Twelve Questions day.

Is China really communist or capitalist?

Are liberal minds and plattforms really only about change, moving forward?

Are conservative minds and plattforms really only about tradition and keeping the country as known?

Is marriage about the institutional principles more than what one may think, believe and prefer?

Should non threatening drugs be legislated, approved and taxed?

Should all illiegal emigrants be kicked out of the country or penalized and legalized?

Should our country be a one country instead of many different ones?

Shall we kick out of government those that don’t comply with EVERYONES wishes?

Should the big corporations remain tax free and invest their earnings abroad?

Do we still are in the middle of a recession and we never pulled out of it?

Should the opinion of others matters to everyone?

Is the country where we want it to be and the Fathers of the Nation envisioned?

Questions that are worth a respone but better, if they are addressed.


2 responses to “Twelve Questions day.

  1. All good questions! Are you looking for answers? (or should I start my own blog for that? )

    My thoughts:
    RE: China
    Communist in terms of being a repressive one-party government. It flirts with capitalism here and there, but doesn’t really embrace it.

    RE: Liberals
    Not at all. That’s a demonizing over-simplification that is used to justify one’s refusal to compromise with the other side.

    RE: Conservatives
    Not at all. That’s a demonizing over-simplification that is used to justify one’s refusal to compromise with the other side.

    RE: Marriage
    There are two institutions that unfortunately share the same name: the religious ceremony/sacrament and the secular/legal contract. One is a private matter; the other is the government’s business. I wish people would keep the two separate!

    RE: Non threatening drugs
    I suppose it depends on the definition of ‘non-threatening’. One could argue that Alcohol and Marijuana fit the mold. Or not…

    RE: Illegal Immigrants
    Some yes, some no. The use of terms like ‘all’ (in any political conversation) is narrow minded and stupid.

    RE: One country
    Can I select what parts of the country should break away?

    RE: Kick out of government
    Complying with “everyone’s” wishes is impossible. A democracy only survives by compromise, exercising the will of the majority WITH the protection of the minority.

    RE: Big corporations
    No. Ideally, taxes should be paid on goods and services in the jurisdiction in which they are sold. It’s not simple from an accounting or legal point of view, but it can be done.

    RE: Recession
    We never pulled out of the one from a couple of years ago.

    RE: Opinion of others
    Absolutely. One need not defer to it, but to not consider it is dehumanizing.

    Is the country where we want it to be and the Fathers of the Nation envisioned?
    RE: The ‘Fathers of the Nation’ were smart, but they could never have envisioned many of the issues we face today. The constitution is an outline of principles, not the static rules of a Thousand Year Reich. To use their ‘intent’ as a justification for not adapting to the 21st century is silly.

  2. hi, Isis
    Well, I’m not educated on such matters, so here’s some uneducated opinion, and I look forward to getting educated on these (gently, of course, hahaha). I tried to keep it as short as possible, but as Lisah indicates, your questions warrant posts of their own!
    1) China still maintains basic Communist orientation; it is experimenting with integrating free enterprise, but the outer parameters remain Communist in orientation: The good of the collectivity must always take precedence over the individual.
    2) Liberal thought is not necessarily about “moving forward” or change; that is progressivism. Liberal philosophies are, in fact, very varied, ranging from Libertarianism, to “New Liberalism”, which has evolved into a Social Justice model.
    3) Conservatism Is by definition, about conserving some principle. However, it also is associated with returning to a previous model, when discontent with the existing direction rises.
    4) Marriage is created between the people who enter into it. However, Institutions use it as a means of social management, the two most prominent being Organized Religion and Government.
    5) Non-dangerous drugs should not be illegal. To the extent that any commodity is taxed, I think it can be so. That goes back to questions of Liberalism, though.
    6) No. The reasons why a person’s status in the country is legal or illegal varies. If a person is here illegally in order to traffic weapons or heroin, yes, deportation is the appropriate action. But if someone is here “illegally”, because she cannot get a lesbian relationship officially recognized, or because she does not meet an artificially imposed quota, no. THere are no simple answers.
    7) As long as people still believe in, support, and abide by the Constitution and its Constitutionally created Amendments, then yes. When factions form that no longer desire to live under the Constitution, then those factions need to leave.
    8) The idea of democracy is that many people agree to and share in their government. That implicitly means that differences are acknowledged and integrated in the process of government. Respect for such differences separates Democracy from autocracy.
    9) If a corporation exists or does business in the country, it should be subject to taxation. There should be no loopholes for off-shore business placement.
    10) I’m not clear on the exact definitions of recession and depression, but certainly the impression as a consumer, and taxpayer, is that we never left the recession, and if anything, conditions are getting worse.
    11) YES! it does not mean we must agree, but respect and regard for others is the fundamental basis of society!!!!!!!
    12) Clearly, it is not where many people want it to be. Those who have economic, social, legal, and political power want more, those who don’t, want it. I don’t believe the Founders of this nation wanted it to get into the straights that we find ourselves in. The attempts at perverting the Constitution to favor the will of specific groups, the threatened contraventions of the doctrine of separation (1st amendment) by Dominionists, and actual contravention of security and privacy (4th amendment) by warrantless search and racial profiling are clear indications of the sad deviation from the Founders’ intentions.

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