Photo Work in progress

Here are a few more images of my work in progress. In the past I shared only those images that survived over a period of time the scrutiny of colleges, friends, family and the worst of all, myself. But this is a totally new genre for me and as I found myself exploring photography decades ago, I am exploring something totally new for me. All this work is micro photography and the scale is more than amazing. Some images are many folds larger than reality. All is staged which presents quite a challenge since I am in need to work with long tweezers, do it steadily, keep the camera exactly in the same spot as I see them and it is just like looking through a microscope. I use an Apo reproduction lens attached to bellows. Therefore the delicate and challenging part of keeping everything steady. Some images to compose  took more than one hour until I found the composition agreeable. However, this work in progress and I as I do, I am learning how to express what I see in this micro world. I am only sharing a portion of my work. The images I am pleased with.

Editing is kept to the minimal. Only to clean lens debris, unwanted tiny specs and a tiny bit contrast adjustments. Colors are natural and in one of two images, a combination of strobes and the modeling light (quarts). Most are exposed with a straight strobe light. 3 lights where used to this set up. One 36 diffused bowl on top, one lamp straight light (non diffused) and fitted with a snoot to make the light more specular and shallow. One direct light under the 1/4″ white Plexiglas to render more transparency on some of the items.

I hope you like them and comment on them, although I don’t expect it due to the nature of the shots. Oh! All the items used on this shots are left overs from produce after days of cooking. Some are naturally dried and others fresh. I started to be interested in this weird concept when I noticed the decay of produce items before I dump them to make fertilizer. I found the textures, colors, etc fascinating and worth to shoot. I hope you do too.


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One response to “Photo Work in progress

  1. Wow, this is like a journey into outer space! Each photo is a view of an entirely different world, and yet, it was created from things in your kitchen that most of us would toss in the compost, or worse, trash, without a second thought!!!! These are really beautiful, and I hope that you continue building this body of work!!!

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