Rays breaking through a thick cloud cover. Another power outage.

By Isis Win

The reality we see today in the country prompts a mighty important question. Is what Donald Trump facing witch hunting? He accuses the idiotic press of producing “Fake News” always criticizing his every move and distorting the truth. As well, the do-nothing House of Representatives is against him and the country because, for the first time in history, the country has an effective president that solves all US problems. America First! He says.

Since the inaugural, Trump attempted to create credit in his favor for having an enormous mass in the inaugural. Photos and videos show the exact opposite, especially compared to Obama’s inaugural. There are more than twenty thousand moments in which what he said the facts prove the contrary. Either lies or exaggerations deceiving the audience. As well, he has taken credit for positive results that he is not responsible for and capitalize on them. Perhaps the most significant is that the economy and employment are booming because of him. The economy was pretty bad at the end of the George W. Bush regime as the result of the mortgage bubble burst, and it was leading to a second grand depression. Bush’s administration did what was already known to save our economy. To bail out as many relevant businesses to continue profiting and producing positive results. Such as banks, car manufacturers, etc. Obama continued the same principle, and gradually the economy stopped from falling and slowly improved. As a logical result, employment started to climb. When Obama left the White House eight years later, progress was in March, and it was clear, it will continue climbing unless something in that regard was changed. Trump’s people did what they have to do, and we shined as never before. Trump was not the catalyst to one of the most important moves the US engaged, to recover and improve our economy and employment.  But pointing lies and deceits is something that people already know, some believe them, and the Democrats have not been able to do much about them.

The last mega lie is devastating for his plans for reelection. Actually, I will reserve to mention two that everyone knows and can not deny them, unless, well, they are totally alienated.

Covid is more than a lie, deceit, and whatever name we can call it because the result of his action is killing Americans by the thousands, and the economy is drastically threatened. We have not had the threat under control, period. To make it worst, the actions taken by his administration have been accused of irresponsible and out of touch. Scientists from all over the world as in the US have openly declared the measures are taken up to this very moment, do not reflect their recommendations, nor aiming to control the crisis. The recent calculations state that we may have 100,000 new cases daily soon, and since the death rate is between 4% to 5% as is, you will figure what is coming. As well, the spread will not be contained. The reason the EU had closed their borders to US travelers attempting to go there. The EU is an essential area in the planet that serves international transactions that could reduce the impact of a failing economy. Yet, we are too far from having control over Covid. It seems to change that, the only possibility would be to produce a Coup d’etat and take over the threat. So, that has been a lie and deceit to the American people, supporters, or opponents.

My second lie here is about Russia offering a financial reward to Taliban members to attack and kill American soldiers in the region. Regardless of the testimony of intelligence officers that claim they provided this information since February this year, he claims he never was brief about it. So, if so, how come being the president of the USA he is not aware of that? Whether someone missed to debrief him, he supposed to ask, gather all intelligence, and act immediately. Not working in such an important matter says: he is thoroughly unfit to run the country. Instead, he washes his hands, stating ignorance.

I do not care if he is right, left, conservative, or whatever he considers himself. Alignment of any kind, in reality, does not save him from being an irresponsible officer of our country that is taking us further from a great America again. Whatever, anything he says, there are evident facts that prove him a crook.

The question now is, what did he not challenged Russia about this intelligence find? Call it gossip if you wish, but several people in his circles are talking about his bragging about serious businesses with the Russian oligarchs that up to now, should be kept in secret. Many of them claim that is the mighty reason he is opposed to producing his tax returns. Some of them ever dare to say that some of his crooked business – previous to the election – will not be found because he has done everything to ensure he gets away with murder and has not been able to prove him guilty of anything. If so, why so callously keep his returns secret? If there is nothing wrong, there is nothing to hide. Well, my theory differs drastically. His declared fortune before the election was XXXXXX any digits you wish, but at the end of his presidency, his wealth will be XXXXXXXXXXXX more digits to brag about.

All this would not be possible if the checks and balances, the constitutional machine would be working. I concur with former national security adviser Bolton. Democrats acted to fast, too sloppy when investigating possible crimes that would impeach him. Now, we have a much higher price to pay, the US has been dramatically embarrassed before the world, and for the first time in US history, there is a tale without a question that we are not such a clean and decent nation. We The People are the responsible party of this situation because how can we demand the Checks and Balances policy to act when the country is as divided as we are. We still have a chance to fix it, but that only could happen when the entire nation follows suit from a true leader.