Iraq withdrawal, Alzheimer or ignorance?

By Isis Win

Let me state clearly: I am not a fan, follower, not even supporter of Obama and the Democratic Party. But as well, I am not leaning towards GOP or their representatives. I am a fan, a follower and supporter of the people of the United States well-being and the engine that effectively runs it. Whatever you read me saying, is not the reflection, ideology of one side of the political spectrum or the other one. I care about the issues that need attention, the possible solutions and it’s implementations and the people that one way or another, contribute to the well being of the nation and all it’s people.
It has been a proven fact that the more people participate to address, fix and prevent anything against these basic principles – towards the well-being of people, relies and depends on a massive, conscious and intelligent participation. That is what democracy is about. And when democracy is exercised, there are better changes of maintaining a prophylactic approach to our problems. However, that requires educated “guesses”, an impartial attitude and willingness to accept that our personal agenda or platform perhaps is not fully representative of that aim and train of thought.

This disclaimer is the direct result of what I’ve witnessed in the media, political debates and responses from our representatives at the House and Senate. But we, the people, are well behind it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be acting as teenagers throwing a fit because things are not going their way, because they want to get all credit or . . . take it away from anyone that truly deserves it.

Some people insist in taking any possible credit away from President Obama. Meanwhile, they attempt to represent themselves as the carriers of the truth and to know the solutions to our problems. If that is true, bashing others to make their point serves no purpose. In fact, the number one problem the country is facing: is dealing for much longer than expected, the revelations of a failed mortgage and financing industry. But on top of that is: is the lack of confidence about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE across the board. That is the number one enemy to every single individual in our country. As well, it gets reflected around the globe.

It seems that most people fail to acknowledge that – although we are facing low times, perhaps some of the worse ever, we are, still are, in a privileged place. It is not a matter of looking that cup half full or half empty. It is matter of looking at what its content is, what we can get out of it and what we need to do – to insure that every single individual gets what they need to live and contribute towards the well-being of those who still have nothing.
We must change that attitude today, that we can, instead of waiting to when we can’t. This is the most serious issue that affects everyone, up and down, left and right.

In the no so long ago past, it was common to hear runners for office to offer promises to address every issue concerning the voters. As well, they clearly pointed their finger towards the opponent and not only accused them of not bringing the answers to the questions but accuse them as the culprit. Well, those old days were times in which we could only get information from the TV channels, newspapers and radio. The numbers of attendants to political addressing were insignificant compared to the population. Today, we have a totally different reality. The internet not only proved to be the largest engine to diffusion to everything, but it is much faster than any medium and everyone can participate in it. This changes the entire panorama about the information the voters need to make a wise choice at the election booth. But there still is a major conflict with the process of gathering information: The manipulation, lies and exaggerations we often hear in all media. We’ve not develop a “filter” that would exclusively allow true and reliable information, rather facts.

First, it is clear opponents to Obama have an incredibly short memory, an Alzheimer case? And the second one, they exercise a micro view of about their views about  troops, Iraq and the promised withdrawal. Either short memory is the problem or the result of ignorance and their use of the “old filter” to exclusively hear, read and see what they want to for their own agenda or believes, instead of seeing the facts. This exhibits a poor sense of self-education in their part and a reluctance to learn about the complexities of those issues and figure out – what and what is true, is reliable and offers something to the voters.

Lets take the withdrawal of the troops in Iraq for instance. President Bush announced an agreement has been reached with the authorities of Iraq in regards of the withdraw of the troops by the end of 2011. This agreement wasn’t exclusive of the US and Iraq. All allied nations, NATO, neighbor and interested countries  one way or another one, consented that Iraq must take the lead in securing their nation and exercise a democratic process that includes as much as possible, the different venues that want to rule their nation. In other words, it is their own business and the United States of America and the allies had done their job. President Obama during his campaign promised to remove the troops from the region as soon as possible. It is clear it wasn’t possible fo achieve this wish of the American people earlier.
A lot of ground work was needed first. Is that ground work there now? NATO, the alliance, neighbor countries, including the European countries believe yes. Perhaps not as perfect as they all wish, but the timing is right and the promise is in paper and signed by all interested parties. Is it a danger the country and region can be threatened by other countries or faction that possibly may attempt to benefit from this? Yes, a fact that whether there is a military presence in Iraq or not, always is a risk. I bet that there is a mechanism already in place, in which all interested nations are involved and prepared to intervene to address any possible issue. Lets not forget that whoever would attempt to create instability in Iraq, is not comparable to the military and diplomatic muscle of the USA and the allies.

We see runners to the GOP ticket saying things such as Iran, with their nuclear build, deceptions and more, represent more than a threat to Iraq and the region. That it is premature to withdraw. That lack of stability in Iraq threatens our national security. What an ignorant and stupid premise! Get this clear: Iran is bluffing! Just like Hussein did after the UN inspections! But the republicans or the conservatives buy this blunt exaggeration and blame Obama for whatever there is. This is a micro vision of the Middle East issues, international policy and the history behind it. So about the true issues that need to be addressed by the next administration? The GOP runners are unable to talk true facts because what their knowledge simply is limited and it only is ab-used for their political gains.

President Obama has done as much as possible to maintain the leadership of this nation for the people and the world. That it is not perfect or brought the exact results we all wish? Mention any time in history in which that has been the case. Republicans or Democrats. That! comes with the territory. As simple as that.

What we are seeing in the media or GOP debates in reality doesn’t reflect any possible benefit or solution for the well bing of the American people or the nation. In fact, it is a detraction of what is needed, to fix the real issues. Although we can blame the politicians for it, the reality is that: we, the people, are the ones to be blamed for it. It is nothing different to those tabloids exposing celebrities’ personal issues. Celebrities may well be guilty of what they are exposed through the tabloids, but unless you are one of the millions of people who enjoy trash like that, the culprit of having those tabloids circulating are the people that consume them. Sorry! but this is a perfect example of ignorance and alienation in our country. Two enemies against the American people and the US.

Now a light comment about the take overs of the Stock Market and the streets of the world. I find great that people are gathering to represent their anguish and worries in the streets. That’s part of Democracy and Freedom of Speech and Expression, but . . . what is your point? Although the initiative offers potential to bring to the light some issues and demand action, I fail to see true leadership to aim in any direction. If this is not properly addressed soon, I am afraid the movement will rapidly die and people at large will close their eyes to this reaction. It will become counter productive. I already see lots of these signs and the American people are removing themselves from contributing in any fashion to this effort because they can’t see any congruence in these demonstrations. I wish there would be someone, I don’t know, like Ralph Nader to jump into the podium and establish a path to get a clear response and effort to fix what the issues seem to be at stake today.

Of course I acknowledge the fact that unemployment is rampaging for too long, meeting ends has become almost a matter of a monthly miracles to so many and the needed sacrifices to meet ends are way beyond to make life pleasant. I experience it myself and frankly, not even during my worse times, when my income was exclusively compromised to meet the cost of my studies my situation was as tough as today. There was nothing left then and I struggled on a daily basis to keep my “boat afloat”. But today? . . . I am not whining but this is the worse I ever experienced. But there is one major difference. Then I was a young person becoming prepared to fend the harsh issues of life but there was a large avenue to get there. Today, wiser but older, those opportunities are not there. And . . . I am not alone.

We need to take care of business! NOW! We need to learn what is necessary before screaming and pointing the finger to anyone. Frankly, I am seriously concerned that, although I feel a second term  for Obama is not a bad possibility, I see no one among the GOP runners that truly offer anything! Not even Bachman with her fake, studied and forced grin. Yes, a few good points and ideas had come out, but even putting all those together they do not offer anything! And some of the runners are as bad as beautiful and charming Sara Palin! They lack substance and clearly are not more than – as opportunistic as Palin.

Last, we need to start dealing with the facts based on these real issues! It’s enough with rhetoric, accusations and empty promises! You will no longer waste my precious time and much less my vote! And you are responsible for this to happen, just like many others that are already making their electoral vote decision.


3 responses to “Iraq withdrawal, Alzheimer or ignorance?

  1. Great piece! I think a good part of the voting population needs to educate themselves with accurate knowledge, myself included. Unfortunately, I suspect a good part of the population considers watching Faux News is education. I guess that for a good part of the population, critical thinking is a dying practice, or so it seems, otherwise the politicians would not be able to get away with what they do.
    Now I think I need to go and educate myself, and practice some critical thinking!!!
    Thank you for sharing this piece with us!!!

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