Steve Jobs you said?

I know, millions of people are expressing their sentiment through the internet but like all of them, I feel I must express mine too.

My deepest condolences to his surviving family, friends and all the people who had the immense pleasure to meet him.

Steve Jobs: an amazing entrepreneur, business Alpha Dog, inspirational guru, visionary (not only of the cyber kind), perfectionist, opinionated, temperamental, esoteric, dedicated to the core of all he was involved with, in a few words he was a creative genius.

From his garage he gave us Macintosh, Pixar (deep love of mine), Apple (interesting, The Beatles did too! Coincidence?), iPod (what a device!), iPhone (the not anymore “just a phone”), the iTablet (wow! another super hit!), iTunes Store and Cloud. He simply changed the way we related to digital technology, how we communicated, how we connected and how we made our lives, work and leisure and creative time, much easier, faster and fun!

He was was a husband and a father, an esoteric, a visionary, a dreamer, sometimes scary, an innovator, inventor, a mentor, an inspirational speaker and Steve Jobs was . . .  a very young man. Too young!

Jobs now is no longer with us. What a great honor to live in his time as it was for many others to live during the times of Edison, Tesla, DaVinci, Gram Bell, Gutenberg and many more times.

Even if Apple would not survive (yeah, right!), Steve Jobs will always be remembered through history. Steve Jobs put an apple on top of Silicon Valley and the entire planet saw it. What a task!

Rest in peace


One response to “Steve Jobs you said?

  1. Wow, I take so much of technology for granted, so it is truly eye-opening to take stock of how much a single person can change society, indeed, perhaps even change history. ditto, RIP Steve Jobs.
    written from my MacBook Pro 15″

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