12 Questions Day

What will the petroleum producer countries do once they are no longer in business?
Are we stepping into a “Cold War” with China?
Will we see signs of oxygen depletion because oxygen production is becoming depleted due to deforesting and carbon emissions?
What will our alternative be IF truly <for the skeptics> there is Global Warming and is happening faster than forecasted?
What cure will happen first: To cancer, depression or the common cold?
Is Brazil the first energy independent country in the world?
Have the sales of mega-million dollars yachts decreased in the last 2 decades?
Will we end up with a fair, efficient, affordable health system for all?
Is it a chance for a rail system, European style in our country?
Should the CEO-s of the mortgage and banking industries be indicted, perhaps penalized, although they never broke the law?
Is ok if the USA is the most powerful and the richest nation in the world, but the educational level doesn’t even make it among the top 10 in the world?
Shall Greece, Spain, Italy and France be saved from financial collapsing?


5 responses to “12 Questions Day

  1. Wow, hereʻs what my UNeducated guesses would be:
    1. Develop alternative/renewable and nuclear energy, and go into financial crisis/social unrest/political chaos.
    2. Yes. Really, the question is, how do we get out of the one weʻre already in?
    3. Yes. It is inevitable. Then we will try to mitigate the RESULTS, instead of the causes.
    4. Rich countries will expand existing inland cities (the land developers and financiers are going to have a field day!!!), national-level governments will have to use eminent domain; poor countries, cities, and neighborhoods will go homeless.
    5. Cancer. The advances in genetic medicine are the greatest potential, and international competition will provide the incentive.
    6. Yes. Itʻs an interesting story!!!!
    7. No! The 1%ʻers of all countries donʻt know what to do with all their money, besides buy luxury items, and manipulate governments.
    8. No. Our political system canʻt and isnʻt motivated to achieve mandatory energy independence. Brazil has a better chance. See 6 above.
    9. No. See above.
    10. No. The rule of Law prevails. One of the aspects of a democratic nation.
    11. No. And we canʻt much longer.
    12. Yes. See yesterdayʻs news. The under-reported aspect again points to certain advantages of autocratic intervention.

    Wow, all this taken together certainly has scary implications, and it makes one THINK.

    • Thank you Katkat: admitting not knowing is admission to learning and that is the fabric of our journey in life. Awareness and consciousness are the best catalyst to the best participation with others and our world. Hmm . . . Do I sound like preaching? I hope not because I believe in the individual participation towards the bettering of all and everything. Keep coming to visit and participate! Warm wishes!

  2. oops, pressed the button too early. In order to gain any significant level of energy independence, universal health care, and effective response to deteriorating world climate, our government has to take radical control of the economy, rather than let free market dynamics drive it. Unlikely, though, given the nature of both our government (i.e., the Constitution), and how it runs (controlled by economic power brokers).

    The implications are scary . . .

  3. Thanks, Isis. Thought provoking questions, as always!

    My feelings:

    RE: Petroleum Producers
    I don’t see most of them investing in a diversified economy, so I fear we can expect the worst.

    Are we stepping into a “Cold War” with China?
    RE: China/Cold War
    Not in the same (military) sense as Russia, but in an economic and ideological sense.

    RE: Oxygen Depletion
    Interesting question, which I haven’t heard asked much. However, given that we exhale plenty of oxygen, I don’t think it is a danger to life.

    RE: Global Warming
    I’m *not* a skeptic. However, I believe the reality is that we will not wake up and do anything until it is too late.

    RE: Disease Cure
    Given that cancer is such a wide array of diseases, and mental health science is far behind physical health science, I have to believe the common cold will be cured first – though probably not in my lifetime.

    RE: Brazil
    Perhaps yes, because I don’t see the traditional major oil producers (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, etc.) as developed economies with industries, a consumer class and so on.

    RE: Yacht Sales
    I doubt it. The world population is growing, so the “1%’ bracket is growing as well.

    RE: Fair Health Care
    Not if the Republicans have their way.

    RE: Rail System
    Sadly, no. Unlike Europe, (a) the population that would use a train system is dispersed in suburbs, rather than in metropolitan cities, (b) Intercity Rail isn’t enough, you also need good local rail, and (c) Americans are too in love with driving individually in cars.

    RE: Indicting Banking CEOs
    While it is a feel-good idea, the fact is that no laws were broken, so they are not liable. The best we can do is ensure is to enact laws to prevent a reoccurrence.

    RE: US Education
    Ok? I’m not sure. Shameful? Yes, because people are too concerned with posturing than education.

    RE: Save Greece, Spain, Italy and France
    Yes. One could argue that they should never have been admitted, or that the rules should have been stricter. However, at this point the Euro-zone is committed to “hang together, or hang separately”. Their failure would bring about a collapse of the Euro as a whole, and create a global financial calamity.

    • Thank you Lisah! I am glad to see you care and think! lol Oops, no pun intended. I posted some of the facts I knew when thinking about these questions as my following blog. I hope too see you coming back and sharing your thoughts. I wish there would be tons more of people like you but that is a reality that makes someone special. Be well!

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