Educating judgment

By Isis Win

Like everyone else, I’ve endeavored life in automatic mode for years. Meaning: Done what I was supposed to do, perhaps what has been expected and use any of the resources developed through that journey. Experience has honed many of my skills. However, I’ve learned from my own experience and what i see outside of my own personal world, that more often than not, I’ve used my criteria or judgment in that “default’ mode. Get enough information about the issue and exercise my knowledge, next to the ability to brain it and come up with an assessment. But I’ve learned that more often than I wished, this assessment is more than “just” that, it is a judgment. Particularly in certain departments, such as politics. I’ve known for too many years now that the media tends to inform the reader, but their information not only lacks completeness, as well, tends to be biased in some fashion or another one. It depends what medium is in place to know its tendency. Then, based of those “facts”, I render my opinion, train of thought and perhaps actions to follow. When it comes to politics, I am sure no one will argue that positions and perceptions are divided. Like an issue of black and white, people follow their political beliefs and some, bring them to the table. Such as in the election times. However, as well I believe there is no point to argue that both ends, are not precisely happy or satisfied, even if their own side is in play. As a consequence, elections by tradition had been about bouncing from one party to the other one every other election.

Well, we all know that, right? But what about the quality of the information we gather? I know this can become a topic that will never end in a common place. A place that serves the most important purpose of all, at least, when we consider that those politics may shape the future of our nation and children. I wonder if there is anyone that can intelligently argue that more often than not, people run and rule their opinions, or judgment on partial information. I have no doubts about this at all. After all, many years of existence and experience had taught me this.

I’ve seeing people deciding their future and our children’s based on a sound lack of facts. if they heard or read something that seems to support their ideology or tendency, it seems to fit well for them and that will be followed in many fashions. It’s OK for everyone to decide what their aim will be. but what is the rule and purpose of determining other’s? Of course! For instance, everyone will have a number of elements to support why they are against DOMA, abortion, same-sex marriage, one party or the other one. The list can be endless. Most people want what they want and often based in their ideas and poor knowledge. Knowledge that doesn’t include all the facts that can be reliably proven. Such as: is everyone is entitled to live their life as they chose to? If yes, why to put an agenda that says no, I don’t believe so?

My intent here is to invite you to reflect that uneducated decisions can only lead to disaster. Uneducated decisions are the ones that were based on little facts and consideration. This happens, only happens, when we just take a quick look at those issues and based on our tendency and likes, make a judgment. But there is one way to ovoid this and it is rather simple: to see the entire issue from the distance and get the broad spectrum. That is education for you! And getting educated will always be an endless process. Nevertheless, my point here is that when it comes to the future of this nation, we can’t simply detach ourselves from all those facts. The facts on both ends and the important factor is nothing less than the well-being of the nation should be what matters. Something that is not taking place of late and instead, we keep drifting apart. Consequently, we all, left and right, conservative and liberals, are allowing our nation to become more and more fragmented. And I believe that if you are able to take that bird’s view, you will be able to agree with me.

We need to get educated about everything is at the table and much before we make a . . .  judgment. Have all the facts and be considerate to everyone, not just your personal view or preference. This will be my aim here and I hope you can see well that my only wish by doing so, is to contribute in this form by enticing you to know as many facts that exist before acting and take in consideration that you, myself and everyone else are this nation. Not just me or you. Think about it! The first step to educate your mind!


2 responses to “Educating judgment

  1. hello, reflectionseed! Congratulations on starting up this blog, and thank you for posting your thoughts on judgements and actions.
    What is so scary, especially in the increasingly extremist, vitriolic social, political, and religious landscapes of not only the U.S., but across the globe, is that judgement is mistaken for rational thought. More and more of us allow our own emotional issues – our fears and phobias, our hatreds and prejudices – to grow and overtake our lives, driving our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others, the world, about life in general. Those emotional issues become our “moral compass”, that dictates our actions, our impact on others, on the world.
    If people were able to hold their beliefs, their “morals”, but able to engage in rational discourse, to make decisions based on reasoned thinking, rather than acting out their emotional issues, then we could say that their beliefs and morals truly are no one’s business but their own. But increasingly, more and more people seem to be walking time bombs, figuratively, and literally. They carry their issues like a suicide vest, fingers on the trigger, daring others to dare them to detonate, not caring who they take down with them.
    Some will lay the blame on the environment. Family background, racial antipathy, socio-economic disparity, political disenfranchisement, religious oppression. While these all exist, while they all damage people, the true oppression lies in how we choose to interpret, and respond to such environmental events and conditions. We have the ability to challenge the power that such history attempts to wield over our souls, by examining ourselves, our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, about ourselves, our world, our history and relationship with that world, and challenging the assumptions that we have made that drive our decisions. Moreover, because our actions impact not only us, but our families, our communities, our environment, we have not only the ability, but an obligation to identify, acknowledge, integrate, and rise above the self-defeating fears and delusions that haunt us.
    By recognizing and breaking free of our own internal self-oppression, we allow our souls to grow, to embrace life.
    Thank you for reminding me that gaining freedom from my own prison of delusion and fear is not just an exercise in my own spiritual growth, but it is, in fact, a social commitment that I have to those around me.
    wishing you a peaceful, fulfilling day

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