View from my door’s step in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Although we are passing through some crisis that needs attention, such as abuse of the police force to blacks, Latinos, LGBT, etc. or the disaster created by Covid, the resurgence of white supremacy, a fast-growing debt rate, a presidency that fails to protect the population, etc. etc. all issues that either fall under the political spectrum or are manipulated to make it look like that. We have more impending threats that will affect the majority of the US population. Regardless of our lenience in the political realm, our #1 concern should be the USA and our people. Politics have been tainting our focus of attention because that favors special interests to continue creating the environment they need to grab higher revenue than ever before—part of Trump’s plan since his political campaign.

Whether left or right, what is at stake is the solvency of the country. Mega money will continue benefiting financially as the result of the lack of leadership to bring what America needs, left or right. The facts show that we are not any better than we were in 2016, and our government lies in the hands of dubious people that only care about their access to power, therefore money-making.

Although millions of Americans still believing Trump was the answer to their “prayers,” the question about placing at the top chair, a man that was known not being a devoted US citizen, but a “smart” man capable of cheating his tributary obligations, a racist, misogynistic, deceitful, and a plain con man, the facts prove that he increased the level of non-American policies. We are where we are facing an internal and international demise of our role as the leading nation of the world.

What we have seen in the almost last four years, have nothing to do with left or right. It appears to be extreme right because Trump has used his power to entice the right-wing voters to jump out of their comfort chair and cheer him as if his actions make America better. The left, reckoning the immense power of the WH sloppily tried to do something about it but failed.

I wish I could focus exclusively on discrimination. An issue that prevails in the nation since long ago, and represents the poor status we are in today because the solution to either side of the spectrum is not what has been done. Our constitution and the law should be the parameters to address the issues; apparently, Trump has addressed. Clearly, there are issues for Trump to gain support, and ours are not even near to be addressed. I wonder what Trump has been doing during these years because reliable answers to our issues are not present. In fact, the USA is facing the worse lack of stability since the conception of the republic and fixing that will require authentic leadership and the following of the citizenship.

To fix what is broken, we only have one alternative: to decide the future of the USA this coming November. However, there are a few threats that can derail our democratic choice. On the one hand, the manipulative response from Trump already accusing the country of heading towards an electoral fraud and the international cyber terrorism threatening to do the exact same. Whether this terrorist act favors Trump or his opponent, is irrelevant. What is essential is that the American people decide the fate of the American people.

We only have one choice if we want to deter the falling off 99% of the citizenship. Joe Biden, who has credible and sustainable credentials. Perhaps not the most charming candidate to the WH, but a man that has dedicated his life in the political realm and believes in the continuation of the path the US has created and preserved until four years ago.

Before Trump, we were not in the best place we should be at this point in the 21st century. Nothing to do with what Trump’s beliefs should be. The missing part in our progress in all regards is the people, the American people. Being the #1 nation financially and militarily, we are supposed to be the #1 nation providing the US population everything that makes the entire country better. But we lack more than we have. All because politics have been aimed to entertain other issues that lack the domestic needs of several millions of Americans, such as decent, affordable health care, affordable prescriptions, affordable housing, affordable education, the cleaning of a decaying environment, etc. I can think of several dozens of issues needing a leader that takes the country in the right direction. Right now, our place before the world has opened a wide door to other nations to take the place we have filled through more than 75 years. Losing it will not do anything for us, the country, the people, or the world. So, the answer is to remove Trump from the WH and to ensure Biden takes the right path.

What would that require? A different of thinking. To leave behind left or right ideology. Also, the restrictive policies that come with each one, and to focus exclusively in the country. That involves including everyone that is American, whether we like it or not. The exact place of the thinking offers a potential exit to the downfall. To get there, we must stop what we are doing now did not work. Think about it and join the effort to bring America back to what we have been since the II WW. We do not need to wait for another world war. Join a better America for everyone now.