Occupy, not deceased just getting ready to confront the establishment

By Isis Win


Not that you need to know, but this us the third time I attempt to express my views about Occupy. It is not a case of not being able to conciliate my thoughts, much less of not having enough to say about it. It is as simple as Occupy is about so many things, there is so much too be said about it and it will stay for a very long time, regardless of any attempts to repress it or control it. Occupy already delivered what it was intended. The best proof of this, is the prompt reaction it caused across the nation, as well in many countries around the world. Part of my previous writings about it, dealt with the sociological aspects that triggered this movement, but who cares about that? What matters, is the fact that, once again the American people became divided in a polarized fashion and such, is a clear representation of the fragmentation that has been occurring in the country since the early days of President Bush. In case you are not a buff of world’s history, when this type of fragmentation has been seeing in a country, the follow-up has always been such a chaos, that – the nation in case, shattered in many pieces and even after decades, they didn’t recover. Further more, in case you don’t keep up with the recent news, people in many countries are as well fed-up with the old same and had taken the leadership – to change things, to the extent of personal sacrifice. Perhaps you doubt such would happen here, but in the moment what is a pacific demonstration (up to date), can easily become violent and bloody. Remember the 70s? That’s all it will take to create the “waves’ that will trigger a revolutionary movement. All is depending on two factors: How the authorities will handle it and for how long the affected businesses will stand having massive demonstrations blocking their access or normal business operations.
Occupy no longer needs to settle in a park, avenue, etc. The main purpose of that, was to bring the necessary attention to the movement and to entice awakening among all the socially conscious people. This is not a political movement. This is not about power, demands, changing the country, etc. This is about dropping the BS at once and deliver what the country in theory stands for: Equal opportunity and rights to all!

Since the times of Regan, the government, Political Action Committees, beta corporations and law enforcement agencies had been flexing their muscle on the people of the US. A transparent way of presenting who has the power and who doesn’t. That has been a way of life since then and under the excuse of preserving the order, tradition and a conservative agenda for the country. We witnessed a lot of this phenomena while President Clinton was in power. The right-wing flexed their muscle during the 90s and then we went back to GOP. I know most republicans believe the base of their party is one that procures the best for the USA. But it takes no vision to simply examine that during the last republican regimes, the country has been reversing what once was a progressive development in almost all areas. As well, large corporations had taken over policies through their financial contributions to GOP runners and with their well paid (an euphemism!) PACs. The country has been focused on the benefit of those mega businesses and the irony of the case is that they barely pay taxes – if any, mostly are not challenged on their wrong doing and most had taken their operations overseas. More obvious and clear manifestation of how broken the system has been on the hands of the republicans, can’t simply exist. But as well, republicans had managed to run incredible political campaigns AND not in favor of their official candidates, but opposed to their opponents. Using manipulation and defamation. And the American people had bought it a number of times! The country needs one more “conservative” step forward to finally understand the manipulation that has been placed in the republican supporters. And that will happen if in this coming election. Yes! Go! Vote republican and you will see two signs. Republicans will not fix unemployment and the risk of a two digit recession (or else!), but they will incur into many more serious mistakes as Bush Jr did. I wonder if they will blame the democrats again and again for the creation of the crisis we will face if they end up in the White House. I wish, hope and advocate for all voters to TRULY delve into the delivered promises from the official Republican Party candidate, before casting your vote. At this point, the country can not afford any flops because the position the country is today, is not promising at all and having a Republican president will be the equivalent of preserving the failed policies of Bush and Cheney and their nefarious Secretary of Defense.
Occupy is about all these things that had been happening to the country and brought us to where we are today. Obama has nothing to do with this but ironically, GOP blames him even for what was triggered in the previous administration. Frankly I doubt Occupy will be able to do much about it. But whatever they do, will be much better than what we have today.
Occupy can bring the issues to the light, bring the conscious people to the streets and demonstrate the frustration of the socially conscious citizenship and all about the constant BS, empty promises and blaming others for what is happening. But Occupy will not change those that despise liberal, moderates or democrats because to them, all that is about abortion, gay rights, death penalty, the right to possess a weapon, a promise to low taxes and a bright future. A future that in their view, democrats will never deliver. Hello Clinton and the surplus you left us, after a trillion dollars deficit!
Moderates and liberals are about equality, rights for everyone to choose what they want and need, fiscal responsibility, opportunity to all, no threats in the hands of people who can easily chose wrong from right and more.
No wonder the US is passing through this amazing and unreasonable split when the number one agenda should be: to fix what is broken, to bring the country to where it was: a prosperous nation to EVERYONE, increasing opportunities to education and wealth, non discriminatory policies, etc. In a few words: UNITY not fragmentation.
Occupy is passing into a transition that gradually and very slowly will step into representing the desires and aspirations of those that participate in the movement. All vocal participants will be given the opportunity to express themselves and in all cases with a vision to the bettering of the country as much as the individuals. Occupy will reclaim the stolen rights that power from mega dollars grabbed during the 80s, 90s and the first decade of the 21st century. Occupy will entice us to think about what the true values of America are about. Occupy will defend and enforce the will and wishes of the Founding Fathers of the Nation. And if lucky, rather smart, will awaken citizens to remind themselves that what made this nation the number one in the world, is the unity of all it’s people and the consummation of what once was called patriotism. Every single citizen is obligated to follow suit and those that don’t, will simply demerit the sacrifices of our soldiers during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East and more. They gave their lives away for the sake of our freedom and world power and continuing the split we are living with today, will only erode that place they earned for us and we will lose our place in the order of this chaotic world. Just think for a second, who would you like to take the place of big brother? Scary, right? Then, take action and remember, this is not about who will stay in power or take the White House, but how WE’LL manage that our entire nation is well, sound, safe and prosperous to everyone. Voila!



Last minute note: An Occupier said to the BBC crew: “Here we are, advocating and promoting democracy in the Middle East and democracy is been silenced here at Wall Street”.


One response to “Occupy, not deceased just getting ready to confront the establishment

  1. Hello, Isis!
    I agree very very strongly with you. Apathy is the enemy of democracy. Does anyone remember Kitty Genovese? If we, the 99%, do not wake up and start working for change in “The Establishment”, we will end up like Ms. Genovese, dead in the mean streets, as we look around and stare at each other, while the 1% drive past in their luxury gas-guzzlers to their luxury mansions. The Occupy “movement” is simply an alarm clock, signaling us that it is time to wake up, and smell the coffee (and the carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon emissions, decaying garbage, and dead bodies that are collecting right outside our figurative front doors).

    We must:
    Educate ourselves (thank you, Isis – the title of this blog is oh-so-relevant!!!!)
    Accept personal responsibility for our own well-being
    Accept social responsibility for the welfare of others and our planet
    Take constructive actions that fulfill those responsibilities
    Become responsibly, intelligently active in the political process

    Yes, doing these things may take more time and energy. It may change our social circles. But the alternative is to allow the increasingly powerful plutarchy, the 1%, that is gaining control of the world to run roughshod over the rest of us. For better or for worse, Democracy is ours to lose.

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