it? Not in four years, not in eight, this is something that will take a long time to evolve.

We were there before Trump. During Trump, our nation moved from being a democratic nation to become a totalitarian monarchy. This administration has diminished everything that meant America, and we see the effects now.

It is hard to swallow profound truths, and we have one in front of our eyes. If we miss the opportunity, it merely means we are going to perish, not by Covid, not by a financial meltdown, but a perishing planet and the anger and hostilities from extreme people. Everything will come to an end if we do not act now and together, and there will be no chance for anyone. Is this where we are at now? You’ll be the judge, and if so, let’s change it before it is too late.


By Isis Win                                                                                                                          1169 words


I bet many readers feel like myself; I do not want more bad news! The situation already is bad news, so spare me from that. I feel twice the weight of that because what I have written recently carries bad news. I am aware anyone wanting to get the updates of the crisis of corona can look for them by themselves and most likely will try to find a reliable source. Not just the opinion of who knows who she is and have bad news to comment about.

I have a compelling reason to become the mailwoman with information that does not alleviate our concerns, angst, etc. My reason, the only reason is that regardless of the position we take regarding this bad moment, we have to chew reality – as is – as well. Almost no one is talking about it, and I hope that someone reading me grasp what they need to figure that our waiting is not to return to what it was before C-19.

I have heard several quite educated people in the field, and most throw one or two little threads to the potential consequence of this crisis. No one knows for sure, but the math is quite simple. Sadly the result shows that this threat can defeat even the wealthiest and most powerful nation of the world. Although our president insists on what some believe that he has done everything necessary to curve the effects of the threat, the stats show the contrary and not even counting the people in the scientific world say. But this is not about him. The important factor is that for as long as we do not get reliable and proven information, we are not preparing for the impending consequences. I wish everyone takes this ride to figure what goes inside, outside, and what is what they believe should happen. Yup! I wish that in four weeks, the entire world returns what I left before the virus. That is not possible, sadly.

I have insisted through my writing that the best possible solutions to everything rely on taking our deserved power and lead our life, country, and whatever comes next in the direction that is best to our entire community. That regardless of who we dislike or do not approve. Otherwise, we leave our future and the future of our children in the hands of someone that does not take a lot of looking; we find that is clueless about what we need as a person. No better example of that nowadays, so we must take that ball and move as we need it.

There are US presidents that carved themselves in history as the greatest ones. Such as the Roosevelts, Theodore, and franklin or Lincoln, well, there are more than a handful. However, not all of them were approved by everyone, and I bet some people despise even the most popular president. Then a sound question would be why? Take your answer, not mine, and respond to yourself this one. Is a team of players good when some of the players want to go this way and the other ones in the opposite? Place that question for the entire country and tell yourself if that is a viable path to bring America to its best and shining moment. Ironically during the toughest times in US history, most Americans join the exact same effort even many were opposed to it! The Grand Depression and the World Wars. That input of the entire country brought America to a standing applause that modeled the rest of the world and the incredible new world capable of achieving the greatest feast ever. We are still America, are we? Or did we change our name, flag, constitution, etc.? We still are great as before, but we have neglected more than a handful of things. Every candidate promises to fix them, but during their campaigning, the specifics were not mentioned, were they? As resilient as the American people are, our politicians should be, and without our pressure, that will not happen. The make of democracy, but the problem is that democracy and government are not truly in the hands of our elected officers. If you do not know who commands our policies, you are in dear trouble and likely will never be happy with everything.

We most top the divide created and ruled by those who direct our future to increase their power for the sake of their special interests. On both ends of the political spectrum, some unhappy taxpayers do not trust the government anymore. It is useless to think this is from the left, this is from the right, and we are going to win our opponents. Your opponents are not a sport’s team! They are members of our government that you or the others chose. Did they deliver what they promised? Not for as long as that does not comply with those special interests. What about our interests? We want migratory reform, not an expensive and useless wall to celebrate the man who did not deliver us that needed reform! But that reform cannot simply be as what the KKK did not so long ago: get rid of all those X%&#!!! From our land or I kill them! One of the major reasons we became the great nation of the 20th century cannot be denied. We are a nation of freedom, opportunity, justice, and more for as long as any of that does not threaten big money potential loss. Such as the pharma, health, insurance, energy sources, etc. that will fight to their teeth their money at the price of our suffering and anguish!

Some people are under the belief that Trump is managing this crisis right. The same people believe he is a generous guy. He is going to pass us money pitching in for our corona suffering. Anyone can believe what you want; again, this is a nation of freedom. But the evidence points clear that he is not in touch with everything but himself, and what about us? Well, we can relax and wait for him to act as our president, but for as long as we do not get our act together, nothing good can be expected! Well, maybe if you give him four more years, there is a chance? If you believe that, I laugh at your face because in his almost four years he has not delivered A Great America Again, does he? So what makes you think you can expect something from the person that said America First but never said who America is! Ad as is, not you nor me, just his chosen elite that put him there when he can barely speak, not much think and way lesser do but to con and the entire nation and spread billions of dollars among them and members of his family. The greatest challenge and winner clearly is the master of the apprentice! And the apprentice got shit! Oh well!