A strong storm hanging above the town shut most of the power off and moved into the full town providing heavy rains.

By Isis Win

The European Union, in accordance with all European countries, have banned entry to all Europe to American citizens. This is not a reaction opposing DT, but a response to the neglect the US has incurred treating the invasion of the virus. The US is the leading nation in numbers of confirmed cases and deaths in the world.

Trump had suggested that testing increases the numbers of cases as if testing is a no-no or further spread the virus. The truth right there is, knowing the number of cases, next to tracing, could slow down the widespread of the virus. As well, the nation, regardless of the massive increase of contagious people, has been opening businesses’ doors, and the number of cases has been increasing exponentially. According to the health authorities, the number of casualties in the US can exceed the amounts of the entire world. But that is a hypothetical assessment at this point in which we do not know how long and wide the virus would spread in each nation. The importance of this situation is that the US, led by Trump, failed to honor our responsibility before the world. Again, led by Trump.

This measure taken by the EU is reasonable and understandable. However, Trump’s price is losing terrain in the battle to have a second term, but the real loss there is that every single American attempting to enter the EU will not succeed. That will affect the economy tremendously because the US will have to postpone business with European nations.

It is clear, transparent, evident, and insane, where the actions of our president landed us. There is no reverse in this process, and it is what it is.

The same attitude that has lead to Trump’s policies for almost four years becomes evident after the disaster that Covid is causing. As many politicians recently have declared or commented, the US is falling as a consequence of Trump’s out of touch, lack of heart, and his egocentric actions. This is an unfortunate and robust lesson to the US and to all citizens that conservatives will have to examine and rectify their path because Trump did not act alone. His regime has been so convoluted to the point of too many of his supporters, including members of the GOP, have turned their heads wondering how wrong they have been by not acting to rectify Trump’s actions. The US was defeated by having a ruler that breaks and bends the constitution and many federal laws. Now we have the real McCoy in sight by having to pay the price that Trump incurred towards the nation, not him. There is much more to follow because the next regime will be in need to undo what Trump did, fix the collateral damage that he created and address the domestic issues that he promised to address and never did. It is real, the US fell in the slump, and you and I, and everyone else will have to fix this.

Now the question is, how will Trump be leaving the White House? Is he going to be a free man loaded with more billions of dollars? He, his family, and many of his supporters will be grateful to him, the reasons we should make everyone involved accountable. There is a law, and regardless of the level of power of the accused, it should be enacted. The subjects found guilty should pay for the damage for allowing Trump to be the worse corrupted US president. For using the White House for personal gain and neglect, not just to the country but the entire world. In fact, the world should suit him for all the crimes committed by him. Crimes that damaged their status with the US and affected their future with us and the world.

That is what it is, but that does not remove the question that should be asked and adequately responded in 2016. Why did the Electoral College and GOP allow this man to run for the highest office in the world? Part of the answer is visible now. It is explicitly known, there is a white resurgence that not only opposes to accept the inclusivity of all ethnic groups and take them as the children of the country but wants to destroy it. You can’t undo what made America the greatest nation in the world, and history has achieved. However, a lot of undoing has taken place, and conservatives, republicans, and the rest of the country, including liberals and democrats, are responsible for the status we are in today. We can point the finger to Trump and his pose, but a country is not a nation if it does not count on citizenship that hires and checks the balance by the ruler in power. The US does not belong to Trump, the 1% or corporate America, but the lack of participation of the country itself, have allowed this situation that who knows when it will end, and what the ultimate results will be.

This visible situation has been expressed as a grave concern by millions of people around the world. The same expression that catapulted many books denouncing the cause and result of our situation. The situation that we permitted, while some of us expected to bring America to greatness again. Then, it is everyone’s responsibility to answer the grand question: What is my responsibility for this crisis? If you are a US citizen and love your country, as a patriot, you do not need to sign to the arm forces and fight the enemy to show it. All you had to do is to express your American sentiment until you know you had been heard, and the results are visible.