This shot is one of the several I will be sharing with you. All created with high magnification, bellows, reproduction lens, etc. I estimate that several of these shots are magnified 20x their original size. All are flowers from my garden in VA, USA. The next shot is the equipment used for these photos.

By Isis Win

More than half of the voting population hopes the next four months are the end of Trump’s regime. They hope the results of this coming election are devastating to Trump, so we have a new start, and we rectify the direction the country should take. However, independent analysts are revising the dynamics this coming election may present.

Resulted from the spread of Covid, the number of Absentee Ballots will grow to figures that the electoral process is not ready to deal with in a timely fashion. Add to that the statements that Trump has been delivering during his campaign’s rallies. Trump already is accusing democrats of tweaking the election results, rendering him as the loser. His rhetoric is based on his idea of being unlawfully attacked by the press, and the ultra-liberal forces attempting to remove the best US president the country has seen. Analysts’ concern is not an exaggeration. All aspects of this coming election have been considered, and they see the final result might be the decision provided by the Electoral College.

The machine does not have the resources, nor the experience of dealing with a massive count of one by one vote. Therefore, having the number of votes favoring the Democrat runner will not arrive on time. Hence, the counted votes will define their decision. It is clear Trump’s voters, who do not believe in the suggested protocols to avoid infection, nor to stop spreading it, will attend the voting booth to cast their vote in support of Trump.

The elements considered by the analysts are many and valid. Such as the ballots cannot be printed before the final selection of both parties is declared. Once they are, it will require the printing of those ballots, mail them, the voter receives them, fill them, and send them back. Do all translate into: is the electoral machine is resourced to deliver that goal? And how long will it take to process those votes? Simple math responds to these questions.

Our situation is so dire that we cannot afford four more years of Trump’s administration. Therefore the issue is not about left, right, blue or red. It is about getting Trump out of the White House. Although it may be seen simpler than a normal electoral process, this issue next to Trump’s accusations make the whole issue as a fuse to ignite a war among the American voters. The turf has been prepped since a long while ago, and extremist conservatives are prepared to act violently, armed, and determined to give their lives to continue the current path to maintain discrimination and total control over the future of the nation. Perhaps, this election will determine the future status of the USA, domestically and abroad.

I’m not too fond of the idea of presenting a problem without suggesting a solution. However, at this juncture, solutions seem far fetch considering the status of our nation. Proactive, liberal, moderate, independent voters do not need any persuasive measure to realize this election may represent the most important one in the history of the country. On the opposite side, right-wing voters believe in Donald Trump, believe the US is going in the right direction, and Trump will return the country to the greatness that, according to them, and Trump, we lost some time ago. The mighty question here is: when was that time? He never addressed that point, and in his view, we lost it who knows when and how.

The solution? The solution seems far from reach because no one is going to seduce right-wingers to vote blue, and left-wingers will not go to the voting booth. However, whether the answer is one or the other one, it is clear, the winner should win by a massive landslide, so the Electoral College follows the will of the American voters.

One move, perhaps no the direct solution to this conflict, might be everyone to use all cyber means to promote Trump’s removal and support the Democrat’s ticket. However, I fear something like that – since we already are narcissistically divided, which could trigger further division making the optics look like a left or right issue. In this particular process, there is ONLY one denominator: The country itself, the USA that counts with more than three hundred million citizens and has a clear predominance before the world. Well informed people already know that this US crisis is providing the proper terrain and scenario to China and Russia to demote our currency as the leader of all international transactions. If such becomes a reality, we are doomed because we will not be able to recover from such place, and that can create a trigger to either start a war or allow the winner to do whatever they want and is impugnable.

Ignorance is not bliss, and our ruler is more ignorant than a high school student. Most likely, he has been ill-advised by greedy people that do not care about the risk we incur in exchange for massive revenue that this administration made possible for them.

It is not too late to rectify some of those disasters created by DT. It will require massive dedication and investment to push forward, and that will never be possible if the majority of the conscious and patriotic Americans do not get involved. Do not forget, the right side is to be accounted for, so they will do what they have to do to determine our future direction.

Sadly I confess, often, I feel like I am beating a dead horse. I know many people are experiencing the same concerns as mine, and possibly will get involved. However, this particular scenario requires a massive intervention of all American citizenship. So, please spread the word, comment here on what you think, want, etc., and bring to the widespread attention this critical topic before it is too late. Thank you!