Promising or finding definition

By Isis Win

The caucus’ are rolling, Therefore the choice for the official Republican Party candidate is beginning to become defined. Of course, surprises are expected at any moment. Perhaps the first one is Santorum grabbing a tie with Romney, but as well, Paul is following them very closely. Recent declarations by former Speaker of the House Gingrich point to an impending outcome: pulling out of the race. It is not a surprise that super-smile bimbo Bachman already is out. What was a surprise is that she is such an ignorant, but on top of that, insisted on being smart and well-educated during the debates. Well, she is not as ignorant as bimbo talker Palin, but as well, not as cute as her. BTW, it seems that Palin finally figured out that she is better off staying away from the Republican election and instead, improving her followers’ numbers in order to make much more money that she could in her previous job. Otherwise, she will lose that too! Hopefully she figured out that people have a very short memory span, and therefore, she must grab what she can now or forget about it.

Although I didn’t have any hope from the Republican prospects, it is clear the three remaining runners are not a match for Democrat Obama. Well, I admit it makes me glad to know that Obama’s chances are good. That, for two reasons: Normally in their second term, previous presidents that were heavily opposed in the House or Senate had much better chances of passing their bills and delivering some of their promises. However, we can wonder about some of them, given the undefined financial crisis that the US and Europe are going through. I am an optimistic and mostly because I am well aware that in this country the American people always get their act together and pull off even the most incredible tasks. Even the Greeks and Egyptians would have been impressed by the resilience of the American people. As well, the US, although it has been really close to losing dominance in the world, still has a lot of fabric to cut from.
The second reason I will celebrate Obama getting a second term is because the two top Republican contenders have made clear that part of their platform is blocking all Civil Rights for gay [LGBT] people. Although conservative and close minded minds don’t get it, this nation will not be complete until all walks of life are integrated into ALL civil rights to EVERYONE! Frankly, it bothers me that many of the top contributors to the well-being to the nation are gay, and yet, that hasn’t been enough to grant to all LGBT people the rights that the Constitution of the United States of America contemplated when created.
It is absolutely ridiculous and inhuman to deny ANY right to anyone because of any way of thinking, whether those ways of thinking, religious or based on simple and arcane ideas, would deny any such rights.
If we didn’t have a perfect celebration of the new century because the many tragedies of the first decade, the least we can do is to fix what is broken in the country, and that includes where, how and why our Constitution is not observed, respected, enforced as it suppose to be. On the contrary, Obama made clear during his candidacy and as well through his first term that Civil and Human Rights are at the top of his agenda. If he succeeds, the nation will benefit in many regards. That, contrary to what bigots and close minded people claim.

We are less than a year from the presidential elections. Therefore we are just beginning to live a few more months of vitriolic, negative and toxic campaigning, something that the American people don’t need or want. Every single poll in the last 4 months clearly states that from all corners people are truly fed up of political feuding based on defamation and negativism. As well, many talk shows that had covered the topic established that voters want to hear the true issues, solutions, alternatives and possibilities and not that the opponent cannot deliver them. I hope that voters’ sentiment is respected and that the candidates give us a lesson of what this nation can be in the next 4 years. I know well, we all will need to pitch in, such as an increase in taxation.

Our #1 agenda should be to return to work the millions of people who are screaming for work. This needs to be followed by bringing personal income to a decent level since it has been at least 10 years prior to the financial burst that income increases for the working people failed to match increases in the cost of living. And lastly, our government must find the means and mechanisms to educate the factory workers that lost their jobs due to [overseas?] outsourcing. Obviously they were good at what they did but not having those industries at home, their only chance will be as Obama said, the creating of he technologies that will employ those workers. And in the meanwhile, the cost of education must drop drastically in any fashion, whether it is tax credits, accessible low-interest loans and lower tuition costs. Frankly, I am glad these are not my college years because it seems being a really bad investment considering the high cost of education and the low demand and salaries of today. Once we are there, we not only get back to where we were no so long ago, but we can boost our economy and future. Well, that’s were corporate America will have to contribute too.
It is a valid question to inquire if we, the voters are defining the upcoming elections, therefore future or if this coming regime becomes another false promise as the Bush years were/are and will be forever. As a wise man once said: “Time will decide!”.

I wish you a fantastic 2012! This is a year of hope. Voila!


One response to “Promising or finding definition

  1. I truly appreciate your optimism. During the past several Presidential terms, it has been very easy to sink into cynicism, and during the last election, although I did try to understand the differences between the various Presidential candidates, I was so disenchanted that I barely bothered to prepare to vote for state and local officials. Clearly, cynicism and despair are the last thing we need to bring this country out of its troubles, and that starts with becoming informed voters. Your writing helps me in that endeavour, and I am looking forward to more such posts from you!!!!

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