Fallen Nest – post Irene

Macro shot of en empty nest.

Result of Irene

The Empty Nest

There in a high branch of a proud old tree,
Lay a nest of babies which no one could see.
Beside the nest, stood Mother, with loving heart,
And Father looking on, guarding as from the start.

The babies were young and filled with delight,
The ways of the world were beyond their sight.
They were wanting to try their wings of gold,
And enter the new world, ever so bold.

Their parents were hesitant, all so knowing,
Their babies had not finished growing.
But knowing they needed that freedom,
Were willing to let the babies leave them.

The first little bird, so eager his wings,
Thoughts of the new world, losing his strings,
He jumped on the side of the nest so fast,
And flew into the air, was free at last.

The next little bird, so timid, so shy,
He wanted to go but not a goodbye,
He timidly went to the side of the nest,
And flew to the next branch, then passed his test.

The last little bird, the last of the three,
Looked round at her parents, then forward to see,
The new world was opened for her to reach,
By trying her wings, trying what they did teach.

The wind got under the wings of the last,
And she flew through the air, into the world so vast,
Leaving the only home that she had known,
To go into world, the breaking of dawn.

The parents looked on as all of the three,
Found love and happiness and family.
They were proud of the choices that were made,
But their love for their babies never did fade.

The empty nest will always be there,
But visited with love and care,
The empty nest will be a guiding light,
A home for hope and stars so bright.

~Donna O’Briant~


2 responses to “Fallen Nest – post Irene

  1. This photo evokes so much emotion – a sense of forlorn loneliness. What one is left with, when the pain of abandonment fades. And yet, the poem you selected brings another, brighter feel in, a healing touch. Thank you for such a beautiful experience!!!

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