OCTOBER LGBT History month

While The State of California is sorting out the right of LGBT people to be included as part of the American History at schools, we the entire nation celebrate our history month.

Next to the battle against segregation, women’s right to vote, rights to disable people and war veterans, many of our bothers and sisters had contributed towards civil rights and earned a deserving place among the rest of the population at work, home, place of worship, institutions, public establishments and everything else that anyone else has been entitled to by default. Many had been victims of violence, including the loss of their own lives.

Having a place in the history books is not a gift to anyone but a right to rightly represent the struggles, gains and losses that we people under the LGBT umbrella had endeavored for dozens of decades. This month, October, is the time we celebrate our own heroes and victims.  

We don’t exclusively celebrate our known fallen heroes this month. As well, we celebrate any single individual that in a sound way had contributed towards our cause. But we don’t stop there, as well, we celebrate all the people who never had a chance to see their life flourish and nurtured because they couldn’t manage life with all the tribulations, abuse and repression – that was the highlight of their lives and self terminated their agony because they never were able to find a place to retreat. A place to be their selves and honor the gift of life that any living creature suppose to be entitle to.
But there is more, much more and if you care about it, want to learn about all those souls and lives: Every day of the month, a single individual will be honored. To see everyone log into:
As well, you’ll find additional information at:
and if want to see The Five documentaries to watch during LGBT History Month, log into:

In these three sites you’ll find many other links to more info about this month. As well, several advocacy agencies across the country will stage special events to commemorate this important month, particularly to every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person. Happy celebration!


2 responses to “OCTOBER LGBT History month

  1. Bravo, and well said!!! It never fails to amaze me how people who profess a love for the constitution, freedom and their rights, can think it selectively applies only to people they deem worthy. We owe a debt to those who have given of themselves to protect our rights.

  2. Thank you for posting this, and especially for acknowledging those who took their own lives. They are, as much as anyone else, victims of society’s ignorance, fear, and hatred. We all need to remember, and honor all those heroes. We need to work for the day when such heroes will no longer be needed, when we can say that all the suffering was a thing of the past, when we can say about ignorance, fear, and hatred, “never again”.

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