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By Isis Win

While Trump keeps accusing Americans attempting to change the country into a socialist, fascist nation, he has been triggering a reaction from the sector of the population that is considered a supremacist America. A political maneuver to manipulate that sector of America to win the White house. He accuses the left and does exactly that but in reverse. Trump changed the country for worse.

America in the majority, including so many republicans, conservatives, independents, and most on the left side, concur with the latest assessment by scholars, historians, and independent political analysts; America is going in the wrong direction. There is not a single item that is the antithesis of what America has been, from the moment he sat at the White House.

From the beginning, Trump faced an antagonism to collect the initial cost of the southern border wall. Nearly four billion dollars that were estimated to escalate to thirty billion cost to reach the end of the wall. The opposition was strong and stern, and he was able to fetch some of that money removed from the Defense Department. A move that was considered illegal and unethical. Democrats decided not to challenge that appropriation.

In the following months and years, Trump’s position to control illegal immigration as well was considered inhuman and anti-civil rights. Both ends of the spectrum join this criticism. However, as time went by, republicans realized that fighting Trump was a threat, potentially ending their political career. They stopped presenting their Checks and Balances obligation.

International trade became a challenge for both parties. To this point, there is no indication that the approach can possibly find a solution to a problem; no previous administration could fix it. As a result, we have a cold war with China, and we do not really know the complications of such.

Trump adverted all possible and committed funding to several programs such as the US contributions to the UN, NATO, WHO, EPA, even ended the White House infectious disease program, which was necessary to enact programs since he announcement of a pandemic threat. There had been many other challenges Trump faced, including decisions taken by SCOTUS that supposed to be conservative. As result, Trump continues firing any member of our government, including his cabinet, that questions his decision making of national and international policy.

Trump’s daily part of his presidential routine to attack, criticized anyone, including the press, for anything that he is in disagreement with. Social networks, such as Tweeter and Facebook, started to monitor his messages, removing several considered offensive, dividing, and enticing to create a crisis among the American people. As well, he has taken credit even of policies designed during the Obama administration and exaggerates the results of his actions.

In a few words, egocentric Trump has no visioned of his actions, and he has appeared to the US and the world as an unfit, perhaps derailed president. Result? Other countries either had expressed no interest in dealing with Trump or simply walk away when they foresee that possibility.

The upcoming months are a critical time for Trump. Approaching presidential elections, the polls have shown he has been losing two-digit points against the presumed candidate for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. Anticipating a possibility of losing the election, Trump has stated in many of his rallies that the upcoming election must likely be fraudulent. As well, his belittling of Biden, any potential runner in his ticket, has increased. The growing crisis of the spread of Covid 19 and the death toll are other issues that are removing him from the possibility of a second term. According to several people, it seems that Trump is doing everything at his reach to lose the election. Most likely, he is having second thoughts of his actions because now he is accusing the democrats of changing the country if they win and turn it into a communist nation with a fascist regime. So far, there is no basis to claim such a drastic political change, so the opinion of more than 60% of the Americans is that the country already changed for worse.

My take in this drama is that it is true. The days of Reaganism are overshaded by the image resulted from a republican president that lack of all republican view and platform. So far, Trump has shown the world that he lacks all basic education to assess any problem and policies, but he is not aware of such. Contrary to that, he claims to be a sound genius, and his policies benefit the country. However, he fails to show reliable signs of such belief. On another side, the only winners of his presidency are the 1%, his family members, and pose. Clearly, at the end of his administration, he will be a multi-billionaire resulted in the businesses that have been ONLY possible to his position as the president of the wealthiest nation of the world.

This a sad, pathetic reality that the country will face for who knows how long. The US has been embarrassed through the entire world, and we had lost several positions before the world that allowed us to lead regarding economies, trade, manufacturing, innovations, discoveries, intellectual power, international policy and ethics, science and technology, and more. The US was until recently the leader and example of human and civil rights before the world, but today our position is so dim that even challenging China’s abuse of Muslims and Bangkok will be seen as hypocrisy that is supported by the 30 million Americans.

Now, we have a clear picture, much clearer after his speech at Rushmore that we are a changed country. What we most Americans want is to return to what America was before Trump. Result? Four wasted years and trillions of dollars to pay off.


Macro shot of en empty nest.
Empty to be filled again?

By Isis Win

Mother and father birds gather everything they need and gradually make a masterpiece that sometime later will be the home of the eggs mother bird will lay down. The incubation period slowly takes place, both parents make sure no predator will fetch their eggs, and in time, the eggs start craking, and a little featherless baby pops out. Depending on the type of bird, there might be two, three, or more babies to feed. Both take-ups turn to fetch the food needed by the babies and wait until they are grown, develop their feathers, and jump out of the nest for their first flight. The dedicated parents flight back and forth, making sure their little ones are growing strong before taking off. The time to flight comes.

The little birds do a few test flights and return home and to be fed. They still do not know how to do that, so they watch their mom and dad, so they learn the trick. After securing their safety, capable of maneuvering, fetching their own food, the little bird’s adventure into the world and explore and explore until they find their partner in life. The story is repeated over and over and we are the witnesses of that wonderful species of life.

There will be many more birds to fly, and the old parents will start all over to make a new nest, although sometimes they remember and return to their old one.

We people are different. The bond we develop with mother and father and our siblings make this journey special; there is a connection, so we know there is someone right there and we can go back and feel at home, as in the old days.

Some families develop this bond, but many are failing to reach that place, so their children go away, and possibly they never see each other again. A sad conclusion of the family becomes sadder because those “birds” become a continuation of the broken home. The broken family transforms into a broken society. A broken society becomes a broken nation, and a broken nation becomes a broken world.

We are not birds; we are the species capable of holding feelings and retain them as memories that later we enjoy revisiting and provide us more strength. That becomes the mission of mom and pop and they wish to continue that journey and then to enjoy the children of their children. If that bond is broken, everything else shatters, perhaps eliminating feelings and memories, so the journey becomes lonely, dark, and endless until we are gone.

That is a reality that we either think about it, or we alienate ourselves and life – and fall in that void, until we change it, if we change it. That requires making choices and a lot of dedication and delivery. We have learned a lot from the old-timers so we can avoid the mistakes of the past. When we do that, we form a better society, country, and world, so that is what we inherit to our kids, so they live in a better world. The nest may change, we will become better and better, and the bonds with people, life, and our world become as strong as the veins in our bodies. And the flow of great energy goes back and forth. That is our mission in life.

This nest is as tiny nest as a small peach. The nest of the most diminutive hummingbirds I know of. They do no return to the same nest year after year. I waited year after year and never saw them coming back. Then a bad storm shook the branches of that tree, and it dropped the little nest, which was in perfect shape. That speaks positively about the engineering ability of those birds. Isn’t it amazing? Can we engineer equal families? Your turn, please share your side, thank you!