Septembre, 12 2011

By Isis Win

Yesterday, Sept 11, I dedicated a grand part of the day to watch the recollection of interviews, footage and research done through this fist decade post 9/11. Frankly, although the reminders of destruction, pain and anger were difficult to deal with at some times, I know a lot of healing has taken place. Healing among a large part of the population, particularly NY City but as well in my own self. I beloved friend of mine asked me if I used the photojournalist filter to manage to witness once again this painful experience. i thought about it and I admit. Often I catch myself delving deeply into the new, unreleased information, same that allowed me to remain cool and not as vulnerable. But when watching the recorded horror in the people during that tragic day, it brought a lot of suffering in within. But all together made clear that I remained unchanged since that day, but overall, I’ve done the very best I could do with it.

Several of the documentaries presented by History Channel were amazing. A detailed chronicle of what took place, just about everywhere, minute to minute and completed the picture of how much this historical event, affected and touched so many of us around the globe. As well, I was able to reliably assess how many people were involved during the process of dealing with what took place as the event unfolded. Also, how the government agencies managed this crisis, in real-time and aimed to a better and prepared future. Most of my thinking remained the same. The only exception, same that I witnessed through the TV set in this anniversary, is how September 12 took prevalence in the country and myself. I believe 9/1I will never be forgotten but I am convinced that September 12, will be always remembered. We started moving forward right that day in 2001.

Once again, the people of the United States of America had shown the incredible resilience once again. Resilience that has made this nation of the world a unique one. Family members, friends, peers and public in general. not only recovered but found their path into the future. A better future in which the very same way as we witnessed that horrendous event, we all became together. Overriding any possible difference among us, we gathered once again during this anniversary. We became one. We became once again the soul that brought this nation to what it has been through history. And what a wonderful reminder has been created for all of us and the world. What once was called “Ground Zero”, today is a monument to those lives lost and our determination not only to recover, but to become much better. The spirit of the American people grew and became once again the mecca of the financial  world. One of our shining symbols. And what America has been and will always be. A nation that always push forward and conquers what just could be a dream. America makes those dreams to become a reality.

The USA has brought to justice many of the responsible of this atrocity already. Many are to fall in the upcoming future. Nevertheless, the people of America is ready to deal with the threats of fundamentalist beliefs, unresolved people, frustrated human beings and those that can only deal with their shortcomings by blaming others and attempting to destroy them. Such is life in a world in which the path to utopia will always be a dream to come true but will never be reached. That’s their story and that’s ours. nevertheless, we will always better off our lifestyles, awareness, our contribution towards others’ well-being of , towards growth and realization of our country and the world and we will remain as an example to the world. Example that through history, this nation has reliably shown since the early days of independence.

We are a magnificent nation. And we are a nation of “work in progress”. We still have many task to endeavor. Many goals to conquer. And all that can only become a reality through the efforts of each of us. And that, because what this nation is, is what we make out of it. Hopefully that very same sentiment and patriotic attitude of today, prevails through the following a little more than a year, while we witness what the presidential running candidates offer to our nation and our selves. It is time to stop looking at the eyes of others to find wrong and their faults to justify “how or why they decided to run for office” or who is going to run our nation and government better than our president in power. It is time to hear about  facts, plans, platforms, skills and experiences, so we can believe in them and that they may possibly have the answers to the questions. The solutions to the problems. And all based in true and transparent promises. Based on what they have to offer, not to represent what in their eyes, we didn’t get during these past 3 years or what they believe we want to hear.

It is time to stop to take credit away from those they despise and instead, show theirs in a transparent way. That is part of what can make this nation a grandeur one. Specially today, that it is September 12, the day we survived and are overcame the poison that was place in all of us and caused so much pain and despair. We are back and regardless of all the tribulations that we are facing, a sole fact that shines by itself and through our history: We’ve never loss our path and we’ve always recover and grown. Even from the worse tragedies we’ve faced through our history.

September 12 is and will be every day of our lives and for as long as we all want it, work for it and ask for nothing in return. The future is our future and we are the ones to guide it one way or another one. We have the choice. But as my dad always says: “it is better to drive towards the best and all, because it takes the same effort than not to”.
September 12 is here to stay. Will always be and we all must and deserve to honor it – every single day of our lives.

May we all have a grounded, sensible and sensitive election campaigning and may we all make the right choice.


One response to “Septembre, 12 2011

  1. Hello, Isis! Thank you for both words of hope, and words of advice.
    THis 10th anniversary has given me cause to begin researching some of the precendents to 9/11, in an effort to understanding what we have done since then, to truly heal.
    While it is true that US citizens have not bowed to intimidation by terrorists, the actions taken by the US government in reaction to the 9/11 attacks have created a lot of harm that itself needs healing. Our government’s invasions of Iran and Afghanistan, and armed incursions into Pakistan, have incurred incredible suffering and loss in those countries. The economic, social, and human toll is immense. Our efforts at “winning the hearts and minds of the people” in these countries are necessitated by our use of militarism as a tool of foreign policy and security. Such “humanitarian” efforts seem to be more about achieving military and political objectives, rather than a manifestation of respectfully international collaboration to meet mutually sustainable goals.
    Meanwhile, in the US, the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution has become a victim of “National Security”. Various fringe groups, governmental organizations, and large corporate media entities have taken the position that racial profiling is excusable, and even necessary. The military base at Guantanamo Bay remains in operation as a “detention center”, holding people not only in violation of US Constitutional rights, but basic human rights, as well.
    And of course, Muslims have experienced an incredible upswing in discrimination and hate-based crime targeted at them. This is further fueled by a melding of political and religious entities who espouse enshrining certain fundamentalist Christian religious beliefs as public policy, while demonizing those who do not share and advance their agenda. A theonomy, or worse, a theocracy, is in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the US, and is antithetical to the vision that the founders of this nation had, particularly figures such as Thomas Jefferson, but such proponents are attempting to dominate the current political stage at local, state, and federal levels, across the nation, threatening even more hatred and harm to and within the US than any terrorist attack.
    Much healing has occurred. But there is far more that needs to be done.

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